A word or two about the organization of this website. Under this page of Introduction to Sallys Family Place, find the family Ghost Tales, and The Poems of John W Moore entitled “St John Legends.” Also some items about our area during the War between the States. I have listed some Content, Sources and Links and What’s New?

Under Maple Lawn is found my family that lived there my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and then the ancestry and relatives of Ann Ward Moore, one of my great grandmothers.
Under Parker is found my mother, Gladiola Parker Moore’s childhood home and ancestors and her kinfolks.
Under Rayner is the childhood home and ancestry and siblings of my grandmother, Johnnie Rayner Moore.
Mulberry Grove is the home place of my great grandfather John Wheeler Moore and his siblings. his father’s ancestry is there.
Now under Wheeler is the ancestors and kinfolks of John W Moore’s mother, Julia Wheeler Moore, my 2-great, grandmother.
Under the Neighbors are found connections and “neighbors” of the family.
I have sections on schools and churches of the area or connected to the family.
There is a section on the family and ancestry of my husband, Robert Koestler.
Also included is a history of the A&M Garden Club of which I served as president for several years as well as various other offices.

Moving into the swamps of North Carolina from Virginia
Moving into the swamps of North Carolina from Virginia

drawing from the NC Archives
Indeed, some of my ancestors had made their way to North Carolina in the 1600’s. They moved there in this fashion.

Sit for a spell! And visit with the generations!


Others that number among my ancestors are MINCHEW, RIDDICK, GREGORY, BROWNE, LONGWORTH,

Then there are these names:


I grew up in the old Jones Place (or Moore Place) which my great-grandparents called Maple Lawn in southern Hertford County NC, Very near the Bertie County line. We attended school in Powellsville situated in Bertie County. We attended church at Bethlehem in Hertford Co – where just about everyone was a cousin of some degree or connection.
This web-site has evolved over the past twenty years. While searching my family’s history, I looked at the siblings in each generation… it helps in tracking the correct family.

Missing the surnames of several grandmothers — I tried following immediate neighbors — the Sessom, Van Pelt, Perry, Wynns.
And my siblings’ in-laws the Holloman, Britton, Lawrence, and Harris families.

As I examined some of the original documents (that still exist despite all the fires)
– I am discovering many errors purported in the past as our family tree.

My mother-in-law Elsa Koestler spent countless hours tracking her mother’s family of Mayers – Elsa’s research is here under Koestler.

Have fun exploring.

Many have shared their research with me – see sources.

Sally’s Ancestors

Come on into the parlor!

Some peculiar pronunciations of family names:
Parker — was pronounced Pack-er
Jordan — is Jur-dan
Esther Cotten Moore first name is pronounced Easter
Sam Walkup’s ancestor spelled their surname many different ways but pronounced Wau-cup
I will add others when they come to mind. Sally
Powell – was pronounced Pou or Poor – hence Poor town. Named for the Powell family
also P. x roads that became Powellsville

This Website is an ongoing project – my working hypothesis!
Additions and corrections welcomed.

I enjoy hearing from you.

Bob and Sally Koestler Oct 2015
Bob created many of the Photographs on site including this “selfie.”

Sally Moore Koestler
College Station, TX

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7 thoughts on “Introduction:”

  1. My great great grandfather was Levi Ward, son of Isaac H. Ward…
    Levi traveled from North Carolina to weakly county Tennessee to The Missouri/Arkansas line n raised a family..
    I found yer page very informative n I look forward to any info on current living Ward kin.. Thanx n God Bless…

  2. Dear Cousin Sally,
    Thank you for all your splendid efforts !!
    Am Battle descendant, also of Alston-Williams-Hilliard-Boddie clan,
    among countless others, it would seem. I live in Seattle.
    Am wondering whose home is Neighbors-3 house?
    Kindest regards, Christopher

  3. I read with great interest your Jasper Crane comments, my 8th great-grandfather. I went to Trenton and got a copy of his will, and tried to decipher it. I was very happy to see it done on your website. I was able to add about 20 words to what I had, but unfortunately I cannot give you any of the missing words.

    I have never been able to find the land records for the two properties he obtained while in New Haven – the 100 acres in East Meadow, apparently the Stone River Farm, sold 1652, and the 16 acres in East Haven, sold Sep 7, 1652. I have been all over the NJ Archives searching for them. Can you share where you found them?

    I live in West Berlin, New Jersey.

  4. Hi Sally,

    On I have come across an 1850 U.S. Census done in Gibson County Tennessee. The family consists of the following four members:
    William R. Spardeman (age 87) born in South Carolina
    Ann Spardeman (age 33) born in Kentucky
    Elizabeth Spardeman (age 16) born in Tennessee
    James Spardeman (age 7) born in Tennessee

    I believe the last names should be Sparkman, not Spardeman.
    I also think that Ann is Ann M. Selph, the Wife of William R. Sparkman, and that Elizabeth and James are William’s children from a previous marriage.

    On your website you have the William R. Sparkman (who married Ann M. Selph) as the son of Pheraby Ward and William Reed Sparkman, however the age of William R. Sparkman is very different. Plus, I found William Reed Sparkman’s son, William in a different 1850 U.S. Census. Can you help me straighten this out? Thank you

  5. I think i fit in here somewhere.My name is Karl Gustav Rayl.My grandpa was Kenneth rodabaugh rayl and winnie rayner was my grandma.Gustave walter rayl is my dad

  6. I am a direct descendant of wm sparkman of caldwell co ky. glad to see how this fellow is finally connected to other sparkmans. my grandfather always claimed kinship with certain other sparkmans…by golly, he was right!

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