Robert Lawrence & Elizabeth of Bertie Co

Sally’s 6-great-Grandparents:

Robert Lawrence ca 1690 – 1744 | his parents
& Elizabeth ? | her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Robert Lawrence, son of John Lawrence & Mary his wife was born ca 1690
in Nansemond County Va and died in Bertie Co NC in 1744.
Elizabeth was maybe the daughter of Humphrey Nichols.
Others say her maiden name was Marshall or Humphreys.
John H Cobb suggests that she was Elizabeth Cobb

Children of Robert Lawrence and Elizabeth?:
1. John Lawrence ca 1721 – 1788
married Jane Walston dau of Phillip
2. Robert Lawrence ca 1723 – aft 1788 ?
3. George Lawrence ca 1725 – 1755
married ca 1745 Sarah [perhaps she was the sister of Joseph Parker]
[Thomas Sutton named his brother-in- law William Jordon Jr as his executor
his sister Elizabeth was married to William Jordon Jr]

Sarah married ca 1757 2nd Thomas Sutton ca 1721 – 1777
*4. Humphrey Lawrence ca 1726-1772
married ca 1753 Ann Ashley
5. William Lawrence ca 1728 – 1759
married Elizabeth
she married 2nd William Cobb
6. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1731 – 1788 her will
married Thomas Sutton March 25 1699 – 2 March 1750/51 his will
as his third wife; he had married 1st Elizabeth Luerton
he had married 2nd Judith Hardison

married Thomas Speller died 1754
married by 1759 Samuel Spruill d aft 25 May 1765 [wrote will]
7. Thomas Lawrence ca 1733 – 1763
married ca 1752 Elizabeth Williamson
she married 2nd 10 Oct 1764 Edward Griffin
Edwd Rasor, John Yeats, Bm; John Lawrence, William Griffin, wit
8. Martha Lawrence ca 1738/43 – ca 1788
married ca 1758 Joseph Parker 1711 – 18 March 1798
son of James Parker 1670 – 1761 [monument in cemetery]
after Martha’s death ca 1788 he married 2nd Amelia King 1762 – 1816

Joe H Cobb has placed a ninth child into this family
9. Mary Lawrence [had died bef. April 1787]
married John Yeats d 1787
abstract of Will of John Yeats D-76 Bertie Co 14 Apr 1787 proved May Ct 1787 “..sick in body..”
son Thomas Yeats – 113 acres of land adj William Yeats and Peter Yeats. All my worldly goods are to be divided between my eight children Thomas Yeats, William Yeats, Edward Yeats, Jeames [sic] Yeats, Peter Yeats, Elizabeth Yeats, Mary Yeats, and Sarah Yeats. EX: sons Thomas and William
WIT: Williamson Lawrence

Inventory by Thomas Yeats, including Negro Venus. Acct of sale by William Bryan Sheriff.
a. Thomas Yeats
married 25 July 1793 Rachel Shehan
William Griffin, Bm
b. William Yeats
married 7 July 1787 Charlotte Whitledge
William Griffin, Bm; Thos. Ryan Butler, wit
c. Edward Yeats
married 21 Sept 1795 Mary Weston
Solomon Weston, William Sutton, Bm; Joseph Fletcher, wit
d. James Yeats
married 2 Dec 1804 Mary Griffin
Miles Bonner, Bm; Jos. Blount, Griffen Yeats, wit
e. Peter Yeats d 1795
married Sarah no issue
Ordered that Peter Yates son of John Yates be bound unto Jehu Nichols to learn the trade of a blacksmith . Feb Ct 1790
abstract of Will of Peter [x] Yeats D-287 23 Apr 1795 proved May Ct 1795 “…sick in body…” wife Sarah Yeats – Negro Venus, beds, furniture, etc. wife – lend all my lands and Negro Jim for her lifetime for her own use, and at her death to fall to my nephew Thomas Yeats. wife – rest of my estate. EX: wife and nephew Thomas Yeats WIT: Cader Cooper, Pernelophe [x] Griffin, Charlot [x] Hardy
Inventory Nov 7 1799 by Samuel Maer; Adm.grtd. Samuel Maer 11 Nov 1799; acct of sale 7 Dec 1799
f. Elizabeth Yeats
g. Mary Yeats
h. Sarah Yeats Mary [x] Lawrence was a witness to William Redditt’s will in 1739 with George Lawrence and Robert Lawrence.
John Yeats was a witness to George Lawrence’s will in 1752 with Robert Lawrence and Thomas Lawrence.
In 1754 John Yeats and John Redditt witnessed a deed together.
In 1755 John Yeats and Joseph Redditt witnessed a deed together.
1755 John Yeats bought from William Yeats 214 acres located on the South side of Buckleberry Pocoson H-218.
May Ct 1779 John Yeats ordered with four others to settle the account of Ann Bonner EX of William Bonner. [Ann Bonner was a daughter of William and Susan Cobb Redditt.]
Nov 1783 Constantine Redditt wit to deed John Yeats to John Hopkins.
Will of John Yeats proved at May Ct 1787 by Williamson Lawrence.
. . . . . . . . .*Note : I think the William Yeats that died in 1789 and this James are brothers or other relative than son
William Yeats d 1789
abstract of Will of William Yeats D-95 Bertie Co 10 Oct 1779 proved Feb Ct 1789
“…weak in body…” wife Elizabeth Yeats – 90 ac, all my furniture, cattle stock, mares etc. daughter Ann Yeats – horse and saddle, etc. son David Yeats – mare, cattle. Remaining estate to my daughter Rhoda Yeats. EX: wife WIT: Peter Yeats, Sarah Yeats, Ane [x] Redditt

Inventory Jan 14 1789 by Elizabeth [x] Yeats including 263 ac of land. Division of estate Oct 8 1792 among 1. Mrs. Eliza Yeats, 2. Mrs. Sarah Bailey, 3. Mrs. Anna Carr, 4. David Yeats and 5. William Bailey and wife.
married Elizabeth d 1792
abstract of Will of Elizabeth [x] Yeats D-207 Bertie Co 4 Oct 1792 proved Nov Ct 1792
son David Yeats – 90 ac of land, my dwelling house, cattle, furniture, half my hogs and sheep, etc. daughter Anna Hars – half my hogs and sheep, half my clothing, also Negro Jack. daughter Sally Bayley – 40 shillings, half my clothing. daughter Rhoda Bayley – 20 shillings. EX: son David WIT: Peter Yeats, Cader Cooper

Division of estate May 23, 1795 between 1. David Yeats and 2. Edward Manning and wife.
i. Anne Yeats bef Oct 1779 –
married Kerr
1. Sarah Kerr
married 2nd Edward Manning
ii. David Yeats bef Oct 1779 – 1794 in Maryland no issue
abstract of Will of David Yeats D-292 Bertie Co written 20 Sept 1794 – May Ct 1795 [probate indicates will was proved in Baltimore County in Dec. 1794]
to Edward Manning of Bertie Co – 200 acres. to Wm Bayley of Bertie Co – 50 ac adj. the last bequest. to Sarah Bayley of Bertie Co – 50 ac adj the last bequest. to Sarah Kerr of Bertie Co – Negro Amey, mare, horse, etc. to Wm. Bayley – beds. Residue of estate to Edward Manning, Wm Bayley, Sarah Bayley, and Sarah Kerr. EX: Edward Manning WIT: William Williamson, Jonas Osburn, James Pane

Inventory June 1795 by Edward Manning including three acres of land. Acct of sale June 1 1795. Division of land Feb 20 1796 among 1. Edward Manning – who received 236 ac adj. Thomas Yeates, the river pocoson, Luke Collins, and William Bailey, and this include 18 ac for Sarah Kerr, daughter of Manning’s wife, 2. to William Bailey – 68 ac adj. Crofoot Branch, Manning, Collina, Liscomb, and the Flagy Branch, and 3. to Sarah Liscome [who was called Sarah Bailey in the will of the dec’d, who was her brother] and her husband William Liscomb – 68 ac adj. the Flagy Branch and William Bailey. Acct current Aug 1799.
iii. Rhoda Yeats bef Oct 1779 –
married 30 June 1792 Maj. William Bailey
William Griffin, Bm
iv. Sarah Yeats
married Thomas Bailey d 1785
married 2nd Willaim Liscomb . . . . . . . . .

James Yeats d 1806/7 Bertie Co
married 6 Feb 1767 Averilla Walston ca 1841 –
dau of Phillip
i. Isma Yeates
ii. Levi Yeates
iii. Jesse Yeates d 1829
1. James B Yeates ca 1785 – 1834
married Lucretia Harrell [sister of Abner] ca 1787/90 – aft 1836
2. Jennie Yeates d 1828
married ca 1811 Abner Harrell 1789 – 1865 Harrellsville, NC
iv. Celia Yeates
v. Winnefred Yeates
vi. Sally Yeates
vii. Fanny Yeates
viii. Lavinia Yeates
abstract of Will of James Yeates F-31 7 Jul 1806 proved Feb Ct 1807
wife Averilla – all my estate during her widowhood for herself and family, and at her death to be divided among my children as follows: son Jesse – all my lands; daughter Celia – bed which she already has; daughter Winnefred – bed she already has; daughter Sally – bed; daughter Fanny – bed; daughter Lavinia – bed; remaining estate to all my children. EX: sons Isma, Levi, Jesse WIT: Humphrey Hardy, Sally Yeates Codicl 6 Nov 1806 The part I would have given my daughter Winnefred shall be allotted to my son Isma for him to deal out to her if she lives “as she is now sick.” WIT: Rachel Knott, James Rice

Grandchildren of Robert Lawrence and Elizabeth ?

Humphrey Lawrence and Ann Ashley had:

Robert Lawrence ca 1723 alive 1788 and wife had:
1. Jacob Lawrence ca 1745 – bef 1782
Wit to deed 1764. Feb 1763 Thomas Larence sold Jacob Laruence 110 acres in Bertie Co.
M-602 Robert Lawrence Sr and his son John Lawrence, both of Bertie Co to John Hopkins of same. 18 Mar 1782. All their rights to 200 acres which “fell unto us by the Death of Jacob Lawrence” joining Asa Lawrence, Prudence Lawrence, Jasper Charlton, Luke Collins. Nov. Ct 1782. Stevens Gray CC
2. John Lawrence
married bef 17 Apr 1769 Prudence Ashley
dau of Thomas Ashley dec
a. Elisabeth Lawrence bef 1788
3. Sarah Lawrence ca
married 16 Apr 1777 Thomas Harden John Smith, Bm
he married 2nd 16 May 1800 Nancy [Ann] Capehart Josiah Redditt, Bm
4. William Lawrence ca 1756-1816
1810 census 0 0 2 0 1 – 0 1 1 0 1 0 5
1815 Tax List: Wm. Lawrence Senr. 400 Land adj. Thos. Sutton 900 Value 5 Black Polls
married 1st Elizabeth Lawrence dau of John & Jane
married bef 1790 Ann Lawrence dau of John & Jane
a. Joseph Lawrence ca 1770 – 1816 (estate went to his siblings)
1815 Tax List: Joseph Lawrence Junr. 1 free poll
married 28 Feb 1793 Sally Sykes Isle of Wight Co, VA
b. Martha [Patsy] Lawrence
married bef 1816 ? West
c. Prudence Lawrence
married Bowen
married 2nd 20 Jan 1825 Harmon Cobb
Cornelius Bowen, Bm
d. William Lawrence ca 1785 – 1816
1810 census 1 1 0 1 0 – 0 0 1 1 0 0 0
1815 Tax List: Wm. Lawrence Junr. 1 free poll
married Priscilla
i. Cornelius Lawrence ca 1809
11 May 1829 Bertie Apprentice Bonds Cornelius Lawrence, a white boy aged about 16 years bound to Charles S. Moore. Mason. Signers C S Moore, Wm. Watford, Wit: none NCGSJ 13 -p15
ii. Mary Lawrence ca 1812
iii. Elizabeth Jane Lawrence ca 1815 – Nov 1898
married James Alston ca 1802 – 1850’s
1. Elizabeth Ann Alston ca 1845 – 1926
married James P Hollomon 1825 – 1906
ancestors of Jim Hollomon

George Lawrence died 1755 and Sarah [perhaps Parker]
(she m 2, Thomas Sutton) had:

1. George Lawrence ca 1746 –
2. Joshua Lawrence ca 1748 –
bound to John Person to be a marner 1766
1788 he is the scribe [signed] of John Lawrence’s will proved May Ct.

3. Ann Lawrence ca 1750 –
married Cullifer
4. Sarah Lawrence ca 1752 –
married Morriss
5. Frances Lawrence ca 1754 –

June 1770 Ordered that Frances Larrence whom Thomas Sutton claims as his indented Servant be and remain with her Uncle Joseph Parker till next Court when she is to appear.

Sept 1770 Ordered that Francis Larrence the apprentice of Thomas Sutton be Discharged from his service for (having used her-marked through) not having done his duty as a Master.

(June 1771 Frances Lawrence orphan of George Lawrence dec came into the court & chose James Perry to be her guardian. Bond: Joseph Parker & Humphrey Lawrence)

Will of George Lawrence 16 Mar 1752 Jan Ct 1756
“being very sick and weak in body..” Wife Sarah Lawrence – my plantation for her lifetime. Daughter Ann Lawrence – heifer. Daughter Sarah Lawrence – heifer. Son Joshua Lawrence – my land and plantation from my brothers Thomas’ land up the first slash that comes out of the swamp. Rest of my lands to my son George Lawrence, adj. Bair Swamp. All household goods to my wife and she is to look after my sons until they are eighteen. Household estate and cattle to be divided among my four children at my wife’s death. EX. wife, brother Thomas Lawrence, John Lawrence Wit: John Yeats, Robert Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence

George Lawrence Estate: Inventory July 24, 1756 by Sarah (X) Lawrence, exrx.
Appraisal of estate in the hands of Thomas Sutton, Jan. 24, 1758.
28 Jan 1758 Frances Lawrence orphan of George Lawrence bound to Thomas Sutton.
28 Jan 1758 Sarah Lawrence orphan of George Lawrence bound to Thomas Sutton.
28 Jan 1758 Ann Lawrence orphan of George Lawrence bound to Thomas Sutton.

Sarah [perhaps Parker] and Thomas Sutton had:
1. Thomas Sutton ca 1759 – ca bef 1816
married 22 May 1787 [Bertie Co] Mary Dickinson
[John Burn, Bm]
married ca 1793 Sally Freeman ca 1774 – ca bef 1816
[widow of Cullen Wood died 1792]
a. Mary Sutton ca 1794-bef 1834
married 1816 John Edward Wood ca 1785-1834 [1st cousin]
b. Celia Sutton ca 1797 –
married Dr. John A Mebane of Greensboro
c. William Thomas Sutton 3 Mar 1810 – 10 Mar 1897
married Mary Carey Armistead ca 1817 –
i. Stark Armistead Sutton 1837-
ii. William Thomas Sutton 1839-
married Annie Peyton Outlaw of Bertie co
iii. John Mebane Sutton 1842-
iv. Plumer Sutton 1846-
2. Mary Sutton nfi

William Lawrence and wife Elizabeth (she m 2. William Cobb) had:
1. —–? Mary Lawrence
married Williams
2. Anna Lawrence
married — Horton

William Lawrence Estate Bertie Co: Inventory Jan 1759 by Elizabeth (X) Lawrence. Plat of lands dated Sept 7 1762 mentioning 400 acres left to the orphans (unnamed) of the ded’d adj. Walston’s Creek and Nulon. Deposition (dated Nov 13 1799) by Nathan Brownlow stating he lived with Mrs Elizabeth Cobb about thirty years previouly when William Lawrence (father of the defendant name not given) died and left a considerable estate. At this time Mrs Cobb told him she had enough money to buy a Negro for each of her children by the said Lawrence, being the deponent (name not given) and Anna, now Mrs. Horton. (Abstract by David B Gammon)
Elizabeth married Second Cobb

Children of Mrs Elizabeth Lawrence and William Cobb:
1. Mary Cobb d 1793
married Barber
a. Harriet Barber
married Manning
b. Anne Barber
2. Frances Cobb
married 20 Nov 1793 Daniel Hopkins
3. Joanne Cobb
married 15 Sept 1792 Thomas Cullipher
4. Elizabeth Cobb
5. William Cobb
6. Sarah Cobb

Elizabeth Lawrence had no issue [her step-children]
her 1788 will

Thomas Lawrence and Elizabeth Williamson (she m 2nd Edward Griffin) had:
1. Thomas Lawrence ca 1753 – ca Jan 1790
married 3 Feb 1784 Sarah Nichols (William Gray, Bm)
a. Williamson Lawrence ca 1785 –
b. Thomas Lawrence ca 1788 –
2. Asa Lawrence ca 1755 – 1797 dsp Rev. vet
3. William(son) Lawrence ca 1763 – ca 1796 Martin Co
a. Africa Lawrence ca 1785-
4. George Lawrence ca 1757 (by 1789 Martin Co)
married bef 12 March 1789 Elizabeth Byrd of Bertie Co
a. daughter by 1790 census
b. Martin Byrd Lawrence 1794-

Hi Sally, I found your site today and am excited to tell you that I am a descendant of Martin Byrd Lawrence who came to Texas in the late 1820’s. Would love to chat with you as I have info on the Texas Lawrences ie. cemetary, land grants, etc. Are you aware of the legacy the Lawrences left in Texas? George Williamson Lawrence fought in the Battle of San Jacinto when he was only 13 years of age. Need to know more about their ancesters from Bertie Co. N.C. Can you help me? Elaine Cobb Austin, Texas

5. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1759
married Bonner
6. Zebulon Lawrence ca 1763 – 1787 dsp
Deed of gift: 26 Aug 1764 Elizabeth Lawrence spinster of Bertie Co to her son Zebulon Lawrence
Estate of Zebulon Lawrence (Bertie Co):
Administration granted Williamson Lawrence, 1787. Inventory (undated) by the admr. Including half the schooner industry. Division of Estate Feb 1788, into equal shares among 1. Thomas Lawrence; 2. Asa Lawrence; 3. Williamson Lawrence; 4. George Lawrence; 5. Elizabeth Bonner, & 6. William Griffin.

Elizabeth Williamson and Edward Griffin had:
1. William Griffin 1765/75 –

Estate of Thomas Lawrence (Bertie Co):
Inventory (undated) by Eliza. (X) Lawrence mentioning Negroes Tom, Jenny, Sam and Jim. Division of estate Aug 3, 1774 as follows: 1. Asa Lawrence -half of Negro Sam; 2. George Lawrence – Simon; 3. Thomas Lawrence -half of Sam; 4. Elizabeth -Jin; and to 5. Williamson Lawrence – (no Negro named).

John Lawrence ca 1721-1788 and Jane Walston dau of Phillip had:
1. Robert Lawrence [the eldest] died 1808
married 24 Jan 1780 Elizabeth Cobb (Thomas Sutton, Bm)
a. David Lawrence ca 1781 – 1828
married ca 1812 unknown [maybe a Bowen]
i. Levi Lawrence ca 1813 –
1828 Bertie Apprectice Bonds Levi Lawrence, orphan about 16 years of age, bound to Hardy Bowen. Cooper. Signers Hardy (x) Bowen, Wm. Watford, Wit: Jona. S. Tayloe NCGSJ 13 -p14
married Winnefred Cobb
married 2nd Sarah Frances [Sallie] Wilson ca 1812 –
from 1850 census Bertie Co, NC
1. David H. Lawrence ca 1838 –
2. James Reuben [Jimmy Ray] Lawrence ca 1840 – 11 Aug 1924 “aged 75”
married Sarah Francis [Sallie] Ray
a. Jesse Lawrence ancestor of Yvonne
3. Mary Lawrence ca 1843 –
4. Martha C. Lawrence ca 1846 –
5. Robert H Lawrence 28 Mar 1847 – 21 Feb 1939 tornado injeries
ii. Robert Lawrence ca 1816 –
1828 Bertie Apprectice Bonds Robert Lawrence, orphan about 12 years of age, bound to Hardy Bowen. Cooper. Signers Hardy (x) Bowen, Wm. Watford, Wit: Jona. S. Tayloe NCGSJ 13 -p14
married Sarah [Sally] Ann Simmons ca 1825 –
from 1850 census Bertie Co, NC
1. David [Jacob] P. Lawrence July 1845 – [Merry Hill 1900]
married ca 1875 Arrie Victoria White Dec 1857 –
[had had 10 ch/ 8 living in 1900]
[1910 census married 31 yrs – 8 children 7 alive]

a. William M Lawrence ca 1879 –
b. Whit Lawrence ca 1880 –
c. Robert W Lawrence Sept. 1881-
d. Charles W Lawrence June 1884 –
e. Alice [Allie] White Lawrence Dec 1886 Merry Hill twsp –
married John Raleigh Bryant of the Elm Grove area
parents of John Raleigh Bryant Jr
f. Annie Sue Lawrence May 1889 –
married Jack Phelps
g. Paul S Lawrence Dec 1891 –
h. David Brinkley Lawrence May 1899 – [was a minister]
i. Bessie Lawrence [died quite young one of the older children]
i. Arrie married Matt Shaw and had Peggy
2. Frances A. [Fannie] Lawrence ca 1848 –
married William Bonds
a. Ann Mariah Bonds 11 Jul 1875 –
married Charles F. Cowand
ancestors of Bev’s husband
3. Thomas H. Lawrence 21 Feb 1850 – 13 Mar 1934
married ca 1876 Sarah Elizabeth Johnson 23 May 1856 – 1913
a. John H. Lawrence 2 May 1878 – 13 Mar 1907
b. Birtie Deliah Lawrence 8 Sep 1879 –
c. Natillia Lawrence 13 Aug 1881 –
d. Sarah Lawrence 20 May 1883 –
married Allie Perry Mizelle
e. Evy C. Lawrence 15 May 1885 –
f. Cathinea Lawrence 13 Nov 1886 – 13 Jun 1953
g. Robert Lawrence 30 Sep 1888 –
h. Willie Lawrence 3 Apr 1890 –
i. Louise Clara Lawrence 17 Apr 1892 – 11 Jun 1982 Bertie Co
married 5 Nov 1911 John William Conner 12 Apr 1878 – 7 May 1969
ancestors of Dawn Dawn’s website
j. Thomas Riley Lawrence 19 Oct 1896 –
4. Rebecca Lawrence ca 1854 – [1860 Crissey A 9]
5. Nancy Lawrence ca 1854 – [1860 Clarice 6, Nancy 4]
6. Susan Lawrence ca 1858 – aft 1930 [1860 Susan 2]
7. Aaron Lewis Lawrence 1861 –
8. William Lawrence 1864 –
9. George Robert Lawrence Dec1866 – [ Merry Hill 1900]
married Julia Ann Castellow Dec 1871 – 22 Feb 1939
during the great Tornado of 1939 in the Greens Cross Community per Neil Baker
a. Norman W Lawrence Dec 1895 –
b. George E Lawrence May 1897 –
c. Ethel C Lawrence Sept 1899 –
d. Rachel Lawrence ca 1902 –
e. Rhorie Lawrence ca 1907 –
f. Julia A Lawrence ca 1909 –
g. Clyde H Lawrence ca 1912 –
married 2nd ca 1825 Elizabeth [maybe a Miers]
iii. Harriet A. Lawrence ca 1826 –
iv. Martha Lawrence ca 1828 –
b. Nancy Lawrence
married ca 10 May 1805 James Cobb 1783 – 1830
Bertie Marriages – Thomas Cobb, Bm
i. Harriett Cobb
ii. James Cobb 1816 – 1857
married 16 Sept 1850 Elizabeth Hogard
for more on this family see John Tayloe’s web-site
iii. Samuel Cobb 1829 –
married 9 Sept 1852 Sarah Mizell
c. Frances (Fanny) Lawrence
married 27 Nov 1806 Matthew Pearce
David Lawrence, Bm – Bertie Co
d. Temperance Lawrence
e. Celia Lawrence dec bef 1809 div
f. Winnefred Lawrence dec bef 1809 div
married 25 June 1803 (Nancy) Ann Williams
(Abner Lawrence, Bm)

2. Obediah Lawrence
married Tyrrell Co 12 Oct 1780 Rachel Fox & had issue
daughter of Thomas Fox and Sarah Hassell of Tyrrell Co NC
Deed Book P p98 Bertie Co Obediah Lawrence of Bertie Co to William Lawrence. 21 May 1790 40£ 100 acres which Phillip Walston gave by deed of gift to his daughter Jean Walston & her heir Obediah Lawrence on the north side of Bare Swamp Marsh.
Deed Book P p145 Bertie Co William Lawrence of Bertie Co to James Morris of same 20 Aug 1790. 60£ 100 acres which was a deed of gift to Jane Walston as by a conveyance from John Lawrence to his son Obediah Lawrence, joining John Lawrence, Ben Bowen, Thomas W Pugh, Reddick. Also signed by Ann Lawrence. Wit: Wm. Wooten Feb Ct 1791 Stevens Gray CC.
3. Dorothy Lawrence,
married William Flood and had issue;
4. Johanna Lawrence
married Solomon Weston and had issue
5. Martha Lawrence
married her cousin J Lawrence and had issue
6. Ann Lawrence
married her cousin William Lawrence and had issue
7. Abner Lawrence died 1820
1815 Tax List Abner Lawrence Senr. 200 Land adj. Frek. Lawrence & als 400 value
married Mary ?
a. Winifred Lawrence
married William Parrott Hardy 15 Sept 1761-20 Feb 1830
b. Jeremiah Lawrence bef 1788 – 1816
married Frances ?
1815 Tax List: Jeremiah Lawrence 68 acres 186 valuation 1 free poll
1816 Benjamin Bowen guardian

i. Aquilla Lawrence died Nov 1843
married 1 Jan 1831 Mary Mason
ii. Harriet Lawrence
married bef 1848 Josiah Stone
iii. Sarah Lawrence
iv. Allen B Lawrence 1814 – 6 July 1853
married 1845 Penelope Stone 1820 – 6 July 1853
1. Nancy Lawrence 26 Dec 1846 – 1862
2. Willis Jeremiah Lawrence 26 Dec 1847 – 4 Feb 1929 Merry Hill, NC
married 19 Jan 1882 Willie Ann Morris 1 Jan 1850 – ? Bertie Co
a. Sallie Jane Lawrence
married Lewis Outlaw Parker
v. Mary Lawrence
vi. Jeremiah Lawrence ca 1804 –
1. Arena Lawrence ca 1856 –
c. Margaret Lawrence
married Lemuel Gregory
d. Jonathan Lawrence died 1833
no children – estate dist. to siblings 1833
e. Whitmell Lawrence dec. 1820
i. Abner Lawrence
in 1836 gu. was Miles Bailey
f. Abner Lawrence bef 1788 – 1816
no children
8. Betsy Lawrence
married her cousin William Lawrence and had issue.

Bertie County Wills: In the name of God Amen I John Lawrence being sick & in low condition tho in perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God for it calling unto mind that it is appointed for all men once to die do recommend my Soul unto almighty God that gave it & my Body to the Earth to be buried in a christian like manner doe make and ordain this my last Will & Testament as follows
I Lend to my beloved wife Jean Lawrence my whole Estate During her widowhood but in case she marries or removes of then for my Executors to divide the Estate as follows.
Item I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Abner Lawrence the Land & plantation whereon I now live to percess & occupy as he may think proper but in case he should die before he come of age then I give it to my beloved Son Robert Lawrence but if he should not live to poscess it then I give & bequeath it to my Younger Son Obediah Lawrence to poscess and occupy as may think proper.
Item I lend to my beloved Son Abner Lawrence one Negro Garle named Vilet while such times as there shall be a Division of my Movable Estate then for each and every one of my children to have an equal share. John Lawrence (Seal)
I also Leave my son John and Samuel Moore and my wife Jane Executors
sined seld and deliverd in the presence of
Elisabeth Griffen (her mark); William Flood (his mark); Joshua Lawrence

Bertie County May 1788: The Last Will & Testament of John Lawrence was proved by the Oaths of William Flood & Luke Collins that is to say Wm Flood who heard sd Lawrence acknowledge it to be his last will & Testament but does not recollect that he saw him sign it or either of the Witnesses and Luke Collins swore he wrote part of said will and he approved of it. Stevens Gray ccc

Estate of John Lawrence: Inventory Apr 10 1788 by Samuel Moore and Jane Lawrence,
including 200 acres of land. Account of sale (undated) by Samuel Moore.
Petition (undated) by William Flood and wife Dorothy and others, being heirs of the dec’d. stating he died testate and his exrs were Samuel Moore and Jane Lawrence his widow.
The petition states the dec’d left the following children: 1. Robert Lawrence, the eldest, who was married and had issue; 2. Obediah Lawrence who was married and had issue 3. Dorothy Lawrence, who married William Flood and had issue; 4. Johanna Lawrence who married Solomon Weston and had issue 5. Martha Lawrence who married her cousin J Lawrence and had issue 6. Ann Lawrence wh married her cousin William Lawrence and had issue 7. Abner Lawrence who married and had issue and 8. Betsy Lawrence who married her cousin William Lawrence and had issue.
The exrs. of the decd answered the petition Feb 1790. Account current from May 1792 to May 1794 by Thomas Whitmell Pugh. Money was received from the account of sale and his part of the dec’d in the estate of Mrs Sprual in 1792. Money was paid to Luke Collins, Jehu Nicholls, John Hopkins, Capt. Harramond, William Lawrence, Josiah Redditt, and William Weston.

deed book HH page 207 Bertie Co., NC

Josiah Stone and wife to Jas Cullipher

Nov 12, 1848 Josiah’s wife was Harriet and in the deed it says, being the land _______ to the said Harriet from her father Jeremiah Lawrence.
This was 20 acres in Bucklesberry Swamp next to Jas Cullipher and Augustus Dempsey.

This deed was hard to read. I got it of microfilm and it copied poorly. Joyce

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  1. Greetings,
    Just found your website and was looking through your lines. My last Lawrence I have found proof I’m connected to is Richard Lawrence(1733-1796) m. Isabelle Ross(1746-1811). They have a will from Surry, North Carolina. I’ve not been able to connect to any Lawrence’s from there. One website listed Richard as the son of John Lawrence m. Jean/Jane Walston but Richard is not listed in his will. So here I am asking if you are aware of any Richard Lawrence in this Lawrence tree? Thank you for all your work!

  2. Sally,
    Your site has been a big help. Thank you. I know that Benjamin Bowen owned land on Bear Swamp next to John Lawrence. In his book, Joe H. Cobb on pages 172 and 273 has Benjamin Bowen married to Elizabeth Lawrence the cousin of John H. Cobb. On his Chart 53 he may tell who he believes Elizabeth’s parents are. I don’t have a copy of the book. If you have any information on this, I would be very interested. I would also like to know how I may get in touch with Joe H. Cobb’s widow to try to get a copy of his book. Thank you.

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