Allen Andrew Jackson Lassiter & Lucy Ann Blanchard

Grandparents of Fred Lassiter husband of Evelyn Rountree.
a granddaughter of Dorsey Rountree,
my great uncle, my grandmother’s brother.

Allen Andrew Jackson Lassiter 1838 – 1922 | his parents
& 1871 Lucy Ann Blanchard 1853 – 1937 | her parents
of Water Swamp, Gates Co NCs

based on the Oral traditions compiled by Edward A Lassiter

Allen A J Lassiter and Lucy Ann Blanchard were married 25 January 1871 in Gates Co NC.

Lucy A and Allen A. J. Lassiter circa 1921 in Water Swamp

Their home purchased in 1893 – photo 1974

Allen Andrew Jackson Lassiter was born 8 Sept 1838, the son of John Lassiter [ca 1804 – 1881] and Ann E [Nancy] Brooks. Note: This Allen Lassiter’s name is found sometimes written as Allen Franklin Lassiter as well as Allen Andrew Lassiter and Allen Jackson Lassiter. In various records and census his date of birth ranges from 1835 to 1840.

The War Years: Company C (Orapeake Guards), formed in Gatesville in Feb 1862. Lassiters enlisting in Company C are Allen A. Lassiter, Henry E. Lassiter, Josiah Lassiter, Reuben B. Lassiter and Richard H. Lassiter.
Richard died in the war.
On Apr 28, 1862 Camp Mangum, 52 Reg’t North Carolina Infantry (State Troops) Allen Lassiter appears on Company Muster-In and Descriptive Roll from Gates County, shows him born in Gates County, NC, age 22, farmer, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and was enrolled Feb. 24, 1862 in Gatesville by Julian Gilliam.
When Allen Lassiter mustered into service for 3 years or the war; The Oath of Allegiance to the State of North Carolina is signed Allen “his X mark” Lassiter.
Aunt Annie stated that Allen was at the battle of Seven Pines (also known as Fair Oaks , this battle was fought 31 May- 1 Jun. 1862 east of Richmond ),
at Gettysburg (1-3 Jul. 1863),
at the battle of the Crater ( 30 Jul. 1864 ),
and at Appomattox.
Pension records indicate he received wounds at Goldsboro NC and at Gettysburg.
He was Wounded and taken prisoner at Bristoe Station Virginia (a railroad junction near Manassas) on 14 Oct 1863. Transferred via Old Capital Prison in Washington , DC to Point Lookout , MD.
He was Exchanged 10 Feb 1865 at Coxes Landing, Virginia. and Returned to his unit at Petersburg VA. The formal surrender was on Palm Sunday, 9 Apr 1865.
The stacking of arms and parole was on 12 Apr 1865.
He was Paroled at Appomattox VA where he put his rifle against a tree and took an oath not to take up arms again… and he never did.
He walked about 175 miles to get home to Water Swamp from Appomattox Virginia.
He had no food other than rations issued when he left;
Some folks en route did give him some sweet potatoes to eat.
He vowed to never eat another sweet potato and he never did.

This aversion did not extend to growing sweet potatoes as a cash crop. Potatoes were carted to market and sold,
helping out each fall with Christmas money in later years.
Allen was a truck farmer.
Every Saturday he and his wife would rise at 4 a.m. and take a mule and cart loaded with their farm produce 40 miles to the farmer’s market in Portsmouth, Virginia to sell and then return to Sunbury that afternoon.
He went at such regular intervals that the same stall was reserved for him each week.

Edward writes “Lucy Gordon Lassiter gave me a $20 confederate bill from the family Bible, which she stated, was part of Allen’s pay as a confederate soldier.
She also gave me a silver 3 cent piece, and a silver “piece of eight” with a hole in it that her mother, Lucy Ann Blanchard, wore as a young child.

In Gates County are many tales of Confederate soldiers coming home to visit during the war and having to take evasive action to avoid being taken a prisoner of war.
Lucy Costen of Gatesville told of her grandfather hiding in a hay stack to avoid capture.
Lucy Ann Blanchard told of Yankees raiding for food. [Some were called buffaloes when they were southerners fighting for the union cause.]

On Jan 23, 1871 , Allen Lassiter married Lucy Ann Blanchard, daughter of Robert Henry Blanchard and Penelope Blanchard, who was “raised by the Hoflers.”
Lucy Ann Blanchard was born 5 July 1853
Lucy Ann Blanchard’s family was also from Gates County.

Allen and Lucy lived somewhere in the Watery Swamp area until 1893 when they bought a house and farm from George Spivey. They then enlarged the house with a mortgage loan from the Crosses.
Allen and Lucy lived there until their deaths: Allen in 1922, and Lucy in July 1937.

Allen gave Lucy Ann a mantel clock when their tenth child, William Herbert Lassiter was born on 23 Jul 1893 . That mantel clock remains in the family today.

The 1900 Gates Co NC Census lists
Allen J Lassiter, born Sep 1837, age 62, married 29 years, cannot read or write.
Lucy A, born Jul 1850, age 46 married 29 years, 10 children, 10 surviving, cannot read or write.
Elizabeth, born Apr 1874, age 26
John R, born Mar 1876, age 24
Annie M, born Aug 1877, age 22
George S, born Mar 1879, age 21
Henry E, born Aug 1880, age 19
Wallace B, born May 1885, age 15
Ida M, born Apr 1887, age 13
Beauty W, born Feb 1889, age 11
Lucy G, born Oct 1890, age 9
William H, born Jul 1892(sic), age 7.

In later years he received a pension based on his service in the Civil War as did his wife after his death.
Allen Lassiter died 4 March 1922 in Gates Co NC.

Allen A. Lassiter left a Will, in which he gave his home farm to his son William, on the condition that he take care of his parents and his two sisters living at home during their lifetime. The land is described as the:

“tract of land on which I now reside and containing sixty-five (65) acres, more or less and being the land that I purchased from Geo. W. Spivey and bounded on the North by lands of Solomon Goodman; on the East by the lands of Genie Pierce, on the South by the lands of Thomas Pierce and Robert H. Blanchard, and on the West by the lands of Mrs. Emeline J. Lassiter [Note: Emeline Jackson was Mrs Reuben Lassiter who was Lucy Ann’s sister  Reubin was Allen’s brother] and the Lands of H. L. Brown….”

The Will is dated 23 Jan 1914 , and was admitted to probate on 11 Apr 1922 , listing son Wallace B. Lassiter as Executor. The Will lists about $500 in personal property and land valued at $3000. The wife is listed as Lucy A. Lassiter, age 70, Wm. H. Lassiter son, Annie M. Lassiter and Lucy G. Lassiter beneficiaries, and other children being Bettie Lassiter White (Mrs. J.D.W.) Portsmouth, Va.; J. R. Lassiter, Drivers, Va.; G. S. Lassiter, Corapeake, NC; Ida M. Hudgins (Mrs. W.J.H.) Redart, Va.; Bedie Long (Mrs. J.P.L.) Hertford, NC.; W. B. Lassiter (Executor appointed in will and not yet qualified) Drivers, Va.

Lucy Ann Blanchard Lassiter died 3 Jul 1937 at the home place.
Both Lucy and Allen are buried in their family cemetery on the home place,
together with their son Henry Edward Lassiter, their daughter, Beatrice Williams Lassiter Long, and her husband, Jesse Paul Long.
There are no markers for Henry Edward’s grave.
This farm is the last land Allen Lassiter ever owned.
He sold the timber on the place to Foreman Blades Lumber Company by deed on 26 Aug 1910 for $85.
The deeds indicate several neighbors sold their timber at the same time.
There is another deed from Allen and wife Lucy to S. J. Blanchard of 24 acres of land in Gates County for $374.00 on 14 Jan 1914 [Book 67, page 131].
Apparently he mortgaged his farm the same year [Book 67, page 240] for $600.00 at 6%. The record is noted on 1 Jan 1934 as having a balance due of $1178. 21.
A payment of about $55 per year would have paid off the note.

It seems that Allen was never able to put enough aside to finance a new crop.
He kept an account with the Cross family at Hunters Mill – a store and mill.
Apparently when he wanted to expand his home in Water Swamp, he borrowed the money from the Crosses giving a mortgage to secure the loan.
This resulted in the sale of the family farm in Water Swamp in 1938 or shortly thereafter to pay off the debt.

Children of Allen A J Lassiter and Lucy Ann Blanchard: 10 children

William Herbert Lassiter, Annie M. Lassiter, Wallace B. Lassiter and Lucy G Lassiter, at William Lassiter home place, circular 1943. There is William’s 1941 Ford and Wallace’s 1941 Chevrolet behind them – the Oak helps dates this photo.

  1. Elizabeth Iconie Lassiter 27 Apr 1872 Gates Co – 19 May 1953 Portsmouth VA
    married 2 Aug 1900 John David White 17 Jan 1872 Gates Co – 17 Nov 1932 Nansemond Co
    son of Jeremiah White and Absilla Spivey
  2. John Robert Lassiter 27 Mar 1874 [5] – 18 Nov 1946 Drivers VA 3 children
    married Jan 1912 Lillian Lacy 27 Dec 1889 – 27 Aug 1973 Falls Church VA
  3. Annie Mary Lassiter 5 Aug 1876 – 3 July 1955 dsp
  4. George Solomon Lassiter 17 Mar 1878 – 18 Sep 1957 Corapeake NC
    married Maggie Taylor 5 children
  5. Henry Edward Lassiter 11 Aug 1880 – 24 Dec 1908 no issue
    married Gracie Brown dau of John N and Josephine Brown
  6. Wallace Butler Lassiter May 1885 – Sept 1966 4 children
    married Irma Hofler
    daughter of Lucius F Hofler and wife Helena
  7. Ida May Lassiter 20 Apr 1887 – 23 Oct 1976 Matthews VA 7 children
    married 4 Apr 1911 Walter J Hudgins 29 Apr 1891 – 24 Mar 1951
  8. Beatrice Williams [Beadie] Lassiter Feb 1889 – 30 Nov 1927 Hertford NC
    married 3 July 1917 Jesse Paul Long 1875 – Jan 1932
  9. Lucy Gordon Lassiter 2 Oct 1891 – 25 May 1962 dsp
    Her “sweetheart” Charles W Hofler 26 Mar 1888 – 10 Oct 1918 died in World War
  10. William Herbert Lassiter 30 July 1893 – 16 Feb 1961
    Merchant Marine, circa 1916 Sailed on SS Hamilton, from Norfolk to New York .
    married Dolna Harrell 1896 – 1950

    daughter of John Wilson Harrell 1866-1942 & Lodie Adelaide Speight 1872 -1904

William H and Dolna Lassiter
ca 1946, taken at family home, Sunbury , NC

a. Mary Elizabeth Lassiter 1923 – 7 May 2010 Elizabeth City, NC dsp age 86
b. Margaret Lodie Lassiter 1925 – 20 Mar 2000 auto accident 3 children
married Kermit Daniel Hires 10 Oct 1916 – 17 Sept 1993
c. Dorothy Harrell Lassiter 1928 – 12 Sept 2009 Hobbsville, NC 5 children
married 1949 Charles Herman Carter Jr 25 Dec 1927 – 19 Nov 1974 Gates Co
d. William [Billie] Herbert Lassiter Jr 30 Jan 1931 – 30 Aug 2015 4 children
married Norma Loretta Riddick [Head]
e. Edward Allen Lassiter 1933 – 3 children
married 1958 Dorene Elaine Olson
f. Fred Rea Lassiter 8 Aug 1936 – 23 Feb 2005 2 children
married Mary Evelyn Rountree

lassiterfred lassiterfred2

Fred and Evelyn Lassiter24 May 2004
snapped by Sally

g. John Carroll Lassiter 1938 –
USMC Jul 1957 – Jul 1959


Allen A. Lassiter, [life] long resident of Gates County, NC [born] Sep 8, 1835, died Mar [4, 1922] at his home near Sunbury, NC at the age of 86 years.
He enlisted in the Confederate Army at the outbreak of the Civil War and served the entire four years. He was at Appomattox Court House the day of Lee’s surrender to Grant.
Mr. Lassiter had been for a long number of years a faithful and loyal member of Damascus Christian Church.
On Jan 5, 1870 , he married Lucy A. Blanchard, who survives him. To this union ten children were born; five girls and five boys, all living except one, Henry E. Lassiter, who died Dec 24, 1908.
Those surviving him are: Mrs. John D. White, Deep Creek, Va.; John R. Lassiter, Driver, Va.; Wallace B. Lassiter, Driver, Va.; Mrs. Walter Hudgins, Matthews County, Va.; Mrs. Paul Long, Hertford, NC; George S. Lassiter, Corapeake, NC; Annie M., Lucy G. and William H. Lassiter, of Sunbury, NC
Twenty-three grandchildren and one half sister, Mrs. Job Hofler, and a half brother, John I. [Q] Lassiter of Gates County , NC.
Dr. I. W. Johnson of Suffolk conducted the funeral service, during which Mrs. Marie Brooks Crump, Oscar Hinton, Llewellyn Spivey and Dr. Johnson sang three favorite hymns of the deceased.
Burial was in the family burying ground near the home.
The pallbearers were: Carroll White, Bedford Brown, Willie Hofler, Howard Walker, Arthur Hofler, Walter Hofler, Oscar Hinton, Harry Lassiter [nephew].

[The family burying ground means the cemetery at Allen Lassiter’s home place.
As you face the home, it is off to your right towards the Carter home and at back of the field. The persons buried there are Allen and Lucy Lassiter, Jesse & Beatie Long and Henry Lassiter.] A new fence was installed in 1996 and a concrete slab cover was added.

note: dsp means died single person

Great grandparents of Fred Lassiter

John Lassiter ca 1804 – 1881 | his parents
& 1831 Ann E [Nancy] Brooks bef 1815 – ca 1847 | her parents
& 1848 Sarah [Sallie] Briscoe ca 1826 – aft 1916 | her parents
of Sunbury, Gates Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
based on the Oral traditions compiled by Edward A Lassiter

John was apprenticed as an orphan of Josiah Lassiter.

Family tradition says that John Lassiter was the only child of Josiah Lassiter and Mary Russell. Family tradition claimed no brothers or sisters for John. Census records suggest Mary was not John’s first wife. The tradition is in error on this point. Henry T. Lassiter Cir 1806 was also a child of Josiah Lassiter and Mary Russell, although this branch was not discovered by the compiler of the Lassiter tree until after the 2000 reunion.

John Lassiter was apprenticed to Henry Lassiter in 1820 to learn carpentry. John is believed to have been born circa 1804.

There is a bond dated 15 March 1855 , Abner Pearce and Sarah S. Melvin, the Bondsman or sec[urity]. Bond was signed by John X Lassiter of Josiah  indicating that John signed with his mark, and that he regarded himself as the son of Josiah Lassiter. Sarah S. Melvin was the daughter of Martha S. Brooks, who married Frederick Melvin (later married Thomas Bagley). Martha’s sister was Ann E. Lassiter, mother of Allen Lassiter, first wife of John Lassiter, son of Josiah. John Bagley and Martha Brooks/Melvin/Bagley were living with Abner and Sarah Pearce in 1860.

He probably married and moved in with his in-laws. These land records show John’s presence in Gates County.
George Brooks deeded 88 acres of land to his daughter Ann E. Lassiter on 15 December 1831 (book 4 page 38).
John granted a lease for 10 years to Willis Hofler on 13 October 1834 (book 15, page 172).
Ann E. Lassiter and husband, John Lassiter deeded 88 acres of land to her father, George Brooks on 16 Jan 1836 (book 16, page 6).

The oral tradition spoke of John Lassiter’s first wife as Nancy Brooks, the daughter of Doctor George Brooks.

Children of John Lassiter and Ann E [Nancy] Brooks:
1. George Augustus Lassiter 19 July 1835 – 30 Aug 1910 Gates Co NC
married 3 Mar 1865 Armesie Hofler 11 Dec 1834 –
a. Charles Warren Lassiter 20 Aug 1867 –
b. Davette Julia Lassiter 1 April 1873 –
married 12 June 1892 Willis W Hofler 18 Oct 1868 –
c. Martin Luther Lassiter ca 1874 Gates Co –
d. Annie Lorine [Rena] Lassiter 1 April 1876 –
2. Allen Andrew Jackson Lassiter 8 Sept 1838 – 4 Mar 1922 Gates Co NC
married 23 Jan 1871 Lucy Ann Blanchard
3. Solomon Lassiter 1840/1843 – ca 1849 dy

Nancy (or Ann E) Brooks died cir. 1840 to 1848. We know that John and Nancy had a son, Soloman, who died an infant – at some point after John’s second marriage in 1848. The marriage bond for John Lassiter and Sarah Briscoe is dated April 8, 1848 . The likelihood is that Ann or Nancy Brooks Lassiter died a year before John re-married. It is believed Soloman died of a common childhood illness of the time. Aunt Annie related it as: John Lassiter married Sarah or Sallie Briscoe, daughter of Old Man Easton Briscoe. They had five children.

Children of John Lassiter and Sarah Briscoe:
1. Reuben Lassiter 11[8] Sept 1850 – 8 June 1911 Gates Co NC
married ca 1884 Emeline Jackson [Jackie] Blanchard 7 Mar 1859 – 21 March 1937 Gates Co
a. Milton L Lassiter 12 Jan 1885 –
married Elsie Benton
i. Reuben Waymore Lassiter 25 Mar 1918 –
married Nellie Lee Taylor
ii. Lottie B Lassiter 26 Aug 1920 –
married Howard Goodman
iii. Bessie Ellen Lassiter 25 June 1922 – 28 April 1991
married Bill Russ
b. Burton Lassiter 3 April 1887 – 4 April 1983 lived in Portsmouth VA
married Eva Rountree
i. J B [Jesse Benton?] Lassiter
ii. Margaret Lassiter Aston
iii. George Lassiter
iv. Alec Lassiter
v. Angela Louise Lassiter Wolff
c. Horace Norfleet Lassiter 31 Oct [12 Nov] 1888 – 17 Oct 1908 age 19 yrs 11 mo 17 days
d. Sallie Penelope Lassiter 18 April 1892 – 20 Sept 1977
married 20 Dec 1911 Marmaduke Hofler 16 Oct 1879 Gates Co – 10 Jan 1947 Gates Co
e. Cora S Lassiter 24 Sept 1894 – 1 Jan 1895 age 3 mo 7 days
f. Carlton R Lassiter 1 Feb 1896 – 22 Jan 1898 age 1 yr 11 mo 22 days
g. Maywood Corbell Lassiter 18 May 1900 – 22 Nov 1990
married Mildred Virginia Pierce 1 Feb 1912 – 22 Nov 1999
i. Charlie Reubin Lassiter of Windsor 18 Mar 1931 – married – no children
ii. Dennis Corbell Lassiter 18 Dec 1946 –
married Barbara Clay from Baltimore
1. Elizabeth Ann [Beth] Lassiter 31 Oct 1977 –
2. Mary E Lassiter ca 1852 – Gates Co NC 1 child
married Robert [Bob] Daniel, brother of Mollie
a. Ernest Robert Daniel
married Eliza Jane Nixon
i. Mary Sue Daniel 22 Feb 1933 – 12 April 2001
married Dann W Vann
1. Delma Vann Futrell of Murfreesboro NC
2. Rachel Vann Bright of Sunbury NC
3. Elaine Vann Simpson of Sunbury
3. John Quinton Lassiter Oct 1853 – Gates Co NC
married Martha Louisa Pierce March 1858 – They had 6 children.
a. Richard Lassiter July 1879 –
b. Timothy Lassiter May 1884 –
married Lizzy Hofler [sister of Tobe]
i. Herman Lassiter
ii. Claude Lassiter
iii. Alfred Lassiter
iv. Timothy Lassiter
v. Bertha Lassiter
c. William Causey Lassiter 1886 –
married 1911 Sarah Elizabeth Daniels 20 May 1894 –
d. Sarah M [Sally] Lassiter Jan 1889 –
married Jet Blanchard, brother of Caroline Blanchard
e. John Lee Lassiter April 1892 –
married Jenney Hollowell
f. Martin Lassiter July 1894 –
married Fanny Ellis
4. William Henry (Will) Lassiter 31 Jan 1859 – 17 Mar 1918 Gates Co NC 3 children
married 16 Jan 1883 Mary Frances (Mollie) Daniels 23 Dec 1858 – 7 June 1925 Gates Co NC
5. Cora A. [Aunt Cody] Lassiter 3 Oct 1862 – Gates Co NC 4 children
married 16 Aug 1883 Job Hofler 15 Oct 1842 – 16 Aug 1918 Gates Co NC

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  1. 8/20/2023
    My recent research indicates that the father of Allen Andrew Jackson Lassiter, John Lassiter (died 1881), was the illegitimate son of Absilla Lassiter (daughter of Jonathan Lassiter). John’s older brother Frederick Lassiter died about 1834 in Gates County, NC (unmarried, no issue), and in 1837 Frederick’s land was divided among his siblings and half-siblings, John Lassiter, William Marshall, Alexander Marshall, Robert Marshall, James Marshall, and Eliza Marshall Daniel (husband Willis Daniel). Note that James Marshall was a bondsman in John Lassiter’s 1848 marriage bond.

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