Thomas Walton & Sarah

Sally’s 5-great Uncle:

Thomas Walton ca 1690 -1751 | parents
& Sarah ? | parents
of King & Queen Co in Tatsie Parish in Virginia
and Chowan County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis — the way I see it as of this moment!!

Thomas Walton, son of Thomas Walton and his wife Ann _______ was born circa 1690 probably in New Kent Co, VA.
He first appears in the records of Chowan Co NC 15 Dec 1727 when he witnessed a deed.
This Thomas Walton was elected Vestryman of St Paul’s Parish, Chowan Co, NC for three two-year terms 1734, 1740 & 1744.

Will of Thomas Walton Sr Dated 12 Nov 1750; prov. 5 July 1751.
In the name of God amen the twentieth Day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and fifty I Thomas Walton, Sen. of North Carolina in Chowan County Planter being very sick and weak in Body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto god therefore Calling unto mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die Do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul unto the hands of god that gave it and for my Body I’ve commend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian Like manner at the Descreton of my executors nothing Doubting but at the general Resurection I Shall Receive the Same again by the mighty power of god and as touching Such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased god To Bless me in this Life I give Devise and Dispose of the Same in the following manner and form –
Item I give and bequeath to my grandson Thomas Walton my plantation where I now live and one hundred and fifty acres of New pattent Land joyning to it
Item I give and bequeath to my Son William Walton my Neagro man Name Wilefor and my coper kettle
Item I give and bequeth to my Daughter Sarah Perry my Neagro boy named manvake and one good fether bed and furnatu and that to be hur full Sheare of mye estate —–
Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanah Walton one fether bed and furnatu and my Loome and harnas and liberty of my manner plantation During her Natural life or marriage and Two New iron potts and My Neagro girl Named Pegg and my Neagro man Named Roben and likewise I give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanah Walton all my hogs and Sheep belonging to my plantation & my work horse and my small fluke hoe and one yoke of oxen and Cart and wheals
And I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elezebeth Trotman my Neagro girl Named Venus –
and all the rest of my personal estate to be equally Devided betwen my Son and four Daughters Vis: William Walton, Elezebeth Trotman, Susanah Walton, Judeth Rountree, Ann Hunter———
I likewise Constitute make and appoint my Son William Walton my hole and sole executor of this my Last will and Testament in witness —- where of I have here unto Set my hand and Seal the Day and year above written ——-
Thomas (his mark) Walton
Test: William Walton, Hardy Hunter, Timothy Walton

July 5, 1751; This day personally appeared before me William Walton & Timothy Walton subscribing Evidences to the last Will & Testament of Thomas Walton Deceased and on the Oath that they saw the said Deceased Execute the said Instrument as of for his last Will & Testament and William Walton at the same Time qualified as Executor of the said Will by taking the Oath appointed Law for that Purpose. Gab Johnston

Children of Thomas Walton (will 1751) and wife Sarah:
1. William Walton ca 1707 – 1760 Chowan Co, NC
2. Sarah Walton ca 1710 – ca Nov 1761 Bertie Co, NC
married John Perry ca 1690 – ca Nov 1760 Bertie Co
(lived Nansemond Co VA then Bertie Co, NC )
3. Susannah Walton ca 1733 –
married 1753 1st Amos Hinton
married Benjamin Perry d 1788
4. Elizabeth Walton
married 1st Trotman
married 2nd ____Perry
5. Judith Walton see
married Charles Rountree will 1760
6. Ann Walton see
married Elisha Hunter ca 1715-1786 Gates Co. son of Isaac

Note — In closely examining the will of Thomas who died in 1751 he states that his son William is left Negro man Wilefor & a coper kettle. The William who died in 1760 left his wife one Copper Kettle and son Richard is to have the money arising from the Sale of Negro man Williferd. Therefore our ancestor William who died in 1771 is son of William who died 1732. © Copyright 1997 by Sally Moore Koestler in “Elizabeth Jones of Maple Lawn”

Grandchildren of Thomas Walton and wife Sarah:

Children of Sarah Walton ca 1710 – ca 1761 and John Perry:
1. Nicholas Perry ca 1728 – bef 1779
married bef 1751 Mourning [Speirs]
Hertford 1779 tax list
2. Isaac Perry ca 1730 – Bertie 1774, 1781
3. Benjamin Perry ca 1731 – 1789 Kershaw Co, SC
married Mary [named in his will dated 1779]
married after 1779 Sarah [named in his will dated 1789]
4. Sarah Perry ca 1733 –
married William Rice died 1762
married 2nd bef Aug 1769 King Freeman died 1794
5. Grace Perry ca 1735 –
married James Early died 1786
son of John Early and wife Ann
6. James Perry ca 1737 – 1806 Kershaw Co, SC
In Bertie 1774
married Ann ? died bef. 1806
7. Anne Perry ca 1739-
married Michael Collins
8. Josiah Perry 1741 – 1821
married 1st ca 1761 Elizabeth? daughter of William Freeman
married 2nd ca 1778 Amellicent Freeman 1762-1823 dau of John Freeman
9. Rachel Perry ca 1743 –
married bef 21 Nov 1767 Cullen Sessoms
10. Ruth Perry ca 1745 –
11. Frusanna Perry ca 1748 –

Children of William Walton ca 1707-1760 Chowan Co.(Vestryman 1744-52)

Chowan Co, NC Will of William Walton Dec 24, 1760 Recorded Book A page 183-4 James Norfleet, Ck transcribed from the original NC Archives SMK.
In the name of God Amen —- I William Walton in Chowan Cou nty of North Carolina, Calling to mind the unceartainty of this life do make Constitute & ordain this to be my last Will & Testamen ————First, my desire is that all my Just Debts be paid —–
Item. I give & bequeath unto my son Pallitire Walton the Plantation whereon I now live & fifty acres of Land being part of a hundred acres that I bought of James Griffen and a part of a piece of Land that I purchas‚Äôd from Thos. Trotter which shall be divided by a line of marked Trees as the main road Runns & he so have that part of the Land that lays to the Eastward of the road to him & his heirs for Ever ——
Item. I give and Bequeath unto my son Henry Walton the remainder of the hundred acres of Land I bot. from Jas. Griffen and the remainder of the Land I bought from Thomas Trotter to him and his heirs forever —–
Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Edmund Walton the Land in the marshes that my Father left me by his Will, to him and his heirs forever —–
Item. I give to my Loving wife one Feather bed & furniture, one Linen Wheele, one Side Saddle, one Copper Kettle, Six peices of good pewter of the best that I have & one case of Bottles—-
Item. I give to my Daughter Mary Walton one Feather bed & furniture, two Dishes, two basons & Six plates, one Linen Wheele, two good Iron potts.—
Item. I give to my Daughter Marthew Hobbs one Feather bed & furniture and no more of my Estate, and as my Daughter Judah Perry & my Daughter Sarah Blanshard hath had the portion I Intended for them its my desire that they have no more of my Estate —–
Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Walton one Feather bed & furniture, one Linen Wheele & two Dishes, two Basons & Six Plates and two Iron potts ——–
Item. I give to my son Richard Walton all the money arising by the Sale of my negro man Williferd, which negro I desire shall be sold at Publick Sale by my Executor for Proclamation money Immediately after my Death ——-
Item I give all the remainder of my Estate of what kindsoever to be Equally divided Between my Loving wife and my Children Thomas, Pallitire, Henry, Edmund, Richard, Mary and Elizebeth to them & their heirs for Ever ——
Lastly I nominate and appoint my son Henry Walton & my friend Capt. William Walton my whole & Sole Executors to this my Last Will & Testament as Witness my hand & Seal this 24th day of December 1760
William (his mark) Walton
Witness: Josiah Granbery, Jurat; John Hunter, Wm Walton
1. Palatiah (pron. Pa-lay-sha) Walton ca 1728 – 1776 (Vestryman 1770-76)
estate divided 1778 Chowan
married Priscilla Hunter d of Wm
a. Zilpha Walton ca 1752 –
married Mr. Spivey
b. Christian Walton ca 1755 –
c. Sarah Walton ca 1758 –
married Mr Spivey
d. Millicent Walton ca 1760 –
married 24 June 1776 Daniel Stallings ca 1748 – aft 17 Aug 1800 Perqu. Co
ancestors of Elsie Richardson her web site
i. Mary [Polly] Stallings ca 1768 Perqu. Co NC
married John Gregory
ii. Henry Stallings ca 1777 Perqu. Co – aft 28 Dec 1834 Perq.
married 16 Jan 1808 Libby Stallings 1788 –
iii. Palatiah Stallings 1781 Perq. – aft March 1808 Gates Co NC
married 23 Jan 1806 Christian Hurdle
iv. Joseph Stallings ca 1782 –
married Sarah Ward
v. Daniel Stallings 1790 – Feb 1837 Perq. Co NC
married Elizabeth Rogerson 1803 – 1894
vi. Salilah Stallings Perqu. Co NC
2. Richard Walton ca 1730-
3. Edmund Walton ca 1732-
4. Henry Walton 1742 – 1820 Gates
per 7 Mar 1820 depo stating he was 78 years old at the time concerning the make up of the Isaac Hunter family.
married 1st ——-
a. Jacob Walton ca 1775 – 1825
married 1st 14 June 1811 Mary Moran
married 2nd 20 Jan 1815 Leah Hunter
i. Mary Walton
ii. Jesse Walton
iii. Henry Walton
b. Henry Walton ca 1780 –
married 14 Feb 1809 Elith Blanchard
c. Abselley Walton
d. Nancy Walton c1800-
married 1820 George Heg(ar)ty
e. Elizabeth Walton ca 1780-
married 30 Dec 1796 Shadrack Stallings
f. Ann Walton
married 18 Aug 1806 Shadrack Stallings
g. Honour Walton
married 12 Jan 1796 William Birum of Chowan Co
h. Emily Walton ca 1760 – aft 1827
married Moses Hobbs d. 5 Jan 1827 Gates County Will
i. Elizabeth Forehand Hobbs ca 1787 – 1846
married Silas White ca 1783 – 1841
1. Henry L White 1821 – aft Dec 1891
married Penniah Boyce ca 1824 – aft 1880
a. Emily White 1 Feb 1856 – 13 May 1904
married Thomas Henry Morgan 15 Sept 1847 – 26 May 1910
i. Archie Joel Morgan 6 Jan 1900 – 5 July 1971
married Carnie Evelyn Smith 3 Sept 1901 – 11 Jan 1940
1. Mable Smith Morgan 1922 –
married Henry Clifton Jones 1922 –
line of Kay Early
married 2nd 1819 Gilley Lassiter
5. Elizabeth Walton ca 1736
6. Martha Walton ca 1738
married Hobbs
7. Sarah Walton ca 1740
married Blanchard
8. Judah Walton ca 1743
married Perry
9. Mary Walton ca 1745
10. Thomas Walton ca 1748 – 1787 Gates
a. Miles Walton ca 1773 –
b. Thomas Walton ca 1776 –
c. John Walton ca 1778 –
d. Milecent Walton
e. Emelia Walton
f. William Walton

Children of Ann Walton and Elisha Hunter:
1. Sarah Hunter d.bef 1786
married Amos Freeman
2. Thomas Hunter ca 1720 – 1798
married 1st Mary Whitmel
married 2nd Sarah Gordon
she was married first to Norfleet
a. Elisha Hunter
b. Ann Hunter
c. Christian Hunter
d. Isaac Hunter (under 21 in 1798)
3. Celia (Sele) Hunter

Children of Judith Walton and Charles Rountree will 1760:
(will mentions grandsons Cador Hunter & Charles Freeman)
1. Thomas Rountree ca 1730 – will 1781 Gates Co
married Mary Freeman dau of Richard and Ruth
a. Seth Rountree 1750 – ca 1808 Gates Co
married 8 Mar 1787 Selah Outlaw –
b. Christian Rountree ca 1753 –
married 31 Aug 1785 James Knight Gates Co.
c. Leah Rountree ca 1756 –
married Mr. Felton
d. Rachel Rountree ca 1759 –
married 19 May 1795 Miles Hurdle
e. Lavinia Rountree ca 1762 –
married Simeon Brinkley
f. Priscilla Rountree ca 1765 –
married 29 Mar 1793 Kader Felton Chowan Co.
g. Peniah Rountree ca 1768 –
married 19 Feb 1800 Noah Trotman Gates Co
2. Charles Rountree ca 1733 – inv. Nov 1787
married Mary
a. John Rountree ca 1768 –
b. Charles Rountree will 1815 Gates Co
married Christian
c. Miles Rountree ca 1773 –
d. Mary [Polly] Rountree
e. Josiah Rountree aft 1775 –
3. Christian Rountree (dau) ca 1736 – ca 1786
married ca 1755 John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 Bertie Co
a. Charles Freeman 1757-1827 Colerain
married 1784 Nancy Smith 1762-1841
b. Leah Freeman 1759- ?
married 1778 William Leary will 1821 Bertie Co
c. Amilisent Freeman 1762-1823
married Josiah Perry Sr. 1741-1821
d. Jeremiah Freeman 1763 – 1810 Bertie Co
married 1792 Mary Norfleet
dau of Abraham 1728-1784 Chowan Co
e. Josiah Freeman 1765- ?
married 1796 Sarah Moore dau of Lewis
? married 2nd Elizabeth Sessoms
she married 2nd Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 1819-1904
f. Hardy Freeman 1767- ?
married 1796 Senith Hunter dau of Elisha and Rachel
g. Rachel G Freeman 1769 – ?
married James or Josiah Outlaw son of John
h. Christian Freeman 1770 – ?
married 1805 Abraham Norfleet son of John and Elizabeth
i. Delilah Freeman 1771- 1821
married 1790 James Ward 1770 – 1843 son of Thomas
j. Elizabeth Freeman 1775
married 1798 Barnaby Blanchard
married 2nd 1805 Samuel Caswell will 1817 Bertie Co
4. Rachel Rountree
married Hardy Hunter will 1794 Bertie Co
son of William Hunter and wife Sarah; grandson of Nicholas Hunter and wife Rebecca.
a. Cader Hunter died bef 1794
has sons Humphree and Cader
b. William Hunter
c. Timothy Hunter
d. Joshua Hunter
e. Sarah Hunter
married bef. 15 July 1792 William Perry
i. Norfleet Perry 1793 – 27 July 1833
married Elizabeth Garrett
ii. Rountree Perry
f. Christian Hunter
g. Seinnuth Hunter
h. Mary Hunter

Children of Susannah Walton ca 1733- and Benjamin Perry ca 1718 – 1788:
they would have married sometime after 1753 the date Susannah married Amos Hinton,
but from deaths in Berkeley. they apparently had no children together.
1. Benj. Perry Jr. ca 1738 – 10 Jan 1784
son of Benj. and wife 1st wife died Jany 10, 1784
married 1759 Hannah Hunter [Riddick] est 1732 – Nov 1791 widow of Joseph Riddick
widow of Benj. Jr. died Nov 1791

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  1. My line is with Palatiah Walton whose daughter, Zilphia Walton, married Jacob Spivey. I know they had a son Josiah but I can not find much information on Zilphia as to where she was born and where she died.

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