William Baker & Elizabeth Warren

William Baker ca 1691 – 1745 | his parents
& Elizabeth Warren? | her parents
of Bertie Precinct NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Patent, Province of NC – 9 Dec 1712 – to William Baker – 900 acres in Chowan Precinct on ye N side Wecoinise Creek joining John Early, William Early, ye Creek pocoson, and ye Creek. Wit: Thos. Pollock, Thos. Boyd, Nath. Chevin, Chris. Gale, T. Knight
abstract by Hofmann

3 July 1717 РWilliam Baker Sr. of Chowan Prect. and Elizabeth Baker to John Matthews and Ralph Matthews 10£ sterling 200 acres more or less on Weccacorn Creek joining Early, a large branch, abstract by Hofmann

6 April 1722 – William Baker 330 acres on the head of one of the branches of Ahotsky Swamp joining Henry Baker, a reedy pocosin & James Rutland. abstract by Hofmann

11 Nov 1727 – B 403 Bertie Co – Benjamin Warren & wife Hester to Benjamin Baker – 10¬£ for 50 acres “At a branch above Benj. Warrens new dwelling house” to the Main Swamp. Wit: Thomas Bird, John Mitchell. May Ct 1728 Edw Mashborne DCC abstract by Bell

29 Jan 1728 РD 80 Bertie Co РJames Norville & wife Elizabeth to Benjamin Baker 12£ for 100 acres at Killem Swamp adj. Thomas Man, James Boon, Andrew Stevenson at Mirey Branch. Wit: Elinor Oldner, Richard Oldner. Feb Ct 1728 Ed Mashborne DCC

27 May 1728 Pat.- William Baker 350 acres in Chowan precinct in Wionoak Neck joining the Country line, black water, Summerton Creek, and John Ellison alias Nathan King.
Wit: R. Everard abstract by Hofmann

Bertie SS: At a Ct held at the Court house on Timber Branch on Tuesday ye 9th day of May 1732 – Upon Petition of Elizabeth Norville Praying Admicoc on the Estate of her husband James Norville Deced Granted. abstract by W P Haun

10 Dec 1736 – Simon Homes to William Baker & James Baker – 9¬£ for 50 acres …”excepting one acre whereon the mill shall stand on Snake Branch. To William Baker during his natural life, and afterwards to his son James Baker, his heirs and assigns forever. Wit: George Brawler, John Wynns, jurat. Feb Bertie Ct 1736.

4 Feb 1739 F 105 – John Wynns to John Keefe 80¬£ for 150 A. ..” John Wynns Attorney of George Smith late of Bertie Co…” land on ES of Chinkapen Creek “near the fort Bridge the plantation whence the said Smith lately removed…” adj. Obrey’s branch, Benjamin Baker. Wit: James Arthand? Feb Ct 1739

23 April 1743 – John Wynns Esq & William Baker to Elizabeth Norvil, James & Benjamin Norvil – 250¬£ for 260 A. “… Elizabeth Norvil widow and James Norvill and Benjamin Norvill sons of the s’d Elizabeth…” plantation called “Tarbay” on NS Wiccacon Creek adj William Baker Jun’s “Lower landing to the Islands of Tarbay” adj. Thomas Johnson, for Elizabeth her lifetime; then the western 160 acres to James & the east 100 acres to Benjamin. Wit: William Hooker Jun, Bray Hargrove. May Bertie Court 1743
abstract by Bell

23 April 1743 – Elizabeth & James Norvill to John Wynns – 80¬£ for 30 acres Land on NC Wiccacon Creek cont…. 30 acres Wit: William Hooker Jun, Bray Hargrove – May Bertie Ct 1743. abstract by Bell

Estate of William Baker of Bertie Co
17 June 1745 – Inventory – by John Baker and Elizabeth Baker.
22 June 1745 – Division of estate by John Baker, Exr. among the widow Elizabeth Baker, William Baker, John Baker, Elizabeth Norvill, Sarah Sutton, Benjamin Baker and James Baker. abstract by David B Gammon

27 Aug 1747 – G 89 Joseph Watsford to John Wynns, yeoman. 60¬£ for 320 A. “…land commonly called Georges” on SS Long Branch near the old Car Way through the said branch adj. John Wotsford, Alexander Vollantine,Benjamin Baker..” Land being Specially bequeathed to me by the Last Will of my Dec’d father Joseph Wotsford. . .” Wit: William Wynns, Joseph Perry, John Wotsford. Feb Ct 1747

10 Oct 1747 – G 82 John Wynns, yeoman to Benjamin Baker, yeoman 6¬£ 10sh for 162 A between Killum & the Long Branch” adj. Thomas Mann “down the said Manns old Line Now Speights” John Wotsford, Alexander Vollantine. Wit: Lidia Palmer, Benjamin Norvill. Nov Ct 1747.

12 Oct 1747 – Elizabeth Baker, widow to Benjamin Baker, yeoman ….”Stock, household stuff, goods, chattels and other personal estate…[for] Sundry causes. . .especially for the consideration of the Boarding & Entertainment I have had and Expect to have from my son Benjamin Baker….” Wit: John Wynns, Sarah Wynns. Feb Ct 1748.abstract by Bell

8 April 1748 G 150 John Baker, turner to George Hughs, cooper 125¬£ for 267 A. on ES of Barbeque Swamp “…According to the patent granted me for the same land dated 25 Sept 1741…” Wit: John Wynns, James Jones Aug Court 1748

16 April 1748 G 151 John Baker to Elizabeth & Solomon Norvill 30£ for 125 A. on Flatt Swamp adj. Alexander Vollantine, John Wynn, Wit: John Wynns, Benjamin Norvill, Thomas Johnston, James Norvil. Aug Ct 1748.

1756 H 261 William Baker & wife Martha to Jesse Baker Deed of Gift. “for love and good will… towards my loving son Jesse Baker. . . I reserve . . the said plantation . . and chattles in my person during my own life and the life of my loving wife Margaret Baker . . . . Wit: Thomas Evans, Solomon Norville, John Harrell. April Ct 1756.

Children of William Baker d. 1745 and wife Elizabeth:
1. James Baker ca 1720 –
2. Benjamin Baker ca 1710 –
a. Benjamin Baker jun bef 1740 –
3. Elizabeth Baker ca 1712 –
married bef 1728 James Norville d bef 5 May 1732
a. James Norville [Nowell]
b. Benjamin Norville {Nowell]
4. William Baker bef 1717 – aft 1756
married Martha
a. Jesse Baker bef 1740 –
5. John Baker – 1756
married Mary Harrell?
a. Mary Baker
b. Judith Baker
c. Sele Baker
d. Joshua Baker
6. Sarah Baker
married Sutton

9 Nov 1753 H 41 John Baker, yeoman, to William Witherington 25£ for 200 A. adj Robert Evans, William Baker. Wit: Richard Figures, Nicholas Askew. Nov Ct 1753

21 Oct 1755 H 205 William Baker, yeoman to Joseph Witherington 7£ 11sh 9p for 100 A. on Wiccacon Creek adj. Robert Evans, William Witherington, John Baker. Wit: John Harrell, William Witherington, Joseph Harrell. Oct Ct 1755.

H 207 William Witherington, yeoman to John Baker 25£ for 50 A. on Wiccacon Creed at Goose Creek adj. William Sharp. Wit: John Harrell, Joseph Witherington, Joseph Harrell. Oct Ct 1755.

Will of John [x] Baker 23 Apr 1756 – prob. Oct Ct 1756
“. . sick and weak in body. .”
— daughter Mary Baker – cow, steer, etc
— daughter Jude Baker – heifer, lamb, etc.
— daughter Sele Baker – heifer, cow, etc.
— son Joshua Baker – guns, carpenter and turner’s tools, spoon molds, cow, etc to be paid him at the age of eighteen, when he may take possession of my land on the south side of the Wiccacon Creek. Until that time my executors are to rent out my land and pay the proceeds to my wife Mary.
— to my wife — all my lands on the north side of Wiccaon, for her lifetime or widowhood. At her death this land is for my son Joshua if he is eighteen; if not it shall be kept by my executor.
EX: wife, John Harrell
Wit: Joseph Withorington, John [x] Keefe, Sarah [x] Fannen
On Bertie 1757 Tax List – William Wynns”s dist
James Baker, Obadiah Aughtery -2
Benjamin Norvell -1
Jesse Baker – 1
William Baker -1
Moses Baker -1
Benjamin Baker Jur – 1
John Baker ” Killum” – 1
Solomon Baker -1
Benjamin Baker -1

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book – Hertford Co 1768-1770
Benjamin Baker Jun
1768 2 taxes
1769 to search?
1770 1 tax
James Nowell
1768 1 tax
1769 1 tax
1770 1 tax
Benjamin Norville
1769 2 taxes
1770 2 taxes
Dempsey Nowell
1770 1 tax
John Baker /Killum/
1768 4 taxes
1769 4 taxes
1770 6 taxes
Joshua Baker
1768 1 tax
1769 1 tax
1770 1 tax

1768 Richard Baker 8 taxes
1769 ” ” 7 taxes
1770 ” ” 9 taxes

1768 Richard Baker 1 tax
1769 ” ” 2 taxes
1770 ” ” 2 taxes

Daniel Baker
1768 1 tax

Hertford County 1779 Tax List
John Britt in trust for Benjamin Baker,
Virginia 1200 acres Land, 2 slaves 40/50
2 Horses, 2 head Cattle 6993£ 6sh 8p

Capt John Baker 1 plantation
1 negroe 10/40 1 child 5850£

Starkey Sharp Guardian for the orphans of J Baker dec’d
200 acres Land, 240 in another dist. 1 tract of land in Dobbs Co,
50 A. Land Wild Call. 7 negroes under 5, 4 under 10, 4 under 40 1 under 50
1 mare and colt, 4 cattle, 3 lotts in Winton 7240£

William Baker Pole say 400£

Benjamin Baker son of John 421£
100 A. horse, money

Blake Baker
3 cattle, 1 horse, money 183£

James Baker 330 A. Land
3 horses, 12 cattle, money 2172£

Benjamin Baker jun. 140A. Land
3 Horses, 9 Cattle, money 945£

John Baker sen. 195 A. land
1 slave 10/40, 1 horse, 6 cattle 1470£

Benjamin Baker sen 250 A. land
2 Horses, 18 cattle, money 1528£

Stephen Baker
3 cattle, 1 horse 180£

Zadoc Baker 100 A. land
3 slaves 10/40, 1 5/10, 1 under 5
1 horse, 7 cattle 3971£


?James Baker ca 1687 – 1748? | his parents
& est 1704 Honour Bird est 1705 – | her parents
of Bertie Precinct NC

Honnouh Bird and ? Baker are married bef 9 Aug 1735.
Honnouh Bird in the daughter of Thomas Bird.

9 Aug 1735 – D 190 – Thomas Bird [Byrd] cooper, to Honnour Baker, Thomas Bird Jun, Henry Bird, & Edmund Bird. for …”love, goodwill and effection . . . unto my children . .”
[1] to my daughter Honour Baker land on SS Ahoskey Swamp cont. 200 A. at Snake Branch.
[2] To Thomas Bird, Jun. land on WS Loosing Swamp cont. 640 A.
[3] to Henry Bird land at fork between Ahoskey Swamp and Loosing Swamp cont. 325 A.
[4] to Edmond Bird land At Ahotskey Swamp cont 325 A. between Honour, Thomas, and Henry… “the manor plantation whereon I now live.”
Wit: John Wynns, jurat, William Baker. August Ct 1735 John Wynns DCC

Child of James Baker and Honour Bird:
1. Thomas Baker est 1720 – 1798

Thomas Baker est 1720 – 1798 | his parents
& ca 1740 ? | her parents
& 1752/54 Sarah Wood est 1721 – bef 1777 | her parents
& bef 1777 Sarah Bryan d. bef 1795 | her parents
of Bertie Precinct NC


Children of Thomas Baker and 1st wife:
1. James Baker ca 1741 – bef 5 Dec 1795
married Elizabeth Freeman
dau of John Freeman d 1785
a. William Baker ca 1765 – 8 May 1810 NC
married Nancy Outlaw d. aft 1810 Rowan Co NC
i. Asai Baker
married Mary Outlaw
ii. Patsy Baker
iii. Sarah Baker 6 Nov 1802 – 16 May 1860 Wright Co Missouri
married Rowan Co 17 Mar 1820 John Krider –
iv. Rachel Baker
v. Mary Baker
vi. Nancy Baker
vii. Betsy Baker
b. Jonathan Baker d. 1841 Washington Co GA
married Mary Fagan McCade d 3 April 1852 Washington Co GA
c. Sarah Baker
d. John Baker
e. Solomon Baker
f. Blake Baker
g. Law. Baker
2. Sarah Baker 1737 – 4 Dec 1807 Kershaw Dist SC
married James William Sowell 1738 Bertie Co – 1807 Kershaw Co SC
3. John Baker d bef 1795 [1784 adm. Mary]
a. Levy Baker
b. George Baker
4. Blake Baker
moved to Caldwell Co KY
married Christian Freeman
dau of King Freeman d 1793 and Sarah Perry [Rice] d 1811 KY
a. Elizabeth [Betsey] Baker ca 1788 – fall 1861 burial Baker Cem Trigg Co KY
killed by her long time slave Easter who had been raised in the family
married Trigg Co 3 June 1806 William Sprague/Spriggs
he deserted Elizabeth. “he was a wild one and he wasn’t good to her.”
i. Hatty Sprague ca 1806
ii. son name unknown Sprague
married 2nd James Gillahan ca 1788 – bef 26 April 1823 burial Baker Cem Trigg Co KY
son of William and Mourning Gillahan; William was a Justice of Peace and also did some preaching
James and Elizabeth owned Gillahan’s old ferry located on the Cumberland River at a place called Gillahan’s Ferry
i. Willaim Menefee Gillahan 2 June 1818 Trigg Co KY – 24 April 1904 burial Ferguson Sp Cem Trigg Co
married Rachel C Ferguson
married 2nd Trigg Co 23 Nov 1862 Margaret A Choat 21 Dec 1833 Bath Co KY – 16 Mar 1909 Trigg Co
1. Robert Lee Gillahan 13 June 1873 – 8 Sept 1935 Ferguson Sp
married 2 Jan 1896 Litha Jane Oakley 22 Feb 1878 Trigg Co – 27 July 1953
ii. Delinda Gillahan
married 22 July 1835/9 Macklin Ferguson
married 2nd James Murray
iii. Frasey Gillahan
married 16 Dec 1843 John Ferguson brother of Rachel
married 3rd —- Birdsong
i. John C Birdsong
married 4th Hiram Shelby
i. Reuben Shelby
uncertain as to father
i. Celia
married David D Mitchell
b. Sally Baker bef 1793
married Holly
c. John Freeman Baker bef 1793 –
d. Selah [Celia] Baker bef 1795 –
e. Polly Baker
f. Thomas L Baker
g. Blake Baker 26 June 1804 – 29 Aug 1852 Trigg Co KY
married Edna J Gresham
i. Hazard Perry Baker 2 Jan 1835 Canton, Trigg Co KY – 19 Jan 1918 Trigg Co KY
… Hazard then in command of the squad was arrested with the President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. The memorial states that Hazard, at the capture, was the one who was given the sword of Pres. Davis to hand over to the Union Officers.
married 12 Nov 1877 Henrietta Wallace June 1841 –
1. Paul Baker
2. Eddie Baker
h. Christian Baker
i. Tinsey Baker
Known Children of Thomas Baker and Sarah Wood:
1. Mary Baker 1754/57 –
married John Oxley
2. Levi/Levy Baker 1754/57 –
married Mary Earley
?3. Elizabeth Baker
married Richard Baker
?4. Susanna Baker
married James Williams
?5. Edward Bryan Baker d 1818 Bertie Co NC

e-mails from Kay Birkett: To start Thomas Baker’s wife is Sarah Wood – I have seen some who
have her as Sarah Bryan but I have the will of Moses Wood who names
her and her husband Thomas Baker. He was Sarah’s brother and died in
Bertie Co., In 1757. Their father was James Wood d. 1752 in Bertie Co
and Mary Barrdalle (other spellings exist). I have the genealogy of
the Wood family. Sarah appears to have been married at some point to
a William Duffield – not sure when or if this is actually my Sarah
Wood. Anyway Thomas and Sarah’s daughter Sarah marries James William
Sowell (b. 1738 Bertie Co d. 1807 Kershaw Co. SC). She was born in
1737 and died 4 Dec 1807 Kershaw Dist. South Carolina. This family
also was enter in the DAR roster. I have children if you are
James Baker m. Elizabeth Freeman daughter of (Captain John Freeman
and Sarah Elizabeth Outlaw)
Their children were William, Jonathan, Sarah, John , Solomon, Blake
and Law (probably Lawence). I have no information on these children
except for William (my line) and Jonathan. Jonathan married Mary
Fagan mcCabe who died in Washington Co. Georgia on April 3 1852.
Jonathan died in Washington Co. 1841. Jonathan Baker’s will exists
again I can give you children if you want them.
William (my line) married Nancy Outlaw (???) not 100% sure of this
possible daughter of David Outlaw and Martha Stanley. He dide 8 may
1810 Hanover, Bertie Co., North Carolina. There is a will – she died
in Rowan Co., North Carolina after 1810 and had property there. She
did not remarry. there is a possibilty that her name was Bowen
but…… The marriage is in Bertie Co. between a Polly Bowen and
William Baker – I never see her referred to as that. The relationship
between the Outlaw family and Nancy Baker et all is much stronger?
Asai Baker marries Mary outlaw in Bertie Co. North Carolina
Children of this marriage Asai, Patsy, Sarah (my line) Rachel, Mary,
Nancy, Betsy.
Sarah “Sally” Baker married John Krider 17 mar 1820 Rowan Co., North
CArolina. She was born 16 nov 1802 and died 16 may 1860 in Wright Co.
Missouri. Again if you want more information on this family I have it
Levi Baker son of thomas and Sarah married Mary Early
Mary Baker daughter of Thomas & Sarah married John Oxley
Blake Baker son of Thomas & Sarah married Christine Freeman (daugher
of King Freeman & Sarah Perry)
Elizabeth Baker daughter of Thomas and Sarah married a Richard Baker
susanna Baker daughter of Thomas & Sarah married a James Williams
Edward Bryan Baker son of Thomas & Sarah died May 1818 Bertie Co.
North CArolina.
Again I have more on the Freemans, Woods and other families
associated with the Baker line.
… James Baker my ancestor had to be born abt 1740 because
his rev papers indicate an approximate age. His son William was born
about 1765 so Sarah Wood is his mother. I would guess the Duffield
marriage could …. now I will throw in a few more worms ….. be the
husband of Sarah Baker the daughter of James…. some of his children
and grandchildren are mentioned in Thomas’ will. To be perfectly
honest I don’t recall where the William Duffield information came
from. Thomas may have married a Sarah Bryan later since there seem to
be a number of people who insist that my Sarah Wood is actually Sarah
Bryan – I know that isn’t right. I have Oxleys, Woods, Byrds,
Freemans Kriders, Criders, Barradalles, outlaws and Harrells in my
family. Seems like we have a number of common lines. Some of the
Baker information gets rather tricky after you get away from James
and Honor Bryd. I have Major Henry Baker and Mary Bennett as James’
father and then Henry Baker and Sarah as his father. Honnor Byrd I
have her parents as martha Pitt and Thomas Byrd.
It might just be easier to send you a GED file. I am using a Mac
program called Reunion. Can you use this? I can send you the files
from my Sarah Baker krider back if you would like?

On Bertie 1757 Tax List – John Brickell’s dist
Thomas Baker & son James -2

Bertie Co 1768 Tax List
James Baker
Jonathan Baker – Constable
Thomas Baker

Wills of NH Co–Moses Wood Mar 8, 1757 Proved April Ct 1757 abstract by David B Gammon
“…being at this time sick and weak of body…”
Brother James Wood – plantation on Bear Swamp which I bought of William Baker in Bertie County.
Brother James Wood – Negro Judy, horse and saddle.
Sister Sarah Baker (wife of Thomas Baker) – Negro Jean for her lifetime, and if the said Negro has any children they will be for my nephew Levy Baker “of the aforesaid T. Baker.” If the Negro outlives my sister Sarah the Negro is for Mary Baker (son of the said Thomas Baker).
Remaining estate to my brother James Wood.
Ex: brother James Wood
Wit: Thomas (x) Baker, Jonathan Wood, Joseph (x) Farmer, Thomas Crew

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book – Hertford Co 1768-1770
Thomas Baker
1768 1 tax
James Baker Const.
1768 1 tax
1769 3 tax
1770 3 tax

Will of Thomas [x] Baker 5 Dec 1795 – prob. Nov Ct 1798 Bertie Co
“…being sick and weak in body…”
— daughter Mary Oxley – Negro Rachel
— daughter Sarah Sowel – fifty pounds
— son Levy Baker – bed and sheet
— grandson Levy Baker [son of John Baker dec’d] – fifty pounds
— grandson George Baker [son of John Baker dec’d] – fifty pounds
— grandchildren William Baker, Jonathan Baker, Sarah Baker and John Baker [ the sons and daughters of James Baker dec’d] – twenty pounds
— grandson John Freeman Baker [son of Blake Baker] – Negro Arthur
— granddaughter Selah Baker [daughter of Blake Baker] – Negro Allen
— to Blake Baker – Negro Sampson.
Remaining estate to be sold and proceeds used to pay debts and residue to my son Blake Baker.
EX: William Cherry, William Morris, son Blake
Wit: James Barradeill, Elizabeth [x] Lucas, Sarah [x] Barradaill
abstract by David B Gammon

Will of Jonathan Baker, planter 3 Feb 1785 – prob May Ct 1785
–wife Susanna [Stanley] Baker – lend my manor etc
— son John Baker – the lands I bought of Jonathan Stanley
— son Laury Baker my manor plantation
— daughter Winne Baker
— daughter Betsey Baker
— daughter Lua Baker
— daughter Clarry Baker
— daughter Molly Baker
— daughter Peggy Baker
EX; friend William Cherry, son John
Wit: Robert Jinkins, John Oliver, Seth Reddick

Estate of James Baker – adm granted to Blake Baker 30 May 1790 – Inventory 13 Mar 1790 – acct of sale-14 Aug 1790
Buyers included: Jonathan Baker, Blake Baker, William Baker, John Bentley, Sarah Baker
Div of estate 7 Oct 1809: William Baker, James Baker, Jeremiah Lawrence and wife [Frances], Whitmell Baker and Elizabeth Baker.

Blake appt gdn of the orphan John Baker, 1793; Abner Lawrence appt gdn of Whimell Baker,
James Baker was appt gdn of the sd Whitmell

Children of James Baker d 1790: seems to be
1. John Baker
2. Whitmell Baker
3. Elizabeth Baker
4. William Baker
5. James Baker
6. Frances Baker m Jeremiah Lawrence

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  1. I am researching the wife of John Oliver who made his will 23 Jan 1794 Bertie County, NC. His wife was Mary. Sons were: Martin, Malachi, and Shadrach. Daughters were Winneford and Dicey Oliver. William Cherry, John’s friend, and son John executors. One of the Witnesses was a John Baker.
    On the will of Mary Oliver dated 1808 Bertie County, NC, there is a Charlot Baker and a Leazy Baker (female). I’ve also found a number of records between the Olivers and the Bakers in Chowan County and Bertie County during the 1700s. It makes me wonder if John Oliver’s wife is Mary Baker, daughter of John Baker will dated 1756 Bertie County/Precinct, NC. I’m trying to find a family relationship between the Bakers and Olivers.

  2. Elizabeth [Betsey] Baker-Spriggs (1788-1861) was listed as living with Hiram Shelley (or Shelly) in the 1850 Trigg County census. In 1850, Hiram was listed as 48YO and Elizabeth Spriggs was 62YO. They had a son, Rueben John Shelley (1827-1910), my great grandfather. Rueben and his wife, Telitha, were also listed in the 1850 Trigg Co. census before moving to Arkansas around 1860. Although I obviously know Hiram was born in 1802, I find very little information about him, including his date of death. Is he also buried in Trigg County with Elizabeth at Baker Cemetery? I understand that he was a farmer with land that was either located in Land Between Lakes or is under what is now Lake Barkley. Any further info you may have re: Hiram I would appreciate.

  3. Lots of great research info.

    I’m searching for Jonathan Baker. He was a land owner and lived in Lincoln County, Georgia. Apparently, Jonathan did not leave a will. He died bef. 1846. I have not been successful in finding info on this Jonathan’s wife, marriage and ancestry.

    Jonathan’s daughter Mary Ann Baker married Daniel Thomas Clary (born: 1805/1806) . Daniel and Mary Clary are buried in Lincoln County, Georgia.

    1. Someone posted that his father was Samuel Baker, but i am having problems trying to prove this.

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