The old home of the Rayners of Powellsville, NC
(actually this was an exact replica of the original that had burned ca 1896. This one also burned shortly after this picture was taken in 1948)

Rayner Bibles: Joshua Rayner James Rasco Rayner

John Rayner Cemetery

the lines of Johnnie F Rayner [Mrs A C Moore]

the Rayners of Powellsville, NC
John A Rayner 1837- 1901 and Mary W Rayner 1840 -1925
ch: Gus, Johnnie, Percy, Morton, Beulah, Jim, Armstead, Nell, Freddie

William Rayner 1812 – 1860 and Eliza Drew 1818 – 1856
ch: Marc, John, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Arrie, Will

Joshua Rayner ca 1760 – 1824 and Martha Outlaw 1783-1820
ch: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Joshua, Loadica

John Rayner ca 1721-1796 and Judith Chappell ca 1725-aft 1820
ch: Sam, Elizabeth, William, Amos, James, Joshua, Sarah, Winnie

John Rayner ca 1685 – bef 1734 and Mary Wood of Chowan Co, NC
known ch: Daniel, Richard, John, Susannah

John Rayner ca 1660 – 1691 and Ann ? of Norfolk Co, VA
known ch:Richard, John, Samuel

Francis Rayner 16xx – 1719 – wife Joanna of Upper Pariah, Isle of Wight Co, VA
ch: John (dec.), Joanna, Frances

the Rayners over near Windsor, NC
James Rasco Rayner 1807-1852 and Frances F LAWRENCE 1813-1847

Enoch Rayner 1771-1823 and Penelope RASCO 1785-1851
ch: Samuel, James R, Mary, Nancy, Thomas J, Penelope

Sam Rayner ca 1744-1817 and Winefred PERRY ca 1756 – bef 1817
ch: Enoch, Elijah, Lot, Miles, Noah, Celia, Joel, Phoebe

the Drews of Bertie County
Whitmell Drew ca1760-bef 1844 and Penelope “Rayner” 1799-1880

John Drew ca 1735-1819 and Winifred Blount Hunter ca 1742-1810

John Drew ca 1710-cr 1784 and Patience Brewer ca 1717- aft 1771

William Drew and Judith Wood of Nansemond Co, VA

Thomas Drew and wife Faith of Surry Co, VA

Richard Drew ca 1628-1679 and wife Mable of Surry Co, VA

the Lawrences of Bertie County
Reuben LAWRENCE 1787 – 1843 and Frances [RASCO] ca 1790 – 1845

Frederick LAWRENCE 1754 – 1823 and Judith WALSTON ca 1760 – bef 1790

Humphrey LAWRENCE ca 1726 – 1772 and Ann ASHLEY ca 1735 – 1775

Robert LAWRENCE ca 1690 – 1744 and Elizabeth ? of Bertie Co, NC

John LAWRENCE ca 1641 – ca 1696 and wife Mary of Nansemond Co, VA

Robert LAWRENCE 1611- aft 1682 and wife Elizabeth of London, England & Nansemond Co, VA

Sir John LAWRENCE 1589 – 1638 and Mary Grissel GIBBONS of Chelsea, Middlesex and Iver, Bucks

Thomas LAWRENCE, Esq. 1539 – 1593 and Martha CAGE – a Goldsmith of London, of Chelmarsh, Shrops and Chelsea, Middlesex and Iver, Bucks

ancestors of Thomas Lawrence in Chelmarsh, Shrops and Aston Hall, Lancastershire

the Outlaws of Powellsville, Bertie County
John OUTLAW ca 1744-1792 and Elizabeth [CANNADY] bef 1767-bef 1812

John OUTLAW ca 1712 – 1780 and unknown d. bef 1780

Ralph OUTLAW ca 1687 – 1760 and Ann ? of Norfolk Co, VA & Chowan Co, NC

Edward OUTLAW ca 1650 – 1714 and Elizabeth DAFNELL ca 1760 – 1727 of Norfolk Co, England & Norfork Co, VA

the Rascos of Bertie County

James RASCO ca 1760-1804 and Elizabeth HENDRICKS ca 1767- ca 1795

RASCO ca 1730- and wife of Bertie Co, NC

? the parents of Penelope wife of Whitmell Drew

Enoch RAYNER 1771 – 1823 & Penelope RASCO 1785 – 1851

? the parents of Frances wife of Reuben Lawrence

Arthur RASCO ca1758 -1796 and Elizabeth BENTLEY ca 1762-1815




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  1. I happend upon this site by a google search with my fathers name, John Edgar Raynor. Gus was his great grandfather. I love reading the Rayner history.

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