William Mebane & Mary Wood

Sally’s 4-great aunt – sister of Sarah Wood who married John Wheeler

William Mebane 1779 – 1856 | his parents
& ca 1798 Mary Wood 1780 – 1846 | her parents
of Mason Hall, Orange Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this mo ment!!

William Mebane 28 Apr 1779 Mason Hall, Orange Co NC – 3 May 1856 Orange Co
married Northampton Co NC ca 1798 Mary Wood 8 Oct 1780 – 21 Jan 1846 Mebane, NC
Burial: Location – five miles from the intersection of NC Highways Nos. 119 and 70-A, in Mebane, NC, is this family burial plot of a pioneer family.
Driving north to the home of Col. Van R. White, turn right just past his house, then turn right into a farm yard at the first house on the right.
The cemetery is in a pasture back of the house, enclosed with a dry rock wall.Survey from the notes of Durward T. Stokes recorded with Col. Van R. White on March 8, 1959. Mebane Family Cemetery
. (Web site by Allen Dew).

Note: This William Mebane son of Alexander Mebane II and who married Mary Wood of Northampton Co NC is a separate person from the son of Capt William Mebane, William Brown Mebane who married Frances Woods in Orange Co in 1797

After the death of her mother Sarah/Sallie Oct 1814, Julia Munroe Wheeler b April 1814 stays with this family in Orange County until her father married his third wife Sept 1816.

Mary Wood & William Mebane of Mason Hall, Orange Co, NC had:
1. Dr. Alexander Wood Mebane 1800 – 5 Feb 1847 age 47
married 27 Jan 1824 Mary E Collins Howe 1805 – 29 Oct 1855 age 50
From Moore’s History of NC Vol II, p16- Concerning the Legislature of 1829 “Among the new members of this year was Dr. Alexander Wood Mebane of Bertie. He was reared in Orange, but had married his cousin Mary Howe of the Hermitage on Chowan River and dwelt at that noble homestead.

hermitage-2 hermitage-1
photos of the Hermitage, Bertie Co NC
by James Moore ca 1970

He was a man of large endowments. A devotion to the Democratic policy did not interfere with large and successful financial schemes. He was one of the leading fishermen in the broad waters of the Albemarle country. This business had received an enormous impetus since 1815. At that time, two Northern men had introduced a long seine, worked by windlasses and horse power, at Lawrence’s Point on the Chowan, six miles below Colerain, and soon others were put in, two thousand yards in length, requiring six horses and fifty men and women in their handling. Prior to this time the spring catch had always been effected by means of short float nets and weirs.”
from tombstones at the Hermitage.
a. John E. W. Mebane Sept 1828 – 14 April 1835 age 6 yrs 7 months
died from Scarlet Fever
b. William Alexander Mebane 23 July 1829 – Jan 1878 Bertie Co NC
married Feb 1852 Mary Ashburn
married 15 Mar 1866 Mary Margaret Bond
c. Julius A Mebane ca 1832 – 18 Nov 1853 21 years old
d. John Thomas Mebane 13 April 1838 – 15 Nov 1867
married 1865 Julia Wheeler 1843 – 1898 dau of S J W
i. Lucinda Howe Mebane 2 Oct 1866 – 23 Nov 1866 2 months
ii. John Wheeler Mebane 25 July 1867 – 25 July 1867 d shortly after birth
she married 2nd 17 Nov 1871 Dennison Worthington 16 Oct 1842 – 14 May 1904
lived Martin Co
i. Alice Elizabeth [Bessie] Worthington 19 Aug 1872 – 4 April 1934 Leona, NJ

graduated Chowan 1889 died of pneumonia
married 29 Aug 1901 Herman Harrell Horne 22 Nov 1874 –

Professor at New York University
a. Julia Carolyn Horne 23 May 1903 –
b. Elizabeth [Betsy] Worthington Horne Apr 1905 –
c. Dr. William Henry Horne 17 May 1907 – of Albany
d. Ida Battle Horne
ii. Robert Herbert Worthington 21 May 1874 – 16 Oct 1874 5 months
iii. Samuel Wheeler Worthington 28 Nov 1875 – aft 1952 Wilson, NC
“This was the Cousin Sam who gave my sister Julia salt cellars for a wedding gift,
he also owned lots at Nags Head that he was tried to sell to my father.” SMK

married 7 Dec 1899 Lucy Roscoe Outlaw 4 May 1873 –
a. boy – 11 Mar 1901 – 13 Mar 1901
b. girl – 3 April 1903 – 3 April 1903
c. Samuel Wheeler Worthington 7 May 1907 – 14 Feb 2000 Windsor NC dsp
iv. Julia Wheeler Worthington 4 April 1884 – 3 June 1884 2 months
e. Mary Elizabeth Mebane 1836 – 18 Oct 1873 Washington DC
married as his 2nd wife 15 Dec 1857 Hon. John Pool
16 June 1826 Pasquotank Co NC – 16 Aug 1884 Washington DC
buried Oak Hill Cem.


POOL, John, (uncle of Walter Freshwater Pool), a Senator from North Carolina; born near Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, N.C., June 16, 1826; was tutored at home and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1847; studied law; admitted to the bar in 1847 and practiced in Elizabeth City, N.C., 1847-1856; also engaged in agricultural pursuits; member, State senate 1856, 1858, 1864-1865; unsuccessful Whig candidate for governor in 1860; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1865; presented credentials dated December 29, 1865, as a Republican Senator-elect to the United States Senate on February 8, 1866, but was not permitted to take his seat because the State had not been readmitted to representation; upon the readmission of North Carolina was again elected to the United States Senate and served from July 14, 1868, to March 3, 1873; was not a candidate for reelection; chairman, Committee on Revolutionary Claims (Forty-second Congress); resumed the practice of law in Washington, D.C., where he died August 16, 1884; interment in Oak Hill Cemetery
.i. John Pool 30 July 1862 [bapt Aug 30 1863] – 31 July 1911 DC
married 1893 Mary Frances Drinkard 15 Jan 1854 VA – 9 Dec 1911 DC
ii. Mary Howe Pool
iii. another child 2nd daughter
John Pool had first married Narcissa D Sawyer 1830 – 14 Jan 1856 Elizabeth City NC
i. Gaston Pool 1 June 1851 – 15 Nov 1852
ii. Mary Lela Pool 28 March 1852 – 20 March 1909 DC
married 1st Edward L Mills of Illinois
1. Edward Pool Mills 1875 Falls Church VA – 1960 LA
married 2nd Dr. Joseph S F Sessford Washington DC
1. Grace Sessford May 1890 – 6 July 1892 Washington DC
f. Alexander Wood Mebane 1841 – 30 Nov 1871 Bertie Co NC
g. Thaddeus Mebane died 1845

John Howe Mebane 1806 – 1875
Home built in
Fayette Co TN by John Howe Mebane
home was sold after the Civil War
for other pictures of his home inside and out & cemeteries see

Highly recommended Ronnie and Bonnie Warner’s mebane-nuckolls house

2. John Howe Mebane 15 Aug 1806 – 16 March 1875 Fayette Co TN
married 9 Feb 1837 Ann Slade Graves 8 Feb 1809 – 28 June 1848 Bertie Co
dau. of Capt William item from Hillsborough Recorder 10 March 1837
buried in the cemetery at the Hermitage, Bertie Co
married 1848 2nd Henrietta Williams [Yancey] 15 March 1816 – 27 July 1872 ts

3. William Grandison Mebane 8 Aug 1808 – 6 Oct 1881 ts
removed to Fayette Co, TN
4. Elizabeth [Eliza] Ann Mebane 7 Nov 1810 – 24 Feb 1883 ts

married Green D Jordan ca 1807 –
removed to Fayette Co, TN


“The carriage was still in use when my mother lived there as a child. It was used to take the family to church on Sunday. It made my mother sick to ride in the closed carriage so her great aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Green Jordan came by on Sundays and she rode with them in their open carriage. Mrs. Jordan was born Ann Eliza Mebane and was John Howe Mebane’s sister.

She must have been quite a redoubtable lady. All their horses had been stolen except her riding horse. Word came to them that soldiers were nearly there. There wasn’t time to hide the horse so she grasped the nettle and told the negro man to put a bridle and her side saddle on the horse and bring her up to the mounting block at the house. While that was being done she donned her riding skirt. The horse was brought up and she mounted. The soldiers appeared and there mounted on the horse was this very erect lady. She was probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She was ordered down. She didn’t budge. Again she was ordered to dismount and told they were taking the horse for the Union Army. She stayed put. The third time she told the men, “If you get this horse, you are going to have to kill me first and drag me off.” The party roamed over the place and came back and the same scene was repeated. They went off again and again she looked them down. None of them had the nerve to reach up and drag her off the horse. Finally, the men went off to hunt for easier prey.

My mother remembered her aunt. The children called her “Auntie Jordan.”
Mama said when Auntie sat in a chair or on a sofa her back never touched the back of the chair.” from Tennessee Tales [related by Nannie.

must see: Tennessee Tales

5. Mary Frances [Fannie] Mebane ca 1821 –
married 4 Nov 1851 Orange Co Dr. John W Bond May 1811 Bertie Co NC- Aug 1856 buried Mebane, Alamance Co NC
received M.D. 1834 University of PA removed to Ark.

list of Mebane siblings from Wheeler’s Reminicences and 1866 Power of Attorney
NCGSJ Vol 3 page 11 power of attorney
Mebane, John H.; William G. Mebane, Sr; and Green D. Jordan and his wife Eliza., -all of Fayette co, Tn and Mary F. Bond of the State of Arkansas, 20 Mar 1866, appoint William A Mebane of Bertie Co, NC their attorney to sell a tract of swamp land (1,037 acres in all) in Martin Co., NC which descended to them from William Moring, deceased, in common with others, or was bequeathed by the last will and testament of said Moring, their interest being 4/5 of their 1/2 of the said land, which consisted of the lower Dunstan Patent, the Spruill & Morse Tract. the Peter Roscoe Patent #1 and #2 and the William Jordan Patent.

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