Allen Boon, Anne Bryant & Rebecca Boon

The Allen Boon family of Hertford Co NC

Allen Boon ca 1771 – 1812 | his parents
& 1791 Anne [Nancy] Bryant ca 1771 – 1791 | her parents
& ca 1795 Rebecca Boon ca 1772 – bef 1810 | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
Research by Leta Myles Franklin of Rogers, Arkansas

ca 1771 Allen Boon was born in Hertford Co NC the eldest son of John and Mary Boon.
1791 Allen Boon married Nancy Anne Bryant in St Lukes Parish in Southampton Co VA.
before 1810 – In a lawsuit in Chancery Court, SH Co VA, Brittain Bryant, oldest son of Nathan Bryant and wife Celia Bynum, sues to have slaves that had belonged to Celia Bynum distributed among the children of the deceased Celia Bynum Bryant. Among the heirs is Allen Boon of Hertford Co NC that had married a daughter of Celia in 1791 and had died in 1791 without issue.
Allen received one male slave.
At this time Allen Boon is already married for a second time and has three sons.
1804 and 1805 – another lawsuit in a SH Co Chancery Court – Bartholomew Boon has died in 1804 and leaves his estate to his brothers and sisters [he was the 3rd son of Nicholas Boon born 1750].
The first filing is by Byrd Boon, the youngest son of Nicholas and the brother of Bartholomew Boon.
The second filing is by Byrd Boon and Allen Boon.
In the third filing all the sisters and brothers of Bartholomew are revealed: James Boon, the Executor, Byrd Boon, Thomas Cheatham in right of his wife, late Susannah Boon, Allen Boon in right of his wife, late Rebecca Boon. They have two sons at this point, John Boon, Bolling Boon and the third, Nicholas Boon, is born in 1805 in Hertford County.
On the 1810 Census, Rebecca Boon is gone and there is a younger female in the household.
She is not a new wife.
Allen Boon is dead by Dec. 1812.
The court records indicate that no one steps up to handle the estate and the sheriff in SH Co and probably Hertford Co is appointed to the post.
Much later 1816 or 1817, Jacob Liles of NH Co NC assumes the duties.

Children of Allen Boon and Rebecca Boon:
1. John Boon 1796 – 1828 Hertford Co NC
2. Boling Boon 1800 – 1862 Wayne Co GA
3. Nicholas Boon [C] 1805 – 1874 Cross Co Ark
went to Arkansas
married Rebecca Liles d. Cross Co Ark
daughter of Exum Liles and wife Rebecca Granberry of NH Co NC
ancestor of Leta Myles Franklin

Leta reports DNA matches
descendants of Boling Boone of GA and Nicholas Boon of Arkansas dna matched each other
also that of the Matthias Boones and Etheldred Boon of NH Co NC

The children of Allen Boon: John Boon is dead in Hertfort by 1828. He had been Byrd Boons son Williams Guardian. The estate is turned over to a Barrett. You have the estimate on Bolling Boon on Nick Boon’s website. My gggrandfather Nicholas Boon that came to Arkansas died 1874. This dates will help fill out the Boons in my research and help to keep others from claiming them for their ancestors. Best wishes. On yes, my gggrandfather Nicholas b 1805, died in Cross County Arkansas so did his wife, Rebecca. Should I give you the names of the children? Leta

John Boon est 1747 – aft 1786 | his parents
& ca 1769 Mary ? ca 1753 – 18xx | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
Research by Leta Myles Franklin of Rogers, Arkansas

John Boon and Nicholas [A] Boon were brothers.


John Boon is a brother to Nicholas Boon on the same census. John and Mary are similar in age. He dies after 1786 and before 1790. She is alive in SH in 1814 when she gives her portion of son Nichola’ estate to her son Matthias Boon.
John Boon is on 1780s Hertford with tithables that are relatives, but who.
He has a young family and I estimate he is under 40 when he dies.
I believe the Mary Boon that marries Thomas Hill in the 1780s is his sister or a close relative. The listing on the 1790 U.S. Census for Hertford County headed by Allen Boon, is John and Mary Boons family.

The known children of John and Mary Boon are:

Allen Boon, the oldest son, is born circa 1771.
He farms mostly in Hertford Co. his entire life which is short.
He does accumulate some acreage in SH from the estate of his cousin, Bartholomew Boon who dies in 1804. This is used as rental property.
His second wife, Rebecca, has 24 acres from the same estate.
She is Bartholomew’s sister. When she dies, each of her 3 sons inherits 8 acres from her and there is one deed in SH showing the third son, Nicholas Boon, selling his 8 acres for $50 to Wm. Hill’s widow. Allen’s first wife is Nancy Anne Bryant (Nathan Bryant and Celia Bynum). They married in April 1791 in St. Lukes Parish SH. In a Chancery Court lawsuit before 1810, Brittain Bryant the oldest son of Nathan and Celia Bryant, asks for distribution of the slaves owned by Celia Bryant at her death. One of the heirs is Allen Boon in right of his wife, Nancy Anne Boon, a daughter. He receives one male slave. At the time of the lawsuit, Allen is married for the second time to Rebecca Boon and they have 3 sons, John born after 1795, Bolling born 1800 and Nicholas born 1805. This wife, Rebecca Boon, is revealed in a Chancery Court lawsuit in SH over the distribution of her brother Bartholomew Boon. Rebecca Boon is not among the family on the Allen Boon listing on the 1810 Hertford Census. There is a younger woman listed but she is not a wife. Allen is the administrator of cousin Thomas Boons will in SH, his brother Nicholas Boon 1806 in SH, and a hint of a relative in Northampton County that had been married to Sally Liles daughter of Benjamin and Mary Liles. Allen Boon is dead in 1812 and when no one steps forward to handle the estate; it is handed to the sheriff in SH Jacob Darden, Jr. Later Jacob Liles, a relative, of Northampton handles Allen’s estate.

Nicholas Boon born circa 1773, died SH 1806. This Nicholas and his death is often confused with the older Nicholas born 1750 in Hartford. He was listed on the SH Tax List in 1806 on the land of Elizabeth Boykins, most likely he is renting land from her. I have not found any deeds in SH for him, but most of his relatives owed him a few pounds. He was single when he died. He died intestate and the family lawsuits over his estate reveal the brothers and sisters.

Martha Boon b? d? I do not know if she is older than sister Edy, but I am putting her first. She married William Jackson of SH. He is dead in November 1809 and leaves a will in SH. His land goes to Benjamin Barrett (80 acres). He names Martha and leaves her furniture and a year’s provisions. No children are listed. Maybe they are just married.

Edy Boon b? d? She is married to William Ferguson of SH in 1803, she is underage and her mother Mary signs for her. This Ferguson is related to Dixon and Zacharian Ferguson. This Ferguson and the Wm. Jackson are neighbors to the land owned by Nicholas Boon c. 1750. Martha Boon Jackson sues Edy Ferguson and Matthias Boon for her share of Nicholas Boon’s estate after her husband Wm. Jackson’s death in 1809  to receive her part of brother Nicholas Boons estate. She receives her part in 1814 with interest from December 19, 1812. I believe this is Allen Boon’s death day.

Matthias Boon b. 1786 in Hertford and dies in Madison County, Tennessee in 1838. He is married to Margaret Joyner of SH ( Jacob Joyner, Jr. and Martha Powers). Martha Powers Joyner remarries to a Williams and the children of Jacob sue for disbursement in 1806. Matthias, for his part, marries Margaret Joyner in 1807 in Southampton and files a lawsuit against his brother Allen Boon in SH identifying Allen Boon and Nicholas Boon as his brothers. He is suing Allen to distribute Nicholas Boon’s estate and says that Allen Boon jumped in to handle the affairs of Nicholas Boon when Nicholas was not aware of his circumstances. The estate is not settled until after Allen’s death in 1812 when Jacob Darden, Jr. assumes control. Matthias lives in District 6 in Northampton for several years before going to Madison County, Tennessee in 1824. There are descendants of Matthias living around the land he bought in Jackson Tennessee area.

Researched by Leta Myles Boone Franklin. Rogers, Arkansas

Children of John Boon and wife Mary:
1. Allen Boon ca 1771 Hertford Co NC – 1812
married 14 April 1791 St Luke’s Parish SH Co VA Anne [Nancy] Bryant died 1791
married 2nd Rebecca Boon [his first cousin]

  1. Nicholas Boon ca 1773 – 1806 SH Co VA
  2. Martha Boon
    married William Jackson d. 1809 SH Co VA
  3. Edy Boon
    married 1803 William Ferguson of SH Co VA
  4. Matthias Boon 1786 Hertford Co NC – 1838 Madison Co TN
    married 1807 Margaret Joyner of SH Co VA

from e-mail from Leta: On the John Boon of Hertford County 1750 Allen and Matthias had sons that reproduced more Boons. I have talked with three of the Matthias descendants in Tennessee.

Hertford County tax lists
1768-70 William Murfree Tax Receipt Book, Hertford Co NC
1770 James Boon Mixt Blood to 1 tax
1768 James Boon Esqr to 4 taxes
1769 John Boon 1 tax
1770 John Boon 2 taxes
1770 Nicholas Boon to 4 taxes
1768 William Boon to 2 taxes

1779 #4 James Boon 160 acres, 1 horse, 13 cattle
#1 John Boon 150 acres, 2 horses, 9 cattle
Nicholas Boon 150 acres, 1 slave 10/40, 3 horses, 12 cattle

1782 #4 Jas Boon Esq 590 acres, 3 horse, 8 cattle
# 1 Nicholas Boon 150 acres 1 Negro 50/60 or 1-10, 1 Negro 16/40, 5 horses, 15 cattle
John Boon 150 acres no Negroes, 3 horses, 13 cattle — orig faded in spots

1784 #4 James Boon Esq 640 acres, 1 free pole
# 1 Nicholas Boon 150 acres 1 black pole
John Boon 150 acres 1 black pole

Hertford Co Census 1790
Boone – Arthur [6 other free persons]
Boone – Allen 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females and 2 slaves
Boone – Mary 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females and 2 slaves
Boone – Niclis 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 3 females 1 free black, 4 slaves

Hertford Co Census 1800 Capt Brett’s Co
Allen Boon 1 1 – 1 – / – – 1 – –
Nicholas Boon – 1 1 – 1/ – – – – 1

Hertford Co Census 1810
Allen Boon 1 2 – 1 – / – – – 1 –
Bird Boon – 1 – 1 – / – – – 1 –

Hertford Co Census 1830
Nicholas Boon 2 m 20/30, no w females 8 slaves
Martha Boon 1 m 15/20, 1 f 5/10, 1 f 15/20, 1 f 50/60
free colored persons
Patsey Boon 1 m 10/24, 1 f 24/36
Nancy Boon 1 m 10/24, 1m 24/36, 1 f 24/36, 1 f 36/55
Boon Boon 2 m <10, 1 m 36/55, 2 f <10, 1 f 24/36
David Boon 3 m <10, 1 m 10/24, 1m 36/55, 1 f <10, 1f 10/24, 1 f 24/36
Jacob Boon 4 m <10, 5 m 10/24, 1m 36/55, 1 f 36/55, 1 f 100+
Samuel Boon 1 m 36/55, 1 f 10/24, 1f 24/36
Brown Boon 2 m 10/24, 1m 36/55, 1 f 36/55,
David Boon 1 m 10/24, 1 m 24/36, 1 m 36/55, 1 m 55/100 – 1 m slave 24/36
Patsey Boon 1 f 10/24, 1 f 36/55
Viney Boon 1 m <10, 2 m 10/24, 1 f <10, 1 f 10/24, 1 f 36/55

Feb 1838 – adm on the Estate of Jacob Boon is granted to Richard G Sandiford
about 1841 Horatio Boon Child of Colour aged about 8 years is bound to Willis Modlin to be taught farming

Nicholas Boon [A] ca 1745 – bef 1804 | his parents
& Anne 17xx – bef 1804 | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
Research by Leta Myles Franklin of Rogers, Arkansas

NICHOLAS AND WIFE ANNE OF SIMILAR AGE. CHECK 1800 HERTFORD U S CENSUS. BY 1789 Nicholas had accumulated 450 + acres in Southampton with deeds still available on microfilm. He also has 150 acres in Hertford where he resides. Obviously, his children and John’s children know SH County. They own land there and usually marry a SH resident. Without the information available in SH County there would be little or no knowledge of the Hertford Boons as Hertford County records burned two times and most everything before 1830 is lost. Nicholas and Anne are last seen on the 1800 Hertford Census. I believe they die before 1804. Son Bartholomew dies then and leaves a will that is still available in SH. He leaves no token to his mother or father and I think they are both dead. Brother Thomas is also not mentioned and I believe he is dead.


Susannah Boon b. circa 1770. She is listed on the 1850 Robertson Cty. Tennessee census with her second husband, Thomas Cheatham. Her first husband is John Hart of SH, a neighbor of land Nicholas owns on the state line. She is married to Cheatham by 1804 and has a son John Hart, Jr. who is old enough to sue her and Cheatham for control of the land his father left him. The Guardian is Nathaniel Land of SH., who entered into a bond of $20,000 to represent the boy.

James Boon b. circa 1771 is given property in SH by his parents in 1789. 104 acres on the Virginia state line. He owns this land until 1812 when he sells to Wm. Hill married to Mason Everitt. I believe this Hill is a relative of Thomas Hill that married Mary Boon about 1780. James Boon in 1808 married Lucy Tyner dau of Nicholas of Northampton Co.

Rebecca Boon b. circa 1773 becomes her first cousin, Allen Boon, second wife and has three sons with him, John born after 1795, Bolling born 1800 and Nicholas born 1805 in Hertford. She and Allen live in Hertford and have land there. They have also acquired 70 acres of the land given to Bartholomew Boon and given to his brothers and sisters when he dies in 1804. She has gotten 24 acres as a sister and keeps it till her death, most likely as rental property. Her son Nicholas b 1805 sells 8 acres of it in 1828 to the widow Mason Everitt. Rebecca is not on the 1810 Hertford Census.

Thomas Boon born circa 1775. Buys land in SH from his father in 179l for a token price only keeps it for two years and sells to return to Hertford to farm. He is on the 1800 Hertford Census he is single and is not mentioned in the 1804 will of his brother, Bartholomew Boon.

Bartholomew Boon born circa 1776 + He also received land from Nicholas in SH for a small price. His land is contiguous with James Boons and north. He is dead in 1804 and single, but has a home and furniture, also a slave named Abram that he frees in his will. He warns his heirs that they lose their share of his estate if they try to keep Abram. The heirs are his living brothers and sisters. The will is still available on microfilm of Chancery Court Records, SH. James Boon is the executor and he is slow to close the estate so Byrd Boon his younger brother, sues in Chancery Court to have the estate closed. On the second filing, Byrd Boon is joined by Allen Boon and on the third filing, the brothers and sisters are named. James Boon, Byrd Boon, Thomas Cheatham in right of his wife, Susannah late Boon and Allen Boon in right of his wife, Rebecca, late Rebecca Boon.

Byrd Boon born circa 1783 if the youngest in the family. He is listed on the 1810 Hertford Census because his father is dead and Byrd is married and has his own household. He is married to Nancy Edwards (Joel Edwards and Mary Ferguson). Byrd and Nancy are married in St. Lukes Parish in SH in 1810. They are on the Hertford Census with an unidentified young man. They are too young to be his parents. In the Bartholomew Boon will of 1804, Byrd receives 24 acres and buys Susannah’s 24 acres and then sells the 48 acres to Allen Boon. Allen leaves directions in his will to sell the 48 acres to Wm. Hill. In 1816, Joel Edwards’ will directs that a child’s portion of his estate be given to William Boon, the son of his dead daughter Nancy Boon. Byrd Boon is dead too or the land would have been in his name, in right of his wife, Nancy. Most likely Byrd’s estate would have been administered by his brother and Allen Boon.

Researched by Leta Myles Boone Franklin of Rogers, Arkansas

Children of Nicholas Boon and wife Anne of Hertford Co NC:
1. Suzannah Boon ca 1770 –
married 1st John Hart of SH Co VA dec by 1804
a. John Hart Jr. ca 1790 –
married 2nd by 1804 Thomas Cheatham
moved to Robertson Co TN
2. James Boon 1768 – aft 1816
gift of land 1789 – owned land in SH Co VA from 1780’s until 1812 or so
3. Rebecca Boon ca 1773 –
married Allen Boon as his second wife
4. Thomas Boon 1770 – bef 1804
given land by his parents 1791 – died before 1804
5. Bartholomew Boon 1774 – 1804 testate SH Co VA dsp
given land by his parents 1794
6. Byrd Boon ca 1783 – prob died bef 1816
married 1810 Nancy Edwards died bef 1816
daughter of Joel Edwards and Mary Ferguson of SHVA
Joel Edwards left a child’s portion of his estate to his dec. daughter Nancy’s son William Boon

a. William Boon ca 1811 – 1839 NH Co NC dsp without issue
He left my gggrandfather, Nicholas Boon b. 1805 his estate valued at $5,000.
this is Nicholas son of Allen, son of John brother of Nicholas

notes: when Suzannah and Thomas Cheatham moved to Robertson Co TN a relative, Richard Boon was already there.

e-mail from Leta: … Byrd Boon’s son, William, lived until 1839. He died in NH Cty unmarried and with no issue. He left my gggrandfather, Nicholas Boon b. 1805 his estate valued at $5,000. There is still the James Boon b. 1771 mystery. I have not found a marriage for him. He sells his land in 1812. This is a year that I find other Boons and Liles heading South. Richard Boon (John Boon of the Thomas and Edy Boon line) moves to Robertson Cty, Tenn. His brother Jesse Boon leaves too, I think Ga. He dies childless because the brothers and sisters later divide his part of the John Boon estate. I can give you this family now, but I am going to research NH County this year for all the Boons. There are some Boons in SH that I can give you, I don’t know their entire story. On the John Boon of Hertford County 1750 Allen and Matthais had sons that reproduced more Boons. I have talked with three of the Matthais descendants in Tennessee. I have talked with the Miles Boon descendant in Arkansas too, he quickly joined the DNA Project but when he did not match any Boon involved, he lost interest. I know the descendant of Bryant Boon of Hertfort. They did match other Boons, but not my line. I don’t know how he fits into the Hertford scene. Leta

Looking for male Boon descendant for DNA testing . .

I am a descendant of Hertford Boons and have talked my dear brother into doing the Boon DNA Test. We have three matches so far, but none have solved my Boon questions. Any info is going to be great.
Best wishes, Leta e-mail Leta

Thomas Boon ca 1700 – 17?? | his parents
& unknown wife/wives | her parents
of Isle of Wight Co VA

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
Research by Leta Myles Franklin of Rogers, Arkansas

1724, 22 Feb – Thomas Boon bought 280 acres of land. in Isle of Wight Co VA on N side of Meherrin River: beginning in the county line.

there is a deed of gft of 50 acres of land from Thomas Boon Sr, North of the Meherrin River to his daughter Elizabeth Boon Jackson. [date missing in a tear in the document.]

Children of Thomas Boon:
1. Elizabeth Boon ca 1729 –
married George Jackson
a. George Jackson Jr. died by 1772
married Sarah prob dec by 1789
i. Mary Jackson ca 1761 –
Mary sold land to Nicholas Boon as single woman in 1782
ii. Elizabeth Jackson prob dec by 1789
iii. Martha Jackson
married by 1789 Benjamin Britt
Martha and Benjamin sold land from her father in 1789
Nicholas Boon appt. guardian of the girls
2. Thomas Boon II ca 1733 – 1796 NH co NC
married Edith [Edy] Whitehead
dau of Arthur Whitehead will 1751 and wife Patience
a. John Boon 1754/57 SH co VA – ca 1795
married Sarah [Sally] unknown
i. Richard Boon died ca 1828 Robertson Co TN dsp
moves to Roberson Co TN 1813
ii. Jesse Boon ca 1784 –
sold his land 1805 to Christopher Cheatham & left NH co NC
iii. Tabitha Boon died by 1826
married William Boon died by 1826
1. Allen Boon
2. Sarah Boon
married Mr. Sherrod
moved to eastern Arkansas
iv. Sarah Boon
married Samuel Warren of NH Co NC several children
v. Rebecca Boon
married Jesse Warren died in 1830’s
Rebecca and her son James had moved to Madison Co TN by 1850 and by 1852 were in Poinsett Co Ark.
and they all died in Cross Co Arkansas

1. James Warren
married in TN Ariella Futrall
vi. Thomas Boon died single person before 1813
vii. Martha Boon ca 1794 – 1850
married Jacob Liles ca 1769 – 1834
son of Benjamin and Mary Liles of NH co NC
Martha and Jacob Liles had four daughters
b. Celia Boon
c. Patience Boon
3. Nicholas Boon ca 1745 SH Co VA – aft 1800/bef 1804
had moved to Hertford Co NC by 1784 owned 450 ac in SH co VA and 150 ac in Hertford
married Anne
a. James Boon ca 1769 –
b. Susannah Boon
c. Rebecca Boon
married Allen Boon son of John
d. Thomas Boon
e. Bartholomew Boon will 1804
f. Byrd Boon
4. John Boon ca 1747 – 1786
married Mary
a. Allen Boon
married Rebecca Boon dau of Nicholas
b. Nicholas Boon
c. Edith [Edy] Boon
d. Martha Boon
e. Matthias Boon

Boon/Boone Report by Leta on Cross County Historical Society Website
interested researchers can see Leta Myles Franklin’s research unfiltered. click here

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