Thomas Hudgins & Elizabeth Morgan

Sally’s 8-great grandparents

Thomas Hudgins 1620 –
& Elizabeth Morgan
Lancashire England


Thomas Hudgins was the son of a gentleman born in 1595 in Llandoff Wales. His original last name was Rhwwttchen but the English couldn’t pronounce it when he moved to England so they gave him the name Hudgens which transformed into Hudgins.
His son was Thomas Hudgins born in 1620 in Lancashire England (spouse was Elizabeth Morgan).

Child of Thomas Hudgins and wife Elizabeth Morgan:
1. Robert Hudgins  born 1660 in Lancashire England
married Charlotte Lewis
a. William Hudgins 1702-1771
b, John Hudgins 1705-1784
c. Lewis Hudgins 1706-17*
d. Robert Hudgins 1710-1791

(A)-Origin of the name of Hudgins. In a collection of manorial documents possessed by the estate of
a certain Robert Blondell of Nottage Court in Llandaff, Wales, there is one dated 1505 which shows the original Welsh spelling of our family name, as follows: RHWWTTCHEN (which means, ‘Lord of the Far Seas’.)

At some time, not now precisely known by anyone, a man by the name of Rhwwttchen moved from Wales to Liverpool in Lancastershire County, England. The English authorities found it difficult to pronounce the name as it was spelled but simple to spell it phonetically as it sounded
to them. There were many common English names of similar sound such as Hutchins, Huggins, and Higgins. This new name, as pronounced had some new sound; it started with a guttural Celtic rolling “Rh” followed by a sound like “udd”-in the middle and ending with a soft sound like “jinz”. It was
simplified by phonetics into Hudgins, pronounced Hud-Jinz. and thus it has been ever since.
Occasionally one sees the name spelled in other forms, such as Hudgen and Hudgin, but the plural
form of Hudgins dominates.


from an e-mail from Chelsi Green, MO