Thomas L Moore, Wm Ed Moore, Sallie Moore Calvert

Descendants of Godwin Cotten Moore and Julia Munro Wheeler:
Tom, Will, and Sallie

Uncle Tom

Thomas Longworth Moore 22 Feb 1845 – 1926 | his parents
& 1865 Rose Standish Ludlam 1848 – ca 1870 | her parents
& 1872 Kate Ward (divorce) | her parents
of Mulberry Grove and Richmond, VA

Thomas Longworth Moore 22 Feb 1845 – 1926
married 1st 27 Aug 1864 Baden-Wurtemberg Rose Standish Ludlam 1848 – ca 1870
Thomas Longworth Moore and Rose Standish Ludlam had no children:

MooreRose Tom-Moore-1860
Tom and Rose Ludlam Moore

Rose Standish Ludlam was the daughter of Henry Ludlam of Baltimore, MD.
She and Uncle Tom met in Paris during the Civil War
when he was the naval attaché at the Confederate embassy there.
There were a large number of Southern sympathizers in Baltimore.
The more wealthy of these people went to Paris and kept a party going for the four years of the war.
Rose and Tom were married at Baden Baden, then a very fashionable German watering place.
The ceremony was performed by the Church of England chaplain
attached to the British embassy to the Grand Ducy of Baden-Wurtemberg.
There is a priceless letter from Uncle Tom to Julia Wheeler in the Southall-Bowen Papers.
It was written in late 1864 on his honeymoon as they sailed past castles on the Rhine River.
He said “Tell Pa not to worry about me. Everything is taken care of”.
They settled in Richmond and Aunt Rose took a great interest in her much younger sister-in-law Sallie bringing her to Richmond for visits and parties.
When she died, she owned a large amount of stock in the Baltimore street car company.
This had come from her family.
Against the extreme opposition of his brothers, Uncle Tom gave this stock back to her family.
Source for this was Paul Calvert. — James

Thomas Longworth Moore 22 Feb 1845 – 1926
married 2nd
Covington KY 17 Aug 1872 Kate Ward (div)
Child of Thomas Longworth Moore and Kate Ward:
1. Godwin Ward Moore 30 Jan 1874 – ca 1887 Mulberry Grove

Ward Moore

Uncle Tom’s second wife was Kate Ward.
They were married in the Episcopal Church at Covington, KY,
which is just across the river from Cincinnati. I have no idea how he met her.
They also settled in Richmond and had one son Godwin Ward Moore, who was called ‘Ward”.
Uncle Tom came home one day and found Aunt Kate in a “compromising position”
with Page McCarty, an infamous duelist.
McCarty beat a retreat. Uncle Tom announced that Kate wasn’t worth fighting over
and threw her out of the house.
Then he divorced her and he went off to work as an engineer in New York.
Cousin Margaret says Ward got sent to a reform school in New York
where he was “beaten every night for the good of his soul” .
He was eventually sent to Mulberry Grove to live with Uncle Will and his family.
Her Uncle Felix told Margaret the reason Ward was at Mulberry Grove
was that he was an incorrigible and Uncle Tom couldn’t handle him without beating him to death.
James wonders if he had done something else and was in danger of being sent to prison
was why Uncle Tom sent him to Mulberry Grove.
Raynor Moore said that Aunt Annie and Ward did not get on at all.
While Julia Wheeler Moore was dying, Annie tried to get him to behave himself
by saying “Ward, your grandmother’s dying.”
He replied “I don’t care. While she’s a dying, I’ll be a pissing.”
This remark coupled with the fact that he tried to get the younger Felix
to take morphine with him left Cousin Margaret with the impression that he was a thoroughly bad character. However, she does think his death was not a deliberate suicide but an accidental overdose.
I don’t think Ward wanted to kill himself. He liked the effect of the morphine and took too much.
Uncle Felix told me Ward tried to get him on it with descriptions of such wonderful feelings, etc…”
Ward started taking morphine. They found him passed out from it on one occasion.
Uncle Richard Weaver was called and saved Ward by walking him up and down the porch all night, slapping him, sticking pins in him and pumping him full of hot coffee.
Margaret says “My mother knew Ward well and witnessed the way they saved him the first time he overdosed on morphine.” The morphine was then locked in a box.
Ward chiseled into the box and took another overdose.
By the time they found him, it was too late. He was buried in the cemetery at Mulberry Grove.
James has the box he forced open to get the morphine.
Uncle Tom had no other children besides Ward.

Thomas Longworth Moore

Thomas Longworth Moore: born in North Carolina.
Appointed [as a midshipman in the Naval Academy on September 30, 1857] from North Carolina. Resigned as acting midshipman, United States Navy, April 19, 1861.
Acting midshipman, [Confederate States Navy] June 12, 1861.
Acting master, October 4, 1862. Second lieutenant, January 7, 1864, to rank from April 29, 1863.
First lieutenant, Provisional [Confederate] Navy, June 2, 1864, to rank from January 6, 1864.
Served on C.S.R.S. United States, 1861. Privateer schooner Dixie, 1861. CSS Florida (Selma), 1862-1863. Service abroad, 1863 – 1865. from REGISTER OF OFFICERS OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES NAVY, 1861 – 1865. & LIST OF OFFICERS OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY AND OF THE MARINE CORPS, 1775 – 1900

Uncle Will

William Edward Moore 11 Feb 1847 – 1920 | his parents
& ca 1873 Annie Goree Tait 1854 – 1913 | her parents
of Mulberry Grove and Washington, DC

annietait MooreWill
Annie and Will
Moore-Annie-Will moore6

After the war – Dr. Moore sent his youngest son Will to Alabama to manage the farm that he and Sam Westray owned in Alabama. While down there he met and married.
They lived there awhile and then moved back to Mulberry Grove to his parents home, where their children were born.

William Edward Moore 11 Feb 1847 – 1920
married Wilcox Co AL Annie Goree Tait 18 April 1854 – 1913
daughter of Felix Tait and Narcissa Goree of Wilcox Co AL

After his mother’s death Uncle Will ca 1900 moved his family to Washington, D. C.
where he was a guard for the Smithsonian Institution.
When his brother John heard that Will had left leaving the house vacant; he and his sons took some log wagons over to Mulberry Grove and brought to Maple Lawn all the family portraits for safe keeping. . . and there they were when I was growing up. SMK

Children of William Edward Moore and Annie Tait:
1. Helen Goree Moore 2 Oct 1874 – 24 Nov 1953




Helen Moore Stevens with Doc at Maple Lawn.

married 1909 Harry Stevens (divorce)
a. William Moore Stevens 1909 – 1909
b. Margaret Mary Stevens 19 Sept 1912 – 8 July 2002
married 11 Oct 1951 Albert Herman Colvin 22 Mar 1897 – 21 Dec 1962

Margaret in Washington DC ca 1946
For many years Margaret was the Washington Office Manager
of Senator Lister Hill of LA until he retired

DC-006 DC-004
Arlington National Cemetery

  1. Alice Lisle Moore 3 Feb 1876 – 4 Dec 1879 of Diphtheriamoore7
  2. Felix Tait Moore 31 Oct 1879 – 19 May 1964

Felix Tait Moore

married 1909 Josephine Brigham
a. William Brigham Moore
married Vivian Janet Douglass
b. Felix Tait Moore 1919 – 1919


Felix and Jo Moore and their son Capt William Moore

Aunt Sallie

Sallie Wood Moore 1855 – 1943 | her parents
& 1877 Samuel James Calvert 1856 – 1943 | his parents
of Jackson, Northampton Co NC


This picture of Aunt Sallie Calvert shows her when she was up in Richmond making her debut.
Paul and Annie Calvert had a large charcoal of this same picture hanging in their living room in Jackson. James remembers it previously over the upright piano in the old house next door. Anyway,
Uncle Tom Moore did not approve of Sam Calvert.
He thought that by keeping Sallie with him and Rose up in Richmond for extended periods of time
that she would lose interest in him. This was not to be.
When her third son was born, she wanted to name him for her brother Tom.
However, Sam Calvert would not hear of it: “After everything he did to keep us apart. Absolutely not!”
They eventually compromised and the boy was named Longworth Moore Calvert (Cousin Worth).
By the way, if you enter “Sallie Moore Calvert” on the Net, you will come up with a description of her letters now in the Southern Historical Collection at UNC.
I found these letters on top of the wardrobe when we disassembled it
to move it from Jackson to Maple Lawn.
I eventually gave them to the Southern Historical Collection.
The right side of the wardrobe has a series of drawers and shelves.
Paul Calvert told me how as a little boy, he and his brothers would use these to climb up to the top on a rainy day and pretend they were in a boat as the recessed top is just like a rowboat.
They would rummage through the letters and pretend to read them.
Imagine my surprise in 1975 to find the letters, two old dolls, some switches
and one of Uncle Sam’s empty whiskey bottles! James

Sallie Wood Moore 19 Apr 1855 – 27 Feb 1943
married 23 Oct 1877 Samuel James Calvert 27 July 1856 – 10 Feb 1943

Sallie and Sam Calvert

Their home in Jackson, NC

Children of Sallie Wood Moore and Samuel James Calvert of Jackson, NC:
1. Samuel Godwin Calvert Oct 1878 – 6 May 1881 died of pneumonia at Mulberry Grove
2. Junius Wheeler Calvert 9 Apr 1881 – 7 Jan 1953 obit
married Elsie Davis Council 1886 – 1909 sister of Gertrude
married Sarah (Sadie) Smith ca 1885 –
a. Junius Wheeler Calvert Jr ca 1921 –
3. May (Mazie) Calvert 17 Apr 1884 – 14 April 1974 never married
4. Paul Faison Calvert 6 Jan 1887 – Jan 1983 Vet’s Hosp Fayetteville NC
lived Jackson NC
married 17 Oct 1923 Annie Faison
a. Anne Faison Calvert 21 Aug 1924 – 15 Nov 2011 Redding CT
married John Benjamin Halper 17 Dec 1924 – 24 March 2014
b. Dr Samuel James Calvert 1925 – 1998
married Nancy Grey Riley
c. Sallie Moore Calvert
married Gordon Franklin Taylor
5. Longworth Moore Calvert 12 April 1890 – Oct 1973 Norfolk VA
married ca 1927 Claire Johnson ca 1906 –

Worth with daughter Claire
a. Claire Calvert ca 1928 – 15 Sept 2017

    Claire Calvert
Claire C. Hunt

Chesapeake – Born August 24, 1928 Deceased September 15, 2017

Predeceased by her father, Longworth Moore Calvert, mother Claire Hastings and her brother Longworth Moore Calvert Jr. (Bunky). Claire is survived by her three sisters, Elizabeth Britton, Harriet Jones and Antoinette Miller, her children Julia Melvin, Theodore E. Hunt III, Calvert Hunt, Elizabeth Hellinger, Caroline Loeser, Jennifer Whedbee and Ami Pierce. Her eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren, three nieces and four nephews. In keeping with her wishes there will be no funeral service. Her ashes will be spread over water. Claire wanted her family and friends to remember in their own special way. In remembering her, do a kind deed for someone today.

b. Longworth Moore Calvert Jr
c. Elizabeth Longworth Calvert
6. Sallie Moore Calvert 16 April 1893 – 22 June 1964 no children
married 1919 Judge Raymond G Parker 18 June 1889 – 30 Aug 1927
7. Julia Munroe Calvert 1 May 1899 -13 Mar 1964 never married

1937: Julia Calvert, Raynor and Sally Moore

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