Sophie Hartman & Marcus Popper


Sophie Hartman 1844 – 1914 | her parents
& ca 1864 Marcus Popper 1834 – 1917 | his parents
of Bieschin, Bohemia and New York City

1. Sophie Hartman 12 Nov 1844 Bieschin #30 – 27 June 1914 New York City
Fact 1: Resided in Polin, Bohemia w/ Marcus; Emigrated to NYC 1880/ 1881
Fact 2: Resided 200 W. 86th St.
Fact 3: Buried Linden Hill Cemetary
Fact 4: Archives say birthdate 11/10/1844

Sophie Hartman Popper

married Marcus Popper 28 July 1834 Jindrichovice, Bohemia – 14 Feb 1917 NYC
emig. 1881 ancestors of Joan Pollak
Fact 1: Moved from Jindrichovice to Kidlin where first child was born
Fact 2: By 1869 Lived in Polin (Polen) House # 43
Fact 3: House to House Salesman (In Czech Records)
Fact 4: Emigrated April 1879 to USA (source NY Naturalization Index); Liquor Merchant
Fact 5: Naturalized March 16, 1885; Witnessed by Bernard Hartman; Resided 53 1st St.; Occupation Liquor Merchant; 1890 NY Directory said Liquor merchant on 1718 Lexington Ave.; Home 501 E. Houston (1890 Directory)
Fact 6: Liquor Store 1718 Lexington Ave. (1890 Directory)
Fact 7: Buried Linden Hill Cemetary Fact 8: 1880 Census lived at 53 First Street
Father: Joseph Israel Popper Mother: Theresia Krauskopf

10.11.1844 in Bieschin no. 30 was born Sophie Hartman, a legitimate daughter of Karl Hartman, a house-to-house salesman (in German it is hausirer) from Bieschin and Eva Hartman, daughter of Benedikt Stadler from Drosau. from HBMa 209 Cachrov (Csachrau in German) births 1840 to 1860
includes also Horzakov, Tajanov, Strazov, Bieschin and other villages.
from research commissioned by Joan Pollak

Children of Sophie Hartman and Marcus Popper:
1. Theresia (Antonia) (Toney) Popper 22 Sept 1865 Kidlin 26, Bohemia – 2 Jan 1942 NYC
Fact 1: Resided 175 W 93rd St. (Amsterdam and 93rd St.)
Fact 2: Buried in Mausoleum, Linden Hill Cemetary
Fact 3: Emigrated to NY 1880/1881
Fact 4: Czech Archives DOB 11/1/1865
married Henry Arnstein 19 July 1861 Prague – 15 Nov 1928 NYC
Fact 1: In the milk business and owned a Creamery in Upstate New York
Fact 2: Buried in Mausoleum, Linden Hill Cemetary

a. Clara Arnstein 1887 -19 Jan 1965 YC
Resided 120 West End Ave.
married Douglas Kahn ca 1885 – 6 June 1973
1930: Occupation Garage
i. Shirley Kahn
b. Belle Arnstein 20 Nov 1888 NYC – 7 Nov 1976 Manhatten
buried Linden Hill Cemetary
married Leonard Josephie 18 Jan 1889 – 26 April 1961 Manhatten
Head of Brokerage Firm Josephie & Son – buried Linden Hill Cemetary
i. Berenice H. Josephie 8 May 1913 –
Attended Columbia University; Berlitz School of Languages -resided in New Rochelle

married Samuel Schain 13 Sept 1902 Dvinsk, Latvia – 1986
Attorney; Attended NYU Law School – Resided in New Rochelle – son of Morris Lewis Schain
1. Barbara Schain
married Edward Netter
a Vicky Netter
b Donald Netter
2. Arthur Schain –
ii. Paula J. Josephie 14 Feb 1916 – 21 Dec 1996
buried Linden Hill Cemetary
married Ralph Cohen 2 Nov 1902 – 8 April 1968
buried Linden Hill Cemetary
c. Ida Arnstein 2 July 1890 NYC – 20 June 1984 NYC
“always said her grandparents were from Pilsen”
married Harry Rosenthal 26 April 1884 NY – 8 April 1947
1930; Resided in New Rochelle, Salesman Mens Furnishings – Buried Linden Hill Cemetary
“Ida and her husband, Harry, are also buried in Central Synagogue of NYC’s cemetery in Queens in the mausoleum”
i. Barbara Rosenthal –
2. Moritz Popper 16 Aug 1867 Kidlin #26 – 11 Oct 1867 Polin, Bohemia d y
3. Katherine [Katie] Popper 20 Mar 1869 Polin #43 – 14 Dec 1961 NYC
emigrated to NYC 1881 with parents – Family active in Central Synagogue – Resided 123 West 57th St
buried Linden Hill Cemetary – Czech archives give alt birth date 4/1/1869
married NYC 25 Mar 1888 William Pollak
1 Sept 1860 Janovice nad Uhlavou, Bohemia – 7 May 1942 Pinellas FL
emigrated age 17; Naturalized 7/30/1888 – Graduate of Gymnasium; award for business – NYC 1890 Directory resided 967 first Ave.; Silberstaedter and Pollak Hosiery; William Pollak Hosiery 315 Canal St. – Owner Dry Goods Store; Resided 973 1rst Ave.; 1900 Census Dry Goods Store, Servant from Bohemia – buried Linden Hill Cemetery Father: Simon Pollak Mother: Judith (Jitka) (Yetta) Steiner
a Max Pollak Died as Infant Fact 2: Buried Linden Hill Cem
b. Irving Pollak 21 Sept 1889 – 27 Dec 1903 Buried Linden hill Cem.,
c. Joseph Pollak 15 Sept 1891 Manhatten – 10 Jan 1966 Manhatten
Salesman; WWI: US Army; 1917 Southern Rice Sales, Manhatten – buried Linden Hill Cemetary
d. Charles (Carl) Pollak 14 July 1893 NYC – 4 Dec 1966 NYC
owned Kaye and Einstein Fur Company – 610 W. 11th St NYC; New Rochelle, Hollywood, FL
married 15 June 1920 Fannie Jeannette Heilbroner 13 Oct 1900 NYC – 2 Jan 1949 NYC
Teachers College, Columbia University – Father: Alexander Heilbroner Mother: Bertha (Birdie) Rund
i. Alexander Heilbroner Pollak 14 Aug 1921 NYC – 21 April 2010 Rye NY
married Lorraine Zuckerman
Father: Jacob Isaac Zuckerman Mother: Jeanette (Janet) (Yetta) Reiter
1. Joan Frances Pollak New Rochelle, NY
married Tarrytown, NY 1976 Eisner
a. Benjamin Pollak Eisner
married Jessica Brandt
i. Samuel Brandt Eisner 2011 –
b. Helen Pollak Eisner
2. William Lawrence Pollak -New Rochelle, NY
married Manhatten 1981 Maria Fisher
dau of Robert Fisher & Angela-Maria Gelmi
a. Charles Fisher Pollak – New York City
b. Katherine Elizabeth (Katie) Pollak – New York City
ii. Ruth Jean Pollak NYC Mt. Holyoke College
married 1947 Joseph Robert Lasser – NYC
Father: Milton Lasser Mother: Tessie Rosenthal

1. James Francis Lasser
married 1st Nancy Ross
married 2nd Leila Novak
a. Jonathan Lasser
married Kathleen –
b. Joshua Milton Lasser
married 2003 Amishi Shah –
Father: Mahendra M. Shah Mother: Bharati
i. Sonya Abigail Lasser
ii. Jeevon Joseph Lasser
married 3rd Emily Stern 1951- 2005
– Father: Alfred Stern Mother: Joan
a. Jesse Alfred Lasser
b. Jonina Sera Lasser
married Joseph Sauer
i. Jackson Sauer
2. Carol Susan Lasser
married Gary Kornblith –
Father: John Kornbluth Mother: Ina Jean Russell
a. Russell Kornblith
b. Simon Kornblith
c. Max Kornblith
3. Jean Margery Lasser
married Myles Kuwahara
married 1992 Don Santos
married Jeffrey P. Elkin
a. Tessa Ning Chan Lasser Elkin
b. Pearl Qing Yi Lasser Elkin
married 2nd Gilda Deitch
e. Elsie Pollak 10 Aug 1899 New York City – 27 June 1994 Rye Brook NY
First Woman Grad Columbia Architecture – Teachers College, Columbia U. 1922 –
Buried Salem Fields, Queens
married NYC 23 Jan 1931 Julius V Bunzl 28 Sept 1891 Manhatten – 13 Nov 1979 NYC
Princeton U.; Columbia Law School; PHD U of Vienna – Buried Salem Fields, Queens
Father: Victor Bunzl Mother: Pauline Bookman
i. Victor William Bunzl 5 May 1932 – 7 June 1971 NYC
4. Leopold Popper 1 Dec 1870 Polin #43 – 12 Jan 1871 Polin, Bohemia d y
5. Adolph Popper 21 Jan 1872 Polin – aft 1966 Manhattan
resided 219 W. 81st St., Manhatten – 1910 Census; Liquors – 1920 Census: Automobile Salesman
married Rebecca [Becky] S ca 1880 NY –
a. Norma E. Popper 2 Feb 1907 NYC – Sept 1982 NY
Resided Manhatten
married Eric Loeb
owned Wholesale Distributorship-Large Appliances
i. Robert Loeb
b. Robert Popper
6. Josephine Popper Dec 1876 Polin, Bohemia – ca 1966
1920 Census-Lived with husband next to parents – 1880 Census indicates born abt. 1874
married Frederick Furth b. Vienna – bef 1930
a. Herbert Furth Jan 1898
1930 Lived with mother and sister in NYC – 1930 Census: Proprieter, Garage
b. Anita Furth 20 Sept 1906 NYC – 28 Nov 1971
Resided 219 W. 81st St. NYC
c. Carleton Furth
married May Reiss
i. Phyllis Furth
married Sidney Fuchs
feed back from old guest book 06/04/05 Phylis Furth Fuchs
I’m the only grandaughter of Josephine Popper and Frederick Furth. They had 3 children, Herbert, Carleton (my father), and Anita. All are long deceased. Josephine lived to age 90 and I think Uncle Adolph outlived her. I have a box of their old photos and letters (in German or Czech) that I’ll go through when I have time–maybe July or August–to send you some dates and more information.
I’m married to Sidney Fuchs and we have a daughter, Jessica (named for my beloved “Grandma Jo”).
The names of my grandmother’s siblings chime in my memory. Thanks for a great web site!! I’ll visit again until I read it all.
7. Rose [Resi] Popper Nov 1879 – 26 Dec 1935 Manhattan
Resided 41 W. 72nd St. – buried Linden Hill Cemetary – 1880 Census indicates born abt. 1876
married Morris Teller died 17 June 1934 – buried Linden Hill Cemetary
8. Bertha [Birdie] Popper 31 Oct 1881 – 25 May 1956 Manhattan
buried Linden Hill Cemetary – (Alternate info says died 1958) – resided 20 W. 77th St.
– Appears in 1880 Census; born abt. 1878
married Max Lindenberger 1 April 1873 – 15 Dec 1946
buried in Linden Hill Cemetary -Father: Joseph Lindenberger Mother: Miriam
9. Arthur Popper Sept 1883 NY –
Age 16, Clerk in Father’s Store; Resided Northern New Jersey
married unknown
10. Julius Joseph Popper 11 Oct 1886 Manhatten, NY – 11 April 1974
SS Application 1951: Resided 85-26 239th St. Bellerose, SI, NY; Self Employed Jay & Jay Trading; 112 E. 11th St. – 1917 200 W. 86th; Self Employed Lawyer; Broadway –

marrued Amelia 31 March 1891 New York – July 1989
a. Miles Popper b: Abt. 1923

Feed from 2nd Guest book:

Phylis Furth Fuchs?Says:
June 26th, 2012 at 2:05 pm?
Hello newly found relatives! I have learned so much about my background from Sally’s wonderful web site.
Thank you! I am the daughter of Carleton Furth and May Reiss, on the Harman side.
I would like to begin to contribute some of the information I have been discovering as I begin to sift through a box of photos and memorabilia and then research whatever moves me. To start, here is some fascinating information about Aunt Julia and the United order of True Sisters. We can be proud to have an ancestor who was involved in women?s independence so long ago.
I found something from one of their meetings in my box and discovered that a dear friend who is disabled attended their camp int the 1950s.
I have included citations for anyone who wants more information.
I hope this isn?t too long for a blog. If it is, please let me know the best way to contribute in the future.
Julia Hartman Levy, Grand President of United Order of True Sisters [Her NY Times obituary was published 2/26/1961]
The United Order True Sisters was organized under the name of Unabhangiger Orden Trueue Schwestern, on April 21, 1846, by a group of Jewish German-American women, in order to provide material support and mental and social stimulation of its members. In 1917 the use of the German language was abolished and the English language was adopted; the name was changed to the United Order True Sisters (UOTS). During the latter part of the nineteenth century, the Order extended its activities by embracing philanthropy throughout the country. In 1947 it organized the United Order True Sisters, Inc. National Cancer Service, which was renamed United Order True Sisters Cancer Services in 1956. UOTS was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, January 22, 1922, and was known as a national organization doing non-sectarian work. The Order consists of a Grand Lodge, designated as United Order True Sisters, Inc. Grand Lodge, NY, and of constituent Lodges designated by ?United Order True Sisters, Inc.? followed by individual names and numbers, in order of admission, and geographical locality. Noemi #11 was the Boston, Massachusetts chapter of UOTS, and was established in 1878. The chapter was particularly dedicated to the philanthropic cause of disabled children, and had a strong association with Children?s Hospital, Boston, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Chronology 1846 United Order True Sisters formed in New York 1878 Noemi #11 lodge established in Boston 1918 Aid to Crippled Children Fund established 1947 National Cancer Service established 1988 United Order True Sisters, Inc. cited by Gov. Mario Cuomo for philanthropic contributions 1989 Noemi #11 dissolved?
We are an historic and distinguished organization, the oldest women?s philanthropic organization in the country.
We were founded in 1846, as a secret society, prior to electricity, women?s suffrage, the abolition and the civil war. These brave woman undertook the founding of an organization based on the principles of love and faith, forging forward into a man?s world. Because of our heritage, the National Office of UOTS has turned over its records to the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. These records will be preserved and exhibited as an historical record.? was founded by Henrietta Bruckman, wife of a prominent New York physician.
The concept of a ?True Sister? organization was truly revolutionary in an age when a woman?s life was completely dominated by home, family and synagogue.
With the assistance of the Associate Rabbi of Emanuel Congregation, Dr. Mitchels, one of the founders of B?nai B?rith, Henrietta Bruckman and her husband gathered together a small group of woman from Emanuel Congregation and formed the ?Independent Order True Sisters?.
Originally established as a secret society to spare the recipient of charity any humiliation, True Sisters adopted rituals, degrees, a constitution, by-laws and the official seal. The proper regalia for retiring presidents was drawn up and accepted. It is still in use today. The first chapter, Immanuel, named because of the religious significance (God be with us) and because it was the name of the Congregation, renamed under the guidance of the men who aided it until May 4, 1851, when the Grand Lodge was formed with Henrietta Bruckman as President. In 1851, a second chapter was formed in Philadelphia and in 1874 the first Mid-Western Chapter, Johanna #9 in Chicago, joined the Order. Today there are Chapters around the country. After the first English speaking chapter, Columbia #13 was founded in 1892, all subsequent Chapters used English to conduct their meetings. By 1918, English became the official language of the Order and the official title became ?United Order of True Sisters, Inc.? The main line of communication, ?The Echo?, was established in 1889 and a National Clubhouse was dedicated in 1927. In keeping with tradition, the many Chapters of UOTS continue to focus their attention toward a variety of philanthropic endeavors. In 1947, United Order True Sisters, Inc. Cancer Service was established. Our greatest unifying force today is the unfaltering devotion of our members across the nation to the fight against Cancer. Donations to hospitals for equipment, monies for Cancer research, but above all, the help for the individual Cancer victim through Personal Service, are the philanthropic aims of our organization.? Unaghingiger Orden Treue Schwestern or the United Order True Sisters (UOTS) was founded in 1846 by a dozen women led by Henrietta Bruckmann, wife of New York physician Dr. Phillip Bruckmann. In order to strengthen the credibility of the group, Henrietta sought the support of her husband as well as Temple Emanu-El Associate Rabbi, the Rev. Dr. Leo Merzbacher, and Dr. James Mitchels, an early B?nai B?rith leader. The original members of the order all belonged to Temple Emanu-El. They were of German Jewish ancestry and formed this secret order devoted to charity. The UOTS followed the typical organization of the time period, with written constitutions and by-laws adopted by the membership. Their objectives were ?to unite its members in sisterly affection and esteem? in addition to charitable work. Their male advisors helped them to develop the first installation ceremony. Rituals and degrees were also formalized and published. In 1883, the publication of the newsletter The Echo began. This publication gave information about the different activities of the chapters, the charity recipients and the details of ritualized ceremonies. The organization has retained the Jewish, if not German part of their identity. In 1892, the first English speaking chapter was formed. In 1918, the last chapter meeting in German was conducted. Their chief charitable concerns have to do with cancer and cancer treatment centers. Growth in the number of chapters continues, although the overall membership has declined since 1945. The first chapter was the Immanuel Lodge #1 (named because its membership consisted of members of the Emanu-El Congregation), and in 1851 the UOTS created the national Grand Lodge. Immanel was the first chapter to sign the Grand Lodge Charter. Philadelphia also opened a lodge in 1851 and in 1874, Johanna Lodge No.9 became the first midwestern chapter, located in Chicago, Illinois. In the early 1960s, the United Order formalized its commitment to expansion by creating a National Expansion Chairman for membership. As recently as 1978, a new chapter was formed in Suffolk County, New York. Bibliography/ Related AJA Collections. The United Order True Sisters Records are open to all users. The original manuscript collection is available in the reading room of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives Independent Orders of B?nai B?rith and True Sisters: Pioneers of a New Jewish Identity, 1843-1914 by Cornelia Wilhelm, Alan Nothnagle and Sarah Wobick? New York Philanthropic League of the United Order of True Sisters Year of Incorporation: 1920 Document Number: 8799 Microfilm Reel: XLV Collection: I-154: Incorporation Papers (1848-1920) Center for Jewish History ? 15 West 16th Street New York, New York 10011 ? Tel:

Bertha Hartman 1864 – aft 1920 | her parents
& ca 1866 John Leffler 1844 – 1914| his parents
of Bieschin, Bohemia
& Manhattan, New York City

Bertha Hartman 24 March 1846 Bieschin, Bohemia – aft 1920 NYC
Adele knew this aunt she lived Manhattan –Resided on 10th St. in NY; 1920 Resided E. 89th Fact 3: 1920 listed as mother-in-law Edward Marx; Belle; (parents) Herbert; Beatrice Fact 4: Age 56 (abt 1944) 1900 census
married ca 1866 John Leffler Mar 1844 Austria – 1914 NY
Received Naturalization Papers after fighting in the Civil War – A founding member of Central Synagogue – Buried in Linden Hill Cemetery – A John Leffler serving the Union, New York; enlisted 9/20/1864 – Enlisted Company C, 188th Infantry Regiment New York; Mustered out July 1, 1865

1870 Census New York Ward 11, Dist 7
John Lefler 28 m liquor dealer Bohemia
Birtha Lefler 23 f Bohenia
Moses ” 4 m NY
Jacob ” 2 m NY
Sarah ” 1 f NY
Anna Hartman 20 f Germany

Children of Bertha Hartman and John Leffler:
1. Moses L Leffler Mar 1868 –
salesman – wholesale liquor 1900
married ca 1894 Emma [Anna] H ? ca 1874 NYC –
a. Edith H Leffler April 1896 NYC –
b. William J Leffler Mar 1900 NYC –
2. Jacob O Leffler March 1869 –
liquor store salesman 1900
married 1893 Annie Bauman May 1871 –
a. Bessie Leffler Jan 1895 –
b. Albert Leffler June 1896 –
3. Sarah Leffler 27 Dec 1872 NYC – 1956
Attended High School at St. Bridgets Academy – Housewife; Resided E. 82 St. Manhatten in 1900
married Max Hahn 5 Oct 1862 NY – 1953 NY
son of Henry Hahn and wife Sophie Arnstein
he was in the liquor business; buried Mausoleum Linden Hill
a. Sidney Hahn 11 Feb 1893 – 1972
Fact 1: President of Real Estate Company Fact 2: Death due to poor heart condition
married 18 June 1914 Florence Viola Hahn 9 Jan 1892 – 1956
daughter of George Hahn & wife Lily
1. William Hahn 1921 NYC – 1973
married Lois E. Johnson b New York City
a. Betsy Jane Hahn
married Sedrac Diaz
2. George M. Hahn b NYC –
married Helen Maxine Rosenmann b Wilmington, NC –
a. Robert W. Hahn
b. Carol E. Hahn
b. Adele Hahn 1896 New York City – 6 May 1980
Fact 1: NY County Commisioner-Republican

married William Meisel
Newspaperman; Thirty years with Herald Tribune in Advertising; WWI Second Lt
1. Mary Meisel NYC
married 19 Sept 1954 Francis Broida
2. Patricia Meisel NYC
married Bertrand Kohlmann
married 2nd Albert Bordon
4. Ruth Leffler d bef 1900
5. Arthur B Leffler Oct 1877 –
wholesale liquor business 1920; 1930 Builder
married Amy ca 1882 NY –
a. Elsie Leffler 1901 –
b. Dorothy Leffler 1911 –
c. Arthur Leffler Jr 1915 –
married Jean Meyer
1. Arthur Leffler 1946 lives Bethesda
married Nanci Neff
a. Ben Leffler 1984 –
b. Nick Leffler 1987 –
6. Bella J Leffler Sept 1883 – Resided on E. 89th 1920 Census
married Edward Marx ca 1879 –
a. Herbert J Marx ca 1905 –
b. Beatrice Marx ca 1912 –
7. Leo H Leffler Feb 1885 –
publishing arts
married by 1910 Elsa L.
married 2nd Lillian B.

Katharina [Katie] Hartman 1852 – 1916 | her parents
& Herman Schallek 1849 – 1916 his parents
of Bohemia and New York City

Katharina (Katie) Hartman 16 June 1851/17 Aug 1852ts Bieschin – 2 June 1816ts
1880 Cenus Sixth Street; 1910 W. 187th St.
married Herman Schallek 15 Nov 1849ts Bohemia – 1 Nov 1916ts
lived 6th Street 1880 and he is a truck driver; 1910 lived Manhattan West 187th St.
both buried New Union Field Cemetery, Queens NY

Children of Katie Hartman and Herman Schallek:
1. Abraham Schallek ca 1876 NY –
2. Mark [Max Louis] Schallek 1878/9 NY – Lawyer
1910 Census Attorney; General Practice; 1912 trip to Bermuda; resided 808 West End Ave.; 1920 Attorney; 1930 General Lawyer Resides W. 81st St. Fact 2: WWI Registration 1917;
married Jeannette ca 1889 –
a. William Schallek ca 1913 –
3. Martha Schallek 24 May1884 NY – 07 Jan 1969 NY
Resided on West End Ave. with husband, son and brothers, servant; WWII resided 529 W. 111th buried Bethel Cemetery NY
married 12 Dec 1906 Joseph S. Wallenstein 15 Dec 1869 NY – 01 May 1928 Manhattan
1920 Leather Merchant buried Bethel Cemetery NY
a. Stanley Wallenstein 22 May 1909 – 28 June 1914 dy
b. Herbert Joseph Wallenstein 1 Aug 1917 New York – 18 Feb 1996 in Del Ray Bch FL
WWII Registration; College Educated; Attorney buried Mt Carmel Cemetery NY
married 1947 Elaine Silverman 1924 –
1. John Stephen Wallenstein 1950 –
married 1974 Laurie Soroka; they divorced in 2003
a. Ross W 1978 –
b. Sari Beth W 1981 –
2. Ellen Wallenstein 1952 –

4. Julius Jacob Schallek 3 Aug 1886 New York – 31 Jan 1948 Los Angeles CA
Fact 1: 1910 Salesman, Embroidery Fact 2: WWI Registration 1917: Resided 541 W. 113th NYC; employed Salesman

married Alice E. 1897 –
5. Edwin Clarence Schallek 21 June 1892 New York
Clerk for Stock Broker; WWI Registration 1917 Resided with brother Julius 541 W. 113th St.
WWII Registration; Resided 201 W. 79th St.; Employed House of Tre-Jour W. 18th St. –
1930 Census; Perfume Salesman

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