John H Cobb & Sarah Capehart

John H Cobb ca 1755 – 1809 | his parents scroll down page
and ca 1777 Sarah Capehart ca 1760 – 1818 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Cobb and Sarah Capehart married ca 1777.

John Cobb was the son of Mary and Henry Cobb who died 1763 in Bertie County, NC
John called himself a cooper and a planter in deeds when he was either buying or selling.

Sarah Capehart was the daughter of Michael Capehart and Frances Hardy.
Children of John Cobb
1. Mary [Polly] Cobb ca 1779 – 1850/60
in hh of Thomas Mizels 48 and a Deliala Mizels 24
married ca 1805 Henry Cobb
a. Deliah Cobb
married Thomas Mizell
2. Charles Cobb ca 1782 – 1846
married ca 1811 Mary [Polly] Morgan dau of John
a. John Cobb 1813 – 1859
married Clarissa 1816 – 1884
i. Mary D Cobb 1847 –
married 19 Nov 1872 John H Perry
1. Harriet Ann Perry 1875 –
married Stark F Miller
a. Zeb Miller
married Liz Faraless
b. Cabot Miller
c. Pliney Miller
d. ?dau
married 2nd 26 Dec 1880 Joseph Henry Cobb
ii. Charles T Cobb 1849 – 1860/70 deaf
iii. Harriet M Cobb 1850 –
married 13 Jan 1876 Bennett B Robinson
iv. Sarah E Cobb 1852 –
married 15 Jan 1874 Joseph Faraless
v. Susan R Cobb 1854 – 1860/70
b. Clarkey Cobb 1812 –
married ca 1845 Cader Crummy d 1862
i. Jacob Crummy 1849 –
ii. James Crummy 1853 –
iii. Cader Crummy 1856 –
c. Martha [Mattie] A Cobb 1816 – no issue
married Joseph Phelps
d. Thomas Cobb 1819 – 1841 no issue
e. Emily Cobb ca 1821 – 28 June 1854 dsp
3. Chloe Cobb ca 1784 – bef 1850
married 24 Nov 1804 John Gaskins ca 1780- aft 1850
George Gaskins, Bm
4. Nancy Cobb ca 1790 –
married ca 1810 James Phelps
5. Mourning Cobb ca 1792 – 1846 went to Haywood Co TN
married ca 1820 David Outlaw 1792 – 1851 Haywood Co TN
6. Frances [Fannie] Cobb ca 1796 – went to Haywood Co TN
married 12 Dec 1822 William Steele Jr as his 2nd wife
7. John Hardy [Jacky] Cobb 5 April 1798 – 1880
went to Haywood Co TN 1834
” short, roly-poly in stature”
married 29 Apr 1821 Harriett W Castellaw
James [x] McGlauhon, Bm
ancestors of Joe H Cobb

1772 Bertie Co Tax List – John Cobb listed as a “white servant” in the household of Mary Cobb.
His brother James was similarly 1763 listed in the household of Henry Cobb.

In 1779 John Cobb sold 100 a of the 400 a his father bought in 1742 to Joshua Sutton Barbaree.
“Beginning in Will’s Quarter Swamp at the mouth of Earnal’s [Arnold’s] Branch, Thomas Hawkins line, then south up the said swamp to a crooked maple, John Cobb’s corner, thence southwest along a line of marked trees to a forked maple in the middle of the swamp, thence down the branch to Earnal’s Branch, thence down that said branch to the first station.” John Cobb stipulated in the deed that he owned the land as a good perfect and absolute estate of inheritance in fee simple.

1782 John Cobb listed owning 300 ac of land, 3 horses, 11 cows and married. [Capt William Ashburn’s dist]
also his brothers, William and James.

Bertie Co, NC – Will Abstracts by Gammon
John [x] Cobb F-120 8 Sept 1809 proved Nov Ct 1809
Wife Sarah Cobb – lend all my lands where I now live, and the land in the Pointy [sic] Woods where John Morgan now lives, all my Negroes [Charles excepted], furniture, etc.. all for her support and that of my family.
Son Charles Cobb – cow, chest to be given him at his marriage, etc.
My Negro Charles and the balance of my stock are to be sold at my wife’s death.
Son John Cobb – land where I now live as far as the run of Eastermost Swamp.
At my wife’s death I give the land over the swamp to my son Charles, but if Charles marries before my wife’s death, he may have the chance of building and settling on this land.
Daughter Polly Cobb [wife of Henry Cobb] – cow, calf, bed, etc. which they have in their possession.
Daughter Cloe Gaskins – cow, calf, etc, which she has in her possession.
My land in the Poiney Woods is to be divided [at my wife’s death] between all my children: Polly, Charles, Cloe, Nancy, Morning, Fanny and John in equal shares.
All Negroes living at my wife’s death are to be divided among my children.
Ex: son Charles, friend Benjamin Hardy
Wit: George Gaskins, John W Castellow

Ref: “Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983” by Joe H Cobb 1983
[his widow still has his books available]
Bertie County records: Deeds, Marriages, Census, tax lists, Ct Records, Estate Records etc.
– on Cobb

Henry Cobb ca 1700 – 1763 | his parents
& Mary Hardy ca 1710 – | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Henry Cobb and Mary:
1. Mary Cobb ca 1730 –
married Derby Leary d 1787
2. Henry Cobb 1732 – 1786
married Elizabeth
a. Henry Cobb 1762 – 1843
married Elizabeth
b. Mourning Cobb
married 22 Feb 1800 Bright Bell
3. Edward Cobb 1734 – 1778
married Elizabeth Collins
she married 2nd Stephen Buck
4. William Cobb 1738 – 1792
married Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence
widow of William Lawrence d 1759
a. Mary Cobb d 1793
married Barber
i. Harriet Barber
married Manning
ii. Anne Barber
b. Frances Cobb
married 20 Nov 1793 Daniel Hopkins
c. Joanne Cobb
married 15 Sept 1792 Thomas Cullipher
d. Elizabeth Cobb
e. William Cobb
f. Sarah Cobb
5. James Cobb 1742 -1792
married Elizabeth McGlauhon
sister to William
6. John Cobb ca 1755 – 1809
married ca 1777 Sarah Capehart
daughter of Michael and Frances Capehart

1742 Henry Cobb bought a 400 a plantation from Thomas Ryan

1757 tax list Bertie Co
Henry Cobb 0 0 4 total polls

Will of Henry [x] Cobb A-28 29 Sep 1763 [proved Bertie Co Nov Ct 1763]
Loving wife Mary Cobb – land where we now live, also stock, etc, for her lifetime with reversion to my children at her death. Son James Cobb – land which I lately bought of William Cullifer, “he helping to pay for it.”
Ex: wife
Wit: Wm Hardy “son of Lamb, ” Mary [x] Vandaford, Abraham [x] Morris
abstract by David B Gammon

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