William Mitchell & First Wife

5- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

William Mitchell ca 1725 – 1796 | his parents
& first wife | her parents
& ca 1763 Lavinia Early ca 1747 – bef 1796 | her parents
& Elizabeth [relict] d aft 1796 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This William Mitchell married estimated 1763 Lavinia Early, the daughter of James Early who left a will in Bertie County in 1786 and his wife Grace Perry, the daughter of John Perry [died Bertie County 1760] and his wife Sarah Walton.

This would mean an earlier wife [possibly a Powell?] who was the mother of Cader Mitchell born ca 1752/53.

This William Mitchell was a son of the John Mitchell who died in Bertie County in 1739 with Hannah Mitchell his administrator. [presumed to be his wife]

When William wrote his will his wife’s name was Elizabeth.

Children of William Mitchell d 1796
1. Cader Mitchell 1752/5 – 1813 Bertie Co
married Elizabeth Jenkins dec bef 1811
2. Happy Mitchell
married Martin Oliver
3. daughter Mitchell
married Uriah Dunnin[g]
a. Thenny Dunnin
b. Rhenny Dunnin
4. [Edith] Ede [Lydia] Mitchell
married Ruben Cook[e]
5. Judah [Judith] Mitchell
married Hardy
6. Winne [Winefred] Mitchell
married James Jenkins Jr son of Mary d 1802
7. Mary Mitchell
married Hale [Hail]
8. Millie Mitchell
married John Oliver Jr

519-(303) State Grant No 187 to John Oliver. 10 July 1788.
700 a joining James Jinkins, Wm Mitchel, James Farmer, Bowndon(?)s former corner. James Earley, Plumtree Branch, Plumtree Pocoson, Abraham Jinkins, Flat Pocoson. Saml Johnston gov. (Bradley

?9. son who married Silva who married Scott 2nd???
[William Mitchell left Silva Scott twenty silver dollars in his will]
hmm. could be his sister or niece.

Abstract of will of William [x] Mitchell
Bertie Co NC – D/321 — 22 Jan 1796 — Feb Ct 1796
— wife Elizabeth Mitchell – lend my manner plantation and houses for her lifetime or widowhood, also my stock and Negroes Cato, Rose and Cherry, but if she cannot command these Negroes as to make them do their duty, they shall be hired out.
— son Cader Mitchell — my manor plantation and all my lands, also brandy still, worm, and cap and one pair millstones.
— to Silva Scott – twenty silver dollars.
— Grandson Wright Mitchell — one French musket
— Grandson William Mitchell — one English musket
— Grandson James Mitchell — square barrel gun.
— to Uriah Dunnin – five shillings
— son Cader — remaining money in my house.
Remaining estate to be divided between all my children Cader Mitchell, Ede Cook, Judah Hardy, Winne Jenkins, Mary Hale, Mille Oliver, Happy Oliver, and Theny Dunnin and Rhenny Dunnin may draw the part of their deceased mother.
EX: son Cader, James Jenkins, Junr.
WIT: Wm. Cherry, John Oliver [abstract by David B Gammon]

James Jenkins’s will: 28 Aug 1817 proved Feb Term 1820 Bertie County
NCHGR 2- 523
– wife Winnie
– James Mitchell [son of William and wife Renny]
– Wright and Reddin Mitchell [sons of William]
– Lodwick Jenkins
– Elizabeth and Sarah Mitchell [daughters of Wm.]
– William and Riddick P Mitchell [sons of Wm.]
– Zachariah and James Mitchell [sons of William]
– Patsey Oliver
– Wm. Mitchell and Lodwick Jenkins – EXS
Test: Zadock Mitchell, Edward Wilson, Josiah Wilson

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