Peter Evans & Ann Johnston


Peter Evans 1781 – 1852 | his parents
Ann [Nancy] Johnston 1788 – 1866 | her parents
of Pitt, Edgecombe, Chatham and Halifax Counties NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Peter Evans and Ann Johnston:
1. Mary Ann Evans 1809 – 1893 age 84
married Dr. Samuel Southerland of Warren Co d. 1841
a. Samuella Southerland died in childhood.
2. Susan Evans 26 July 1810 – 7 Nov 1895
grad Salem Academy in 1824
married 17 Jan 1828 William Ruffin Smith Jr 5 Oct 1803 – 12 June 1872
they lived at “Kelvin Grove”
3. George Napoleon Evans
removed to Cleveland Co AR after the war and left a large family
married Hettie Rowland of Wautauga Co
4. Eliza Evans
married 1834 Dr. Isaac Hall 1805 – 1858 MD UP 1826
a. Louisa Hall
married Hon. John Manning
b. Eliza Hall
married 1861 Judge Thomas N Hill of Scotland Neck
5. Adelaide Maria Evans 2 Jan 1819 – 14 Aug 1909
married 20 Oct 1842 James Norfleet Smith 14 June 1817 – 18 Dec 1893
they lived at “Magnolia”
6. Col. Peter Gustavus Evans – 1863 Battle of Upperville
married Eliza Morehead
a. Smith Evans
b. Eliza Johnston Evans

ref: “Smith of Scotland Neck” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr. MD


Major George Evans ca 1745 – 1784 | his parents
Anne Hines | her parents
Benjamin Spruill ca 1745 – 1791 | his parents
of Pitt Counties NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of George Evans and Anne Hines:
1. Peter Evans 1781 – 1852
married Nancy Johnston 1788 – 1866
2. Susanna Evans ca 1783 – 1807 dsp

Children of Anne Hines and Benjamin Spruill:
1. George Evans Spruill grad Yale 1814
married 1818 Mary Louisa Hill
a. Julia Adelaide Spruill d. 1901 at Woodborne
married 1856 William H Smith of “Melrose”1830 – 1895
i. Louise Smith d 1880
married Thomas Spruill Norfleet of “Woodbourne”
he married 2nd Leila Powell
b. Louisa Spruill
married Stephen A Norfleet of “Woodbourne”
i. Thomas Spruill Norfleet
2. Anne Evans
3. Rosanna Evans

ref: “Smith of Scotland Neck” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr. MD


Richard Evans ca 1720 – 1753 | his parents
& Mary Lillington ca 1725 – bef 1753 | her parents
of Bath Town NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Richard Evans and Mary Lillington:
1. Richard Evans ca 1743 – 1774 Pitt Co
married Susanna Cautanche
2. George Evans ca 1745 – 1784
married Anne Hines
3. Mary Evans ca 1749 – 1758 age 19

ref: “Smith of Scotland Neck” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr. MD

e-mail from
Michael Evans, father of Suzanna Cotench Evans, is actually the son of Richard Evans and Suzanna Cautanche, daughter of Michael Cautanche. Proof of this can be found in Pitt County, NC Deed Book “I” Page 307 where Michael Coutanche Evans exchanges land with John Brinkley June 4, 1783. Former owner of land is Richard Evans, father of Michael Coutanche Evans. In Pitt County Deed Book “M” Page 122 Deed dated Sept 2, 1789 between Michael Coutanche Evans, son of Sussanah Evans, and John Gray Blount, merchant. Former owner of land Michael Coutanche, father of Sussannah Evans. I have not personally seen the deeds cited but have seen a 7 volume set of Pitt County Deed Abstracts that support the above statements. There are deeds that show that Michael Evans was in Pitt County from 1771 thru 1794. He’s also mentioned in Edgecombe County, NC Deed Book “4” Pages 71 and 602. On February 10, 1821 Sheriff Peter Sugg of Pitt County sells land to James Barron. Part of land sold was formerly patented to Michael C. Evans in 1794 and 1796 and owned by Benjamin Evans, assignee of Michael Coutanche Evans 1798.
Father of Richard Evans was Richard Evans born about 1695 in Virginia and mother was Mary Lillington born about 1717 in Beaufort County, NC. You can find Richard Senior’s will in “Abstracts of NC Wills 1690-1760 Page 116” He first appears in Beaufort County Sept 11, 1734 when he purchases 120 acres.
According to Claiborne T. Smith author of The Evans Family of Beaufort, Pitt and Edgecombe Counties North Carolina, Michael acquires the plantation “Scotch Hall” from his brother Benjamin and moves there. It is unknown how Benjamin got possession of the place as it belonged to his cousins, the Lockharts? I am a descendant of a William P. Evans of North Carolina who moved to Georgia then Alabama. Previous members of this line had tried to connect him thru a John Evans to George Evans to Richard Evans to a Peter Evans of Virginia. When I started looking closely at their claims I found that they were using unproven sources to back up their claims and as a result of my findings this line was closed by the DAR to any further memberships until real proof can be provided of a connection. Michael’s daughter Susanna was named after her mother’s father Michael Coutanche who died in Bath County, NC about 1762..
Richard Evans ca 1695 VA –
married Mary Lillington ca 1717 Beaufort Co NC –
1. Richard Evans est 1735 –
married Suzanna Coutanche
dau of Michael Coutanche d. ca 1762 Bath Co
a. Michael Cotench Evans est 1755 – died spring 1796 Bertie Co left will
married Margaret Dawson
sister of Richard Dawson will 1796 Bertie Co
i. Suzanna Cotench Evans
b. Benjamin Evans
c. George Evans
d. Alexander Evans
e. Richard Evansthis Richard Evans apparently served in the Continental forces. One Hodges tried many times to collect the lands due Richard Evans for rev. was services. Turned down because he was not timely in his application. Michael Evans Will 17 Dec 1795 -prov May Ct 1796 Bertie Co
Richard Dawson, ship carpenter Will 25 Mar 1796 – prov May Ct 1796 Bertie Co

sister of Margaret Dawson [Evans]Will of Michael Evans 17 Dec 1795 – May Ct Bertie Co 1796
My executor is to make a deed to my brother Benjamin Evans for the land I bought of John Brickly in Pitt County, and also for 150 acres in said County whereon the mills are erected, entered by me on the consideration that the said Benjamin comply with the terms of an agreement made in the presence of my brothers George and Alexander Evans.
The”Scotch Hall” lands whereon Mrs. Lockhart now lives are to be sold and the proceeds after debts are to be vested in the purchase of young Negroes for the use of my daughter Susanna Cotench Evans. Remaining estate to daughter Susanna, but if she dies without marrying this part of the estate is to be divided between my brothers and sisters.
EX: George West, John Wolfenden, my brother Richard Evans
WIT: Richd. Ryan Butler, George Outlaw, Sen.

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  1. No I dont. Other than whats is shown above. Sorry for the tardy response, but I saw this for the first time a few minutes ago. If I ever need local NC counsel again….I will look you all up.

  2. Hello…I am a descendant of George Napoleon Evans, whose son Peter, came to Oklahoma, had Thomas George Evans (aka George Thomas ), both buried Atoka County, Oklahoma, then my father George William Evans, also buried Atoka County. I am a lawyer in east texas. One son, Austen Stephen Evans.

    1. Hi, Stephen. I am also a descendent of George N. Evans. My grandfather was Herbert Evans who was the son of William Evans who was George N. Evans’ son. We are the Arkansas branch, I guess. I was born in Arkansas, but now live in NC, where members of the family lived earlier. I have only very recently started to look into family history. My mother was Ella Evans. My name is Leslie My husband and I are both lawyers. Do you know anything about Richard who was married to Mary Lillington. That is the furthest I have been able to get on my mother’s side.

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