Lemuel Britton & Nancy Ward

3rd generation

Lemuel Britton 1799 – 1871 | his parents
& Nancy Ward 1811 – 1891 | her parents
of Pitt County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
the following information supplied by Janet Briton and Patsy J Evans is posted here at their request.

Lemuel Britton and Nancy Ward were married in 1832.
Lemuel Britton was born 10 September, 1799 in Pitt Co, NC the son of John Brittain Jr and Mary Sessoms.
He died October 30, 1871 in Belvoir Twsp. Pitt Co NC.
Nancy Ward was born in 1811 in Pitt Co the daughter of James Ward and Nancy Lanier.
She died 13 Nov 1891.
They both were buried in the James-Speight Cemetery, Pitt Co, North Carolina
Nancy Ward had a brother, Luke Ward 1807 – 1865 who married Mahalia Legget born in Halifax Co 1819.

“Nancy Ward Britton was the sister of Lanier Ward, my GGG-grandfather. His wife was Elizabeth Rodgers. My GG-grandmother was Ann Eliza Ward Stokes, married to David W Stokes. My G-grandmother was Hettie Stokes Stokes (possibly Stocks). I have not been able to find her husband’s name. If anyone knows, I would appreciate an E-mail.” Dolly Keith

US Census, 1860, June 22, Bethel, Pitt Co., N.C. 315/ Pg. 37,
Lemuel Britton, age 60, farmer, Nancy, 48, James, 28, Mason and Carpenter, A.A.M., 11years.

Children of Lemuel Britton and Nancy Ward:
1. James Lanier Britton 1832 – 1 June 1864 in the Civil War
buried in Britton Cemetery across the street from James/ Speight cemetery
enlisted 1862 — Occu. 1860 Mason and Carpenter
2. Anna Elizabeth Britton 23 April 1835 – 23 June 1914 Pitt Co, NC
married 31 March 1859 Cornelius James
son of William James and Elizabeth Patrick lived in Pitt Co, NC

3. William Henry Britton 1 Dec 1837 – 29 Jan 1908 Bethel, NC Carpenter
married 1855 Margaret Louise Carson 30 Aug 1841 – 7 Jan 1911
daughter of Thomas Carson and Lydia Crisp
4. Gabrilla Britton 31 Jan 1841 – 14 June 1865
5. Miles Britton 1843 – ca 20 May 1864 Bermuda Hundred, VA
died in the War — enlisted 1862
6. Nancy Ann M Britton 1844 – 1909 Pitt Co, NC buried Bethel Cem.
Will–Nancy A. M. Britton
I, Nancy A. M. Britton of the county of Pitt and the State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say.
1, It is my will that my funeral shall be conducted without ostentation and that the expenses thereof enter with all my just debts be fully paid.
Item 2nd. I will and bequeath to my nephew Luke Ward one black mule that I now own-
Item 3. I give and bequeath to my nephew B. W. James one cow and calf.
Item 4. I give, devise and bequeath to my brother William H. Britton’s heirs one hundred dollars to be paid out of my estate.
Item 5th I give, devise and bequeath to my two sisters Annie E. James and Augusta Ward all balance of my personal property if any.
Item 6. I give, devise and bequeath to my sister Annie E. James one half my land to have during her natural life and after her death to her children to them and their heirs and assigns forever.
Item 7. I give, devise and bequeath to my sister Augusta Ward the other half of my land to have during her natural life and after her death to her children to them and their heirs and assigns forever.
And last I hereby constitute and appoint my nephew B.W. James executor of this my last will and testament. revoking all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this April 6th 1909.
Nancy A. M. Britton

7. Augusta Ann M Britton 27 April 1849 Pitt Co, NC – 3 Feb 1910 Bethel, Pitt Co
married 14 Feb 1874 Joseph Waldon Ward 11 Feb 1846 -11 April 1932 cousin
son of James Ward Jr. and Marina Bennett of Martin Co., N.C.
buried in Bethel Cemetery in Pitt Co, NC

Grandchildren of Lemuel Britton and Nancy Ward:

Children of Anna Elizabeth Britton and Cornelius James:
[the James Information supplied by
Patsy J Evans, Janet]

Seated: Cornelius James, Anna Elizabeth Britton James,
Standing: Malena James, Benjamine William James, Lemmie James

  1. Alice Viola James March 1860, Pitt Co. – 14 Jan 1865 Pitt Co dy
  2. Benjamin William James 14 October 1861 – 3 May 1951 Bethel
    married 16 Feb 1881 Rillie Teel 12 Aug 1861 – 23 July 1923
    dau of George Teel and Jane Carson of Belvoir

Benjamine William James, Rillie Teel James and their children: George C. James, Alice L. James, Lemual James, Lila James, Wilkie James, Annie James, Dewey James, Bob James. This picture must have been taken ca 1903 as my living great aunt Rillie tells me her mother was pregnant with her when this photo was taken.

a. George Cornelius James 20 Dec 1881 Pitt Co NC – 6 May 1965
m. 2 Nov 1902 Sarah Nora King Ward 10 May 1884 – 25 May 1964
daughter of Benjamine Franklin Ward and Julia Elizabeth Taylor.
Ben Ward was son of Luke Ward and Mahalia Leggett
and the grandson of James Ward and Nancy Lanier.

George James and Sally Ward James and 5 of their 10 children
Beatrice James, Nealy James, Carlton James, Ben James and Ruby James.
Ruby is still living and is a big help to me on gathering information
as is my great aunt Rillie. from Patsy James Evans

I. Maggie Beatrice James 9 Jan 1904 Pitt Co – 29 March 1986 Parmele Martin Co NC
married 17 June 1925 Dewey Roscoe Edmondson
7Jan 1899 Martin Co NC -18 June 1959 Nash General hospital, Rocky Mount NC
ii. William Cornelius James 6 Aug 1905 Pitt Co – 24 Oct 1966
married 9 Jan 1935 Delha Undine Ross 4 Feb 1914 Robersonville NC – 28 Nov 1981
1. Patsy Ross James 1935 – e-mail
married in SC 1952 Thomas Barnes Evans 1934 Pitt Co NC –
six children
2. unnamed James 21 Nov 1938 Greenville – 21 Nov 1938 Pitt Co NC
3. William Cornelius James 1944 –
4. George Benjamin James 1951 Greenville –
b. Lemuel William James, 9 Aug 1885 –
c. Alice Leinora James 9 May 1888 –
d. Lila Leigh James 1 March 1891 –
e. Wilka James 25 May 1893 – 19 June 1906
She died from a ruptured appendix
f. Robert Earl James 23 April 1896 –
g. Annie Fleda James 21 October 1900 –
h. Rillie Geneva James 15 December 1903 – 28 Nov 2003
married B.L. Gardner
3. Alice Viola James Aft. January 1865 – 28 June 1866 dy
4. Lenior James 1866 – 27 June 1869 dy
5. Florence Ann Cornelia James 1868 – 14October 1874 dy
6. Mary Lemuel Elizabeth [Lemmie] James 16 July 1872 – 19 March 1960
married Crittenden R. Speight 3 April 1858 – 31 July 1921
a. William Wesley Speight 17 Jan 1908 – 14 May 1981
b. Cullen R. Speight 11 March 1901 – 10 Oct 1929
7. Anne Malena D. James 6 July 1874 – 3 July 1935
married bef 1900 Mr. Ward d bef 1900 Bethel, Pitt Co, NC
married aft 1900 W. P. Speight 24 Aug 1876 -17 Dec 1954 Spring Hope NC
a. Walter Speight
b. Doris Speight
c. Evelyn Speight

Children of William Henry Britton and Margaret Louise Carson:
1. Alice Viola Britton 5 April 1866 Pitt Co – 3 June 1945 no isssue
married. Aft. 1880 Henry W A Martin 11 May 1852 – 25 April 1910
Will — Alice V. Martin of Nash County, North Carolina, being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, hereby expressly revoking all other wills at any time heretofore made by me
First: I direct that all off my just debts be paid, including funeral expenses and that my body be buried in my cemetery lot at Bethel, North Carolina, and that my executor erect a monument as verbally directed by J.T. Martin.
Second: I give and bequeath to my beloved sister, Maggie A. Wynne, one of the two diamond rings worn by me, but in the event that I survive my sister, Maggie A. Wynne, then I give and bequeath the herein mentioned ring (diamond) to my niece, Alice Wynne Suiter.
Third: I give and bequeath to my beloved niece, Maggie Brown Holding the other of my two diamond rings customarily worn by me.
Fourth: I give to my beloved sister, Maggie A, Wynne, my trunk, its contents and my wearing apparel
Fifth: I give and bequeath to my beloved niece, Helen Clefa Britton my gold watch
Sixth: I give and bequeath to my beloved niece, Alice Britton, my diamond bar pin.
Seventh: I hereby give and devise to my nephew, Joseph W. Wynne, My one-half undivided interest in 70 acres of land, more or less, owned by me in Goliad County, Texas. I make this devise due to the kindness and consideration shown me by this said Joseph W. Wynne.

2. Cordelia Olivia Britton 3 Dec 1869 Pitt Co – 1 April 1934
married 6 Jan 1895 Haywood S Brown 17 Jan 1869 – 3 July 1931
both buried Bethel City Cemetery, Bethel, Pitt Co, NC
a. Frank B Brown 23 Dec 1895 – 4 May 1931 Pitt Co NC
Res. Houston, Texas
b. Maggie (Mollie) Brown January 1898
married 1st Holding
married 2nd R R Holding
Residence: Smithfield, N.C.
c. Mary Eliza Brown
married King, Louisburg,
d. William Theodore Browne
Rem to TX ca 1918 – lived with his Uncle Theodore G Britton
Residence: Houston, Texas

i. William Theodore Browne Jr
ii. David Samuel Browne
iii. Nancy Ann Browne
married Wehner
e. Thomas R Brown
Residence: Mississippi
3. Maggie Amanda Britton 21 Feb 1872 Pitt Co -16 Jan 1946 Rocky Mount
married Pitt Co NC 25 July 1891 Joseph Charles Wynne
25 April 1860 – 10 Oct 1922 Rocky Mount
son of Joseph Wynne and Alvania Davenport
a. Clefa Pernell Wynne 10 Oct 1887 – 2 Dec 1948 Asheville NC
married 29 Nov 1922 Dr. Alvin Clay McCall
b. Alice Irene Wynne March 07, 1895 –
married NC 22 Nov 1920Thomas Bayton Suiter 9 Mar1888 – 17 Mar 1939
son of Joseph Suiter and Virginia Britter
i. Dr Thomas Bayton Suiter
married 1947 Antoinette Culler Smith 1923 Wellesley Hills, Mass –
daughter of Colonel Smith and Ellen Culler
1. Thomas Bayton Suiter III 1948 –
2. Antoinette Culler Suiter 1952 –
ii. Alice Wynne Suiter 1927 Rocky Mount NC –
c. Joseph William Wynne 28 Sept 1896 Rocky Mount NC –
married 1920 Selma Raye Edmondson 25 Jan 1898 Tarboro NC –
daughter of William Edmondson and Naomi Mayo
i. Joseph William Wynne Jr 21 May 1921 – 16 Sept 1954
married 1948 Theo Floy Straughan 27 Aug 1924 Loveslady,TX –
1. Barbara Anne Wynne [Talley] 1952 –
2. Joseph William Wynne III 1954 –
ii. Thomas Burton Wynne 1926 –
married 1951 Dorothy Elizabeth Seay 1929 in Houston TX.
1. Thomas Burton Wynne Jr 1954, Houston, TX –
2. Sally Seay Wynne
3. Richard Wynne
4. Laura Elizabeth Wynne [twin] 1964 –
5. Emily Ann Wynne [twin] 1964 –
iii. Selma Carolyn Wynne 1934 Houston TX
married 1953 Harford A Jackson Burks 1932 in Houston TX – 13 Oct 2012 Arlington TX
1. Carolyn Wynne Burks 1954 Houston Texas –
2. Kendall Taylor Burks 1956 Houston Texas –
4. Thomas Lemuel Britton 10 Sept 1874 Pitt Co – Jan 1925 Houston TX
married in Houston TX Marie Pauline Stelzig
a. Marie Britton b Houston, TX
b. Thomas Lemuel Britton Jr b Houston, TX
c. Theodore Britton
d. Helen Case [Clefa] Britton
she is mentioned in her Aunt’s will in Pitt Co, NC
5. James Lanier Britton 21 Sept 1876 Pitt Co – 12 Jan 1912 Houston TX
married in Houston TX Bertha Towles in Houston TX
a. James Lanier Britton – Houston Texas.
b. Margaret Britton – Houston Texas
married Leslie Roberts
c. Mary Louise Britton -Houston Texas.
married Carl Schumacher
d. Alice Britton – Houston Texas dsp
6. William Rufus Britton 2 Feb 1879 Pitt Co NC – Nov 1944 Houston TX
married in Houston TX Louise Staley in Houston TX
7. Theodore Garfield Britton 16 Aug 1881 Pitt Co NC – Nov 1944 Houston TX
Houston attorney
married in Houston TX Frances Brown
8. Miles Clefa Britton 25 June 1886 – 18 July 1887 Pitt Co NC

Children of Augusta Ann M Britton and Joseph Waldon Ward:
1. James Lemuel Ward 12 Jan 1875, Pitt Co NC – 6 Nov 1935
buried in Dunn, Harnett Co, NC
married Pearl Louise Harris 5 May 1892 Pitt Co – 6 Jan 1986
buried in Dunn, Harnett Co, NC per GG Granddaughter Mary Lenuel Blalock
2. Luke Lanier Ward 14 July 1876 – 3 Nov 1956 buried Bethel Cemetery
3. Ann Louisa Ward 30 June 1878 – 19 Oct 1959 buried Bethel Cemetery
4. Marina N Ward 17 April 1881 – 7 March 1968 buried Bethel Cemetery
married Edward C Andrews 8 July 1873 -14 Mar 1955 buried Bethel Cemetery
5. Nellie M. Ward 21 March 1883 – 31 May 1953 buried Bethel Cemetery
6. Bertie W Ward 8 Feb 1885 – 6 Nov 1948 buried Bethel Cemetery
7. Nancy Rillie Ward 17 Aug 1887 – 20 Feb 1961 buried Bethel Cemetery
married Heber Leer Williams 10 May 1889 – 31 Aug 1975
buried Bethel Cemetery
a. Susan Augusta Williams 28 April 1915 – 20 Jan 1961 buried Bethel Cemetery

researching these Brittons:
Paul Murauskas, Janet Briton, Patsy J Evans, Dorothy Jackson as well as myself

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