John Hill Wheeler & sister Elizabeth Wheeler Clifton

Sally’s 3-great Uncle and 3-great Aunt – children of John Wheeler and Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Maria Wheeler 1797 – 1813 | her parents
& 1811 Jonas Clifton 17xx – 1814 | his parents.
of Murfreesboro NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jonas Clifton was drafted to serve in the War of 1812 from Hertford County

Hornet’s Nest- June 24, 1813 – Died suddenly on Thursday the 17th inst. Mrs. Eliza M. Clifton, aged 16 years and five months. She left an affected husband and a numerous circle of relatives and friends to deplore her loss. She was of artless affectionate disposition, inoffensive in her manners and generally beloved.

Hornet’s Nest – July 18, 1813 – A.D. Dissolution of partnership between J. Clifton and Ed Wood.

Jonas Clifton had died in 1814 leaving his and Elizabeth’s orphan, Elizabeth Ann Clifton.

Child of Elizabeth Maria Wheeler and Jonas Clifton:
1. Elizabeth Ann Clifton 16 June 1813 – Dec 1833
married Mar 1833 William Barnes no issue

3 great Uncle –

John Hill Wheeler 1806 – 1882 | his parents
& 1830 Mary Elizabeth Brown 1810 – 1836 | her parents
& 1838 Ellen Oldmixon Sully 1816 – 1896 | her parents
of North Carolina and Washington DC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1806 – John Hill Wheeler was born in Murfreesboro NC on the 2nd of August 1806, son of John Wheeler, Merchant and his wife Maria Elizabeth Jordan as their 6th child [four had died as infants]

He was educated at the Hertford Academy and Columbian University in Washington, D.C.

1826 – He grad 1826 from Columbian College of Washington, D.C. [now George Washington University] and practiced law, having studied under the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court [MA from UNC.]
candidate for House of Commons. Hornet’s Nest- Nov. 28, 1827
Col John H Wheeler served in the State Assembly between 1827 and 1852 at various times.

19 April 1830 – John Hill Wheeler married Mary Eliza Brown.

Children of John Hill Wheeler and Mary Eliza Brown:
Richard 30 March 1831 – died 13 Sept 1832
Elizabeth Wheeler 14 Dec 1832 –
Julian Wheeler 7 Aug 1835 – 2 March 1837

4 Oct 1836 – Mary Eliza Brown Wheeler died.

Raleigh Biblical Recorder Dec 7 1836:
Mary Eliza Wheeler’s father, Rev. O B Brown believed that females were equal to men in mind and gave her every encouragement to learn. “The whole circle of literature and science she trod with enthusiastic delight. In the Latin and Greek languages, she became more than a proficient and could carry on a familiar conversation in the former with classical accuracy and perfect facility. Besides the French, she had also made significant progress in several others of the modern languages, especially the Spanish and Italian, to be able to read them with advantage. In general mathematics, natural philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, botany, popular anatomy, physiology, geography, history and chronology, she was well versed; and so minutely exact was her knowledge of the different branches of study, that she was frequently appealed to by gentlemen of liberal education to decide questions of literary criticism or scientific discussions. Nor was she unmindful of the ornamental branches of education, especially those of painting and music, in both of which she attained to superior excellence. But her extensive and various acquirements in all the branches of solid learning, which surpassed any of her sex in this country, constituted only in a subordinate degree her real worth. . . . She had not only read the sacred pages over and over, but had pondered them deeply in her mind; and the margin of her bible is filled with notes and reflections marked with her own hand, shewing an evangelical train of thought, arising from a mind sanctified by the Holy Spirit of God . . .” She never joined a church; was very interested in Sunday school work and charity to the poor. Died at Tuleyries, near Millwood, VA. Oct 4 1836. [Millwood’s over near the West Virginia border. The obit. was likely composed by S J Wheeler.] — compliments of Tom Parramore

2 March 1837 – the youngest son Julian died

1837 –
He was appointed state treasurer, the Superintendent of the U.S. Mint at Charlotte

In 1837 he was appointed Superintendent of the Branch Mint of the United States at Charlotte.

John Hill Wheeler by unknown artist
photo by the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC

8 Nov 1838 – John Hill Wheeler married 2nd Ellen Sully daughter of Thomas Sully.
6 Nov 1839 – son Charles was born.
30 July 1842 – son Woodbury was born.

“Mrs. John Hill Wheeler and Her Two Sons” by Thomas Sully [July 1844]
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC -Gift of Capt John R Brasel USNR 1967

1851 – he published his history of N.C.
In 1851 he authored Wheeler’s History of North Carolina, the first such work by a native son.
1854 – appointed the third U.S. Minister of Nicaragua”
He left Washington for Nicaragua with a servant woman and her two sons, who were his slaves.
Upon reaching Philadelphia, a mob entered the ferryboat, and in spite of the entreaties of the woman and her boys, took them violently from Colonel Wheeler.
He also had ill-luck in Nicaragua, he sided with the wrong party in a civil war,
was imprisoned and ordered executed.
The intercession of the American Secretary of Navy saved him.

John Hill Wheeler, US Minister to Nicarauga
photo by Mathew Brady bet. 1844-1860
part of the Daguerrotype Col. of the Library of Congress

He returned to Washington, D.C. where he remained for the rest of his life,
except in 1861 he returned to his farm in North Carolina

From “Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C.S.A. and Second
Bishop of Tennessee”. Edited by Sam Davis Elliott.
Published 2003 Louisiana State University Press.

“My traveling companion on the night of this
occurrence and the following day was Colonel Wheeler,
Ex-Minister to Nicaragua, Vestryman in Dr. Pinckney’s
Church in Washington, D.C., one of the most agreeable
men to take a trip with I had ever met. His wife was
a daughter of Sully the artist.” page 20

Dr. Quintard was traveling through the Virginia
mountains in August/Sept 1861 attempting to join his unit.

Wheeler then decided to make a trip through the blockade to England and France
in the middle of the Civil War to copy records about Colonial North Carolina.

John Hill Wheeler
1806 -1882
while on a visit to France 1863

On Thursday, December 7th, 1882, at 12:30 o’clock, a. m., Colonel Wheeler died; and at 2 p. m., on Sunday the 10th, he was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, D. C.


photos of Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC lot # 917


DC-022 DC-021 DC-024 DC-023 DC-025


Children of John Hill Wheeler and Mary Elizabeth Brown:
1. Richard Mentor Johnson Wheeler 30 Mar 1831 – 13 Sept 1832
Washington, District Of Columbia
2. Elizabeth Brown Wheeler 14 Dec 1832 Washington DC – 1921
married 2 Jun 1851 George Nancrede Beale 14 Nov 1829 – 1912
brother of Emily Truxton Beale and Edward F Beale
children of George and Emily [Truxton] Beale
a. Elizabeth Beale 6 Nov 1852 – 31 July 1889 Staten Island NY
married 1st Mr. Stuyvesant
married 2nd 1 Dec 1875 Capt David Porter Heap
March 1843 San Stefano Turkey – 25 Oct 1910 Pasadena CA
son of the US Minister to Turkey; Gwenn Harris Heap & Evelina Cora Porter
He was an army engineer officer attached to the 1871 Barlow party of Yellowstone explorers and co-author of the resulting official report.

i. Porter Heap 10 Dec 1876 – 26 July 1895 Portland ME age 18
b. Thomas Truxton Beale 16 Aug 1854 – 7 July 1862 age 8 yrs
c. John Wheeler Beale 26 Aug 1856 – 24 Jan 1924
married 13 Dec 1877 Katherine Carroll 31 Aug 1858 – 14 Mar 1937
i. Carroll Beale Feb 1882 –
married ca 1905 Mabel Wilson
ii. John Wheeler Beale ca 1884 – 27 Sep 1888 age 4 yrs
iii. Elizabeth Beale Sept 1887 –
iv. Katherine C Beale 26 Mar 1895 – 30 Dec 1879
married Erik Hinton Huneker 15 Feb 1894 – 4 May 1971
v. Samuel S Carroll Beale aft 1900 d bef 1910
vi. another child aft 1900 d bef 1910
d. Violet Blair Beale June 1862 –
married 2 Feb 1881 George C Bloomer July 1854 PA – bef 1906
i. George Beale Bloomer 19 Dec 1881 DC –
married bef 1 June 1910 Katherine C.
1. Pansy Bloomer of Brownsville TX
married 2nd bef 1942 Esther Willing Brooke Foote
daughter of Stephen Foote -” a Brigadier General in the Spanish American War. I have a photograph of him standing on a boardwalk with Teddy Roosevelt. My grandmother, Esther, visited the Philippines as a young child with her parents and sister Lois and was what is now referred to as an “army brat”. Her first dance was with Patton. Somewhere in that background there is connection to a Benjamin Brooke who was a Civil War Surgeon. It gets very interesting with tracings back to the Continental Congress.” e-mail from Susan J Bloomer
2. George Beale Bloomer Jr. retired to NC
married 1955 Judith Ann Percival
have 7 children, 21 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren
ii. Violet B [Pansy] Bloomer ca 1883 –
married 2nd ca 1907 Samuel L Heap ca 1857 Tunis, Africa – [his first wife]
son of David Porter Heap, Surgeon, and wife Elizabeth Lewis Bowyer
3. Julian Sevier Wheeler 7 Aug 1835 – 2 Mar 1837
Washington, District Of Columbia

Children of John Hill Wheeler and Ellen Oldmixon Sully:
this family buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC lot # 917
– John Hill Wheeler buried 10 Dec 1882 76 yrs 5 mo 5 days
– Ellen S Wheeler buried 10 Aug 1896 80 yrs

1. Charles Sully Wheeler 6 Nov 1839 – May 1916
burial 5 May 1916 OHC 76 yrs 5 mo 29 days
served in Federal Navy during Civil War
married ca 1861 Fannie O [Wheeler]
burial 11 March 1875 OHC 29 yrs 11 mo 2 days

a. Rosalie Sully Wheeler 19 Sept 1862 –
b. John Hill Wheeler 25 Sept 1865 –
married 1885 Susan Adelle Esputa
i. Frances Colleen Wheeler 25 July 1890 –
c. Julia Moore Wheeler 30 June 1867 –
married 1886 James William Morrissey
i. James Duff Morrissey 4 Oct 1887 – 28 Feb 1889
ii. Julia Frances Morrissey 10 May 1892 –
iii. Grace Elizabeth Morrissey 28 April 1894 –
d. Wisewell Wheeler 10 April 1870 –
   married 13 Feb 1890 Grace Jane Bell 14 Aug 1870 – 7 Feb 1907
      burial OHC 9 Feb 1907 36 yrs 5 mo
i. Frances Lorraine Wheeler 20 Feb 1891 –
ii. Dorothy Wheeler 24 Aug 1892 – Nov 1894
burial 12 Nov 1894 – 1 yr 2 mo 17 days
e. Ella B DeFreitan Wheeler 3 Dec 1874 – July 1875
burial OHC 26 July 1875 – 7 mo 21 days
married Wash DC 28 Jan 1879 Elizabeth Esther Downing 1849 – Dec 1913
burial OHC 29 Dec 1913 64 years
a. Mary Maud Wheeler 29 July 1881 – 17 July 1882
b. William Downing Wheeler 4 Oct 1883 –
c. Alice Forman Wheeler 20 Mar 1886 –
d. Charles De Sales Wheeler 29 March 1891 –
2. Levi Woodbury Wheeler 30 July 1842 – 2 May 1900
served in Confederate Army during Civil War
– burial 4 May 1900 58 yrs

his Confederate Dispatch Bag
married 27 Oct 1869 Clare Bayne 6 Dec 1843 – May 1923
burial OHC 23 May 1923 79 years 5 mo 15 days
a. Harriet Ellen Wheeler 15 Sept 1870 – Nov 1931
burial OHC 5 Nov 1931 61 years
married 17 Dec 1902 Ralph Nutting ca 1876 – July 1928
burial OHC 11 July 1928 52 years.
b. May Wheeler 9 May 1873 – 6 Mar 1874
c. Genevieve Ashby Wheeler 31 Oct 1876 – Jan 1958
burial OHC 3 Jan 1958 81 years.
d. Clara Bayne Wheeler 4 April 1878 –
married 2 June 1903 Otto Furnam Wieters 12 Jan 1870 –
  i. Charles Benjamin Wieters 3 April 1904 –
e. Lucy Stuart Wheeler 2 July 1879 –
f. John Woodbury Wheeler 21 Jan 1884 – Nov 1918
burial OHC 22 Nov 1918 32 years 10 mo 12 days.

Samuel Jordon Wheeler

Children of John Wheeler and Sarah Clifton

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