John Jones & Anne Applewhaite

Sally’s 7-great Grandparents:

John Jones ca 1635 – 1697 | parents
& Anne ?Applewhaite ca 1645 – 1704 | parents
of Isle of Wight County, Virginia

John Jones left his will in Isle of Wight County, Virginia

1683/84 John Jones first appears in Isle of Wight records as witness to will of Edward Rogers.

1686 John Jones’ plantation is noted at Blackwater adj. Thomas Cooke.

1694 Deed Book #1 p 134 John Portis, cooper to John Jones, cooper 100 acres adj. to property already belonging to John Jones.

Children of John Jones died 1697:
1. Abraham Jones ca 1660/65 – 1757
[plantation at Blackwater in the Upper Parish
2. Anne Jones
married John Barnes
3. John Jones died 1736 Bertie Co
married Martha Carter dau. of Thomas

Grandchildren of John Jones died Isle of Wight 1697:

Children of Abraham Jones:
1. Abraham Jones d 1790
2. Matthew Jones d 1760
3. John Jones d 1770
married Sarah
a. John Jones
b. Frederick Jones
c. William Jones
d. Allen Jones
e. Easter Jones
married John Cofer
f. Mary Jones
4. Anne Jones
married Pittman
5. Martha Jones
married Solomon Delk d 1772 Isle of Wight Co VA
a. Moreland Delk
married Unity Holleman
i. Jeremiah Delk
married Margaret Warren
1. Thomas G B Byron Delk
married Martha Kello
a. Margaret Unity Delk
married Junius E Barrett
ancestors of Fabian Doles

Children of John Jones and Martha Carter:
1. Joseph Jones ca 1700 – 1771
2. John Jones ca 1702 – 1751
married Judith ?
3. Anne Jones ca 1704 –
married John Cotten ca 1701 – 1741 Bertie Co, NC
4. James Jones ca 1710 – ca 1784
married 1st daughter of Moor Carter

married ca 1760 Sarah Bridgers Cotten
5. Frederick Jones ca 1715 –
6. Prudence Jones
married Williams
7. Mary Jones
married Bonner

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  1. Dear Sally,

    I am a direct descendant of Arter Joanes ( Arthur Jones ) of Nansemond County. My grandfather Arthur Carroll Jones was his 3rd great grandson. The name Arthur was used in every generation. I have been doing quite a bit of research with the help of my Suffolk friends. The Upper Parish Vestry Book provided quite a bit of help for me. Sometimes going back and looking at things a third or forth time sheds more light. At the beginning of our search, which started many years ago with my mother, we only had family stories. One being that Arthur Sr. and Jr. owned White Marsh Plantation south of Suffolk on White Marsh Rd. . My mother inherited the family furniture which was brought to Baltimore for her and her grandfather (Arthur Llywellin Jones ) said some of it was in the Suffolk home when he was a young boy before the war. From here we have made significant strides. I will work backwards, but would love your insights. My 2nd greats were John Arthur Jones b. 1833 m. Dianna Jones b. 1836: ( Complicated bc she was aJones as well. ) His parents were A. Llywellin Jones b 1790’s m. MaryAnn Denson. 1811 ( Her parentage is very interesting. She is the daughter of Ann Riddick Moss and John Simpson Denson) Llywellin’s parents were Arthur Jones Jr. and Bathsheba Norfleet daughter of Hezekiah Norfleet. Arthur Jones Jr.’s father was Arter Joanes Sr. District 10 in the Nansemond Upper Parish Vestry Book. My research this summer, which I am 99% sure is correct has him as brother to Jacob Joanes who removed to Bute, now Franklin County NC..They shared orocessioner duties and had the same land. This makes sense bc my Grandaddy always said his family also had Plantations near the Halifax region. This also makes sense bc Llywellin’s brother or uncle Marmaduke, were noted in estate papers in Arthur’s will and thus Marmaduke was his guardian and then when Llywellin came of age both owned Arthur’s land. Marmaduke, though a name well used must have had a relative with the last name. Jacob Jones’ parents are well documented as Abram Jones and Margaret Philesha Norfleet whose mother was Mary Marmaduke. Arter’s son Arthur married into the Norfleet’s, a cousin to the probable grandmother. The other clue in the Vestry Book is the spelling of Joanes and the land they all had in precinct 10 and 13. I believe all these early Joanes’ were brothers/ relatives.( Theophilus, Featherick, Jacob, Michael, George and my Arter) The only one not in the Holy Neck area ( William Joanes owned the land which Llywellin’s brother Dempsey lived on in Cypress Chapel off White Marsh Rd.) I am 100% sure of this bc of processioned lands and the 1800 census records. Always the same neighbors. Uncle Dempsey is a sure thing bc of all the family stories.
    My other instincts, which are based on dna matches and NC records I found make me think Arter’s first wife and mother to Arthur Jr. was a Whitfield. Arthur was a a horse racer and I found NC horse records in NC. connected to the Whitfield’s. I also found in the Gates County marriages, Arthur Sr. Of Nansemond as bondsman for Edith Jones and a William or John ( need to double check the marriage record)Whitfield of Pitt County where the horse records were found. I am dna connected to many Whitfield’s as well as Kittrell’s and Goodman’s which take me to my 2nd great Dianna Jones family. We know her father was Lemuel Jones of Nansemond ( whose father was Whitson, whose father was Hardy)and mother Elizabeth Williams of Gates. An Elizabeth Williams is named in Elizabeth Goodman Kittrell’s will in 1823. We know she married Lemuel after this time. I am genetically connected to folks who have these Kittrell’s, Goodman’s, Whitfield’s and Jacob Jones of Franklin County in their trees, making me think I’m on to something. Any help you could provide would be most appreciated!
    We have many Civil War, Revolutionary War, Dismal Swamp company and horse racing stories that we’re passed down to us. I now have most of the surviving Whitemarsh furniture in my NJ home and will continue to pass these precious American southern heritage family tales to my descendants.
    Thank you for your wonderful work!
    Best Regards,
    MaryClare Windisch

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