James Holloman & Charlotte Everett Holloman

Sally’s family ties – 3- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

James Holloman 1795 – 1855 |his parents
& ca 1816 Charlotte Everett Holloman ca 1796 – | her parents
of Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Holloman and Charlotte Everett Holloman probably married ca 1816.

James Hollomon was born 25 July 1795 son of Samuel Hollomon and Christine, his wife. James died 16 April 1855 in Hertford County, NC.
James left a will witnessed by only one witness, Dr. G C Moore and his children petitioned that his will be carried out.
[These Holloman lived near Mulberry Grove in the St. John’s area.]

Charlotte Everett Holloman was born ca 1796 the daughter of Cornelius and Judith Holloman [who left a will that was proved at Nov Ct 1845 in Hertford County, NC.]

Children of James Holloman and Charlotte Everett Holloman:
1. Lavenia Holloman 28 Aug 1818 – 4 Dec 1897
married 8 Nov 1842 Joseph B Holloman 14 Dec 1820 – 10 Sep 1907
son of Jalon Holloman 1780 – 1876 and Judith ca 1798
a. Junius E Holloman 25 June 1845 – 5 Nov 1914 Ahoskie
married Clythia [Amanda] Holloman
i. Brodie Holloman dsp age 78
ii. Mattie Hollaman 1881 – dsp
iii. Herbert Holloman 1883 –
married Claudia Dilday
iv. Joseph Holloman 1885 – dsp Ahoskie
v. Thaddeus W. Holloman 1887 –
married Olivia Hedgesbeth
b. Joseph Ashley Holloman 9 Dec 1846 – to Wilcox Co, AL
i. William Holloman
ii. Joseph Holloman
iii. Rhett Holloman
c. Lafayette Holloman 11 Apr 1859 – 26 Oct 1934 Ahoskie
married Martha P Holloman
i. Floyd Holloman 1886 –
married Annie Godwin
ii. Irma Holloman 1889 –
married William H Jernigan
2. Abner Jackson Holloman 15 Feb 1821 – 7 Dec 1908 farmer
Hertford County, NC

married in NH Co 25 Feb 1846 Elizabeth Parker she died by Nov 1846
1846 – Nov -Adm. on the estate of Elizabeth Hollomon decd. wife of Abner J Hollomon granted to the said Abner J. Holloman who entered into bond with James Hollomon and Abner J Perry Securities. [Hertford Co Ct.]
married 1845 Susan Catherine Askew 15 Jan 1830 – 5 Dec 1902
3. James Ross Holloman 4 Feb 1824 -28 Jan 1898
rem ca 1855 Wilcox Co, AL and married there
married Harriett Pritchett ca 1828 –
a. Lindsay Holloman
b. Charles Jason Holloman died 1909
married Leona Fields died 1900
i. William Pritchett Holloman 31 Mar 1900 – 1997 IL
married 13 June 1931 Thelma Cashe
ii. Lilly Norfleete Holloman 31 Mar 1900 –
Becky Gregg’s grandmother
married Elton H. Reeves
iii. Robert James Holloman 27 Aug 1902 –
married Mary Strous
c. Willis Holloman
d. Sally Holloman
e. Charlotte Holloman
Note in the James Hollomon Bible: James Ross Hollomon’s three daughters, Charlotte, Willie, and Sally visited A.J. in his later days
4. Parthenia [Thenia] Holloman 27 Dec 1825 – Hertford Co, NC
married Harrison Crawford Lassiter Esq. ca 1820 – bef 1880
a. James E Lassiter ca 1855 –
b. Mary E [Marie] Lassiter ca 1857 – dsp
c. [Bettie] Martha E Lassiter ca 1859 –
married Dr. Charlie Conwell
served as missionary doctor in Mexico
i. Madge Conwell ca 1895 – ca 1965

conwell Madge Conwell ca 1920

d. William Henry Lassiter ca 1863 –
married Nellie Cooke
5. William Dorsey Holloman 11 Mar 1828 – 1879 retail merchant
married Pauline A Mitchell ca 1853 –
daughter of W W Mitchell
a. Susan N Holloman ca 1876 – dy
b. John M Holloman ca 1877 –
c. William D Holloman ca 1878 –
6. Norfleet Holloman 28 Nov 1830 –
removed to AL and married there
Note in the James Hollomon Bible: Norfleet Hollomon’s daughters, Ella and Maymie visited A.J. in his later days

7. Jason Holloman 11 Mar 1834 –
removed to AL and married there
8. Starkey Holloman 18 Mar 1837 – bef 1850 dy

Will of James Holloman of Hertford Co, NC signed 11 April 1855 –
to my daughter Lavinia Holloman wife of Joseph Holloman
to my son John [James] Ross Holloman
to my daughter Parthena Lassiter wife of H. C. Lassiter, Esq
to my son William D Holloman
to my sons Norfleet Holloman and Jason Holloman
to my wife Charlotte Holloman
Executors: my sons James Ross Holloman and Wm D Holloman
Wit: G C Moore

Hertford County, NC – 1855 Petition by the children and next of kin of James Holloman, decd wish his will carried out even though it has only one witness. We Abner J Holloman, Joseph Holloman, Lavinia Holloman wife of Joseph Holloman, James R Holloman, Harrison C Lassiter, Parthenia A Lassiter, wife of Harrison C Lassiter, William D Holloman, Norfleet Holloman and Jason Holloman do hereby mutually covenant and agree . . . .

1830 US Census Bertie County
James Holliman 1 0-5, 2 5-10, 1 30-40, females 1 0-5, 1 10-15, 1 30-40

1850 US Census Hertford County
James Holliman 55 farmer
Charlotte 54 f
Parthenia 23 f
Norfleet 20 m
Jason 11 m
Cynthia Stallings 7 f
AJ Holliman 29 m farmer
Susan 19 f
Jesse 2 m
JR Holliman 21 [ overseer for Mary Everet 62 ] next door to Mulberry Grove
William Holomon 23 [overseer for Watson Lewis]

1850 US Census Bertie County
653 Holiman, Joseph 29 m farmer NC
Luvina 29 f NC
Juneons E 4 m NC
Joseph A 3 M NC

Slaves owned by James Hollomon [from the Bible]
Rander born Jan 1839, Lewis Tyson born Dec 1851, Maxina born June 1858, Giles born Jun 1840, Sikel born 29 Jan 1843, Fellis born Oct 1844, Siles born May 1849, Besse born Jun 1851, Weston born 6 Jan 1852, ..nneys born Aug 1853, Alley Ann born Oct 1853, Goodman born Aug 1855, Revis Pik born Jun 1856, ….. …… born …. 1857, John Jenkins son of John Jenkins and Misley Early his dadi was born 6 Oct 1872 [ex slaves]

Family records of James Hollomon b 25 July 1795 as transcribed from the Bible by James H Hollomon

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  1. Sally,

    My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family is Robert James Holloman. However, for some unknow reason, my grandfather, William Pritchett Holloman and Lilly Norfleete Holloman, all changed the spelling of their last name to Hollomon, all o’s. I know some of the history of the family and I going to work up some data for you and send it to you.

    William, Lilly and Robert, mother died from burns while there were babies, Robert was not even one at the time. The three were raised by some aunts in Thomasville, Alabama.

    When I was young, traveled many time with Robert down the farm in Wilcox, Alabama. I personally new William and Lilly.

    I am glad that I found this page of yours. I still live in Alabama, in Hartselle in the northern part of the state.

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