Isaac Pipkin & Charity Goodman

Isaac Pipkin 1727 -1814 | his parents
& Charity Goodman 1736 -1815 | her parents
of Gates Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Isaac Pipkin married ca 1756 Charity Goodman in [what is now] Reynoldson twsp. Gates County, NC.
Isaac Pipkin was the son of John Pipkin who died in [what is now] Gates County in 1745 and his wife Martha.
The Pipkins had a trading post or store at Sarem in 1758
according to the histories of Gates.
It was reputed to have been on the post route from Suffolk to Edenton
and stage coach route to Wilmington.
Isaac was appointed a Justice of the Peace when the county was formed and later made sheriff of Gates County [1786]
He resigned as a Justice in Dec. 1787.
In 1790 on the census he owns 34 slaves.
He wrote his will 24 Sept 1800 in Gates County. After the death of his wife Isaac Jr was given all land except the former William King land.
The deaths of Isaac and Charity were recorded in the Journal or workbook of Joseph Freeman of this Piney Grove/ Reynoldson Community who made their coffins.
Isaac died 23 Jan 1814
and the mother of Isaac Jun died 28 Aug 1815.

Gates County, NC Cemetery and Death Records” Gates Co. Historical Soc.

the old Pipkin house in Gates County, NC
[Pipkin-Goodman- Edwards house]

Pipkin-G-E-House3 from “Pride of the Past-Hope of the Future”
original section [three bays on right]
believed to date ca 1756 when Isaac and Charity married

Pipkin-G-E-House2 from “Fotgotten Gates”

Pipkin-G-E-House from “Fotgotten Gates”
view showing dairy and smoke house
that date ca 1760

Ppipkin-house during recent restoration
from Guy Potts

US Census 1790 Gates Co. NC
Isaac Pipkin 3 males over 16, 5 females and 34 slaves

US Census 1800 Gates Co, NC
Isaac Pipkin sen 0-0-0-0-1 0-0-1-0-1 9 slaves
Isaac Pipkin jun 1-0-0-1-0 0-0-1-1-0 9 slaves

The Children of Isaac Pipkin and Charity Goodman:
1. Mary Elizabeth Pipkin 1756 – 4 Sept 1839 [testate]
I think her birth date is more likely to have been 1756 than 1746
married 14 [9] Nov 1779 Henry Lee 1745 – 17 Nov 1806 [intestate]
2. John Pipkin 1757 – by Mar Ct 1813 NH Co, NC
the site of the Marmaduke Lawrence House in Gatesville twsp was owned by John Pipkin SR.
married aft 1785 Jennette Hare
daughter of Thomas Hare and Penelope Moore
list of children from petition to sell estate Sept Ct 1817 NH co, NC
married 2nd Susanna ? aft 1813
a. Elizabeth H Pipkin
i. [child by John Millikin Mar Ct 1814]
married 1816 Jesse Darden
b. Henry Pipkin guardian 1817 John Peebles
c. John Pipkin guardian for the others Jesse R Cross
d. Dr Isaac Pipkin 20 Nov 1797 – 21 Jan 1850 of Murfreesboro, NC
buried in the Grive Cemetery in Portsmough, VA
“aristocratic” grad 1821 U of VA MD
married Margaret [Peggy] Gregory
widow of Gen Joseph F Dickinson ca 1775 – 1822 [ in his 47th year]
i. Anne Marie Pipkin 8 Oct 1831 – 7 July 1848
ii. Mary Eleanor Pipkin 21 Aug 1827 – 23 May 1855 Baltimore, MD
married Capt William B Muse US Navy
e. Thomas Pipkin
f. Martha Pipkin 1812 – 19 June 1882 age 70 Hertford Co, NC
married George W Montgomery 19 Nov 1801 – 1836
he had married 1st 8 Nov 1825 Mary Hitchborn
i. Georgie [Georgianna] Montgomery 1837 –
married 29 June 1865 Isaac Pipkin 1832 Gates Co –
of Murfreesboro
1. Isaac Pipkin ca 1869 –
married Agnes Penny
a. George Henri Pipkin 24 April 1902 – 10 Sept 1988
b. Mildred Pipkin ca 1910 –
2. Thomas W Pipkin
3. Georgie Pipkin
married Lewis C Lawrence Jr lived Marion, SC
ii. Mary Susan Montgomery 1839 – aft 1880 School teacher
married F L Funk 1828 Germany – aft 1880 School teacher
married 2nd ca 1845 John W Harrell 1 Dec 1814 – 30 Sept 1894
of Murfreesboro merchant
i. Sarah M [Sallie] Harrell ca 1846 –
married Job R Hall ca 1846 of Ahoskie, later Murfreesboro
1. John H Hall 1872 – rem to Baltimore, MD
2. Charles E Hall 1873 – rem to Norfolk, VA
3. Marvin Hall 1874 – rem to Pittsburg, PA
4. Flora Hall 1876 – dy
ii. Florence Bell Harrell 13 Sept 1846 – 24 June 1882 dsp
g. Mary A Pipkin ca 1811 – 22 March 1900 NC [89th yr]
Edenton Gazette, 30 Jan 1830 – – -“Married- – On the 21st inst in Murfreesboro, N. C. by the Rev. Mr. Niell, William B Wynne, Esq. of Hertford County, to Miss Mary Pittkin, of the former place.” NCGSJ Nov 1996 p 387.
married 21 Jan 1830 William Baker Wynns 1796 -1840 FL
“the old High Sheriff of Hertford Co” (raised by Uncle Tom Wynn
i. Col. James Madison Wynn(s) 12 Oct 1831 – aft 1906
born in Barfields on the Chowan later lived in Murfreesboro

married 21 Feb 1865 Jennie Brown ca 1847 –
dau of S J S Brown of King George Co, VA

James & Jennie Wynns
Winborne’s Hertford Co

1. Mary W Wynns ca 1866 –
2. Jennie B Wynns ca 1867 –
3. Thomas B Wynns ca 1868 –
4. Lucy D Wynns ca 1871 –
5. John S Wynns ca 1874 –
6. William D Wynns ca 1875 –
7. Maud L Wynns ca 1877 –
ii. Thomas P Wynns ca 1832 – bef 1906 Harrellsville twsp
married Sallie A Cowper ca 1835 –
dau of R. G. Cowper
1. James Wynns ca 1860 [pilot on boat 1880]
2. William B Wynns ca 1867 –
3. Richard C Wynns ca 1870 –
4. Mary Wynns ca 1878 –
married 2nd 4 March 1842 John Wesley Southall of Murfreesboro, NC
as his second wife 28 July 1797 – July 1873
i. Susan E Southall
married Capt. Lewis C Lawrence
ii. Mary Williams Southall dy
h. Edward Pipkin died by Mar Ct 1816
3. [Gen] Isaac Pipkin 1759 – 1838 Gates Co [lived at the “Bob Lee Savage place”]

Isaac Pipkin Jr’s home
ca 1800 two story one room plan
ca 1825 house enlarged
ca 1850 the two story porch added
in 1857 property sold to the Eure and then to Savages 1858

married Margaret Wynns dau of Benjamin Wynns and Margaret Pugh
from Vol II HSF by Boddie with ref given to Winslow’s Hist. of Perqui. Co p360]
married 2 Aug 1797 Mary Goodman
1st cousin daughter of Joel Goodman Jr and wife Anna
a. Gen. John [Jack] D Pipkin of Edenton ca 1791 –
“[Gen John D Pipkin] was passing through central eastern NC at one time but since his uniform was in bad condition he would not visit any of the Pipkins in Wayne Co and thereabouts.”
married Penelope Creecy
i. James Robert Pipkin
married Ellen E Browne 3 Dec 1834 – 9 June 1915
daughter of Albridgeton & Anne Riddick Browne
1. John Albridgeton Pipkin Suffolk, VA –
jewelry business in Warrenton, NC
“watchmaker and engraver by trade and profession”
married Kate Richardson
a. Helen Creecy Pipkin died 20 Feb 1986 Portsmouth
2. Emma Pipkin of Suffolk, VA
married Walter Lassiter of Murfreesboro, NC
a. William W Lassiter of Norfolk, VA
b. Nellie Lassiter of Baltimore, MD
c. Carrie Lassiter of Scotland Neck, NC
ii. [Capt] Isaac Pipkin of Murfreesboro, NC CSA
left the office of sheriff in 1876
married Georgie Montgomery
1. Isaac Pipkin ca 1869 –
married Agnes Penny
a. George Henri Pipkin 24 April 1902 – 10 Sept 1988
b. Mildred Pipkin ca 1910 –
2. Thomas W Pipkin
3. Georgie Pipkin
married Lewis C Lawrence Jr lived Marion, SC
married 2nd [3rd?] Miss Lankford of Southampton Co, VA
i. Mattie Pipkin [educated at St Mary’s in Raleigh]
married Maj. Fergence deBordenave ca 1830 France – 1904 Franklin, VA
1. Ernest A deBordenave of Franklin, VA [1904] post master
2. L P deBordenave of Norfolk, VA [1904]
b. child of Isaac Pipkin jr ? – died 25 Apr 1809
Joseph Freeman who made the coffin recorded the death in his journal
c. Margaret G Pipkin living 1857 in Southampton, VA
married Hening Smith
4. Margaret Pipkin 1760 –
married Benjamin Barnes ca 1760 – 1809 Gates Co.
a. John Barnes
b. Elizabeth B Barnes
c. Benjamin Barnes
d. Isaac Barnes
e. Charity Barnes 4 Oct 1796 – 12 Nov 1883 Bible
married 19 Dec 1814 Taylor Cross ca 1787 – 18 June 1821
i. Margaret Jane Cross ca 1816 – 1870’s
married Lassiter Riddick ca 1805 – 1870’s
son of Edward, son of Kader will 1784
ii. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cross died ca Nov 1826
iii. Jesse Cross died 1828
married 20 Dec 1825 Ethelred Cross 1789 – 1 July 1845 Bible
i. Frances Cross 13 April 1824 [7 ts] – 8 May 1912 Eure, NC
married 6 Jan 1846 James B Story 31 July 1821 – 29 Jan 1912
1. Isaac [Ike] Edgar Story 28 Oct 1846 – 21 Dec 1919
married 10 Jan 1875 Ella L Jones
2. Euclid Almont [Duke] Story 30 July 1848 – 3 Dec 1954 dsp age 106
3. Mary [Molly] Story 21 Aug 1850 – 18 Jan 1928 dsp
4. Thomas B [Tom] Story 29 Dec 1852 – 5 March 1922
married 3 Jan 1889 Virginia Cross
5. Rosa A [Rose] Story 25 Sept 1855 – 18 Aug 1933
married 26 May 1898 George A Brown
6. Romalus P Story 30 Sept 1860 –
married 19 April 1894 Rosa Faison
7. Edward [Ed] Cross Story 18 Jan 1863 – 12 March 1948
married 29 Dec 1898 Annie Mary Parker died 4 Oct 1959
8. Peter Pope Story 25 Nov 1869 – 16 Sept 1962 dsp
f. Milley Barnes
g. Peggy Barnes
5. Jesse Pipkin [not mentioned in Isaac’s will dated 9-24-1800]
6. Charity Pipkin 1770 – 25 Nov 1862 AL
married 29 Mar 1792 Richard Barnes 1770 – 1816
7. Mary Ann Pipkin
married 11 Feb 1793 Joshua Freeman ca 1769 -1840 of Bertie Co.
8. Sarah Pipkin

married 30 June 1798 Jacob Freeman of Hertford County

Ref: Guy Potts web site,
Winborne’s Colonial and State History of North Carolina
Records of Gates, Hertford and Bertie Counties, NC
“Pride of the Past -Hope of the Future, Piney Grove – Reynoldson Baptist Church 1827-1977” by Edith H Freeman Seiling and her mother
“Forgotten Gates ” by Thomas R Butchko
“Eure Genealogy 2000” compiled by David Powell

I just returned from M’Boro over the weekend and while walking our dog on
Sunday morning I visited the old cemetery beside the Woman’s Club near
where my parents live. It has some of the oldest graves in M’Boro with
burial plots of the Lawrence, Barnes, Winborne families. I found the grave
of the father of my friend, Isaac Hall Pipkin. Ike’s dad was George Henri
Pipkin (April 24, 1 902 to September l0, l988). He is buried beside Captain
Isaac Pipkin, CSA. Mr. George Henri Pipkin’s tombstone includes the
following information: grandson of Isaac Pipkin [I am assuming the Civil
War captain beside whom he is buried] and son of Isaac Pipkin and Agnes
Penny Pipkin. Sincerely, Tom Vann

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  1. I am also a descendant of this family. Margaret Pipkin married Benjamin Barnes and their son, John married Christian Brinkley and had a child, Mary Barnes (unknown birth date). Mary married Charles Brinkley (born about 1808) and were parents to Catherine J. Brinkley, born around 1834.
    I would love to find out more about this Charles Brinkley (there seems to be also a Charles J. Brinkley.) I can’t find who Charles Brinkley’s parents were. Do you also know of a John Taylor from Gates Co.? Seems that’s where a lot of my family were from. thanks so much for this great information.

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