Soloman Mayer & Sophie Mayer

Bob’s Great Grandparents:

Solomon MAYER 1854 – 1923 | parents
& 1881 Sophie MAYER 1861 – 1944 | parents

of New York City


Hulda’s Birthday Present
17 June 1904 in Dresden, Germany
Sophie, Sol, and Harriet Mayer

Solomon Mayer was born 11 April 1854 in Reichelsheim, Germany son of Hayum Joseph Mayer and his wife Esther Mayer.
He became a citizen of the United States 1875 at Sept. Ct. in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.
He married 1881 in Jersey City, NJ Sophie Mayer.
He owned a tobacco shop on 42nd St in New York City. He died 30 Nov 1923 in New York City.

Sophie Mayer was born 24 July 1861 in Jersey City, NJ the daughter of Moses Mayer and his wife Ernestine Mayer.
She died 7 May 1944 in New York City.

Children of Solomon Mayer and Sophie Mayer:
1. Hulda Eva Mayer 17 Jun 1882 NJ – 17 Sept 1931 NYC
married 1903 J. Charles Weschler lawyer
2. Grace Mayer 18 Feb 1884 NJ – 7 May 1935 TX
married 1st Bernard J Benjamin
married 2nd ? Garner
3. Harriet Mayer 28 Mar 1885 – 11 Dec 1967 NYC
married Isaac Simons 12 Apr 1879 – 23 Apr 1939
“was in scrap metal and later real estate with his brother-in-law Charlie Weschler”

simonsi 1910 Uncle Ike holding Helen and Elsa

4. Jessie Mayer 28 Oct 1886 – 17 Dec 1887 dy
5. Jerome Mayer 13 Jan 1888 – 14 Aug 1967 NYC
married 1st ca 1917 Irma Wheatfield ca 1897 –
married 2nd 28 Mar 1929 Florence Shulof 29 Jan 1899 NYC – 17 April 2002 age 103
6. Beatrice Mayer 1 June 1893 – 21 July 1897 dy

related to Sally Aug 17 1997 by Anita Weschler:
“Grandfather had a little tobacco store on 42nd St between Broadway & 6th Ave. (I think) of course he owned the building. United? Tobacco wanted to buy it– asked him to be a partner (as they wanted that location). Grandma said, “No, Let’s travel!” So they did. (sold the building and traveled around the world) – wore swed money belts – went by ships mostly. They went to Japan first. Then they stayed in the Bombey Hotel where I (Anita) stayed many years later.”

4-generations of sorts: Elsa Weschler Koestler, her grandmother Sophie Mayer,
Bobby Koestler, and her father J. Charles Weschler. 1933

Grandchildren of Solomon Mayer and Sophie Mayer:

1955 family gathering at Long Hill
Charles Weschler’s Birthday Party photo by Bob Koestler

Children of J. Charles Weschler and Hulda Eva Mayer:
1. Anita Ruth Weschler 11 Dec 1903 – 12 March 2000 New York City
married 1928 Herbert E. Solomon 23 Aug 1902 – 13 Nov 1995
2. Elsa Marion Weschler 12 July 1909 – 14 Sept 1993 Ithaca, NY
married 1 March 1931 Melvin Joseph Koestler 1907 – 1979
a. Robert Charles Koestler 1932 –
married Sally Moore
had Julie, Jane and David
b. Nancy E Koestler d. 1961

Child of Bernard J. Benjamin and Grace Mayer:
1. Gertrude Benjamin 2 Feb 1908 – 8 Oct 1992 Fla., no issue
married 1st 1928 NYC Murray Weingarten
married 2nd 1932 NYC Fred Solomon

Children of Isaac Simons and Harriet Mayer:
1. Helen Louise Simons 1 Dec 1909 NJ – 1 Aug 2000 Buffalo NY
married 1st 1932 Morton Kapp 24 Dec 1895 – Mar 1961 New York City
ink manufacturer
a. Edward Kapp 1936 – 1973 NJ
married Gail Jackson
had Andrew, Stuart, and Geoffrey


Snapped at Helen’s party

b. Barbara Kapp

1938 Morton and Helen Kapp

married 2nd Dr. Norman Heilburn 7 Feb 1906 – Jan 1985 Buffalo NY
2. Joseph M. Simons 11 Aug 1914 – 20 Mar 1995
married Gertrude “Trudy” Moriarity
a. Michael Simons
had Rose, Michael, Angela
b. Jeffrey Simons
had Andrew, Jennifer
c. Ellen Louise Simons
d. Joanne Simons
had Brian Andrew

Child of Jerome Mayer and Irma Wheatfield:
1. John Charles Mayer 31 Dec 1918 New York City – 24 June 2011 Brasil
married 1st 1942 Salisbury MD Marion Cohen (div)
a. John Charles Nason 1945 – Attorney
     (formerly known as John Charles Mayer, Jr.)
married Betsy Dale Valenstein
 i. Margot Claire Nason of Woodstock, NY,
 married Matthew Abeysekera 
1. Arlo Graham Abeysekera 
  2. Romy Astrid Abeysekera
(John’s two grandchildren).

b. Suzanne Alice Mayer (Nason) 1949 –
married Michael Stein
married 2nd Dorothy Mildred Levine Brown (div)
c. Nancy Ann Mayer 1955 NY –
married David I Salman
had Joseph and Lon


Thanksgiving at Elsa’s

d. Heidi Lou Mayer 1959 NY –
married Jose Manoel dos Reis Neto
had Juliana, Patricia, and Felipe

Cousins meet: Dinner given by Helen Heilburn
That’s Mel Koestler standing with the camera

married 3rd Lisette Adorno
married 4th Barbara

Child of Jerome Mayer and Florence Shulof
1. Hugh Mayer 9 Feb 1930 New York City – 7 Oct 2005 Switzerland
married 1st Nadine (div)
a. Christianne Claire Mayer
married Philippe Belzer
married 2nd Helena
b. Patrick Hugh Mayer
married Laurence Daudin 1975 –
have Eleonore, Benedicte and Laetitia

c. Guenevere Anne Mayer

Hugh with Gwen and Patrick

Breakfast at Elsa’s: Hugh Mayer’s family, Koestler’s & Helen Heilburn
Elsa’s Sprinkler: Gwen M, Dave K, and Patrick M

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