John Macland & Elizabeth Needham

John Macland ca 1640 – 1705
& Elizabeth Needham?
of Isle of Wight Co, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Makerland received a land grant in 1664


On page 473 of the Isle of Wight County, Virginia Deed Book 1, it gives the estate information of John Macland. It names his daughter Alice Bryant, Grandchildren Nicholas, John, and Elizabeth Perry, grandchildren Needham, William, John, Mary, and Alice Bryant, and wife Elizabeth Macland.

1705 Will of John Macland

Children of John Macland & wife Elizabeth:
1. Elizabeth Macland
married John Perry
a. Nicholas Perry on 1703 tax list Nancemond Co
b. John Perry ca 1690 – 1760 Bertie Co
married 1st Elizabeth ?
married 2nd Sarah Walton
c. Elizabeth Perry
2. Alice Macland
married John Bryan[t]
a. Needham Bryant 23 Feb 1690 –
married 11 Nov 1711 Annie Rombeau?
married 2nd Susannah Harrell
married 3rd Sarah Woodward
b. William Bryant bef 1705 –
c. John Bryant bef 1705 –
married Elizabeth Joyner
i. William Bryan[t]
married ca 1740 Sarah Smith
ii. Arthur Bryan[t]
married Mary Smith sister of Sarah
iii. Elizabeth Bryan[t]
married Dr. David Hopper
d. Mary Bryant bef 1705 –
e. Alice Bryant bef 1705 –


I am a long time researcher on the Perry family of VA, NC and SC. I have just tracked down your transcription of the will of John Mackland (Markland, MacLoud) of Isle of Wight County, VA, 28? June 1705.Mackland names daughter Alise Bryant, grandchildren Nicholas Perry, John Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Needham Bryant, Wm Bryant, John Bryant, Mary Bryant, Alise Bryant, wife Elizabeth. Wits: Arthur Smith Mackland, Mary Smith, Eliz West.

I have always thought this line was the Virginia ancestry for John Perry (b c. 1690 d 1760 in Bertie County, N C) who moved there from Upper Parish, Nancemond Co, Va by the 1720s. He married first Elizabeth, then Sarah . . .
I am descended from John and Sarah’s third son Benjamin Perry born about 1730
in Bertie Co, NC. Their eldest son was name Nicholas who married Mourning Spier

Given the names in the MacLand will (Bryant, West, Smith) many of whom are later assoicated with the Perrys in NC, and the name Nicholas Perry, I feel this Mackland line is a better bet than the more often cited line from Grace and Philip Perry. I have written to you and copied to several other researchers who have the done work on the Needham Bryant and John Perry lines to see if you have any direct evidence linking this John Mackland’s named Perry grandchildren to John Perry d 1760 in Bertie Co, NC. . .Rebecca Starr


I descend from John Macland through his daughter Alice that married William Bryan.
I also am descended through Ezekiel Perry that was born ca 1737 that married Elizabeth Docton. He has been “said” to be a son of Benjamin Perry. I see that you have “an” Ezekiel there, and have him born ca 1735 and married to Sarah Eason. I could be dead wrong,
but I have this Ezekiel as being born ca 1755 and being married ca 1776. I also have “an” Ezekiel Perry, Jr. born ca 1755 that ends up in SC married to a Mary “Polly” Watson. He is the son of my Ezekiel Perry and Elizabeth Docton. Thoughts? – Lea L Dowd


e-mail from Barry Hayes Feb 05 – Needham’s maternal grandmother, mother of Elizabeth MacLand (orMaccloode, Maceloud, Mackloud, and Macloode as their names appear in Surry and in several Nansemond patents), may have been a Needham.
The idea of a Bryan-Needham marriage in England was just more of that family legend about which sparks continue to fly on the internet; there were probably enough untraced Needhams in 17th century Virginia, as noted below, without the need to go back and look for them in England.]
The various spellings in the records of Surry County (Maccloode, Maceloud, Mackloud, and Macloode) are those deciphered by William Lindsay Hopkins when he was abstracting the deed books. Without having perused the originals, I suppose the name was something like the common “McCloud.” You have posted his patent of 1664 on the Western Branch of the Nansemond River.
He was probably a nephew of the “Daniel Mattland (indexed Macland),” according to Mrs. Chapman’s abstract of Daniel’s will of 1680, p. 20, that mentioned his son Daniel and named “cousin [sic: nephew?] John” an executor.
The son of this Daniel may have been the “Daniel Maclood” who was a headright of Epaphroditus Benton of Nansemond on 20 April 1682. See Nugent, II, 239.
On the same day (20 April 1682), “John Macloode” patented 270 acres in the Lower Parish of Surry adjacent Nicholas Sessoms (Nugent, II, 231),
and on 21 November 1693, “John Macloode” and Elizabeth, who surrendered her dower, deeded this property to Nicholas Sessoms, except for 70 acres deeded to Robert Caufield. See Surry Deeds, Wills, Etc., # 4, p. 334.
“Daniel Maceloud” witnessed a deed of John Young in Surry on 5 November 1709 (ibid., # 5, p. 437).
The Perry family of London merchants had strong ties in Surry, and John “MacLand [sic]” named his Perry grandchildren in his will of 1705, as well as the children of his daughter “Alice Bryant.” But who was the Bryan “MacLand” whose estate was appraised by Hodges Council in 1708 (Chapman, p. 47) ?
As for the Needhams, in 1621 a John Needham was a headright of George Sandys of the Company. Thomas Needham was a headright of Robert Bennett of Upper Norfolk (Nansemond) on 18 February 1638; he was quite possibly the same Thomas Needham of Elizabeth City, mentioned along with “his heirs [unnamed]” in the patent of James Wallace on 19 December 1711 to part of a grant to Samuel Stevens of 2,000 acres in 1637 (Nugent, I, 101; III, 122).
Daniel Needham was a headright of Edward Hall of Lower Norfolk on 11 May 1652.
John and Richard Needham were headrights of Francis Burnell of New Kent 14-28 October 1657 and of John Sellaway and William Mayo of Kingsale Swamp, Isle of Wight, respectively, on 16 April 1683 (Nugent, I, 4, 349; II, 254).
William Mayo was the uncle-in-law of Hodges Council’s daughter, Lucy Council Wooten.

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  1. thanks for this info…. I too descend from the Needham & Bryan lines, and have been trying to ascertain whether it was Alice Macland, Alice Needham, or who! married William Bryan (1655-1742). I have both my Paternal and Maternal lines at stake here.


    the Bryans, so far as I can tell, descend from the Plantagenet line, through Anne (Plantagenet) of Woodstock (dau. of Thomas Plantagenet, who was a son of Edward III Plantagenet.)

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