Abner Eason & Rachel Docton

Abner Eason ca 1725 – 1794 | his parents
& Rachel Docton 1731 – ? | her parents
of Perquimans County and Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

the view from Perry’s Bridge in Perquimans Co, NC
photo by Zane Perry

Rachel Docton 1731 –
married bef 1764 Abner Eason ca 1725 – bef May 1794 Bertie co
son of George [will 1774 Perq] and Sarah

Children of Abner Eason and Rachel Docton:
1. Jacob Eason bef 1753 – bef Nov 1778 Bertie co
married 1 Nov 1774 Mary Walton dau of William and Rachel
2. Sarah Eason
married ca 1776 [Capt] Ezekiel Perry 1755 – 1813 Hertford Co, NC
son of Benjamin Perry
3. Abner Eason jr – 1815 died aft 10 Jan 1815 Bertie
married Elizabeth Bond
4. Joseph Eason – 1816 died aft 29 Jan 1816 Bertie co
5. George Eason bef 1774 –
? married Bertie co 18 Dec 1791 Ann Carney
Absalom Carney, Bm; Cader Powell, wit
6. Absillah Eason
married bef 1792 John Rhodes d Smith Co TN 1808
7. Unknown Eason died bef 1772
married ca 1770 Frederick Lassiter
Fred married 2nd 1772 Sarah Walton
8. Another unknown daughter Eason
married Robert Lassiter Jr.

Bertie Co, NC May Term 1794
In the Name of God Amen: I Abner Eason of the State of North Carolina and County of Bertie being of Sound and disposing mind and memory Thanks be to Almighty God for the same but calling to mind human frailty and that it is appointed for all men to die do constitute make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. In maner and form following to wit:
Item. I leave the use of one third part of my land and plantation I now live on to my Beloved Wife Rachel Eason During her widowhood or natural life but at her marriage or death I give the said land to my son George Eason. I also leave my said Wife the use of three negros during her natural life namley Capt Dinar & Hastey and my sorrell Meir side saddl & Gridle one feather bed and furniture but at her death I leave the said negro men with their Inereye and the other goods & chatter to be sold and the money arising therefrom to be Equally Divided to and amongst my children namleyAbner Eason Joseph Eason George Eason Absillah Rhoads & Sarah Perry and their heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Abner Eason two negros namely Will and Cate they and their Increase I say unto him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Eason one half of my Land Lying in conereticy(?) firocosan(?) adjuoining James Wood, line I say unto him and his heirs forever I allso give unto my G.son Joseph Eason two negros namley Daviey bought of Sleight and mol ?? and their Increase I say unto him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son George Eason the plantation where on I now live with all the Land thereunto adjoining I say unto him and his heirs forever I allso give unto my said son George Eason my water griss mill and saw mill with all the utensells thereunto belonging I say unto him and heirs forever I allso give unto my son George Eason one half of my land ying in coneritirs procoson I say unto him and his heirs forever I allso give unto my son George Eason two negroes namely Ned and Davey with one feather bed and furniture and my blacksmith ?? say unto him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give unto my Daughter Absillah Rhoads two negros namley Hagar and Miles they and their Increase I say unto her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give unto my Daughter Sarah Perry two negros namely Priss and Abram they and their Increase unto her and heirs forever.
Item. I give unto my Grandson Jethro Lassiter two negros namely Philles & Edey they and their Increase unto him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give unto my grandson Robert Lassiter one negro boy named Isom unto him and his heirs forever.
I give unto my two Grandaughters, Rachel Garrett and Sarah Eason, Daughters of Jacob Eason, Decd., five shilling, Each. The Reason I give them no more I have already given their parts.
Item. I leave my stock of cattle hogs and sheap to be equally Divided between my wife Rachel Eason and my son George Eason the one-half to my wife During her widowhood or natural Life and there to be Divided amongst my Children namley Abner Eason, Joseph Eason, George Eason, Absillah Rhoads & Sarah Perry and my Grandson Jethro Lassiter to them and their heirs forever, the other half to my son George Eason and his heirsforever.
Item. My will and desire is that my Executor hereafter named sel at there non discussion as many of the negros not given away in Legacies as will pay my Just Debts after my decease.
Item. All the Residue of my Estate not given away in Legises after my Just debts being paid be at of what natureeakn(?) dower I Leave to be Equally Divided between my beloved wife Rachel Eason and my Chidlren namley Abner Eason, Joseph Eason, George Eason, Absillah Rhoads, Sarah Perry and my Granson Jethro Lassiter, share and share alike my wife having a childe part her part after her death to be Divided amoungst the Children above sd the other parts to them and their heirs forever.
Lastly I nomonate constitute and appoint my two sons Abner Eason and Joseph Eason my whole and sade Executors to this my last Will and Testament to be the same duly compled with and I do hereby Revoke and Dysmiss all other former Wills by me made Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. It Witness, whereas of I have here unto Set my hand and afixed my seal this seventh day of November One thousand seven hundred and ninety two; Signed sealed published pronounced and Declared by the said Abner Eason as his Last Will and Testamant.
In Presense of us: William Cherry, Thomas Bond, Ezekiel Thomas.
State of North Carolina, Bertie County, May Term 1794. The Last Will & Testament of Abner Eason, Decd. was proved in Due form of Law by the Oath of Thomas Bond & Ezekiel Thomas, two of the subscribing Witnesses and Ordered to be Recorded. Steven Gray, Cl.

Descendants of Abner Eason and Rachel Docton:

Children of Jacob Eason and Mary Walton:
1. Rachel Eason ca 1775 –
married 1790 Jacob Garrett 1771 – bef 1814
2. Sarah Eason ca 1777 – April 1852 Haywood Co TN
married ca 1794 William Jones ca 1768 – ca 1828 Hertford Co NC

Children of Ezekiel Perry and Sarah Eason:
1. Abner Perry ca 1758 – 1810 Hertford Co
married 1783 Peggy Burns of Bertie Co. died ca 1805
2. Abram Perry lived Bertie Co
3. Docton Perry bef 1764 -died after 1820 lived Bertie Co
see Jacob Docton’s will above
4. Susannah Perry
5. Simeon Perry ca 1770 – 1790 Census Hertford Co
married Martha Ann Bains
daughter of William Bains and wife Winifred of Bertie Co
6. others

Children of Abner Eason [will 1815 Bertie Co] and wife Elizabeth:
1. John Eason
2. Joseph Eason
3. Abner Eason
4. Solomon Eason
5. Thomas Eason
6. Penelope Eason
married Bertie Co NC 25 Dec 1797 William Gardner
7. Absilah Eason
married Bertie Co NC 7 Feb 1806 Henry A Powell
8. Rachel Eason
married —- Watford
9. Elisabeth Eason

Children of Joseph Eason [will 1816 Bertie Co]:
1. Isaac Eason
2. Rachel Eason
married —- Miller
3. Jennett Eason

Children of George Eason and Ann:

Children of Absillah Eason and John Rhodes:
1. Rachel Rhodes
married Frederick Lassiter Jr. ca 1773 – removed to mid TN 1797

Child of older sister Eason and Frederick Lassiter:
1. Jethro Lassiter

Child of 2nd older sister Eason and Robert Lassiter Jr.
1. Robert Lassiter III ca 1767 – 1797 Bertie Co NC without issue
2. Sarah Lassiter
married Josiah Howell
a. Eason Howell
3. Mourning Lassiter

see also web site of Carol Shrader

e-mail from Marilyn Owen
Dear Sally,
Abner Eason is also one of my husband’s ancestors. As is shown in Abner’s will, proved 1794, Bertie Co., NC, he decrees: “I give to my grandson Jethro Lassiter, 2 negros, Phillis & Idey. I give my grandson Robert Lassiter one negro boy named Ison.”

Grandson Jethro Lassiter was the son of Frederick Lassiter and his [unknown named] 1st wife, a daughter of Abner Eason. It has been assumed that grandson Robert Lassiter, was also a son of Frederick, but THIS IS INCORRECT. Grandson Robert Lassiter’s mother, was another [name unknown] daughter of Abner Eason. [both daughters had pre-deceased Abner].

Grandson Robert Lassiter was the son of Robert Lassiter Jr. by his [name unknown] Eason wife. Robert Lassiter Jr.’s father, Robert Lassiter Sr., names these grandchildren in his will proved in Gates Co., NC in 1780:

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my gran daughter SARAH LASSITER daughter of ROBERT LASSITER deceased, my two negroes namely Rody and Jimy. Also one fether bed and furniter[sic] to be delivered to her when she coms[sic] to lawful eage[sic] or at her marriage, they and their increase to be delivered by my Executor Job Riddick.
ITEM: I give and bequeath to my gran daughter MOURNING LASSITER daughter of ye afforsaid ROBERT LASSITER, my negro Jesse and in case that either Sarah or Morning afforsaid should die without isue that ye surveying[sic] sister shall have both ye parts when they or she comes of Lawfull eage or marryes[sic]
ITEM: I give and bequeath to my granson ROBERT LASSITER son of ROBERT LASSITER afforsaid five pounds lawfull money of the Province and to be his full share of my Estate.

Robert Lassiter, the grandson of both Abner Eason & Robert Lassiter Sr., died without heirs in Bertie Co., NC in 1797 My husband descends from Sarah Lassiter, sister of Robert Lassiter, who died in 1797. Sarah married Josiah Howell. Josiah & Sarah named a son, Eason. Josiah Howell was the executor of John Rhodes Sr.’s will in Smith Co., TN in 1808. John Rhodes Sr. was the husband, of Absillah Eason Rhodes, another daughter of Abner Eason. Thus, John Rhodes’ wife, was the aunt of Josiah Howell’s wife, Sarah Lassiter Howell.

To recap, Abner Eason had TWO daughters who pre-deceased him. One married Frederick Lassiter and had Jetro Lassiter; the other married Robert Lassiter Jr., and had Robert Lassiter III.

Marilyn Owen

Jacob Docton ca 1710 – 1764 | his parents
& ca 1735 Sarah Hunter ca 1720 – ? | her parents
& 1765 Hance Hoffler

of Perquimans County NC

Jacob Docton ca 1710 – 1764
married Sarah [possibly dau of Robert Hunter will 1753 son of William]

Jacob Docton was the son of Thomas Docton will 1754 Perquimans Co NC.
Thomas Docton listed 1704 Quit Rent Rolls for Nansemond Co VA with 200 ac land

Hance Hofler was maried in Perquimans County 30 Nov 1765 to Sarah, the widow of Jacob Docton of Chowan Co. Joseph Smith was bondsman and John Harvey Jr was witness.

Perquimans Wills – Docton, Jacob 26 Jan 1764 Apr Ct 1764 Grandson Jacob Eason (son of Abner) grandson Jacob Bagley (son of Samuel) grandson Docton Perry, daughters Christian Collins, Rachel Eason, Sarah Bagley, Mary Hill and Elizabeth Perry; wife Sarah and son-in-law Abner Eason Exrs. Test: Job Price, Zebah Fields. Hathaway 2-169

Children of Jacob Docton and wife Sarah:
1. Christian Docton
married ca 1763 Nathan Cullens
2. Rachel Docton 1731 –
married bef 1764 Abner Eason ca 1725 – bef May 1794 Bertie co
son of George [will 1774 Perq] and Sarah
3. Sarah Docton
married bef 1758 Samuel Bagley
31 Jan 1758 Deed of Gift Jacob Docton to son-in-law Samuel Bagley, Bricklayer
(reference, Perquimans County Deed Book F, Item 276, pg. 392)

a. Jacob Bagley bef 1764 –
b. William Bagley
4. Mary Docton
married bef 1764 ? Hill
5. Elizabeth Docton ca 1742 –
married bef 1764 Ezekiel Perry 1742 – aft 1807 SC
a. Docton Perry bef 1764 – aft 1821
married Mary Yarbrough 1779 -1848
b. Simeon Perry ca 1762 – 1831 SC
married ? Cotten dau of Cullen
c. Ezekiel Perry ca 1768 – 1833 SC
married Mary Watson ca 1779 – 1857 SC
d. James Perry bef 1775 – aft 1807
married Sarah Watson – aft 1800
e. Penelope Perry ca 1763 NC –
married 1779 John Wimberley 1755 NC – 1835 GA
f. Clara Perry 1786 – 1841 SC
married Matthias Jones 1779 Roanoke, VA –
g. Sarah Perry
married Jesse Pitts died bef Nov 1811

Thomas Docton ca 1670 – 1754 | his parents
& Elizabeth | her parents
of Anne Arundel Co, MD and Perquimans Co NC

Thomas Docton was born about 1670 in Anne Arundel County, MD son of Thomas Docton. The name is sometimes written as Dockton

Thomas Docton received 150 acres in Nansemond County in the will of Symon Hoges written 15 March 1676 and proved 20 June 1676. He was still a minor at the time and was living in Anne Arundel County Maryland.
He had removed to Perquimans County NC by 1703.
Thomas was a Justice of the Peace 1731 – 1741.

Oct 18, 1731. Perquimans Co., NC Deed Book C No. 41: Thomas Docton, of Perq Esq, for “love I bear my son-in-law Samuel Perry” of same, planter—have given 180a on S.side of Indian branch, where he now dwells to a line between him & Benj Willson, at his death to gr-child Rachell Perry Oct 18, 1731.

Children of Thomas Docton and wife Elizabeth:
1. Ann? Docton 1708 –
married Robert Riddick Esq ca 1710 – 1775
brother of Joseph Riddick who married Hannah Hunter
Robert Riddick made Deeds of Gift to his five sons in Perquimans Co.
1765 Tax List Perq.: Robert Riddick Esq. with Jacob, Seth, and Docton + 3 sl

a. Jobe Riddick ca 1744 [1740?] VA- on 1765 tax list with 3 slaves
married ca 1768 Prudence Lassiter 1747 – dau of Robert Lassiter
i. Lassiter Riddick 1770 Gates Co –
1. Robert Riddick
2. Elizabeth Riddick
married Dr. John Gatling
3. Thomas Riddick 5 Mar 1807 – 2 Feb 1858
married 1st Elizabeth Moore
married 2nd Miss Lewis
ii. Millicent Riddick 1771 Perq. Co
married 1785 Benjamin Perry Esq 1760 Perq.
1. Mary Perry 26 Oct 1786 –
2. Thomas Perry 27 Jan 1789 –
3. James Perry 13 Aug 1792 –
4. Joseph Perry 20 Dec 1796 –
5. Christian Perry 20 Dec 1798 –
b. Seth B Riddick ca 1753 – 1824 DG reg May 1775
married 1772 Leah Hunter d. 8Jan 1808
i. Robert Riddick
married 8 Feb 1813 Sarah Hollowell
ii. Jobe Riddick
married 1809 Leah Costen d. 1816
iii. Docton Riddick will 1857
iv. Mary Riddick
v. Elizabeth Riddick
married Bond
c. Docton Riddick ca 1747 [1729?] –
married 1 Mar 1776 Elizabeth Sumner 1743 Chowan Co –
daughter of Samuel Sumner and Martha [Pattie] Alston
i. Mary Riddick ca 1775 – aft 1836
married John William Hayes ca 1769 – 1834
ii. Samuel Riddick 1777 Gates Co –
d. Jacob Riddick ca 1749 [1735] – 20 Apr 1799 DG reg May 1775
married Sarah Hollowell ca 1721 [ca 1739] Nansemond Co –
i. William Riddick 7 Sept 1763 Nansemond Co – 20 May 1824
married 10 Apr 1804 Mary Elizabeth Carver
ii. Willis Riddick ca 1764 – 1832
buried in the Jacob Riddick cemetery Perquimans Co
iii. Absolah Riddick 3 Mar 1773 –
married Gabriel White
iv. Christian Riddick 1769 –
married Hudson
e. Robert Riddick ca 1755 – 1806 DG reg Nov 1786
married 17 Sept 1785 Milley Blanchard 1764 –
i. Robert Riddick ca 1786 –
ii. Willis J Riddick ca 1795 – bef 1850
married 6 Mar 1822 Priscilla Hinton dau of James
1. Jobe Riddick 24 Aug 1823 Gates co NC – 19 Sept 1878 Coffeeville Miss
2. Mills Riddick 2 July 1828 Gates Co – 1898 Gates Co
3. Leuto? Riddick ca 1836 –
4. Wiley Riddick ca 1838 – went to Miss with Jobe
5. Alexander Riddick 1845 – 1899 Hertford Co NC
6. James Welcome Riddick 1846 – 18 Sept 1902
7. Mary Ann Riddick 1846 – 13 Oct 1867
iii. James M Riddick ca 1803 – ca 1835
1. John G Riddick
2. Emmy Riddick
? f. a daughter
married Robert Parker
2. daughter Docton
married Samuel Perry ca 1700 – 1760
a. Rachel Perry
3. Jacob Docton ca 1710 –
married Sarah Hunter
4. Judith Docton 1702 –
married Benjamin Wilson 19 Dec 1694 –
5. Elizabeth Docton 1704 –
married John Price
6. Louise Docton
7. Rebecca Docton
married Lewis Bond
a. Elizabeth Bond
8. Ruth Docton
9. Christian Docton

George Eason ? – 1774 | his parents
& Sarah ? | his parents
of Perquimans Co NC

Children of George Eason and Sarah:
1. Jesse Eason
2. Moses Eason
a. Sarah Eason bef 1774 –
b. Rachel Eason bef 1774 –
3. Abner Eason
a. George Eason bef 1774 –
4. George Eason
a. Abraham Eason bef 1774 –
b. Sarah Eason bef 1774 –
c. Isaac Eason bef 1774 –
d. Betsy Eason bef 1774 –
e. Job Eason bef 1774 –
5. Sarah Eason [dau in law]
a. Seth Eason bef 1774 –
b. Moses Eason bef 1774 –

Chowan Co, NC Deed Book C #1 pg 20 John Perry of the upper Parish of Nansemond in Va. and Elizabeth his wife to George Eason of Perquimans Prect. 28 Mar. 1720 2£ 10 shillings sterling Money of Great Britain 117 acres in Perquimans Prect. Joining Thomas Speight all houses, orchards etc. part of a Pattent for 234 acres granted 9 Mar 1717/18 to the sd. Perry. Wit: Thomas Eason (T his mark) Thomas Speight Ack. 29 Mar 1720 before me Fred. Jones, Ch. Just. M M Hofmann’s abstract

Chowan Co, NC Deed Book C #1 pg 27 John Perry of the upper Parish of Nansemond in Va. and Elizabeth his wife to Thomas Eason of Perquimans Prect. 28 Mar. 1720 6£ 5shillings sterling Money of Great Britain 117 acres in Perquimans Prect. joining James Speight, Thomas Davis, and land conveyed by Perry to Eason part of 234 acres granted 9 Mar 1717/18 to the sd. Perry. Wit: George Eason, (G his mark), Thomas Speight. Ack. 29 Mar 1720 before me F. Jones, Ch. Just. M M Hofmann’s abstract

Chowan Co, NC Deed Book C #1 pg 242 James Parker of Chowan prect to William Eason of the Prect afsd 12 July 1722 a deed of gift 50 acres more or less, joining William Eason, Runayroy Marsh, a Pond and the sd. Parker. all Houses, Gardains, Orchards, etc. Wit: William Jones, Henry Eason Ack 12 July 1722 before me C Gale, Ch Just. Reg 6 Aug 1722 M M Hofmann’s abstract

Chowan Co, NC Deed Book C #1 pg 296 William Eason of Albemarle Co to Taylor Oquin late of Nansemond Co VA 12 July 1722 for the love I bear my loving friend 320 acres joining a marsh and James Blount part of a pattent granted to the sd William Eason in 1721 Wit: William Jones, James Parker Ack 17 July 1722 before me C Gale Ch Just. Reg 20 Sept 1722 M M Hofmann’s abstract

William Eason 27 Jan 1734/35 – May Ct 1736 Bertie Co NC
— wife Anne – use of my plantation during her widowhood
–son William – when he is twenty one
— son George – when he is twenty one
— my brother George shall bring up and look after son George until he is 21.
— at wife’s death or marriage, all my horses, cattle, etc shall be devided among all my children.
EX: brothers Thomas Eason and George Eason
Wit: Henry Baker, Samuel Smith, John [x] Hennard

John Jones, planter 25 Sept 1750 – May Ct 1751 Bertie Co
— wife Juda
— sons Solomon, Joseph, William, John, and James Jones
— daughter Mary Jones
Ex: friend John Brown
Wit: Thomas Eason, John Roberson, John Hare, Solomon Howard

George Eason Sr 12 May 1774 – July Ct 1774 Perquimans Co NC
— son Jesse Eason
— son Moses Eason
— son Abner Eason
— son George Eason
— daughter in law Sarah Eason
— grandsons Seth and Moses [sons of Sarah]
— grandchildren Sarah and Rachel Eason [daughters of Moses]
— grandson George Eason [son of Abner]
— grandson Abraham Eason [son of George]
— granddaughter Sarah Eason [daughter of George]
— grandson Isaac Eason [son of George]
— granddaughter Betsy Eason [d of George]
— grandson Job Eason [son of George]
— sons Jesse and Abner Exrs.
Test: Wm King, Dempsey Eason, Thomas Small

e-mail from Bob Melson melsonr(at)earthlink(dot)net: I believe my 3g grandfather, Joseph Sydney Eason (b. bet 1782-1789) may descend from George, Sr., via his son Moses. There are a couple of indications that, in addition to the daughters mentioned in George’s will, Moses had three sons, among them a Rice Eason (b. abt 1760, d. ? 1805). Rice fits the age and location profile to be the father of Joseph Sydney, but I can find nothing that makes me leap up with cries of “Eureka!” regarding his parentage.
My line, btw, as I _think_ it might be: George Eason Sr -> Moses -> Rice -> Joseph Sydney -> Manerva Caroline (m. Samuel Studdard) -> Arvaline Wynn (m. John B. Gresham) -> Nan (m. Walter D. Melson) -> Gresham Eason -> me. I have sufficient proof for Joseph Sydney forward but am not satisfied with Joseph’s own line of descent. RGM

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  1. Sent a post in 2016 and am reposting for the same information. I visit your website frequently to see if there are any updates. I am looking for the parentage of Louisa Eason Walker who married Noah Thomas Perry. I know where they are buried and also know that there were a lot of Perrys, Easons, and Walkers in Beaufort, Perquimans, Martin counties. I also know that my lineage on my grandmother’s side is connected to the Smithwicks and see that the aforementioned families (grandfather’s side) are interconnected with the Smithwicks. Old families, old English colony roots. Can you help me out?

  2. I am looking for information on a Jesse Eason born 1810 in North Carolina, lived in Johnston County. He married a Mary or Molly Tisdale. I am descended from their child Alexander Eason. I thought maybe he had a connection to George’s son Jesse? I’d appreciate any info on either of them!

  3. I am fairly new to geneology and don’t have a clue how I will see any help offered, but her goes. I am having a difficult time organizing my Lassiter Eason line. I believe, but may have errors, that I am:
    Glenda (born McElhaney) 1963 – present
    Patricia (born Park) 1940 – present
    Goldie (born Coffield) 1914 – 2000
    Jesse Isaac Coffield 1888 – 1949
    Isaac Edward Coffield 1867 – 1946
    Alfred Haywood Coffield 1840 -1919
    Luke A Coffield 1811 – 1880
    Benjamin Coffield 1785 – 1831
    Judith (born Lassiter) 1747 -1795
    Judith (born Eason) 1718 -1776, if husband was Moses (1692) they are many years apart in age, so is this another mistake on my part?
    Abner (1722) and Rachel (Docton) 1731
    The dates do not work, so doubtful I am correct. Am I mistaken about 2 Judiths?
    Is anybody able to help me clean it up?

  4. I am trying to find the correct line of eason’s from NC. I am Deborah Kay Eason-Stowe, my dad was Robert Junior Eason from Wade. NC. His father was Charles Lewis Eason of Wade, NC died July 29, 1945 I never got to me him I was born in 1956. I am on ancestry. his father was George Washington Eason listed on his death certificate who died Mar. 23, 1915 NC and was married to Mary Jane Godwin abt.1897. Then on George’s dead certificate William Eason and Charity Frances Lewis were listed as his parents. William was b. abt 1799-1805 in Cumberland county, NC. from here this is what I have Sanders Eason married to Francis Harris Rogers about 1791 and he died May 22,1822 in Cumberland county, nc. his father Moses Eason Sr. Married to Susannah Rice abt 1760 in NC. he died April 10, 1813. his father George Eason Sr. b. abt 1700 married to Sarah Ann Perry abt 1719 in NC. he died May 12, 1774 in Perquimans Cty, NC. his father William Eason Jr b. abt 1650 in Nansemond, VA married Marry Williams and died Jan. 20, 1718 in NC I guess. then his father is William Eason Sr. b. abt 1624 in Nansemond, VA married Elizabeth Windley and died bef 1704 in Nansemond, VA. this is where I stop I hope it is the right line.

    1. Elizabeth Windley was also married to Hugh Smithwick in Nansemond County, VA. Hugh was an early recipient of a tract of land in the NC territory before NC became a state. The Smithwicks were early land holders around the Cashie River and Edenton, NC…lots of Perrys, Easons, Smithwicks…all in my ancestory. Probably yours too.

  5. Update: I found the marriage recordation of Louisa Eason Perry to Noah Thomas Perry with both of their parents listed. Louisa’s parents were Robert Walker and Amanda Walker. I am still trying to make the Eason-Walker connection. Perhaps Amanda was an Eason.

  6. I think that through your work, I have finally made a connection between my great grandmother Louisa Eason Walker Perry and the Walker/Eason connection. I am still not completely there but my thoughts are that Louisa’s mother was an Eason who married a Walker. It appears that the Perrys, Walkers, and Easons were all in the Perquimans/Beaufort/Martin county areas in the late 1700 to early 1800s. Louisa married Noah Thomas Perry in 1870. I have both of their obits. but nothing mentions their parentage. I know Noah’s but not Louisa’s. Any help out there?

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