William Walton & Rachel Hunter & Mathew Small

Sally’s 4-great-Grandparents:

William Walton ca 1718 – 1771 | parents
& ca 1748 Rachel Hunter ca 1732 – 1803/4 | parents
& bef 1781 Matthew Small 17xx – bef 1803 | parents
of Chowan Co & Gates Co, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Walton, son of William Walton and his wife Hannah (?) ______, was born circa 1718, probably in King & Queen County, VA.
William Walton and Rachel Hunter were married in Chowan Co, NC circa 1748.
Their home had a brick in the chimney dated 1755 indicating the date of its construction.
He was Vestryman of St Paul’s Parish from 1755 until his death.
In 1760 William Walton was Captain of the Militia in Chowan County, North Carolina.
He signed his will on 24 November 1771 in Chowan Co, NC in what is now Gates County.
Rachel Hunter, daughter of Isaac Hunter and his wife Elizabeth Parker was born circa 1732 in Chowan County, NC.
She married 2nd by 1781 Matthew Small.
William Walton & Rachel Small deeded land in 1781 [Gates Co] to James Gregory…500 pds— 300 acres, including several tracts of land, beginning at the mouth of Maple Branch, up the branch to marked gum on William Cowper’s line, to a red oak, a corner tree, N to James Costen’s line and on his line to Jesse Spivey’s line, to Thomas Walton’s line and along his line to M— Swamp and down swamp… signed William Walton and Rachael Small
Wit: John Granbery and Rachal Garrett

Rachel Small & Matthew Small witnessed Demsey Costen’s will on 21 Aug 1782.
Aug. 1783 Rachel’s son Timothy Walton was chosen as guardian by Nancy and Selah Walton her youngest two daughters.
Rachel Hunter Walton Small died 1703/4 in Hertford County.
[1826 deposition by Mills Jernigan in the estate file of Daniel Hunter [d 1797] of Granville Co NC]
…”that he was well acquainted with Rachel Small, who lived in Hertford County & died intestate some time about the year 1803 or 1804. That he has always understood & believes that the said Rachel was the sister of a certain Daniel Hunter who lived & died in the County of Granville.. . that he has also understood that the said Rachel was married in her youth of a man by the name of Walton & after the death of her first husband & after she had become an old woman she married a certain Matthew Small, who died leaving his wife the said, Rachel. That he has been from earliest infancy acquainted with Ann Jones who he has always understood is one of the children of Rachel Small deceased by her first husband Walton. That said Ann married James Jones Esquire of Hertford County who died in the year 1816. That said Ann is now living in Hertford County.”

Children of William Walton and Rachel Hunter
1. Timothy Walton ca 1749 – ca 1821 Hertford/Bertie Co, NC
married a Garrett died bef 1791
married 2nd 28 Feb 1791 Milly Outlaw (Bourbon Jones, Bm)
Timothy Walton lived very close to James Jones – possibly at Pine Tree.
married 3rd 1818 Mrs. Mary Wilkins d 1822 Bertie Co
2. Rachel Walton ca 1751 – Bertie Co
married bef Nov 1771 Jesse Garrett ca 1735 – 1797 Bertie Co
he had married 1st 30 Jan 1756 Rachel Blanchard (Timothy Walton, Bm)
married bef 1804 Abram Rhodes Bertie Co
3. Sarah Walton ca 1753 – 1807 moved to Bertie Co. ca 1781
married 1st 1772 Frederick Lassiter ca 1750 – 1787 Bertie Co
son of Moses Lassiter and Judith Eason
Fred had married 1st ca 1770 daughter of Abner Eason had sons Jethro & Robert

married 2nd 1788 David Standley died 1795 Bertie Co
4. Mary Walton ca 1757 [6 June 1760] – ca 1810 Pitt Co [age about 50 at death]
married 1774 Jacob Eason died bef Nov Ct 1778 Bertie Co
on jury Nov ct 1777; 9 Feb 1779 inventory Bertie Co
married 24 Sept 1779 Bertie Co Solomon Cherry ca 1755/60 – ca 1810 Pitt Co
[age about 50 at death]
5. William Walton 1760 – 6 March 1816 Carthage TN
married Hertford Co Dec 1783 Sarah Jones June 1763 – 30 May 1840 Carthage TN

WWaltonC WmWaltonCem1
Box Graves of Capt William Walton and wife Sarah, Carthage, TN

6. John Walton ca 1761 – 1798 Chowan Co
married bef 1782 Leah Garrett dau of Thomas
Chowan Estates Leah Walton, widow of John Walton 1800 NCHGR Vol 2 -272
7. Thomas Walton ca 1762- nfi
8. Isaac Walton 1 February 1763 – 28 August 1840 Sumner Co TN e-mail Connie
married 1st 1783 Catherine Perry 1764 – 6 September 1824 dau of Josiah
married 2nd 1825 Elizabeth Mansker
9. James Walton ca 1765- Gates Co
married 1786 Mary Walton ca 1766 – 1822 Bertie Co
10. Ann [Nancy] Walton 1766 – 1842
married ca 1787 James Sydney Jones 1765 – 1816
of Pitch Landing Hertford Co NC
11. Celia [Selah] Walton ca 1769 – single in 1807

In the name of God Amen The Twenty fourth day of November One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy one I William Walton in Chowan County and Province of North Carolina being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God, and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give, demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form To Wit — Item: in the first place I give and bequeath to my son Timothy Walton all my land lying on the Water Swamp to the westward of a Line to be run beginning at James Costen’s corner tree a pine standing near a place called a great pond and to run a straight course due South to my outside line, I say to him and his heirs forever. I likewise give to my said son Timothy Walton the one-third part of my copper still and one gun to him & his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son William Walton the plantation whereon I now live and all the Land thereunto belonging to the before-mentioned Line, I likewise give him One-third part of my still both of them to him and his heirs forever, I likewise give to my son William Walton one gun to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son John Walton all my land lying in the Timber pocoson joining William Gibson’s line and John Jones line I say to him and his heirs forever, I likewise give to my said son John Walton the one-third part of my copper still and one nice gun to him and his heirs forever – – —- — – – –
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Walton my negroe boy named Mingo to her and her heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel Garrett my negroe Boy named Jack and ten sheep together with what she has already received and that to be her full share of my Estate to her and her heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Walton my Negro girl named Lucy to Her and Her Heirs forever —–
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Walton my negroe Girl named Patt to her and her heirs forever,
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Celia Walton one negroe girl named Kate to her and her heirs forever – – – – — – – – – –
Item: I give and bequeath to my Three sons Thomas Walton, Isaac Walton & James Walton a Negroe wench called Saul and her Increase, likewise a negroe boy named Dick to be equally divided amongst them, when my said Son Isaac Walton comes of age to them and their heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved wife Rachel Walton my two negroes named Duke & Hager to her and her heirs forever.
Likewise, my will and desire is that all the rest of my Estate not before given be equally divided according to the act of distribution Between my Wife Rachel Walton and my ten children by name Timothy Walton, William Walton, John Walton, Thomas Walton, Isaac Walton, James Walton, Sarah Walton, Mary Walton, Ann Walton & Celia Walton.
I likewise, constitute, make and ordain my two Sons Timothy Walton and William Walton my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul every other testament wills, legacy, and bequeaths and executors by means in any ways before named, willed, and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and did the day and year above written. William Walton
Signed, sealed, publish, and pronounced in the presence of:
Palatiah Walton, Charles Rountree, James Freeman, Jurat, Jno Agav NC Archives.

Walton House, Gates Co.

Of the Walton house, historian Thomas T Waterman said:
“It is outside the normal trend of North Carolina architecture, for many of its features are foreign to the area. It would seem to have been built by artisans from the Delaware River region, perhaps from Salem County, New Jersey . . .The brickwork of the south wall is of exceptional interest as it is enriched with a pattern of glazed headers has undeniably New Jersey character. There are two great lozenges centered on the wall, one above the other, and between them a tile bearing the initials of the builder and the date 1755. This is among the richest brick patterns in North Carolina and exceeds anything in Virginia.
The interior of the Walton House is equally interesting; it has a central hall and a large room on either side; the stair does not ascend from the hall but from the right-hand room, and the upper flight projects into the hall. The end walls of both rooms are paneled with a simple series of panels, but the most significant feature of the design is that the chair rail of the room reoccurs on the doors. While this is common in Maryland and in the Delaware River country, no example whatsoever seems to exist in Virginia. The conclusion is easy to reach that the house is not of Virginia provenance.”

copied from Forgotten Gates by Thomas R Butchko 1991.
The interior of this house is now displayed in the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, NC as the Gates County Room.


From the Vestry Minutes of St Paul’s Parish (Transcribed by R P Fouts)
120-123 June 16, 1755, William Walton elected to Vestry – three-year term; Present 17 June 1755; 5 July 1755 at Constants Chappel; 9 Aug 1755;
125 Present Sept 6 at Constants Chappel;
126 Present 18 Oct 1755 at Constants Chappel;
25 Oct 1755 they appointed Processioners;
128 Present 27 Dec 1755; 129 Present April 24, 1756; 131 Present 22 May 1756; 132 Present 3 June 1756 & 5 Sept 1756; 136 Present Jan 20 1757; 137 Present 7 May 1757; 140 Present 3 Sept 1757; 143 Present 11 Mar 1758; 145-147 William Walton again elected for three year term 6 June 1758;
Present 29 July & 9 Sept & 23 Dec 1758; 149-155 Present Sept 1759; Nov 1759 & Jan 26 1760;
Present on 10 April 1760 and it was ordered that Major Demsey Sumner and Capt William Walton be appointed Church Wardens for this Year. Adjourned to meet at the Church in July court. Demsey Sumner, William Walton, C. W.;
Sept 15, 1760, William Walton re-elected to Vestry at Edenton;
Present 27 Sept 1760; Demsey Sumner & William Walton appointed Church Wardens for the year.
Pres. on 20 Oct 1760; 6 Dec 1760; William Walton C. W. ordered that the Vestry meet at Constants Chappel on Easter Monday Next. “To 2 s paid Wm Walton Church Warden.”
Present Apr 27, 1761; Pres. 9 Oct 1761; 12 May 1762 —
” Ordered that William Walton keep Mary Floyd at 6 sh 11d pr month Clear of the Parish until some other Person will keep her for less money.
Present 26 Oct 1762 in Edenton;
157 The Test “I do declare that I believe that there is not any Transubstantiation in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; or in the Elements of Bread and Wine at or after the Consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, the Declaration to wit: I will not oppose the Doctrine, Discipline, and Liturgy of the Church of England, as by Law established. (signed by) William Walton.
Present 25 April 1763;
Re-elected 1 Aug 1764. Present 1 Aug 1764.
158 Present in Edenton 23 Oct 1764– Processioners again appointed.
160 Present 23 April 1765; 163-165 Present 27 Jan 1766 at Edenton ordered that William Walton be allowed five pounds fifteen shillings for keeping Moses Welwood nine months.
Present 27 Oct 1766;
27 April 1767 William Walton repeated & Subscribed the Test as Vestrymen. 168 27 Oct 1767 Present; 170-175 Present 27 Oct 1768; 21 March 1769;
29 April 1769 Capt William Walton present; Vestry chose Capt William Walton & Samuel Johnston Esq. Church Wardens for the present year.
Present 19 Sept 1769, 21 March 1770;
elected to vestry again on 16 April 1770, Q. on 28 April;
Present 20 June 1770 “Capt William Walton late Church Warden produced his account proved and allowed, Ballance Due Him – Three pounds nine shillings and fourpence.” An order that he be paid.
On 29 1770 it was ordered that Capt. William Walton be allowed at the rate of six pounds pr. year for keeping Judith Mainer.
In April 1771 the vestry chose Col. Thomas Bonner to fill the room of Major Timothy Walton, deceased.
177 Sept 18, 1771, Capt William Walton present.
178 April 1, 1772, the vestry proceeded to choose a vestryman instead of Mr. William Walton deceased and according chose Mr. William Boyd.

25 October 1755 — Ordered-That Robert Lasiter and Moses Lasiter Procession all the Lands Included from Meherrin Swamp beginning at Jacob Hunter’s Mill up the Said Swamp to The piping Branch so along The said branch to The Main Road and Down The said Road to Aaron Blanshard’s Old Road and a Long the Said old Road to Bennets Creek road up the said Road to Bennets Creek Bridge and thence up Bennets Creek to the Mill on Meherrin Swamp.

Procession Docket 1756 –North Carolina, Chowan County – Pursuant to an Order of Vestry bearing date the 25th Day of October last, for the Processioning of lands We have agreeable thereto Processioned James Hinton, William Hayse, David Fulks, John Walton, Gabriel Laceter, Jeshom Laciter, Maxemelion Minshee, Richard Minshee, Aaron Blanshard, Micajah Blanshard, Timothy Walton, William Walton Sen, William Walton Junr, James Costen, Thomas Holt, Richard Bond, John Laceter, James Brown, Joseph Measel & Aaron Measel’s Lands. Robert Laceter, Moses Laceter.

Hofmann, Lord Granville to Patent Book II–446 pg 105
William Walton 22 January 1763 341 acres in Chowan County, joining Walton’s corner, Bond’s corner, the head of Staffords Branch, Robt. Laciter and James Costen original: /s/ (not given) Wits: (names not given) examined by Tho Blount and W Churton surveyed 22 January 1763 CC: Palatiah Walton, Edmund Walton, Elisha Hunter, Surveyor (?)

Vestry Minutes – 7 May 1775 — Ordered that Rachel Walton be allowed twenty-nine shillings for keeping Mary Ward one month & twenty-three days.

Vol A 1776-1783 Gates Co, NC
84 Nov 5, 1781 – William Walton and Rachel Small to James Gregory – 500, – several tracts containing 300 acres joining William Cowper, James Costin, Demcy Costin, Jesse Spivey, Thomas Walton, and Meherrin Swamp.
William Walton, Rachel Small

Wit: John Granberry, Rachel Garrett

On 21 August 1782 Rachel Small & Matthew Small are witnesses with Job Riddick to Demsay Costen’s will in Gates Co.

At the Feb Ct 1779, Bertie Co, Timothy Walton was appointed Guardian to Isaac Walton orphan of William Walton decd. Moses Freeman & Frederick Lassiter offered as Securitys of 1500£.

At the Feb Ct 1781, Gates Co, Frederick Lassiter appointed Guardian to James Walton orphan of William Walton. Jeremiah Speight and William Harriss offered as Securitys 50,000£.

At the Aug. Ct. 1783, Gates Co, Nancy Walton, and Selah Walton came into Court and made the choice of Timothy Walton as their Guardian. Joseph Riddick and Demsey Bond offered as Securitys of 300£.


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