Robert Rountree ca 1699

Sally’s great-great great-great-great Grandparents:

Robert Rountree ca 1699-ca 1774 | his parents
& | her parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Robert Rountree & wife:
1. Robert Rountree est 1730-ca 1793
2. Thomas
3. John

DAR Patriots

Jesse Rountree, b 6-27-1765; d 4-12-1831; m Winnie Jenkins; Pvt NC

Thomas Rountree, b 1723 d 1795; m Lydia; PS NC

Wm Rountree, 2-1710; d 1791; m Rachel CS NC

Rountree Wills Gates Co

Abner 1816 WB-2/133 AR

Charles 1816 WB-2/114 AR

Seth 1808 WB-2/14

Thomas 1781 WB-1/16 AR

Chowan Co Wills

Charles 1760 WB-A/100 AR

1700 Chowan pre. Nicholas Stallings of Nangzamond to Robert Roundtree of the same place land of Bennetts Creek.

1720 6 Dec Patent: Robert Roundtree Junr 304 acres in Chowan precinct, joining ye Watry Swamp & Bennetts Creek swamp

1721 30 March Patent: Robert Lassiter 530 acres in Chowan precinct on ye S side of Bennet’s Creek, joining Mary Rountree, ye Indians line, his own corner & the sd Creek

1726/27 25 Jan Witnesses to deed: Thomas Rountree, Charles Rountree, & Edward Wood sen.

1730 Sept 30 Will: Francis Rowntree Wife and Executrix: not named.
Sons: Francis, William, Jesse, Moses, and John (lands lying in North Carolina and in Nansemond Co VA where testator formerly lived)
Daughters: Rebecca, Susanna, Elizabeth, and Christian.
Wit: Thomas Tasler, Thomas Hobbs, Isaac Pickinson, No probate.

1735 25 May Conveyance (in old unnumbered book Chowan p.) Robert Rountree of Nansemond County, VA to Gabriel Lassiter, 175 acres adjoining the lands of Robert Rountree and Joseph Wright. Test: Elias Stallings, John Rountree.

1739 Nov Ct Francis Rountree listed as neighbor to Robert Butler, John Ballard on SS Merattuck River.

1741 25 September Patent: Moses Roundtree 640 acres in Bertie County on the Branches of Guy Hall and Bacon (?) Hill, joining a Savannah and both sides of Bacon Hill

1742 Oct Ct John Collins to Jethro Rountree 100£ for 400 acres on NWS Guy Hall Swamp. wit. Robert West, Henry Delon.

1743 9 Aug deeds of Sale Bertie Co: Dated Aug & Sept
From Moses Rountree to
1. Jesse Rountree 160 acres; wit– Thomas Roundtree, sen, Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill;
2. Francis Rountree 320 acres; wit–Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill, Jesse Roundtree;
3. Moses Hill 160 acres; wit Jesse Roundtree, Francis Roundtree

1743 23 Nov Prossession of land in Nansemond. John Rountree and Abra: Lassiter are the prossessioners #23.

1747 31 Aug Prossession of land in Nansemond. James Spivey and Robert Rountree are the prossessioners #23.

1747/8 2 Feb Bounds between John Lacitor Sen and Robert Roundtree
John Lacitor Sen and John Roundtree
John Roundtree and Robert Roundtree John Roundtree present
John Waterridge and John Roundtree
John Waterridge and Robert Roundtree John Waterridge and John Roundtree present
Abraham Laciter son of Rob’t and Robert Roundtree Abraham Laciter present

1748 July Ct Chowan Co Will: Thomas Rountree, wife Elizabeth; dated Dec 1, 1746, proved July Ct 1748. Sons– Charles & Thomas; Grandsons– William Wallace & Thomas Rountree; Son-in-law Elias Stallings; Executors: Charles & Thomas Rountree, sons. Witnesses: Thos. Walton, John Freeman; Clerk of the Ct. Will Means.

1751 Aug Ct Frances Rountree (Rountry) to Isaac Hill 10£ Va. for 320 acres 1/2 of patent granted to Moses Rountree for 640 acres on Branch of Joyes (Goyes) Hall and Bacon Hill. Wit Joseph Wimberly, Elizabeth Coward.

1752 Feb Ct: Jethro Roundtree to Michael Collins 35 £ for 400 acres SS Guys Hall Swamp. Wit John Springe, Demsey Collins.

1755 Oct Ct: March 7, 1755. Jesse Rountree to Henry Valentine, Planter. 5£ for 160 acres adj Moses Hill. wit: Moses Hill, Francis Rountree, James Reid.

1755 October Ct Perquimans Co NC Will: Dated July 21 1755, Moses Rountree; wife Sary; son Moses; Daughters: Sarah Hol____, Hanah, Ledy, Ann; Executor– Nicholas Stallings; Witnesses: Joshua White, Abram Hill; Clerk of Ct. — Miles Harvey.

1755 Nov 20th Prossession of land in Nansemond. John Rowntree and William Rowntree are the prossessioners #24.

1756 10 Jan Chowan Co Lands Processed the Bounds: Between Joal Spivey & Moses Rountree; Between Guy Hill & Moses Rountree; Between Edward Trotman & Moses Rountree

1759 Jan Ct Perquimans Co NC Will: Dated 12 Sept 1758; Hannah Rountree; Sisters: Sarah Hollowell, Lidy, & Ann; Brother: Moses; and Mother: Sarah Lelly; Executor: Nicholas Stallings; Witnesses: Joe Hollowell, Elias Stallings, Abner Hollowell; Clerk of Ct: Miles Harvey.

1760 Chowan Co Wills: Charles Rountree, wife Judith; Thomas, the plantation; Charles; Christian; Rachel (wife of Cader Hunter). Witnesses: James Sumner, Tho. Rountree, Amos Hobbs.

1760 10 March Nansemond Bounds Processed by George Spivey and John Wartridge from the pocowson up the Dessart to the Cyprus Swamp Up the Ciprus to the Barbecue and to Newbie Road and down to Couplands branch :
Widow Harrel and William Roundtree;
Wm Roundtree and Abraham Lassater;
Robt Lassater and Robt Roundtree;
Robt Roundtree and John Roundtree;
Rountree and John Wartridge;
Abraham Lassater and John Roundtree

1763 25 Oct Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Danl Lassiter

1768 14 March Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by Robert Roundtree and John Wateridge William Rountree’s land & he present John Rountree’s land & he present Robert Rountree’s land & he present

1771 Nansemond Parish Vestry paid Elizabeth Rountree 4£

1772 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Rowntree and Daniel Lassiter William Rowntree’s lands John Rountrees lands Robt Rountrees Lands

1776 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by Zaccheus Lassetor and Moses Booth William Roundtree and Thos Newby Aramas Duke and Newby Roundtree William Roundtree and David Gwin William Roundtree and John Harrell John Roundtree and Daniel Lassetor John Roundtree and widow Roundtree Abram Lassetor Senr and widow Roundtree, Robt Roundtree present William Roundtree and Jacob Price

1779 30 Dec Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Thos Duke

1784 April 14 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Thos Duke

1784 Nansemond Co Capt Sumner’s, Holland’s & Darden’s Companies – list of Elisha Darden: William Rountree (8 white souls, 2 dwellings, 2 other buildings) List of John Cole: John Rountree (10 white souls, 1 dwelling, 1 other building)

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