Archie Foster & Grace Seekins


Randy and Roy’s grandparents

Archie Noah Foster 1881 – 1958 | his parents
& 1902 Grace Pearl Seekins 1884 – 1954 | her parents
Of Stedman, NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
Posted here at the request of Leroy Foster
including info and pictures supplied by Randy Moore


Archie Noah Foster 1 July 1881 Chautauqua, NY – 13 Jan 1958 Stedman NY
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY
married 1902 Grace Pearl Seekins 22 Dec 1884 Kiantone NY – 9 Jan 1954 NY
daughter of John William Seekins and Johanna Stenburg
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY 10 sons two dau

Grace was a member of Open Meadows Methodist Church and played the organ.

Children of Archie Noah Foster and Grace Pearl Seekins
1. Noah Webster Foster II of Hartfield
married Kate

Noah and Kate Foster

i. Vern Foster
ii. Della Foster
2. Archie Noah Foster of Kennedy
married first wife
i. Juia Foster
ii. Virginia Foster
iii. Norma Foster
iv. Donna Foster
v. Charles Foster [drowned on Chautauqua Lake]
married 2nd Georgianna [Boots]
3. Clayton W Foster 16 Sept 1908 Ellery PA – 1 Sept 1964 Erie PA of Westfield
married 21 July 1934 Jeanne Mosher


Jeanne and Clayton Foster

i. Barbara Foster
ii. John A Foster
married Carmella


Carmella & John Foster 2007

iii. Loraine Foster
married Edward Heald
1. Terri e-mail
a. Lorraine
2. Douglas
a. Clayton
3. Debra e-mail
a. Casandra [Casey] Jean

4. Merle Foster of Lakewood
married Evelyn Swan
i. Howard

Howard Foster and his father Merle Foster
Picture 1950’s at Barnhart Foster reunion at Uncle Hikes
(Hiram Peter Barnhart’s)
in Magnolia, Chautauqua, New York

5. Donald Foster of Sinclairville
married Florence Crandall


Don and Florence Foster

6. Herbert Perl Foster 1916 – 1996 of Jamestown
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY
married Carrol Evelyn Chase

flHerbert-Perl-Foster-born- fherb-carol2 fherbert-carol-foster carrol-evelyn-chase

Herbert Perl Foster and wife Carrol Evelyn Chase

Front: Joyce Ann Foster Leasure and Kathryn Grace Foster Holdridge
back: Leroy Glenn Foster, Robert Alen Foster and David Michael Foster

i. Paul Herbert Forster

ii. Joyce Ann Foster Leasure
1. Lisa Leasure


Wayne R Leasure and daughter Lisa

iii. Robert Alen Foster


iv. Kathy Grace Foster e-mail
v. LeRoy Glenn Foster e-mail
1. Alicia Jean Foster

fl1991-usaf-retired falicia-alan

Leroy Foster 1991 – now retired; Alicia with her father, Leroy Foster
“I was stationed in England at RAF Lakenheath with the 48th Fighter Wing
from Aug 2000 through May 2003.”
“As I understand it, the house he [Christopher Foster] lived in is still standing. I have seen that there are some books on the Christopher Foster ancestry and the migration west. What would be neat would be to have a family day someplace in between or even a migration back to the origin of the family. i.e. Chautauqua County NY, McKean County PA, Washington County NY, Ridgeville Connecticut, Southampton Long Island, Lynn Massachusetts, Ewell Surrey England, Hunsdon Hertfordshire England, Bamburg Castle Northumberland England, and Flanders, France and Belgium.
It is truly a beautiful story of immigration and American life.”
E-Mail Leroy Foster

vi. David Michael Foster


7. Maurice Foster of Falconer
married Ruth
i. Karen Foster
ii. Nancy Foster
married David Brawdy
1. Michelle Brawdy
iii. Beverly Foster
iv. Darlene Foster (Knepshield)
v. Steven Foster
8. Gladys Foster


Gladys Foster Martin

married Joseph Martino Martin of Jamestown
i. Joseph Martino
ii. Donna Martino Mason
9. Bessie Grace Foster of Englewood
married William Moore
i. Daniel Moore
ii. Randy Moore
iii. Laurie Moore Plemons
10. Richard Foster of Jamestown
married Verda
i. Sherry Foster Emules
ii. Douglas Foster
11. Burnett Foster [lived five days – defective heart]

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