Isaac Hill & Mary Stallings

Sally’s great-great-great-great Grandparents:

Isaac Hill ca 1712 – 1772 | parents
& bef 1749 [Mary] Stallings | parents
of Bethlehem X-roads, Hertford County, North Carolina

After looking closely at the records; it appears that the parents of this Isaac Hill are Elinor Bush and Michael Hill son of Isaac Hill who signed his will in 1710.
Elinor Bush Hill married second by 8 Feb 1714/15 Francis McClendon.

Lott Stalling of Bertie County appears to be the father of Isaac Hill’s wife

Bertie Wills: Lott (L) Stallings 5 Nov 1749 Jan Ct 1749 proved at Eden House of Chowan County “…being sick and weak of body..”
– Son Samuell Stallings – my land on Belley Hacck (sic) known as the Elbo, also gun, cattle, etc. My dwelling plantation is to be sold to pay for the above mentioned land.
– Son-in-law Isaac Hill – land I bought of Joseph Nuby in the fork adj. Thomas Newby.
– Granddaughter Sarah Hill – cow and calf.
– Daughter Ann Stallings – rest of my estate.
Ex. son Samuell.
Wit: James Copeland, Benjaman (B) Berryman, Gilbert Scott
(Probate indicates will proved in Bertie County) Gammon’s Abstract of Wills of Bertie Co.

Children of Isaac Hill died 1772 Hertford Co, NC:
1. Isaac Hill
2. Pheraby Hill ca 1740 – 1813
married Thomas Ward – will Bertie Co 1796
3. Sarah Hill
4. Michael Hill

I have traced my Hill Line back to Isaac Hill, who lived in Cumberland County as early as 1762. He married Mary?, Children, Michael, Eligah, Ezeckiel, Marcy, Sarah, Nancy, Martha, Zilphia

Isaac was born c1730’s,he died in Cheraw Precinct(Darlington District) S.C. in 1799
His son Michael was born before 1755,Eligah B. 1760

I have often thought that he may be the grandson of Isaac Hill who left will in 1710 in Chowan ??

Do you have a will on the Isaac that Died in Hertford Co. ??
What are your thoughts on this.
Carl Hill

1779 Tax list Hertford Co. NC District #5:
Isaac Hill
591 acres Land= 1624£;
3 slaves 10-40 =2100£;
1 slave 40-50 =400£;
1 slave 5-10 =400£;
1 slave under 5 =150£;
2 Horses =330£;
4 Cattle = 40£;
money = 20£;
money at interest = 5£ 6 Total: 5069£ 6

Benjamin Hill 140 acres Land 820£; 1 Horse 200£; money 10£ = 1030£

Michael Hill 143 acres Land 600£; 5 Cattle 50£ = 650£

Mary Hill 2 slaves 10-40 1400£; 2 Horses 200£; 3 Cattle 30£ = 1630£ I think this may be the widow of Isaac Sr.

Pat. Book One page 180 Michall Hill 5 March 1711/12 400 acres in Chowan precinct on Wicacoen Creek joining th mouth of the Holly branch, the sd. branch, Stoney Hill, and the meanders of the Swamp
/s/ Edward Hyde, Nathaniel Chevin, Tho. Boyd, Thos. Peterson

Records of the Executive Council: March 29th 1716 at a Council held at the house of Capt Richd Sanderson at Little River. Upon petition of Francis MacClendon Shewing thaat a Tract of Land Conteyning Four hundred Acres was Granted to Michael Hill by Pattent dated the 5th day of March 1711/12 Is now laps’d for want of being Seated in due time pursuant to the said Pattent and prayes that the same may be granted to him. Ordered that the same be granted as pray’d for.

In the court minutes 15 Aug 1733 is a deed of Nathaniel Hill to Isaac Hill. Could be the Isaac Hill who died by Jan 21 1733/4 when his inventory was returned but could be this Isaac Hill when he came of age.

Isaac Hill was appointed constable on 14 May 1734. He was appointed overseer on 12 Feb 1735. He signed a road petition on 12 May 1736. He was replaced as overseer on 7 Feb 1736.

Deed Book F, page 1РFrancis McClenden and wife Elinor and Isaac Hill to Joseph Perry of Chowan Precinct, 2 Jan. 1738/39. 60£ for 150 A. in Chinkapin Neck at the mouth of the Holly Swamp. At Bare(Bear) Swamp. Wit: John Thomas, jurat, John Willis. May Court 1739.

Deed Book F page 157 Isaac Hill to James Constant of Chowan County. 28 Jan 1739. 200¬£ for 640 A. on west side Chowan River “…which land was surveyed for Isaac Hill, Grandfather of Isaac Hill….by a draught of patent bearing Date the twenty first day of March (or May) which was in the year of Our Lord Christ Sixteen Hundred and Ninety nine……(which) Descending to him the said Isaac Hill from his Grandfather…” Wit: William Wesson, jurat, William Wesson, Jun. Nov Ct 1740.

Crown (Gabriel Johnston, Royal Governor) to Isaac Hill 7 May 1742– 569 acres in Bertie County in Chinquapin neck, joining John VanPelt, Dennis McClendon, holly branch, Thomas McClendon, Scott and McHenry’s bounds, Nicholas Sessusms, and Williams line.

Deed Book F page 515 Dennis McClendon, yeoman of Craven Co. To Richard Brown 4 Feb 1742/43. 30£ for 440 A. on S side Wiccacon Creek in Chinkopen Neck adj. John Early, Isaac Hill, William Lewis, Capt. VanPelt, Thomas Banks, John Wynns, Richard Brown.
Wit: John Thomas, Benjamin Wynns. Aug Court 1743.

Deed Book F page 527 Isaac Hill, yeoman, to Thomas Archer 1 May 1744. “the sum of one whole year’s work already paid” for 200 A. Land on Holly Branch of Chinkapen Neck. Part of a larger tract granted to Isaac Hill adj. John VanPelt.
Wit: John Wynns, Joseph Wynns, Alexander Vollantine. May Court 1744.

Deed Book H page 200 John Early, Justice, to Isaac Hill, planter, 22 July 1755 60¬£ for 200 A. adj. William Hooker, — Wynns, Thomas Sessons on Wiccacon Creek.
Wit: John Hill, Jonathan Standley, Isaac Carter. July Court 1755.

Deed Book H page 393 Benjamin Brown to Lewis Williams 18 Dec 1756 30£ for 250 A. at a Holly on Flatt Swamp at Killum Swamp.
Wit: John Sawkill, Isaac Hill, Faraba Hill. Jan Court 1757.

Deed Book H page 394 John Williams, yeoman, to Benjamin Brown 18 Dec 1756 11£ for 150 A. in Chinkopen Neck at Black Haw Branch adj. John Early, Isaac Hill, John Williams to Rattlesnake Branch.
Wit: John Sawkill, Isaac Hill, Farabee Hill. Jan Court 1757.

Deed Book I page 26 Joseph Perry, gentleman of Bertie Co to James Jones gentleman of same. 11 Nov 1757. 180¬£ proclamation. 150 A. (messuage) which had been a deed to sd Perry from Francis McClendon & his wife Elanor & Isaac Hill 22 Jan 1738 joining Holly Swamp, Deertree Branch, Bear Swamp. Also 500 A. (messuage) which sd Perry obtained from James Castellow public treasurer 13 Nov 1745 joining Francis McClendon’s former corner, Holly Swamp, Michael Hill’s former corner, Miery Branch. Also 200 A. which was part of a Granville Grant to Jesse Wood who conveyed it to William Sisson who conveyed it to sd Perry.
Wit: Benjamin Wynns, Thos. Smith. Jan Ct 1758. CC Benjn Wynns.

Deed Book I page 317 John (x) Perry yeoman of Bertie Co to Lewis Williams yeoman of same. 21 Mar 1759. 65£ to be paid to my son Benjamin Perry. 335 acres on east side of Wiccacon Creek, joining where sd Benjamin Perry now lives, Edward Williams, Black Walnut Branch, Isaac Hill, Long Branch, Isaac Perry.
Wit: Benjn Brown, Isaac Perry, Per. Evans, Apr. Ct 1759. CC: Benjn Wynns

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book –Isaac Hill
1768 To 4 Taxes @ 9/10/d/ 1 19 4
1769 To 3 Taxes @ 10/6 1 11 6 = 3£ 10 10 By Procl.

Hertford Co Feb Ct 1772 Isaac Hill’s will was approved and administration granted to Isaac Hill NCGSJ-May 88

1779 Tax list Hertford Co. NC District #5: Isaac Hill
591 acres Land= 1624£; 3 slaves 10-40=2100£; 1 slave 40-50 =400£;
1 slave 5-10 400£; 1 slave under 5 150£; 2 Horses 330£; 4 Cattle 40£;
money 20£; money at interest 5£ 6 Total 5069£ 6

Benjamin Hill 140 acres Land 820£; 1 Horse 200£; money 10£ = 1030£

Michael Hill 143 acres Land 600£; 5 Cattle 50£ = 650£

Mary Hill 2 slaves 10-40 1400£; 2 Horses 200£; 3 Cattle 30£ = 1630£

1784 Tax List for Hertford Co — Isaac Hill does not appear

Grandchildren of Isaac Hill died 1772 Hertford Co, NC:

Children of Pheraby Hill and Thomas Ward (died 1796):
1. Winiford Ward ca 1759
married ca 1785 James Holley died 1795
married 2nd 1796 Jacob Ward
a. Henry Ward 1799 –
2. Michael Ward c1761-1803
married Sarah Sparkman
3.Isaac Hill Ward c1764
married ?
4. Mary Ward ca 1767 – 1823
married ca 1782 Capt. William Sparkman
married ca 1785 David Garrett died 1803, son of Jesse (died 1797)
5. Pheraby Ward ca 1777
married prior 14 Mar 1795 William Reed Sparkman
6. James Ward 1770 – 27 Feb 1843
married 1790 1st Delilah Freeman 1771-1821
married 1823 2nd Silvia Ward widow of brother Joshua;
married 1829 3rd Penelope Hunter daughter of Timothy;
married 1832 4th Elizabeth Jones dau. of James, widow of J. Howell Jones
7. Joshua Ward ca 1772 – bef 1823
married 19 May 1797 Silvia Ward
8. Elizabeth Ward 1773
married 15 Nov 1798 John Hardy 1773-1854
9. Martha Ward c1775
married prior 14 Mar 1795 Samuel Luten
10. Ann Ward c1779
married prior 14 Mar 1795William Outlaw
11. Elendor Ward 1780
married 1799 Benjamin Hardy 1779-1821

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  1. I am hunting for the parents of Ezekiel Hill, born 1790, unknown where, and married Rachel Blount. They ended up in Missouri. I have been trying for years to find out about Ezekiel, but to no avail. I have all kinds of info after he went to Missouri. Any help would be appreciated. Ezekiel is my 3rd great grandfather.

    1. Hi Larry – I’m not sure how often you check this, but could your Ezekiel be the son of Ezekiel, the son of Isaac Hill b. 1735 NC d. 1799 Darlington County SC?

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