Samuel Koestler & Selma Weiss

Bob’s Grandparents:

Samuel KOESTLER 1880-1960 |parents
1907 Selma WEISS 1883-1960 | parents
of Elizabeth, NJ

Samuel Koestler and Selma Weiss were married 25 March 1907 in New York City.

Residence of Sam and Selma Koestler 1923-1947
360 Elmoro Ave, Elizabeth, NJ


1938 Selma and Sam Koestler

Samuel Koestler was born 9 May 1880 in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey son of Morris Koestler and his wife Jennie Krauskopf (Pick). He was graduated from Battin High School in 1897 and immediately commenced the study of law in the office of Judge Patrick J. Gilhooly. He attended lectures at the New York Law School. He was licensed as an attorney in 1904. Soon afterwards he opened an office in the old Hersh Building where he continued the general practice of law until 1923 when he entered into partnership with his brothers-in-law, the late John J. Stamler and Charles J. Stamler under the firm name of Stamler, Stamler & Koestler. He had been in partnership with his son since 1944 under the firm name of Koestler & Koestler at 125 Broad St. A large part of his work was as a consultant to other lawyers who sought his advice on knotty problems of law. He. was formerly counsel for several Elizabeth banks and building and loan associations. He was a former president to the Union County Bar Association. Mr. Koestler served the Board of Education from 1935 to 1943 and was president from 1940 to 1942. He was one of the original incorporators of the old Community Chest in Elizabeth. He died 3 April 1960 in Summit, New Jersey.

1959 Selma and Sam Koestler
Palm Beach, Fla.

Selma Weiss was born 16 May 1883 in New York City daughter of Jacob Weiss and his wife Anna Hartman.
She died 20 July 1960 in East Orange, NJ.

From Alison
My grandmother, Selma was about 8 or 9 when her mom sent her to the butcher to pick up a brisket for dinner. Dutifully she went to the butcher, and asked for a brisket, “first cut, please.”

The butcher’s wife called in German to her husband, “Give her the second cut, she won’t know the difference.”
My great grandmother, Anna was German and very proud of it. Selma understood German but didn’t let on.
When the butcher’s wife presented the brisket to her, she examined it, looked up at the woman and said,  “That’s not a first cut. It looks like a second cut.”
After that, they never tried to cheat my grandmother again.
Did you know that Melvin got the Spanish flu in 1918? My mom was 5 +/- and told me Nana (Selma) asked the doctor if Mel would survive. 
“50/50” he responded.
Fortunately he did…and you’re all the proof!
Stay safe and stay sane.  Alison


Children of Samuel Koestler and Selma Weiss:
1. Melvin Joseph Koestler 25 Dec 1907 – 16 Aug 1979 Roselle Park, NJ
married 1 Mar 1931 NYC Elsa Marion Weschler
2. Adele Evelyn Koestler 6 June 1913 – 9 Feb 2004
married Dr. William Ehrlich 22 Feb 1906 – Oct 1977

k_ehrlich1 k_ehrlich-2
Bill Ehrlich & Adele with Bunny and Allie

a. Marjorie [Bunny] Ehrlich
married Steve Schwartz Architect
i. Michael Scott Schwartz
ii. Lana Jill Schwartz

front: Lana, Michael, and Bunny Schwartz
back: Steve Schwartz, Bob and Allie Wachstein
at Julie and Marc Pinsonneault’s wedding

Schwartz family
photo by Alison

b. Alison Ehrlich Photographer
married Robert Wachstein Accountant

Wachstein family

i. Elizabeth Wachstein

Flame and Elizabeth
photo by Alison Wachstein

Adele married 2nd Loeser Boskey 6 Jan 1906 – 13 Feb 1990

Aug 87 – Jane Koestler’s Wedding
Claire Hecht, Loeser Boskey, Sadie Richman, Adele Boskey

Family Parties at Elsa Koestler’s
Julie Koestler, Bunny Schwartz, Michael Schwartz, Alison Wachstein
Dave Koestler, Michael Schwartz, Elsa Koestler, Anita Weschler, Jane Koestler, Herbert Solomon, Bunny Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Sally Koestler, Lana Schwartz, and Tania Horne, who lived with the Schwartz family while an exchange student
Michael, David, Lana, Bunny and Herbert

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