John Wynns, Mary Boone, & Sarah VanPelt

John Wynns ca 1702 – 1751/3 | his parents
& 1st ca 1731 Mary Boone aft 1711 – ca 1740 | her parents
& 2nd ca 1741 Sarah VanPelt 1721 – 1758 | her parents
& 1753 Burrill Bell d. 1761 | his parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1702 John Wynns was born [from deputation] son of George and Rose
1732 John Winn is sold land by Robert Forster
Forster asks Ct to make John his deputy clerk
1733 John is Deputy Clerk
1740 on the jury list of Bertie in 1740
1744 deputy surveyors under the Surveyor-General of the Crown [John and Benj.]
1746 John Wynns was in the Assembly from Bertie in 1746

1749 John Wynns is one of the Vestrymen of Society Parish
when John Howell deeds land for St. John’s Chapel
1750/1 John Wynns writes his will
1753 Will of John Wynns proved at May Court
1753 June — marriage contract Burrill Bell with widow Sarah Wynns
1759 Burrill Bell is made guardian to the orphans of John Wynns

Children of John Wynns 1702 & Mary Boone dau of James Boone & Eliz Smith:
1. George Augustus Wynns bef June 1733 – died bef Feb 1750
2. James Boone Wynns aft June 1733 – 1789 Bertie Co
married Martha ?

Children of John Wynns will 1750/53 & Sarah VanPelt:
1. Watkins William Wynns 30 Sept 1742 [old style] – 20 Mar 1812 Martin Co NC [will]

married bef 1765 Mary VanPelt 30 Sep 1742 – 1767/9
daughter of Daniel VanPelt and wife Anne
married 2nd ca/bef 1769 Ann Ward
daughter of William Ward and wife Elizabeth [perhaps Biggs] per Patsy Evans
2. Sarah Amelia Wynns ca 1745 – (about 14 in April 1759)
3. Mary Ann Wynns ca 1746 –
married 1765 Major John Baker 1724 – 1773 Littletown, Hertford Co NC
4. John Augustus Wynns ca 1748 –
5. Winnifred Caroline Wynns ca 1750 –

Questions: There is a second Benjamin Wynns listed in the census 1830 of Hertford showing three men in his household. Who????
1830 census Hertford Co Benjamin Wynns 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50, 1m 50-60,

1825 Deed –W A Wynns to Jno. Moore , Wit: Wm Wynns re-registered 1833
1822 Deed –Warren Ashley Wynns to John Moore by Oath of William Wynns Sub. wit re-reg May 1833

Winborne’s History of Hertford County – Benj. Wynns and John Wynns were men of prominence in Bertie Precenct as far back as 1735. They were deputy surveyors under the Surveyor-General of the Crown in 1744, and their depositions were taken on behalf of the Crown to prove charges of corruption against Gov. Gabriel Johnson, for violating the land-grant laws. Both of them were freeholders and on the jury list of Bertie in 1740. John Wynns was Deputy Clerk of the Court of Bertie County in 1741, age 39. Col. Rec, vol 4, p 1117. John Wynns was in the Assembly from Bertie in 1746.

May Ct 1732 Deed of Sale from Robt. Forster to John Wynns ……Robt. Forster the Clk of this Court Praying to have John Winn Qualifyed as his Deputy…John Winn took the several Oaths by Law……

D-1 August Court 1733 John Wynns is deputy Clerk of Court in Bertie County

G-282 John Wynns is a Vestryman of Society Parish on March 1, 1749 when John Howell deeds to John Brown, John Wynns, Thomas Whitmell, Vestryman 1 A. to build St. John’s Chappel.

Will: John Wynns, at Winnsor 10 Feb 1750 proved May Ct 1753
. . .”being (I thank God) in my proper senses…”
Son James Boon (sic) – my manor plantation where I now live, also that land I had of Robert Forster, provided he disclaims a title to William Evans for 111 acres where he now dwells, valued at six pounds with interest since 1746, also give him Negroes Charles and Moll, and my best desk.
Daughter Mary Anney – lands I bought of Peeke & Hollum, also Negroes Tom and Priscilla.
Son Watkin William Wynns – my ferry plantation, including the lands I bought of John & Treddle (?), since called the Blind Islands, reserving one-third use of same for my wife Sarah during her widowhood, also leave him Negroes Ceasar and Cader.
Daughter Sarah Amelia – my plantation called Morrisses and my plantation called Cuba, also the land I bought of Mary Howcott, also Negroes Mingoe and Anna.
Son John Augustus – my land called Bridge Neck, also 400 acres of lightwood land, also slaves Rachell and Arthur.
Youngest daughter Wynney Caroline – land called Sharp’s Neck, part of William Bush’s survey, reserving the use of same for my wife during her lifetime.
My late apprentice Anne Reason may have a cow and a calf, etc and 100 acres. “if she marey by my wife’s cousins.”
Remaining estate to my wife Sarah and legacies to my heirs are to paid when my sons are twenty-one and to my daughters when they are sixteen.
Ex. wife, brothers Benjamin and William, sons James Boon, Watkin William Wynns.
Wit: Joseph Wynns, Stepn. Hooker, William Hooker, Junr., Ephraim Hunter, Benjamin Baker.

H-429 Burrell Bell to Benjamin Wynns & Nicholas Perry
July 18, 1753. Marriage Contract Sarah Wynns-Burrell Bell. June 8, 1753.
Burrell Bell & Sarah Wynns, late relect of John Wynns agreed to be married. Sarah Wynns was possessed of “considerable property and personal estate consisting of negroes money and other chattels” wished to make provision for her five children. Five negroes and 25¬£ settled on Benjamin Wynns and Nicholas Perry provided Sarah Wynns have use of them during her natural life. Should Burrell Bell survive Sarah; “then in trust for Mary Ann Wynns, John Augustus Wynns, Winnifred Caroline Wynns, William Watkins Wynns, Sarah Amelia Wynns children of Sarah Wynns or such of them as shall be living at that time to be equally divided among them….” Wit: William Wynns. April Court 1757. Benj. Wynns C/C

#476 April Ct 1759 – Watkin William Wynns Orphan of John Wynns Deced. about the age of Sixteen years of age and Sarah Amelia Wynns Orphan of the said Deced. about the age of fourteen years came into court and Pray’d Leave to Choose Burrill Bell for their Guardian, which was Condidered off and Granted. Order that he be and John Baker, Esquire, James Boon Wynns and Ralph Outlaw appeared in Ct and offered themselves as Security. John Baker atty at Law then Prayed that Burrill Bell be appointed Guardian to John Augustus Wynns and Winnefred Caroline Wynns orphans of John Wynns Deced. This said petition was rejected.

#491 June Ct 1759 – Burrill Bell who was appointed Guardian to Watkin William Wynns, John Augustus Wynns, Sarah Amelia Wynns & Winnefred Caroline Wynns orphans of John Wynns deced. by this court at its last sitting Acquainted the Court that John Baker Esquire one of his then Securities desired to decline his suretyship and thereupon refused to execute the bonds that were prepared for that purpose. And at the same time the said Burrill Bell moved for leave to present to the Court one other Security in the Room of the said John Baker which was granted and also at the same time Capt. James Jones appeared in Court and offered himself as Security in the room of the said John Baker who was approved by the court. Thereupon it was ordered that the said John Baker should be erased out of the said Bonds and James Jones should be inserted.


Watkins William Wynns 1742 – 1812 | his parents
& Mary VanPelt 1742 – 1767/9 | her parents
& Ann Ward | her parents
of Bertie & Martin Counties NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Watkins William Wynns first married Mary VanPelt a daughter of Daniel Van Pelt and his wife Anne of New York and Hertford County.

Children of Watkins William Wynns and Mary VanPelt:
1. Daniel Wynns 19 March 1765 – Oct 1813 Bertie Co.
birth date from the Bible of Watkins William Wynns
death date from his will

married bef 1785 Lavinia Outlaw 1766 – 1820 [dates est from Dan’s will]
dau of William Outlaw & Susannah Byrd
2. John Wynns 25 Jan 1767 – bef Oct 1848 [will Martin Co]
wrote will 16 Oct 1846 Martin Co NC
married Winna Leggett ca 1771
daughter of Elisha Leggett and wife Elizabeth
lived at Wynns’ Cross Rds, Martin Co, NC

Watkins William Wynns married second ca 1769 Ann Ward a daughter of William Ward and his wife Elizabth [perhaps a Biggs] per Patsy Evans

Children of Watkins William Wynns and Ann Ward:
1. Winfred Wynns 6 September 1770 –
married Richard Taylor ca 1766 –
2. Mary Elizabeth Wynns 13 February 1772 –
married Mr. Everett
3. Thomas Wynns 22 February 1775 – 01 August 1824 Stewart Co TN
married bef 1807 Winniford Outlaw ca 1779 – 1846 Stewart Co TN
dau of William ca 1745 – bef 1800
a. Henry [Harry] H Wynn d. 1836
married Celia
b. Gabriel Wynn
c. William G Wynn 31 Jan 1810 – 1845
d. Thomas Wesley Wynn
e. John E Wynn
f. Archibald Wynns 25 Dec 1807 Paris, Henry Co, TN – 21 Aug 1859 at sea
e-mail from Dorothy Gumbert, gg granddaughter –
They came to Texas and he was elected from Harris County to be a Representative to the Republic of Texas.
He is written up in the Outline to Texas handbook.
He went to Nicaragua to help the filibustering expedition of General William Walker.
He was a lawyer- I have his law papers.
He returned to Houston and was in the local effort to gain Texas’ annexation into the Union, and signed the legislation.
He fought in the Vasquez Expedition against Mexico.

married in TN Jan 1836 Martha Elizabeth Edmunds died 1896 San Marcos TX

wynnsarchi wynnsarch2
Archibald Wynns & wife Martha Elizabeth Edmunds
photo contributed by Dorothy Gumbert

g. Emeline [Emily] Wynn
married Josiah Askew
h. Albert Wesley Wynn
i. Mary C Wynn
married Jones
j. Benjamin Wynn
k. Burrel [R/G] Wynn 1809 Stewart Co TN – 1892 Benton Co TN
married 1835 Mary Langford 1819 – 1846
i. Andrew Jackson Wynn 1838 – 1904
ii. Roxaline Lura Wynn 1841 – 1892
iii. William Henry E Wynn 1843 – 1899
iv. Cincinnati Oliver Wynn 1846 – 1908
married Benton Co TN 20 May 1846 Matilda Caroline Lindsey 1823 – 1890
dau of Edward Buxton Lindsey 1795 Nash Co NC – 1872 TN and wife Rachel Murphey 1803 – 1830 TN
she was first married to William Bailey Robbins 1820 – 1843

i. William [Babe] Wynn 1849 – 1907
ii. Mary Miranda Wynn 1853 –
iii. Nancy Ann Wynn ca 1855 – 1884
iv. Thomas Wesly Wynn 1860 – 1906
v. Randolph Burrel Wynn 1862 – 1920 Big Sandy TN
married Mary McDaniel ca 1870 –
vi. Isabelle Kee Belle Wynn 6 May1864 – 11 Nov 1915 Henry Co TN
married Henry Co TN 5 June 1881 George Solomon Christopher 16 May1861 Henry Co –
4. Sarah Wynns 19 March 1777 –
married Silas Bennett ca 1773 –
5. William Ward Wynns 26 April 1779 – 15 November 1807 [1816] NC
married Sophronia Rollings dau of Charles of Pitt Co.
a. Josiah Joseph Wynns 10 April 1804 – 1851
married Etha Linda Davenport dau of Enoch of Pitt co.
b. Henry Wynns 8 Sept 1806 –
6. George Wynns 30 May 1781 – 28 January 1782 Bertie Co, NC dy
7. Ann Wynns 10 December 1782 – 1819
married Mr. Watts
8. Benjamin Wynns 06 June 1785 – 22 October 1803
9. Margaret [Peggy] Wynns 10 April 1787 Martin Co NC – after 1860 LA
married 27 Oct 1805 John Bennett Jr ca 1783 – 7 Sept 1858 Union Parish LA
ancestors of Dianne Wade
a. Harret Bennett 31 Dec 1806 or 07 –
b. Anney Lizar Bennett Oct 1809 –
Nancy C Bennett 12 March 1814 –
William Bennett 20 Dec 1816 –
Source: Ansearchin News, published by the Memphis Genealogical
Society, Volume 12, Number 2, April-June 1965, pg. 55.
article is titled: The Bible of Watkin William Wynns, 1742-1812. – Gaar Bennett

10. Henry Wynns 30 March 1789 – 1854 Stewart Co, TN
married Harriett Outlaw dau of William 1766 – 1814
8 children TN
11. Elizabeth Wynns 07 March 1792 – 1840/50
married 1 Mar 1812 Darling Cherry 1787 – aft 1850 son of Jesse
6 children Martin Co, NC
married Edward Barnhill ca 1788 –
12. Samuel Wynns 20 October 1793 – 10 October 1832 Henry Co. TN
married Maria Barnhill 24 March 1799 Martin Co – 04 June 1866
a. dau Wynns bef 1820 –
b. John Washington Wynns 4 Feb 1824 –

US Census 1790 Martin Co NC Watkin W Wynne 3 – 3 – 4 – 0 – 8 sl
US Census 1800 Martin Co NC Watkin Wm Wynns 2 – 1 – 2 – 0 – 1 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 0 10 sl

US Census 1820 Stewart Co TN
Thomas Winn 3-2-0-1-0-1 1-0-1-1-0
Henry Winn 0-1-0-0-1-0 1-0-1-0-0
Samuel Winn 0-0-0-0-1-0 1-0-1-0-0

messages from J W Wynn [Joey]
hi sally good site by the way I am the gggg grandson of watkins william wynns &ggg grandson of thomas wynns& gg grandson of burrel wynn& g grandson of thomas wesly wynn & grandson of ed wynn & son of harold wayne wynn

there was two thomas wesly wynn, one was a son of thomas wynn. one was son of burrel wynn.
burrel wynn was another son of thomas wynn.
burrel wynn had 
9 kids + 1 stepson burrel wynn was married 2 times, he was born in 1809 in stewart co tennesse and died in benton co tennesse in1892 . seems as thought
when burrel moved across the tennesse river to benton co he dropped the s
off wynns. his son t. w. wynn was born in 1861 & died in 1906 , both are
buried at faxon tennesse burrel in wynn cemetery in benton co and tw wynn
in lindsey cemetery half mile away, both are about 6 miles from wynn
cemetery in stewart co where thomas wynn is buried.

e-mail from Sandra 1/08/12
I must tell you strait away this some of your facts are very wrong for instance Burrell Winn Wynn is not retarded to Thomas Wynns of NC as his father was born in SC and these people never lived in This area of the river . Please look at the printed papers of Stewart co no son named Burrell no such son at at all even if you thy to him Arcilbald . because there is Archinald not even the same person please do real genealogy get this off the web so that people such as myself my find my real family. Sandra Wynne


John Wynns 1767 – 1848 | his parents
Winnie Leggett ca 1771 – ca 1846 | her parents
of Martin Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Wynns 25 Jan 1767 – bef Oct 1848 [will Martin Co]
wrote will 16 Oct 1846 Martin Co NC
married Winna Leggett ca 1771 [she apparently had died before he wrote his will]
daughter of Elisha Leggett and wife Elizabeth
lived at Wynns’ Cross Rds, Martin Co, NC

US Census 1790 Martin Co NC John Wynne 1 – 1 – 1 – 0 – 4 sl
US Census 1800 Martin Co NC John Wynns 3 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0 2 – 0 – 0 – 1 – 0 4 sl
US Census 1810 Martin Co NC John Wynns 1 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 0 2 – 3 – 0 – 1 – 0 7
US Census 1830 Martin Co NC
John Wynns Sr 1 60/70, 2 f 20/30, 1 50/60
John Wynns Jr 2 under 5, 1 20/30, 1 f 20/30
George Wynns 1 under 5, 2 5/10, 1 30/40, 1 f under 5, 2 10/15, 1 30/40
Watkin W Wynns 2 under 5, 1 5/10, 2 10/15, 1 30/40, 1 f 20/30, 1 30/40
David Wynns 1 under 5, 1 10/15, 2 15/20, 1 40/50, 1 f 5/10, 1 10/15, 1 15/20, 1 40/50

Children of John Wynns and Winne Leggett of Martin Co NC
1. David Wynns 1789 – 1841 Martin Co testate
US Census 1810 Martin Co NC David Wynns 1 – 0 – 1 – 0- 0 0 – 0 – 1 – 0 – 0 2sl
2. Daniel Wynns ca 1792 – d bef Oct 1846 left heirs
3. Watkins Wm. Wynns ca 1794 – bef 1846 left heirs
a. Joseph Wynns
b. William Wynns ca 1813 –
married Mary
i. Elizabeth Wynns ca 1838 –
ii. George Wynns ca 1841 –
iii. Sally Wynns ca 1843 –
iv. John Wynns ca 1845 –
? c. Anna Wynns
4. Mary Wynns ca 1796 –
married … Gurganus
5. Wionina [Ninna] Caroline Wynns ca 1797 –
married Benjamin Leggett 1793 Martin Co NC –
a. William Wallace Leggett 1828 –
married Selma Louise Dudley 1838 –
b. Joseph Blount Leggett June 1830 –
married Julia Ann Roebuck Aug 1840 –
1. John Murphy Leggett
married Sarah Elizabeth Ross
a. Wheeler Grover Leggett
married Lydia Estelle Rogerson
i. Amos Calvin Leggett
married Carolyn Faye Duval
1. Carolyn Duval Leggett
2. Susan Marlowe Leggett
married Joel Grant Hancock
3. Amy Melene Leggett
6. George Wynns ca 1791 –
married Martha
a. Mary Jane Wynn ca 1840 –
7. John Wynns ca 1800 –
married Martha
married Poley … ca 1810 –
a. Polly Wynn ca 1847 –
b. Winnie Wynn ca 1850 –
8. Nancy Wynns ca 1805 –
married William Clark 1801 – 1845 Everetts, Martin Co, NC
son of John Clark and Thamar Welch
(Bertie Marriage Bonds – 18 Mar 1780 – John Clark and Thamar Welch -Cornelius Gale and James Johnson were Bm. John Clark also married a Tamar Ward in 1828 according to a Rev. Widow’s Pension appl. but she would not have been the mother of his children.
Her children were all Bullocks.
It is possible that a third wife was mother of William.)
a. Mary E. Clark

married Noah Perry Roberson
son of Israel Robason and 1st wife Milly Perry
1. Outlaw Roberson Oct 1853 –

married Betsy A Gurganus 30 Jan 1875 Martin Co NC –
2. Milly F Roberson March 1856 –
married Martin Co NC 24 Nov 1880 William W Ward
3. Nancy A Roberson Sept 1857 –
married Martin Co NC 18 Oct 1877 Robert A Wynn
4. Eli Albert Roberson 4 Mar 1861 – 25 Feb 1931
married Martin Co 23 Feb 1888 Lucy Ida Ayers
5. Bettie Roberson Jan 1870 –
married Martin Co 7 Dec 1897 Joseph Hyman Wynn
6. Harriet Roberson ca 1874 –
disappeared as a young woman
7. Alice Roberson April 1878 – 2 Dec 1935
married Martin Co John Henry Wynn
info surplied by Jo Prytherch
9. Writtee [Rita] Wynns ca 1807 – 1870
married Blount Leggett ca 1803 – Tranter’s Creek, Beaufort Co NC
a. John Gray Leggett Sept 1832 –
b. Sarah Anne Leggett 1836 –
c. Jeremiah S Leggett 1840 – 3 Feb 1863 Richmond VA
d. Louisa Leggett 1843 –
e. Clementine Leggett ca 1844 –
f. Sophia Leggett ca 1845 –
g. Benjamin Leggett ca 1850 – bef 1860
h. George Henry Leggett 26 July 1853 –

e-mail from Jo Roberson Prytherch 23 April 2005
The puzzle is that Nancy Wynn Clark is not named as a daughter in the will, but is named as a daughter in the deed. Both documents were made the same day. Baldy Brown was witness to the deed and executor to the will. Henry Best was witness to both. It appears that father, John, gave Nancy her inheritance that day and the other members of the family at his death; therefore Nancy was not named in the will.
It appears that my Nancy was Daniel Wynns’ Nancy Caroline’s first cousin and that Nancy W. Clark was daughter of Daniel’s brother, John.

Martin County, NC Deed Book O, p. 406; Written October 6, 1846; Registered January Court 1850
State of North Carolina, Martin County
Know all men by these presents that I John Wynn of the State and county aforesaid do for and in consideration of the ______ LOVE AND GOOD WILL WHICH I BEAR TO MY DAUGHTER Nancy Clark and her husband William Clark do lend unto them during their natural _____ one Negro boy by the name of King about Seventeen years of Age to serve them and each of them and is sd Negro King should outlive my daughter Nancy & William her husband then I give the said Negro King to my daughter Nancy Clarks lawful begotten heirs of her boddy to them and their heirs forever given under my hand & seal This the 6 of Oct 1846 his

Test: Baldy Brown John x Wynn seal
Henry Best mark

State of North Carolina, Martin County Court January Term 1850
There was the due examination (?) of the foregoing written Instrument favored (?) in open court by the oath of Baldy Brown a subscribing witness thereto let it be registered L Johnson Clk

On the same date,

Will of John Wynns, Martin Co NC 6 Oct 1846 – Probate Oct Term 1848
transcribed from the original by Jo Prytherch
” State of North Carolina, Martin County
I John Wynns of the State and county aforesaid have this the 6th day of October one thousand Eight Hundred and forty six maid and ordained this my last will and Testament beginning as follows
First I give unto Son David Wynns heirs Two Dollars
2o I give unto my Son Daniel Wynns heirs Two Dollars
3o I Give unto Son Watkin Wynns heirs Two Dollars
4th I Give unto my Daughter Writtee Leggitt Twinty Five Dollars
5th I Give unto my Grand Sons Joseph & William Wynns which is the Sons of Watkins Wynns, Twelve Dollars and fifty cents Each
6th I Give unto my Grand Daughter Anna Wynns Five Dollars
Then after paying all my just debts then all the balance of my property to be Equally divided between my Sons and Daughters viz
my Son George Wynns
my Daughter Ninna Leggitt
My Son John Wynns
my Daughter Writtee Leggitt
my Daughter Mary Gurganus.
Also my Grand Son James B. Wynns to have an Equal share provided that he Stay with me and attend to my business during my natural buth (?) or until he is Twenty one years of age and if my Grand Son James B Wynn should die before he is Twenty one then it is my will that all of my property should be Equally divided between my sons & daughters above mentioned.
I also leave my worth friends, Baldy Brown and Benjamin Leggitt Executors to this my last will and Testament given under my hand and seal day and date above written. his
Attest: James Brown John x Wynns Seal
Henry Best mark

State of N. Carolina Martin County Court Oct. Term 1848
Then was the above paper writing purporting to be the last will & Testament of John Wynns.
Exhibited in open court by Benj. Leggitt one of the Exectors therein named and the due Execution Thereof according to law was proved by the oath of James Brown & Henry Best the subscribing witnesses thereto and on motion it is ordered that the same be recorded. At the same time the said Benja. Liggitt took the oath & qualified as Executor thereto according to law, and it is ordered that he have leave to sell the perishable property of the Testator on a credit of six months after advertising according to law. L. Johnson Clk

Daniel Wynns 1765 – 1813 | his parents
& Lavinia Outlaw 1766 – 1820 | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

plat of the division of Daniel Wynns’s land after the death of his wife

Daniel Wynns 19 March 1765 – Oct 1813 Bertie Co.
married bef 1785 Lavinia Outlaw 1766 – 1820
dau of William Outlaw & Susannah Byrd

Wynns Family Cemetery Location: Travel 8/10 mile from intersection of Routes 13 and 42 on Center Grove Road (i.e., State Road 1235). Before the bridge over Stony Creek and Quioccosin Swamp, turn left onto lane. Travel approximately 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on the right side of the lane. Recording: 20 April, 1999 by James Hollomon. Marked Graves No markers remain in the cemetery. Unmarked Graves/Known Burials

Children of Daniel Wynns and Lavinia Outlaw:
1. George Daniel Wynns ca. 1787 – 1859 Windsor, Bertie Co, NC [will]

1850 Bertie Co Census
George Wynns 63 m farmer NC, Phebe 63 f NC, Nancy 18 f, William D 23 m
1850 Bertie Co Slave Schedule George Wynns: 70m, 70f, 40m, 50f, 50f, 40f, 21f, 30f, 30f, 29f, 27f, 26f, 25f, 40m, 30m, 26m, 26m, 25m”blind”, 19f, 18f, 15f, 17f, 17f, 16m, 15m, 14m, 13m, 13m, 12m, 11m, 11m, 9m, 8m, 7m, 6m, 4m, 6f, 5f, 4f, 3f, 2f.
1850 Bertie Co Agriculture Schedule, George Wynns: 600(2400)ac, $3000 farm val, 50 farm imp val, 12 horse, 3 mule, 16 cow, 2 ox, 6 cattle, 24 sheep, 50 swine, $500 val, 825 bu. corn, 50 lbs. wool, 100 bu peas, 10 bushels potatoes, 50 bu. swpot, 20 lbs butter, 4 1/2 tons hay, 40 lbs flax, 2 bushels flax seed, $50 home manu, $215 slaughter.
married 21 Oct 1807 Bertie Co Melissa [Milley] Watford

a. Sally Ann Wynns bef 1820-
b. Betsy Eliza Wynns bef 1820 –
c. William [Billie] Daniel Wynns ca 1827 – 1868 [teacher in 1850]
1862 Conf. tax census, Bertie Co – Land: Residence 1000 a ($5000), 150 a ($125) Slaves: 25 ($6000)
married 17 Apr 1860 Frances Emily Williford

i. (Bettie) Elizabeth Emily Wynns May 1861 – 30 April 1930

Badge that Elizabeth Wynns Cowan, wore at the Wynns Family Reunion in 1916.

married Charles Edward Cowan 22 Oct 1853 – Aug 1893 Windsor, NC
1. Lillie Cowan Feb 1885 –
2. Archer Cowan May 1887 – son
3. Mable Cowan Jan 1889 –
4. Edner Cowan March 1891 – dau
5. Essie Edward Cowan Oct 1893 – 1976
married Duncan Winston Miller of Bertie Co
a. Margaret E Miller 1914 – 1997
married Raymond H Butler 1914 – 1968
i. Raymond H Butler Jr
b. Ruby Miller 1917 – 1983

married John P Whedbee d 1958
i. Betty Whedbee
ii. Gail Whedbee
c. Nancy Ruth Miller died as infant
d. Clyde Winston Miller 1920 – 2007
married Vernelle Pierce 1924 –
i. Teresa Miller
e. Duncan Donnis Miller 1923 – 1976
f. Louis G Miller 1925 – 1997
g. Alma G Miller 1926 –
married Alfred Porter d 2007
i. Brenda Porter
ii. Alfred Porter Jr
iii. Virginia Porter
h. Charles Edward Miller, Sr. 1928 -1985
married Bettty Spurling 1932 – 2006
i. Charles E Miller Jr
married Nancy Webb
i Sidney Earl Miller 1930 – 1935
j. Alice S Miller 1933 – 2007
married Hovey C Drane d 2005
i. Hovey C Drane Jr
ii. Walter Drane
iii. Daniel L Drane
k. Dorothy S Miller 1935 – 1999
married Worth M Davenport d 1983
i. Debroah Davenport
ii. Donna Davenport
iii. Worth M Davenport jr
iv. Shannon Davenport
d. Nancy Wynns ca 1832 –
1862 Confederate tax census, Bertie Co – Land: 700 a ($1500) Slaves: 4 ($1525) Interest: ($650)

married 2nd bef 1850 Phebe ? ca 1787 – ca 1860 [will Bertie Co]

2. Mary Wynns
married 11 Jan 1808 Bertie Co James Jenkins
married 1814/20 Uriah Marsh
a. James Marsh
b. Levinia Marsh
ca 1841 Hertford Ct, W O Wynns appeared with his wards James & Levinia Marsh
3. Elizabeth Wynns
married bef 1813 Asa Barnes
4. Sarah Wynns
married bef 1813 Wm. Roberson
5. Watkin William Wynns 2 Aug 1795 Bertie Co – 17 Mar 1844 near Providence KY
fought with Jackson at New Orleans 1814 —- removed to Union Co, KY
married 16 May 1821 Bertie Co Mary Ann Williford 1806-1887
Wynns’s Cem. near Diamond KY

a. John D Wynns ca 1822 –
Ex of W W Wynns estate 9 Nov 1845
b. Sarah Elizabeth Wynns
married 10 Dec 1842 Andrew Bruce
c. George Wright Wynns d. 1882
married 1st Lucy J Williams 12 June 1830 – 18 Jan 1856
married 2nd Susan Davis
d. James Wynns
e. Rev. W W Wynns 1839 -1900 [Presbyterian]
early academic course at Bethlehem KY & Bethel College TN [Bsptist]
Cumberland U, Lebanon TN
married 28 Nov 1861 Nancy Wallace 1842 – 1922 Union Co KY 9 children + 1 adopted
[found in “From Tidewater to Tradewater” by George B Simpson 1979]
6. Peggy Wynns
married 1814/20 Mr. Northcutt
7. Wright Outlaw Wynns 1803 – 1866 Powellsville
married 1st Miss McDaniel?
married Ethelinda Andrews 20 February 1807 – 1887
8. Nancy Caroline Wynns ca 1805 – nfi
9. Lavinia Emeline Wynns ca 1809 – 1884 Providence, Webster Co., Ky
married 2 April 1826 Bertie, NC James Byrd Barnhill 1804 -1879 Ky
removed to Hopkins Co, Ky and had 11 children
10. Daniel Van Pelt Wynns ca 1790 – bef 1840
married bef 1816 Mary Askew
dau of David & Milicent
a. Daniel Outlaw Wynns ca 1821 –

married 20 July 1840 Henry Co, TN Aramista Causey ca 1818 – AR
6 children
b. Mary C Wynns ca 1822 – ca 1900 AR
married William Doctor Wofford
c. William Wynns ca 1828 – aft 1900 Henry Co, TN
married Mary ? ca 1828 –
d. John W Wynns ca 1832 – Dent Co, MO
married 1859 Susan Melinda Pewitt

Will of Daniel Wynns of Bertie County, NC 25 Sept 1813 proved Nov Ct 1813
Wife, son George, Mary Jenkins, daughters Elizabeth Barnes and Sarah Roberson, son Watkins William Wynns, daughter Peggy Wynns, son Wright O Wynns, Daughters Nancy Caroline and Lavinia Emeline Wynns, son Daniel Van Pelt Wynns. EX: son George WIT: Geo. Askew, Jerry Outlaw
abstract from NCGR vol-2, p-104

Will of Lavinia Wynns of Bertie County, NC 2 Oct 1820 proved Feb Ct 1821
Daughter Peggy Northcutt, son Wright O Wynns, daughters Nancy C and Levinia Wynns, son William Watkins Wynns, Grand-daughter Sally Ann and Betsey Eliza Wynns, George Wynns, Betsey Barnes, Sally Robeson, Nanvy C and Levinia Wynns and Mary Marsh,
EX: Watkins William Wynns and George Wynns WIT: Stephen Washington, Margaret Stanley

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  1. Gaar Bennett says:
    January 19, 2015 at 10:17 pm Edit
    Sally, I have just today started going thru some of my genealogical records and found an e-mail from you dated Tuesday, August 11, 2009(! YIKES !), Subj:
    Re: Margaret “Pegga” Wynns, dau. of Watkins William Wynns, wife of John
    Bennett “Jr.” of Martin Co., NC.

    I cannot find where I answered your question:
    “Do you have the names of the other two children and their birth order etc
    of Peggy and John.”

    In case I did not answer, with MANY apologies:
    Source: “Ansearchin’ ” News, published by the Memphis Genealogical
    Society, Volume 12, Number 2, April-June 1965, pg. 55. The
    article is titled: The Bible of Watkin William Wynns, 1742-1812.

    Children of Pegga and John:
    “Harret Bennett Daughter of John Bennett and Peggy his wife was bornd
    Decbr 31 18(06 or 07)”

    “Anney Lizar Bennett Daughter of John Bennett and Peggy his wife wase
    Born October 1809”
    (NOTE: I have not found any further info on Anney Lizar; if she died,
    her death is not mentioned in the Bible; no luck trying to find
    if she even got married.)

    “William Bennett Son of John Bennett and Peggy his Wife was Bornd
    Decmbr 20 1816”

    “Nancy C. Bennett Daughter of John Bennett and Peggy his Wife was
    borned March the 12th day 1814”

    Spelling as is found in article which has been transcribed as faithfully as could be.

    On a personal note: I noticed in your sources that the Hands from Nacogdoches, Texas was listed. I do not know them but I was born, grew up and now retired back home in San Augustine, Texas, which is 35 miles due East of Nacogdoches.

    I hope that I did answer, but sincerely apologize if I did not!

    ps: I have copied this from a comment under sources. SMK

  2. In your research have you come across a Penelope Wynn. Born about 1824. Married William morgan. Lived in Henry county Tennessee and then moved to dent county Missouri surrounded by wynns. Trying to figure out who her parents are. Can you help?

  3. I am searching for my 4th great grandfather’s parents (names VanPelt). All I have been able to find out about him is he was born in North Carolina, which it states in the 1850 Census of Briar Creek, Columbia, Pennsylvania. He would have been born about 1791 to 1795, but I cannot locate just which county in North Carolina he came from.

  4. do you know any thing about Lucinda Wynns she is my great grand mother and she married John D Scott thank you

  5. My Dear Cousin Sally,
    I do hope you are doing well. Do tell Bob a grand “hello” for Nancy and me. I must say that you are a grand historian. It was nice talking to you a few months back and I really enjoyed it. I plan to call you a little before Christmas to wish you the best of holidays. Nancy and I are preparing ourselves for Church now. May God bless your side of the family.

  6. Dear Cousin Sally,
    What was my great-great-grandfather’s rank in the Confederate Army? I am asking about William Daniel Wynns. Was he also known as William McDaniel Wynns? Could Jim Holloman tell me? Is he Lellie Cowan Mitchell’s and Lloyd Mitchell’s grandson through Jessie Lois Mitchell Holloman who was my father’s first cousin? Please let me know. Charles

  7. Sally,
    I must say that this looks really good. It gives a good outline of my branch of the family. I must ask something, however. Did the family of President Thomas Jefferson marry into the Wynns family. The University at Chapel Hill has the Jeffersons linked with a branch of the Virginia Wynnes. What do you think?

    Charles and Nancy

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