Jesse W Vann, Nancy McGloghon & George Henry Mitchell

2 great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Jesse W Vann 1825 – 1852 | his parents
& ca 1849 Nancy McGloghon ca 1828 – 1873 | her parents
& 1864 George Henry Mitchell 1829 – 1912 | his parents
of Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jesse Vann married Nancy, a daughter of Luke McGlaughon [McGlohn].
Jesse was the youngest son of John Vann and Nancy Cross.
His father, John Vann came to the county about 1800 from Gates County and died in Sept 1850 in his 83rd year.

Jesse W Vann, son of John and Nancy was born July 9th day of 1825.

Jesse W Vann son of John and Nancy Vann, departed this mortal life the 3rd day of September 1852, 10 minutes after 7 in the morning being 27 years one month and 25 days old.

Nancy McGloughon Vann married 2nd in 1864 George Henry Mitchell 1829 – 1912 who “lived in St Johns at Roselyn Castle, the ancient seat of the Sumners, and was a young man of wealth and much kindness of heart. Mitchell’s first wife had been her older sister Martha. He was reared in Bertie and belonged to a large and influential family.” J W Moore George Henry Mitchell died 2 Sept 1912.

Col. George H Mitchell
“In 1867 Gov Holden apt him Colonel of the Hertford County Militia”

Winborne on George H Mitchell:
“In 1883 the Hertford member of the State House was Col. George H Mitchell,
a Republican, who lived in Winton. He was a kind and good-hearted man, and his republicanism was always a surprise to his countrymen.
During the days of reconstruction he and two others [Justices] were arrested and lodged in prison by order of the military Brevet in 1865, for whipping a negro girl.
In 1867 Governor Holden appointed him colonel of the militia in Hertford and he allied his fortunes with the followers of Holden.
He has been thrice married.
His first wife was the eldest daughter of Luke McGloughon of this county.
His second wife was Jesse B. Vann’s widow and sister to his first wife.
His third wife was James Northcott’s widow, by whom he had no children.
He is again a gay widower and looking out for his fourth.
He has two sons living in the county. . .. Dr. Jesse H Mitchell of Ahoskie, an able physician and strong Democrat and Arthur Mitchell of Ahoskie another Democrat.”

This Jesse is referred to by various middle initials and names. His father’s Bible lists him as Jesse W Vann, both at his birth and death according to the transcript pub by the Gates County Historical Society. Winborne calls him Jesse B Vann but has him alive years after his death. Virginia Vann Boone gives him the name Jesse John Vann in her family history she also has him marrying Bettie McGlohn — the existing records call her Nancy.
Moore’s Historical Sketches of Hertford County “in 1862 Joseph B Slaughter was in the Senate and John A. Vann in the Commons.”

Dr. Jesse Mitchell had a son named Lloyd who married Lellie Cowan, daughter of Charles Edward Cowan and Elizabeth Emily Wynns of Windsor, NC. She was sister to my grandmother, Essie Cowan Miller who was the first wife of Duncan Winston Miller. Irene Northcott was my grandfather’s second wife. The Holloman family you mention here appears to be A.C. Holloman’s family. If that is correct, my second couisin Geraldine Miller married AC Hollman. AC Holloman’s mother was also a Wynns; therefore, I am related to him by marriage and by blood.
Charles E. Miller in Chesapeake, Virginia

Children of Jesse Vann and Nancy McGlaughon:
1. Thomas J. Vann ca 1850 –
married Bettie Mitchell
2. Jesse John [Jack] Vann ca 1852 –

Jack Vann

married Alice MacRae
a. John Colin MacRae Vann
married Janie Gulledge
b. Mary McGlohn Vann
c. Henry Vann
married Ruth Williams
d. Jessica Vann
married Dr. Wm. A Graham

Children of Nancy McGloughon and G H Mitchell 1829 – aft 1906:
1. Marie Emily Mitchell 1866 – dy
2. James Arthur Luke Mitchell 1869 –
married 14 June 1892 Nettie Askew of Bertie

Child of G H Mitchell and Martha McGloughon
the 1860 census shows also two little girls NG 7 and MS 6
1. Dr. Jesse H T Mitchell 1857 – Dr. Mitchell of Ahoskie
married Rosa H Montgomery

Rosa and Jesse Mitchell

a. Lloyd M Mitchell
married Lellie Cowan
dau Charles Edward Cowan and Elizabeth Emily Wynns of Windsor, NC
b. Dr. Paul H Mitchell
c. Carl Mitchell of Ahoskie
d. Dr. George W Mitchell of Wilson
married 1905 Lila Freeman [Eley]

1939 -Historical edition of the Hertford County Herald
Dr. George W Mitchell son of the late Dr. Jesse H Mitchell gives the following background of the town [Ahoskie] and the Mitchell interests:

“Ahoskie, located principally on the Luke McGloghon farm. is bounded on the South by Ahoskie Swamp, on the west by the lands formerly belonging to Thos. Jenkins and Jim Jenkins, on the North by the lands of Richard and Thomas Hayes, and on the east by the lands of Bill and Cad Jenkins. . . .The Luke McGloughon farm, which was left in a division of the Luke McGloughon holdings to his daughter who had married the father of Tom and Jack Vann and after his death became the wife of George H Mitchell. The latter, familiarly known as “Colonel” Mitchell had previously married a sister of Mrs. Vann and to that union several children were born among them Dr. Jesse H Mitchell.
Of several children born to the union with Mrs. Vann, J. Arthur Mitchell was the only one to survive.
On the death of the second Mrs. Geo. H Mitchell [mother of the Vann boys Jack and Tom] the Vann boys decided to sell their interest in the Luke McGloughon farm.
Dr. J H Mitchell who had meanwhile married Miss Rosa H Montgomery purchased a 5/12th interest in the farm, Colonel George H Mitchell a 1/4 interest and J. Arthur Mitchell retained his 1/3 interest.
From that time on Dr. Jesse H Mitchell rented the entire farm and made the present home his residence.
The ownership continued the same after the purchase of the Vann boys interest until the death of George H Mitchell, when a division was made giving J. Arthur Mitchell that portion on the east side of the railroad and Dr. J. H. Mitchell the remaining part on the west side of the railroad.”

1850 Hertford County census
John Vann 82 m farmer 2500
Jese 25 m none
Nancy 20 f
Thomas J 3/12 m
John A 27 m Ast. Marshall
Martha A 19 f
Penelopy Curle 50 f

1860 Hertford County census
Nancy Vann head of a household, age 28
Thomas J. Vann, age l0
J. J. Vann, age 8
Nancy McGlaughon [obviously her mother] age 56
James Northcutt, age 22 overseer

1870 Hertford County census
G H Mitchell of St Johns 41 farmer
Nancy 40,
Jesse H T 13
Marie E 4
James — S 1
and Vann, Thos 20 at school

1880 Hertford County census
Geo H Mitchell w m 52 head m farmer
M A ” w f 43 wife m keeping house disabled
A L ” w m 11 son s at school
N E Northcott w f 63 mother in law at home

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