Brickell Family

Brickell Family
of Ireland & Bertie & Hertford Counties, NC
& Nansemond County, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

We are told by Wheeler, Moore, and Winborne that Matthias Brickell, a Native of Ireland, came to this country in 1729 with his brother Dr. John Brickell (Brickels) of Edenton, a naturalist, physician, & early historian along with Gov. Burrington.
[We also are told that John went on a joint commission to the Cherokee Indians in TN.]
Though we find no official record of Matthias ever being ordained an Episcopal minister he was the clerk of the Vestry of the Suffolk Parish for several years and is credited, by all three authors, with conducting services dating from 1730 at old St. Johns Chapel & at old Luke Chapel in present day Hertford County.
He was reputed to have “possessed high social qualities and culture and created in the minds of the people love and confidence.
They flocked to hear him at Ahoskie.”

The Suffolk Parrish Vestry often met at his home until On 7 Nov, 1755 he is referred to as Matthias Brickell, late clerk of Vestry.
In 1754 is found a record that Sarah Brickell was paid for Keeping 3 children 9 months.
In 1755 Benjamin Gregorie paid for “caring for Brickle’s 3 children.”
In 1756, “Gregorie was pd. for keeping and burying 3 children.”
On 6 Sep 1763 (p. 30,
“Dr. James Wright was paid for curing Easter Brickel’s legg.”
“Benjamin Gregorie was paid for boarding Easter Brickell.”

There was a will by Mary Bonner in Chowan, Aug 1789, who lists a John Brickell, “son of my sister, Mourning Brickell…’ I believe this refers to Bertie John Brickell, whose mother was Mourning. e-mail Marcia

Children of Matthias Brickell & his wife:
1. John Brickell ca 1723 Nansemond Co VA – 1789/90 Hertford Co NC
lived Bertie & Hertford Co’s NC & 1767 Norfolk, VA
1st appeared in records of Bertie from Nansemond Co, VA 1746

married bef 1751 Martha ?
2. Matthias Brickell 23 March 1725 Nansemond Co VA – 17 Oct 1788 Hertford Co NC
in 1743 1st appears in records of Bertie Co referred to as planter & peddler or is this his father
married 1st 6 Nov 1748 Rachiel Noailles 13 Jan 1728 -17 Feb 1770
married 2nd 1772/73 Mrs. Nannie Jones

In 1968, Dr. Thomas C Parramore of the faculty of Meredith College wrote an Introductory for a reprint of “The Natural History of North-Carolina with an Account of the Trade, Mannes and Customs of the Christian and Indian Inhabitants” first published in Dublin in 1737. Parramore entitled his paper “John Brickell, the Man and the Myth.” “…that he [Dr. John Brickell] was a native of Ireland who came to North Carolina around 1729, that he visited Bath and Beaufort and lived for about two years at Edenton, that he returned to Ireland and published his “Natural History” there in 1737.” he goes on to say
“Dr. Brickell was on the first grand jury after North Carolina became a royal colony. where he left us his signature.
“He was the family physician of the household of Governor Richard Everard — he sent his bill for 34 prof. visits to members of the Governor’s household between Nov 1730 and April 1731.
“He also sent a bill against mariner John Saunders of Pasquotank.
“He is also mentioned as being present at the tavern of Martha Davidson in Edenton on Sept 19, 1730 in company with Captain William Badham, Thomas Sherwin and Joseph Jenoure.
Parramore then mentions “another John Brickell [who first appeared in 1746 in North Carolina from Nansemond County, VA when he was granted an ordinary [tavern] license by Bertie County Ct.] and who was brother of planter-peddler Matthias Brickell He goes on to say this John Brickell became an attorney, served as high sheriff of Bertie in the 1750’s

and around 1763 returned to VA settling on the Elizabeth river at what is now Portsmouth. He was a member of the VA legislature during the Revolutionary War but returned to Hertford Co where he died ca 1789/90.
“Another John Brickell evidently a farmer died at Enfield in Halifax in 1789.
Then there’s “Dr. John Brickell who practiced medicine at Savannah, GA in the last quarter of the 18th Century said to be a native of County Louth, Ireland, and a graduate of King’s College in New York.
And there’s a ref. in the records of Beaufort County to a “William Brickel, physitian” as a partner in a mining company formed at Bath in 1730. Merchant James Brickell was a resident of Bath from about 1735 until his death there in 1746. Parramore also notes that two of the subscribers to “Natural History” were William and James Brickell.

John Brickell, Esq. ca 1723 – 1789/90 | his parents
& bef 12 Aug 1751 Martha | her parents
of Bertie, Hertford Co etc

1746, 12 Nov – Ct session Bertie Co – John Brickell granted ordinary license.
“Travelers also found food and lodging at places such as John Brickell’s at “the red ridge” [present Union]. Brickell’s Inn was also the first place west of the Chowan where south-bound mails were opened for regional distribution.” Parrremore –and Colonial Records

1748, 5 Aug William Humpe, John Brickell, and Cader Sowell witness deed of gift from William Yeats to his Neighbor Joseph Jones land on NS Blew Water.

1751, 12 Aug John Brickell and wife Martha, late of Society Parish sell 200 acres of land.

1757 Tax List for Bertie Co:
In Matthias Brickell’s household, himself, Jeremiah Creech,
and 4 blacks Will, Jacob, Charity, & Phebe.
In John Brickell’s household are himself,
and 6 blacks, Tom, Avy, Joe, Priss, Amy & Mour’g.

1757 John Brickell is sheriff of Bertie Co.

Children of John Brickell & wife Martha:
1. Celia Brickell wit to deed in 1761
2. Thomas Brickell, Esq bef 1743 –
?3. John Brickell
?4. Wright Brickell
?5. Matthias Brickell
?6. William Brickell

1769 Vestry held at Thos Brickels in Suffolk Town for the upper Parish of Nansemond on 25th of Jan, 19th Oct, 22nd Nov.
Capt John Brickle made vestryman 1777, and appointed churchwarden 1778, and in Dec 1781 resigned his office as vestryman. Upper Parish of Nansemond.

1782 John Brickell is the Senator from Hertford County.
Thomas Brickell was Mem. House Hertford 1781, 1782, 1783, 1784 & 1786
It is said that two were brothers — Wheeler and Moore both states they were sons of Col. Matthias; Winborne says they were their first cousins, sons of John Brickell and his wife Martha. Observation, Col. Matt’s son John would have just been 20 in 1782 so it is improbable that he was the Senator from Hertford. Maybe they were not brothers — methinks they are father and son.

Gates Co Ct Records:
May 1779 John Brickell attorney at law for Joseph Speight
Feb 1780 Thomas Brickell granted license to keep a public house; William Harriss and Docton Riddick offered themselves as security
Nov 1780 John Brickell atto at law for Thomas Hare, also Elizabeth Riddick to adm estate of Docton Riddick,
Aug 1781 William Daniel orp of William Daniel decd about thirteen years be bound to Thomas Brickell to learn the business of a taylor.
Ordered that the County Treasurer pay John Brickell 3225 pounds for one year’s salary as Attorney for the State etc. [the next year his salary was about nine pounds]
Feb 1782 Thomas Brickell granted license to keep a public house; Jonathan Roberts and Demsey Bond offered themselves as security.
Aug 1783 ordered that Capn. Thomas Brickell have his license to keep a public house extended.
May 1786 Thomas Brickell and wife Aneson? sell land to William Lewis
Aug 1789 John Brickell atto at law at court [last time mentioned]
Aug 1808 Thomas Brickell mentioned as adm. of estate of Charles Powell [last appearence in the records of Gates Co Ct.]

John Brickell of Enfield, Halifax County will of 1789Children of John Brickell and Nancy Nelms:
1. John Brickell
2. Patsy Brickell
3. Abigail Brickell
4. Sally Brickell
5. William Brickell
6. Jeremiah Brickell
Child of Nancy Nelms and Thomas Tillery 1734 – 1772/78:
1. Parcimus Tillery
e-mails from Marcia Bourdeau
I have John Brickell’s will he made in March 1789, that “exhibited in open court, May Session, 1789.” He says, …”being sick and weak of body, but of perfect sound mind and memory…” He lists leaving his 400 acres to his sons William and Jeremiah (I am a Jeremiah descendent). But then begins anew and lists all of the children, John, Patsy, Abigail, Sally, William, and Jeremiah, for dividing the rest of the property when each
comes of age. He also has a step-son, Parcimus Tillery. . .My line ends, in proof, with the John Brickell, who d. in Halifax, NC, in 1789. I would like to believe that he is the son of John and Martha, of Bertie and Nansemond, and the John Jr. we see marrying in Norfolk in 1775. … Eliza Hudson. My John, in Halifax, appears there about 1780, with wife, Nancy (Nelms) Tillery, wdw.Just today I received in the mail from the Archives, a military record of John Brickle, Srgt., served during the time frame of 1785 to1790, Montfort’s Co, lst US Regt, Brig. Genl. Josiah Harmar, from the 1st January to the 31st December, 1790. There are two John Brickells listed in the Roster of North Carolina soldiers, one a Srgt, obviously this one, who will not be mine, since he died in 1789, and a second one listed as supernumery, however that applies.

e-mail from Charles Tillery [Dec 2002]
In checking my records, Nancy’s first husband was Thomas Tillery b.01/09/1734 in Richmond Co., Va. died between1772-1778. His father was George.
My ancestor was William, brother of your Jeremiah.

Col. Matthias Brickell 1725 – 1788 | his parents
& 1848 Rachiel Noailles 1728 – 1770 | her parents
& 1772/73 Mrs. Ann [Nannie Jones] | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

Col. Matthias Brickell was born 23rd of March, 1725; He is the son of “Rev” Matthias Brickell d 1755.
Matthias Brickell married Nov 6, 1748 Rachiel Noailles of a French Huguenot family.
Rachiel Noailles was born 13th Jan 1728 and died 17th February 1770.

Children of Matthias Brickell & Rachel Noailles:
1. Marinia Brickell 6 Sept 1749 – 8 Jan 1762
2. Lavenia Brickell 17 July 1750 – 28 July 1799 age 49 ts
married Joseph Dickinson Jr 7 Dec 1740 – 10 Dec 1784
arrived in America 15 July 1762 to be a factor or agent of the firm of Hartley and Nicholson in Whitehaven, England at a shipping point called Mt. Sion near the mouth of Potecasi Creek. Their business seems to have been largely lumber and naval stores. He seems to have been living in Winton [then Outlaw’s Ferry] when it was incorporated in 1766 – from John Jordan
a. Gen Joseph F [Joe] Dickinson 1774 – 6 June 1822 aged 48 yrs 5 mo 8days ts
general of the militia
married Margaret [Peggy] Gregory 1785 –
she married 2nd Dr. Isaac Pipkin of Murfreesboro 1797 – 1850
they moved to New Orleans soon afterwards per John Jordan
b. Matthias Brickell [Matt] Dickinson 15 May 1775 – 29 Nov 1811
c. William Thomas Dickinson 27 May 1777 – 2 March 1785
d. Rachiel Dickinson
married Dr. Stimpson he died
“she was engaged to Kilby but she died and Kilby went deranged.”
married 2nd Dr. Bryan Bunbury ca 1759 – 15 Oct 1808 aged 49
native of Clonmell, co Tipperary, Ireland – immigrated 1783
3. William Brickell 30 Mar 1752-1810
married Nancy Jones (the blue hen) no children
4. Martha Brickell 25 Sept 1753-1809 (saved by her scissors chain) dsp
5. Bathsheba Brickell 28 Sept 1755 -7 June 1782 (drowned) dsp

TN Bible Records–copied from family Bible of James Noailles Brickell of NC by Mrs Mary Hardeman. Bathsheba was drowned by falling into the river. Her sister, Martha, and herself were in a “double gig.” The horse got frightened and backed off (the ferry)! Martha was saved by her scissors chain fastening onto the ferry.
  1. Sally Brickell 29 July 1757 – 19 March 1802 Murfreesboro NC
    married 17 Feb 1780 Col. Hardy Murfree 1752 – 1809 Murfreesboro TN
    son of William Murfree & Mary Moore removed to TN in 1807
    a. William Hardy Murfree 2 Oct 1781 – 19 Jan 1827 TN
    moved to TN ca 1823
    married 1808 Elizabeth Maney 28 Oct 1787 – 13 July 1826
    daughter of James Maney and Mary his wife
    i. William Law Murfree, Esq 19 July 1817 – 23 Aug 1892 Murfreesboro TN
    married 22 Nov 1843 Fanny Priscilla Dickinson 24 Sept 1816 – 19 Sept 1902 Murf. TN
    daughter of David Dickinson, Esq & Fanny N Murfree
    ii. Sally Brickell Murfree Sept 1821 –
    married as 2nd wife David William Dickinson 1st cousin
    iii. Elizabeth Maney Murfree 13 July 1826 –
    b. Fanny Noailles Murfree 23 Aug 1783 –
    married 22 Aug 1799 David Dickinson 13 Nov/ 11 Oct 1774 –
    i. Hardy Dickinson 1800 – 1800
    ii. Sarah Louisa Dickinson 1801 – 1832
    married John Bell
    iii. David William Dickinson 10 June 1808 – 1845
    married Eliza J Grantland died 1838
    married Sallie Brickell Murfree Sept 1821
    iv. Lavinia Dickinson ca 1811 – ca 1824
    v. Benjamin Dickinson 1814 – 1824
    vi. Fanny Priscilla Dickinson 24 Sept 1816 – 19 Sept 1902
    married 22 Nov 1843 William Law Murfree 1st cousin
    vii. Martha Elizabeth Dickinson
    c. Mary Moore Murfree 9 March 1786 – 1 Mar 1848
    married 9 March 1803 Isaac Hilliard
    d. Matthias Brickell Murfree 26 July 1788 – TN
    married Mary Roberts
    e. Rachiel Dickinson Murfree 5 Oct 1790 – 28 Aug 1794
    f. Sally Hardy Murfree 12 Feb 1793 –
    married Dr. James Maney
    g. Lavenia Bembury Murfree 3 April 1795 – TN
    married 23 Feb 1814 Col. Frank Burton
    h. a girl not named 27 May 1797 – 27 May 1797
    i. a girl not named 17 June 1798 – 19 June 1798
    j. Martha Long Ann Croakley Murfree 22 May 1801 –
    married 10 March 1818 William Maney
    7. Matthias Brickell 23 Jan 1759 – 3 June 1797
    8. Thomas Noailles Brickell 11 Mar 1761 – Mar 1811
    1810 Bertie County – Thomas N Brickell 1m 10/15 2m16/25 1m45+ 2f 0/10 2f 16/25 1f45+ 1sl
    married Jane Montgomery? died ca 1820 Bertie Co.
    In Bertie County there were some papers concerning the death of Thomas Brickell, in abt. 1811, mentioned were Robert M. Brickell, Amos Raynor as admn., Jannett Brickell, Jain, Rachel…
    -in 1820, there was a suit concerning Jane Brickell vs. Robert M. Brickell, Wm. H. Young and Jannet, who is then labeled as dead, attorney Thomas Brickell, Esq.

    a. Rachiel Brickell
    b. Betsy Brickell
    c. Robert M Brickell
    d. Thomas Brickell – d.1823
    “Jan 1823 ~ Col. Thomas Brickell, a member of our last Legislature, d. in Windsor, Bertie County”
    his admn. was Robert M. Brickell.
    e. Lavenia Brickell ca 1800 – bef. 1836
    married 6 Sept 1820 Dr. James C. Jones 1799-1868
    this James C Jones was the son of Col William Jones, brother of James S Jones II
    he and Lavenia removed to Haywood Co, TN after 1828 – before 1830
    f. Jane C M Brickell
    married 1813 George Coggeshall of Windsor
    “in 1813, Jane C. M. Brickell, daughter of the late Thomas Brickell, of Hertford County, m. George Coggeshall, of Windsor” newspaper abst of Raleigh Papers

    9. John Brickell 8 Sept 1762 – 1798
    10. Dr. James Noailles Brickell 19 Jan 1765 – 1841 TN
    Hertford Co Census 1830 James Brickell: Males 1 under 5, 3 5-10, 1 40-50,
    Females 1 under 5, 1 23-30, 1 30-40

    married Betsy White of S.C.
    a. William Brickell
    married Miss Faust
    b. Henry Brickell
    married Betsy Smith
    11. Jonathan Brickell 11 Feb 1767 – Jan 1807
    married bef. 1790 as 1790 census shows him with wife and son
    married 2nd by Apr Ct 1799 Penelope Wynns [Young] ca 1778 –
    daughter of Benjamin Wynns and wife Celia [Edenton Dist estate records]
    a. Celia Wynne Brickle
    b. Richard Brickle
    12. Joseph Brickell 23 Dec 1769 – 1802
    13. Ann Brickell 23 Dec 1769 –
    married Dr. Hill of Franklin Cty, N.C.
    a. Nancy Hill
    married Murfree Knight (a runaway match) div.
    married 2nd Mark Cook of Raleigh, NC
    b. Lavenia Hill
    married Dr. Wheaton
    c. Natt Hill
    took arsenic through mistake and died!

Col Matthias Brickell married 2nd 1772/73 Mrs Nannie Jones, the widow of the 2nd James Jones [son of Joseph] of Pitch Landing (who died 17 Oct 1771 naming Abram Jones & Matthias Brickell as executors of his estate.)

Children of Matthias Brickell and Mrs Nannie Jones:
1. Benjamin Brickell 15 Dec 1773 – 1812 [Franklin Co]
married Nancy Davis
a. Benjamin Ann Brickell
2. Marinia Brickell 28 May 1777 –
married 1st Rollins
a. Matilda Rollins
married Moody
married 2nd Moore
married 3rd Saxon
married 4th Burns (Baptist Preacher)
3. Rebecca Brickell 14 June 1780 –
married Palmer
a. Matt Palmer
4. Betsy Brickell 1 May 1783 –
married Godwin
a. Ann Godwin
b. Eliza Godwin
5. Nancy Brickell 17 Jan 1786 –
married 1st Lemon
married 2nd Dickinson
married 3rd Dr. Clark
married 4th
married 5th
a. daughter who was so beautiful a rejected lover went deranged.
married 6th
married 7th

Located on the post route between Suffolk, Va and Wilmington, NC their home known as Oak Villa was where the post was opened, the post office if you will.
Matthias Brickell was the 2nd High Sheriff of Hertford County 1762-1766.
Matthias Brickell was appointed commissioner for Winton when it was formed in 1768.
Matthias Brickell was a member of the Governor’s Council before the war.
Matthias Brickell had a liberal education.
Matthias Brickell was entry-taker for the county prior to the war of 1776.
Matthias Brickell represented Hertford at Hillsboro on Aug 21, 1775
Matthias Brickell also represented Hertford at Halifax 4 April, 1776
(These Congresses appointed and reappointed him Lt. Col of the Hertford Co Militia).
Matthias Brickell was Chairman of the old County Court after the war
Col. Matthias Brickell died 17th Oct 1788.

Oak Villa ca 1900 –
Sorry folks it appears this picture is misidentified!!!
John R Jordan Jr. writes “I am 82 years old and remember the house quite well. Indeed I recall the Christmas Eve when the great old house burned to the ground. Oak Villa was of an earlier period architecture than that of the house shown in the picture. The house shown appears to be the Wynn-Jordan house on the Murfreesboro Road. Both houses stood about the same distance from Winton. Oak Villa was to the south and Green Plains [the Wynn-Jordan house] was to the west.”
Mr. Jodan says he will try to locate a photograph of Oak Villa for us. That would be great!

1779 Tax List of Hertford Co — abstract by Raymond A Winslow Jr NCGSJ May ’94
Matthias Brickell is the Justice who signs the tax list for Hertford County
in District #3
Matthias Brickell Esq with 250 ac + 220 ac +150 ac +320 ac + 2 lotts in Winton
also 12 negroes 10-40, 8 n 5-10 or 40-50, 10 n >10, 48 head of cattle, 7 horses + money +

1782 Tax List of Hertford Co – as abstracted by Sally Koestler from film of orig.
Dist #3
Matt Brickell Jr 3 lots 1 horse 100
Col. Matt Brickell 580 7 7 7 negroes 8 horses 43 cattle 2 carriage wheels
do Jas Jones’s orphans 400 3 1 4 negroes
Dist #4
John Brickell 200 – 3 – negroes 4 horses 14 cattle 2 carriage wheels

1784 Tax List Hertford Co – abstract by Ransom McBride NCGSJ Aug ’83
Sam Harrell is the Justice who signs the tax list for Hertford County
in Capt Job Yeates’s Company list taken by Jeremiah Brown
Matthias Brickell 1152 ac 2 fp 15 bp
in Capt Nathan Harrell’s Company list taken by Lewis Brown
John Brickell 272 ac 1fp 5 bp + 2 lots in Winton
Thomas Brickell Esq 275 ac 1 fp 2 bp
under Inhabitants of the Town of Winton
Matth Brickell Jur 1 town lot 1 fp 1 bp

1786 census of Gates County: No Brickells or Brickles or Brickels are found

Halifax County, NC Tax Lists 1782-1789 John Brickell is listed. Gammon abs.
Then in the census of 1790, under Matt Whitaker, for John Brickell decd.

1790 Hertford Census
Ann Brickell 1 1 7 – 29
John Brickell, dec – – 1 – 10


Thomas N Brickell 1 1 3 – 3
Matthias Brickell 2 1 3 – 11
William Brickell 1 – 2 – 8
Jonathan Brickell 1 1 1 – –
Halifax Census 1790
William Brickle 1 – – – 1

1800 Camden Census
John Brickel 1 – – 1 – – – – 1 –
1800 Gates Census
Thomas Brickle – – 1 – 1 – – – – 1 10
1800 Edgecombe Census
Benjamin Brickle Esq – – 1 1 – – 1 2 – – 8
1800 Halifax Census
Nancy Brickle – 2 1 – – 1 – 1 – 1 0
Mary Brickell 2 – – – – – – 2 – – 0
1800 Hertford Census
Jonathan Brickell 1 – 2 1 – 1 – 1 – – 23
Thos Noil. Brickell 2 1 2 1 – 2 1 – 1 – 11
William Brickell 1 – – 1 – – 1 1 – – 11

1810 Bertie County
Thomas N Brickell – 1 2 – 1 2 – 2 – 1 1

Bertie Census 1820
R M Brickell – – – 2 – – – – 2 – –
Hertford Census 1820
James Brickell 1 – 1 – 1 – – – 1 – –

Hertford Census 1830
James Brickell 1 3 – – – – 1 1 – – – 1 1
Bertie Census 1830
Rachiel Brickell – 1 – – 1 – – – – – – – 3 – – –

Hertford Census 1850
Joseph L Brickell 23 m farmer cannot read or write
Roseana Brickell 35 f
Levi J Brickell 1 m
John P Brickell 4/12 m
Jonathan Brickell 26 m overseer cannot read or write
Adolphus Brickle 20 m laborer
Nancy Brickle 50 f
Mary A J Brickle 17 f
Ernestive Brickle 15 f

Hertford Census 1870
Nancy Brickle 55 f w

Brickle, William 50 m w farmer NC
Harriat 40 f w
James 21 m
Preston 19 m
Henry 16 m
Junius 12 m
Martha 13 f
Cornelia 11 m
Norflet 8 m
Ellen 4 f

e-mail from the uk Jan 02 — Chris Brickell
I believe that Brickell is an English name specifically local to Shaftesbury in North Dorset. Where does the line that Mathias and John Brickell came from Dublin start?”

from a new contact in the UK – Bob Irwin.
He writes “My mother is a Brickell and is very interested in the family history (as I get older my interest grows) My great grandfather, Robert Brickell was born in 1831 in Shaftesbury. Arthur Brickell (my great uncle) did quite a bit of family research.
Fortunately he wrote it up, here are a few snippets from his manuscript……..
“All the parishioners of Enmore Green (Shaftesbury, Dorset) have Brickell
blood in them”
“The Shaftesbury side of the family are direct descendants of John & Joan
Brickell of Brick Lane London who lived in the 15th Century”
Apparently he was a great benefactor leaving a lot of money to the poor
of London in his will of 1440.
Billingsgate Fish Market was mentioned in a deed of 1741 relating to
property in the Brickells charity.

North Carolina Wills
Brickel, Sarah 1852 WB1/60 ar 079 Pitt Co
Brickell, Benjamin 1812 WBC/82 ar 039 Franklin Co
Brickell, James 1746 S/S 878/61 ar/SS
Brickell, John 1789 WB3/167 ar 047 Halifax Co
Brickell, Jonathan 1856 WBA/391 — 051 Hertford Co
Brickell, Martha 1852 RB28/101 ar 099 Wake Co
Brickell, Rebecca W 1887 WB6/448 ar 047 Halifax Co
Brickell, Susanah 1836 OWB/531 ar 009 Beaufort Co
Brickell, William W 1878 WB6/189 ar 047 Halifax Co
Brickle, Nathaniel 1896 WB51/438 ar 100 Warren Co

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  1. I believe the 1st wife of my Josiah Stallings was a Brickell. I have Noailles also NOYES and autosomal to NELMS is I’ve been trying to pin-point. The unknown woman woul’ve been born 1750s and died 1790s-1810.

  2. Hello Sally Moore Koestler:
    I am writing on behalf of my adult step-children who directly descend from Matthias Brickell and Rachiel Noailles,
    My question:
    Do you have any knowledge or theories regarding the parentage and any other data on Rachiel Noailles?
    Many thanks,
    Robert Demler
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  3. I believe Robert Brickell from Shaftesbury was my ggg grandfather who had an illegitimate child with my ggg Nan. Be interesting to hear more about him.

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