Perry Cotten Tyler & Celia Rice Raby

Descendants of Sally’s 5-great- grandparents
Arthur Cotten & Mary Elizabeth Rutland of Mulberry Grove,

Helen Cotten and Moses Tyler

Perry Cotten Tyler 1788 – 1865 | his parents
& ca 1816 Elizabeth/Betsy Harrell 1796 – 1840 | her parents
& 1842 Celia Creecy Rice 1807 – 1892 | her parents

This is my working hypothesis the way I see it as of this moment!!

Perry Cotten Tyler 1788-1865
photo of portrait owned by John E Tyler II

Perry Cotten Tyler 24 Oct 1788 – 1865
married 2nd 1842 Celia Creecy Rice Jan 16, 1807 – April 16, 1892
she was widow of Blake Raby & dau. James Rice & Celia Yates.

Children of Perry Cotten Tyler and Celia Rice [Raby]:
1. Luther Rice [Cush] Tyler 12 Nov 1842 – 8 Sept 1909
married Susan Amelia Capehart 20 July1854 – 21 Jan 1910
Susan and Martha are sisters

a. Charles Cotten Tyler 1 Nov 1877 – 29 Nov 1946
married Elizabeth Betty Tayloe 28 Dec 1882 – 12 Aug 1966
‘Charles Cotten Tyler had a large family. I remember some of them but not all of the children. They lived at the crossroad of Cemetery Road and Church St in Roxobel NC. During the summertime we played base ball in there front yard almost every Sunday afternoon. Charles was Co Owner with his brother Claude Mason in a store on Ruby St. it was destroyed by a tornado around 1940.’ Pete Austin
i. Charles Cotten Tyler b 1923
Charles graduated valedictorian of his class from RKHS in 1940. He and his twin sister Elizabeth Tyler were classmate of my brother Irving Douglas Bro Austin and his future wife Hazel Roane Bland.
Hazel was a relative to the Tyler family
through Elizabeth (Betsy) Harrell that married Perry Cotton Tyler.
1. Sarah Ann Tyler
ii. Eliabeth Tayloe Tyler, b. 1923, Roxobel NC
married Alan Bruce Johnson, b. 1923, Kelford NC
buried: Roxobel-Kelford Cemetery.
(son of Aldredge Chester Johnston and Amanda Horne Browne)
Allen married first Julia Bazemore from Woodville NC,
iii. Sidney Tyler
b. William Thomas Tyler 30 Sept 1878 –
c. Claude Mason Tyler 30 Aug 1881 – ca 1940
Killed when the top of his and brother Charles’ store collapsed on him
during a tornado that passed through Roxobel ca 1940.

married Rosa N- 1894 –
i. Willie (Billie) Thomas Tyler 1923 Roxobel NC – died in mid life
ii. Ruth Mason Tyler 1926 – dec.
iii. Claude W Tyler 1915 Roxobel NC –
iv. Nell Tyler 1917 – dec
v. Sue Tyler 1919 Roxobel – 1977
vi. Luther R Tyler 1927 –
Luther R ran away from home at an early age and joined the circus.
Reported to have been killed at while young. 

c. Claude Mason Tyler married 2nd Nellie Hart
vii. Perry Cotton Tyler III 1933 –
d. Annie (Nancy) Lemore Tyler 20 Dec 1883 –
married Warland Veale Brett.
2. John Edward [Ed] Tyler 31 Mar 1850 – 12 July 1930
(ancestor of Jack Tyler)
both buried in Tyler Family Cemetery, Roxobel NC

married 1873 Martha Adelia Capehart 2 Aug 1852 – 12 Feb 1916
a. Edward Leroy Tyler 16 Mar 1875 [or76?] – 24 Aug 1957
married 22 Feb 1873 Mabel Bishop 22 Feb 1873 – 20 Apr 1926
married 2nd Carrie Lee Savage Hearn 15 Jan 1886 – 6 Dec 1963
(daughter of John Savage and Elizabeth Daughridge)
she had married 1st George Burton Heann
b. Helen Capehart Tyler 7 Sept 1877 –
married James Thomas Jilcott 1874 – 1963
(son of Joseph Jeremiah (Jere) Jilcott and Martha Frances Livermon)
i. Owen Jilcott
ii. Helen Louise Jilcott 2 Feb 1908 – 29 Jan 1992
married Vance Edward Forehand
iii. Janice Jilcott.
iv. Jerry R Jilcott
c. Paul Tyler 20 May 1879 – 14 July 1881 Robobel
d. MaryMinnie Elizabeth Tyler 12 June 1882 – 1967
married James Paul Johnson
e. Earnest Rudolph Tyler 14 May 1886 – 7 Dec 1958
solicitor, third judicial dist. NC 1936 – 1958
He lived all his life in the family home place. In the summer he wore a white linen suit and Panama straw hat. He always drove a large white automobile. A great lawyer who served his country for many years. Ernest was known for his fair consideration for everyone.

married Ethel Leigh Pierce 10 Mar 1892 — 26 Aug 1969
daughter of Livius Floyd Pierce and wife Ida Blanche Wood
i. John Edward Tyler II 2 June 1918 – 5 Dec 2000 obit Roxobel
John Edward Tyler II was named for his grandfather (Big Jack) Tyler. Until John the First died he was called (Little Jack) Tyler.
Jack and his wife were always active with the Hope Plantation
restoration program that is now in place there. Responsible for acquiring many of the furnishings and antique items found on location today.

married Margaret Ridley Long 26 March 1917 – 30 Mar 1991
daughter of Thomas William Mason Long M.D. and wife Maria Greenough Burgwyn

from obituary in News and Observer, December 7,2000: He and his wife, Margaret were among the founding members of Historic Hope Foundation in Windsor, NC . They remained active in fund-raising, membership drives, and acquisitions from 1965 until their deaths. .he attended Virginia Military Academy and the University of North Carolina. He serve as Lieut. J.G. on the destroyer Hobson and the battleship New York during WWII. He was a farmer, antique dealer, and a founder of the Bertie Historical Association in the 1950s. In 1970 he became president of the North Carolina Society for the Preservation of Antiquities, now Preservation North Carolina. He was a member of the Tryon Palace Commission and chairman of the Acquisitions Committee. At Hope he served as president, chairman of the Board and Chairman Emeritus. He was also a Director Emeritus of Preservation North Carolina. A lifelong member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Roxobel, he was a Senior Warden and member of the vestry. He was awarded two of the highest honors presented by N.C. Preservation groups. In 1967 he received the Cannon Cup Award from the NC Society for the Preservation of Antiquities.
In 1973 he received the Christian Crittenden Award from the NC
Literary and Historical Association.

1. Margaret Ridley Tyler 23 Jan 1942 – 19 Aug 2011
married 10 June 1961 James Edward Smith
2. John Cotten Pierce Tyler
3. Ethel Leonard Gregory Tyler

ridley2 ridley
article by granddaughter of John & Margaret Tyler: Julie Ridley Smith

GREENSBORO Margaret Ridley Tyler Smith, died Friday August 19, 2011. after a determined battle with cancer.
She was the daughter of Margaret Ridley Long Tyler and John Edward Tyler II, who predeceased her.
Survived by husband James Edward Smith, whom she married June 10, 1961, and their two children,
Edward Moreland Tyler Smith (m. Carolyn Elizabeth Shankle), and Julia Ridley Smith (m. Glenn Stuart Perkins)
and their grandchildren, Thomas Shaw Tyler Smith, John Theophilus Perkins, and Harry Nathaniel Rockwood Smith.
Also survived by her brother John Cotten Pierce Tyler and her sister Ethel Leonard Gregory Tyler. Mrs. Smith was born January 23, 1942.
She graduated from St. Mary’s Academy in 1959 and obtained a B.A. in English

at the Woman’s College of North Carolina in 1963. She did further graduate work at UNCG and worked several years
for Meyer’s Department Store. She also taught High School English in the Alamance County Schools. She opened an antique shop, Tyler-Smith Antiques in 1970, and was soon joined in the business by her husband James. They continued their business together until 2000. Mrs. Smith not only bought and sold antiques but was a frequent lecturer and worked as an appraiser. She taught courses on antiques at Guilford Technical Community College.
She was a member of the American Society of Appraisers for several years. She was an original member of the
Blandwood Guild and the Greensboro Historical Society. She was a founding member of the North Carolina Society of Dealers in Antiques, serving terms as newsletter editor, vice president and president. She was also a long standing member of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts and the Historic Hope Foundation.
She was an advisor to the
board of the Furnishings Committee of Historic Hope Foundation.
Mrs. Smith exhibited at antiques shows along the Eastern seaboard including the Johns Hopkins Antiques Show, Arlington Antiques Show, the Mint Museum Antiques Show (Charlotte), Salisbury Antiques Show, Southern Pines Antiques Shows, Raleigh Antiques Shows, Winston-Salem Antiques Shows, and Atlanta Antiques Shows. She exhibited a general line of 18th and 19th century American and English furniture and art, with an emphasis on Oriental accessories.
Mrs. Smith was also an advocate for gifted education, serving as president of the Guilford County Chapter of the Parents for the Advancement of Gifted Education.

Celia Creecy Rice and Blake David Raby had:
Cader Monroe Raby 1827- 1892
married 1855 Mary Frances Jenkins 1838 – 1924
2. Harriet Deborah Raby
1829 –
married 1852 James E Reddick of Suffolk VA
3. Henrietta Celia Raby 1839 – 1861
married 1856
James Wright Moore 1835 – 1862
son of Dr. G. C. Moore and Julia Wheeler

buried in the Tyler Cemetery:
Cherry Eason born 1841 died 26 May 1901 age 60 years (wife of David Eason)