Perry Cotten Tyler & Elizabeth Betsy Harrell

Descendants of Sally’s 5-great- grandparents
Arthur Cotten & Mary Elizabeth Rutland of Mulberry Grove,
Helen Cotten and Moses Tyler

Perry Cotten Tyler 1788 – 1865 | his parents
& ca 1816 ElizabethBetsy Harrell 1796 – 1840 | her parents
& 1842 Celia Creecy Rice 1807 – 1892 | her parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Perry Cotten Tyler 1788-1865
photo of portrait owned by John E Tyler II

Perry Cotten Tyler 24 Oct 1788 – 1865

married 1st ca 1816 ElizabethBetsey Sutton Harrell April 7, 1796 – July 1840
dau. Amos Harrell & Eliz. Sutton

Children of Perry Tyler and Betsy Harrell:
1. Parthenia Tyler ca 1820 -ca 1848
married 1837 Joseph B. Lee

2. Joseph A. Tyler Oct. 15, 1822 – 1872 Roxobel NC
Joseph A Tyler gave the land where the Tyler School was located.
married 28 Apr1st May 1, 1845, Mary Jane Maget ca 1828 – bef 1866
a. Mary Elizabeth Tyler 01 Oct 1847 – 02 Aug 1919
married 1873 Alsey H Pritchard Dec 1838 – bef Aug 1919
Civil War Vet
I. Joseph Herbert Pritchard 22 Jan 1875 – 11 May 1922 Roxobel
married Nora Newsome [1st cousin]
dau of Charles B Newsome & Mary L Pritchard

b. Joseph Samuel Tyler 1848 Roxobel NC – aft 1880 dsp?
David Gammon cannot find any trace of him after the 1880 census
c. Sarah Caroline Tyler Feb 1850 – 01 Aug 1919
married aft 1870 W J Watson
d. Eugene Edgar Tyler 12 July 1851 – 7 Sept 1914
married ca 1878 Bettie April 1856 –
The Tyler home was next door to the Coca-Cola Bottling Co on North Main Street.

I. William J Tyler Sept 1880 – a student 1900
ii. Luther “Sam” G Tyler 1883 –

married ca 1906 Annie ca 1884
1. Sue Tyler
2. Evelyn Tyler 1921 –
iii. Clarence “Dick” Tyler ca 1886, Bertie Co NC -d. Kelford NC.
Lived on Harrell St in Kelford NC. Loved to fish.
married Steller G Harrell 30 Nov 1886 Roxobel NC
daughter of Frank Benjamin Harrell and Irenia Harrell
1. Irene Tyler 1913 – d Kelford NC
married Thomas Norfleet Wilkins ca 1910 Roxobel NC – ca 1975 Kelford NC
son of William “Billy Whit” Whitmel Wilkins and Jenny “Jennie” Tynes
lived with her parents on Harrell Street in Kelford – Tom in U.S.Army during WW II
“Tom was a great cook and was always in charge of preparing the Brunswick stew that was prepared in a big black wash pot at all the clubhouse suppers. He usually started with the hock of a country ham, pig tails, side meat, pound of bacon which was fried them out in a hot pot. Several baking hens were added to the now added boiling water, This mixture was cooked until the meat separate from the bones of all the meaty parts and could be dipped out one-by-one with the large flat paddle that was used to stir the brewing mixture. After the bone were removed the butter beans, Corn, tomatoes, salt and potatoes were added
plus several pods of red pepper. All this was allowed to slow cook with a few bubbles coming up from the low coal heat. It would take several hours more under low heat to cook down the stew until it became thick from the seaming and continues stirring to establish the correct flavor and texture. My father Hobart Austin usually was in charge of cooking the bar-b-cue chicken, etc. When the guests started to arrive and it crowd became larger than expected Tom would always ask my father, “Aus don’t you think we need to add another pod of red pepper to make sure we have enough food”

Tom was a great outdoor sportsman. A crack quail shot but not too good at deer. His favorite statement was when you hear old Betsy roar you can come get the meat. On a hunt at Broadneck Hunt Club he let go with five rapid blast only minutes after he was let out to go to his stand. When the other hunters asked “where’s all the meat” his only reply was that the deer had met him in the narrow path and before either could react the deer had ran over him and knocked him down flat on his back. With the safety released
his gun started firing and didn’t stop until all five shells were spent streight-up into the heaven’s. Regardless of his pleads at the Kangaroo Court that night they cut off his shirttail almost up to his collar.”
” When I was 15 years old the Roanoke River flooded way out of its bank in 1939. Many black tenant farmers that lived in the low grounds were caught with no way to get out. They owned no automobile or a boat to help them escape. Tom and I took my fathers fishing boat and helped ferry out many of these families. The only way in and out was to follow the paths that lead to the homes. “Uncle” Alec Wilkins was one of the first families to be rescued. When we arrived in the boat he and his wife were standing on the roof of the house with a pillowcase full of their belonging calling on the Lord to come to their aid. From that day on he always called Tom and me ‘Big man and little Boy Jesus.’ ” anecdotes contributed by Pete Austin.
iv. Ella M Tyler ca 1887 Bertie Co NC –
married Paul Leicester 1881 –
1. Lloyd T Leicester 1913 Kelford NC –
2. Jane E Leicester 1915
v. Clyde P Tyler Feb 1889 –
vi. Inez Tyler May 1991 – never married
vii. Ivey C Tyler 1892 –

viii. Paul Edger Tyler Sr 1894 Bertie Co NC –
married Pauline 1891 –
1. Paul E Tyler Jr 1918 Kerlford, Bertie Co NC –
2. Mary Mitchell Tyler 1921, Kelford NC Bertie Co –
ix. Fanny Tyler Sept 1895 – .
x. Lodwick Lloyd [Lottie] Tyler ca 1897 Kelford NC – Mar 1997
US Navy World War I
married ca 1923 Hettie Brown
dau of Thomas and Molly Brown
they moved to Portsmouth Va ca 1940 5 children
xi. Vivian Tyler 1901 – ca 1940 Kelford NC
married in Bertie Co NC1919 Perry Tyler Roane Sr
28 May1892 Middlesex Co VA – 26 June 1973 Kelford NC
son of Junius Roane and Harriett “Hattie” Ella Harrell
Perry was Postmaster in Kelford for 38 years when he retired at age 70. Owned a farm house in Black Jack area south of Kelford near the ACLRR. He kept his bird dogs here in a pen out back. Made it into a Club House. P. T. and Helen collected menus from many famous restaurants from all over the world and walled papered the dinning room with them. It was a real conversational display for everyone to check their favorite main course or a dessert to order from. Vivian was his second cousin.” Pete Austin
1. Perry Tyler Roane Jr 21 May 1921 Kelford NC- 25 May 1972 Williamston NC.
married 30 May 1947 Helen Lavinia Johnson

e. William Perry Tyler 29 July 1855 – 6 Nov 1927 Roxobel
married 22 April 1908 Annie Maude Muller Joyner ca 1890 –
dau of Millard Fillmore Joyner
i. Moses Lawrence Tyler 16 April 1909 Roxobel – 13 Jan 1951
buried at Arlington National Cemetery
ii. Rebecca Tyler ca 1917 –
line of Kay Hunt
iii. Mary A Tyler ca 1920 –
f. Lena Lee Tyler 14 May 1860 – 02 Oct 1914 burial Episcopal Church, Woodville married David G Ward
married 2nd 4 Dec 1866 Martha Matilda Cox 19 Jan 1823 – 1 Sept 1907
daughter of George W Cox and Lydia Peelle
3. Sarah Ann Tyler ca 1826 – ?
Widow and family moved to near Roxobel
to be nearer to her Tyler family members.
married Feb 1844 James Thomas Walton, Jr. b Woodville NC – 31 Dec 1852
Sold his home in Woodville To C Smallwood on 10-15-1852, Thomas died from the flu two months after the family moved to his farm. son of Dr James Thomas Walton and Emily Green
a. Mary Ella Walton 1845 – no issue
married Col Andrew J Howell
b. Sara Agnes Walton 1848 –
married James Pettway Johnson
married 2nd Mr Bush
c. son born 1850 died young
d. another son who died young
e. a un-named third son.
married 2nd James P Bush [2nd wife]
f. Fredonia A Bush d. 25 Nov 1854
daughter of James P and Emeline R Bush buried Rutland Cemetery
stone moved to Tyler Cemetery

4. William Perry Tyler ca. 1828 – Aug 1853 dsp
Never married .Attended UNC. Postmaster of Roxobel, NC

5. Napoleon Bonaparte Tyler 2 Feb 1834 – 5 June 1909
married 1st Oct 1856 Mary Winifed Brown 2 July 1837 – 30 May 1857
daughter of Joshua Browne and Elizabeth Allen Horne
a. William M “disappeared bef 1900 census”
married ca 1894 Sallie M Sept 1873 –
1930 census Guy living with his widowed mother Roxobel NC
i. Eva C Tyler Oct 1894 –
ii. Guy C Tyler Oct 1897 –
iii. Ruth H Tyler May 1899 –
married 2nd 11 Nov 1860 Virginia M. Jenkins d bef Feb 1867
married 3rd 21 Feb 1867 Sarah A. Jenkins ca 1844 – bef 1880 census
sister of Virginia his 2nd wife
b. Pulaski Tyler Feb 1868? Rich Square NC – 1951 Mitchell NC age 84
married ca 1893 Sally Harrell Dec 1869
i. Napoleon Bonaparte Tyler 25 Mar 1894 –
married Ruth ca 1896 –
ii. Bettie McBride Tyler 31 Aug 1895 –
iii. Sallie J Tyler Aug 1897 –
iv. Minnie Tyler April 1900 –
living Rich Square 1910, 1920, Gates Co Hall Twsp 1930
married ca 1903 Francis [Fanny] A ca 1883 –
i. John D Tyler ca 1904 –
ii. P Roy Tyler ca 1905 –
iii. Florence Tyler ca 1907 –
iv. William M Tyler ca 1910 –
v. Frances Tyler ca 1912 –
vi. Ester Tyler ca 1914 –
vii. Jim J Tyler ca 1918 –
viii. Harry L Tyler ca 1921 –
ix. Earle Goodson Tyler 1925 –
x. Owen W Tyler ca 1928 –
xi. another child

6. Elizabeth Sutton Tyler 22 Dec 1839 – 5 Sept 1868
married Hiram Powell Harrell 26 Sept 1836 – 7 Mar 1913 Kelford, Bertie, NC
Hiram Powell Harrell graduated from UNC Chapel Hill NC.
Practiced law in Roxobel and Lewiston NC.
It was reported that he was the only practicing lawyer in Bertie that did not hang his shingle in Windsor the county seat.

First Regiment North Carolina Infantry

(Six Months Service) Company L: The “Bertie Volunteers
Harrell, Hiram P., Private: Born in Bertie County where he resided prior to enlisting on May 1, 1861, at the age of 24.
Present or accounted for until discharged on September 27, 1861, by reason of “Intermittent fevers and general debility.”

a. Perry Tyler Harrell, 4 Jan 1863 – 29 Aug 1900 dsp
b. William “Will” Powell Harrell 14 Mar 1864 – 12 Feb 1933 Kelford NC
married 14 Mar 1912 Margaret ‘Massie’ Bennett Griffin 28 Feb 1879 – 29 Sept 1954
m in Grace Episcopal Church, Woodville,NC; buried: Grace Ep. Cemetery Woodville NC
(daughter of Hezekiah Griffin and Temperance Jean Thompson)
i. Elizabeth Griffin Harrell 22 Dec 1912 Kelford NC – 18 June 1994
died Burlington NC
married Wilson NC 22 Dec1934 Thomas Russell Bazemore
17 Mar 1908 Lewiston – 16 May 1984 Rocky Mt NC
both buried: Roxobel – Kelford Cemetery
“Russell kept a horse in the family’s large barn next to his father in law Will Harrell house. I would ride it at times during an organized foxhunt. The horse was a far cry from a five-gated Tennessee Walking mount. After a morning in the saddle you needed a pillow to sit on. At times there would be sixty or seventy hounds in the chase. Toodley Holding was a big sportsman who had friends that would join the foxhunting group. Tom Moss, Dr Madry, Alex Rawls (a Cousin) and others that had a pack would gather for the releasing of the hounds. If the weather were hot then the hunt would be held at night. After the hunt the women would join the group that evening and have a big cookout at H.G.Bland’s Dog Pen Shelter location.” Pete Austin.
c. Harriett “Hattie” Ella Harrell 21 Nov 1866 – 12 Aug 1960 Kelford NC
buried: Rich Square Cemetery.
married 1 Nov 1887 Junius Roane 25 Sept 1857 – 14 Feb 1897
m. in Grace Epis. Woodville NC, b. Middlesex Co VA.
Junius was from Virginia. After he married “Hattie” they lived in Va.
After he passed away she returned back to Kelford with her five small children to live the rest of
her life near her family.

i. Ethel Harrell Roane 4 Sept 1889 Middlesex Co VA – 12 Feb 1984 Atlanta GA
buried Bonaventure Cemetey Savannah GA
married 1910 Edgar James Haley
1. Edgar James Haley Jr 7 May 1915, Darlington SC – 19 July 1990, Atlanta GA
married 20 Mar 1943 Mary Helen Whitherspoon – two daughters
ii. Fannie Maude Roane 12 Mar 1891 – 6 May 1934
married Leonides “Jack” “Lonnie” Jackson 13 Oct 1887 – 5 Nov 1953
1. Marie Jackson 15 June 1912, Warsaw NC- 22 May 1980 Greenville NC
2. Lois Winfred Jackson 22 Aug 1919 Pikeville NC – 8 Nov 1989 Raleigh NC
married Dillion SC 24 May 1936 Claude Edward Dees
3. Leon Jackson 8 June1923 Pikeville NC – 2 Feb 1974 Myrtle Beach SC
iii. Perry Tyler Roane 28 May 1892 Middlesex Co VA – 26 June1973 Kelford NC
Postmaster in Kelford for 38 years when he retire at age 70.

married 1919 Vivan Tyler 1901 – ca 1940 Kelford
(daughter of Joseph L “Samuel” Tyler and Bettie W)
married 27 Feb 1954 Mamie Frances Tynes 1914 Kelford NC –
(daughter of Ernest Earl Tynes Sr and Jennie Williams Cobb).
iv. Junius Vance “Governor” Roane 16 Aug 1893 – 29 June 1979 Kelford
Mr Vance Roane bought and lived in the former schoolhouse as you entered Kelford on SR #308 from Lewiston. As a child I was the playmates with the Roane children. The Norfleet’s Grove separated their house from my parents home on Norfleet Ave. We would meet almost daily there to play war games,
build forts, caves, hang peanut bag tents and construct paths and bridges over the ditches, play basketball and enjoy our adventures and friendship. My mother Martha Helen Lyon Austin taught school here in this building in 1918-20. I don’t recall seeing Vance driving a car. He always walked or drove a mule and cart. In the depression days a car was one luxury you could do without. Governor was a farmer, who worked his mothers Roanoke River property, plus he was a a great turkey Hunter. On a Saturday Governor would
Bar-B-Que a 200-pound pig and took orders from people to buy it by the pound. It usually was sold out before noontime. If you had not reserved your order you more than likely would not get any bar-B-Que that day. He would start at five A.M. and cook it in a pit that was dug out about a foot into the ground. Here it would be slowly roasted over real hickory wood coals until it was time for the well done could be finely choppy and mixed with Mr Roans’ special seasoning. It was usually around three o’clock that afternoon
before the operation was completed. ” ”
Pete Austin
married 15 Mar 1925 Rosa E Leggett
1. Ethel Slone Roane
married Horace Vick and live in Roxobe
2. Julius Vance”Bro” Roane Jr
worked for the Coco Cola Bottling Plant in Kelford NC
3. William Leggett Roane live in Tenn
married Eleanor Welton
daughter of Rufus and Mary Geneva Welton
4. Rosa Harrell Roane
v. Elizabeth “Bessie” B Roane 24 Oct 1894 – 13 Feb 1964
“Miss Bessie loved a joke. She always had a good one to tell.
She was an excellent shot with her 410 shot gun.
Beware those squirrels that went into her pecan trees.
When they did, you could chalk one up for the pot.”
Pete Austin

married 6 Mar 1917 Haywood Gilbert Bland 22 July 1895 – 2 Aug 1963 Kelford
Pete Austin

1. Hay Bland
married 1908 Robert “Bob” E. Shoulars 15 Jan 1874 – 22 Feb 1942 Kelford
son of Thomas J Shoulars and Mary Ann Lassiter
“Bob Married Hattie Harrell the widow of Julius Roane. They never had children. He helped raise five step-children. They lived in a two story weatherboard “T” shape house facing the intersection of Atlantic with South Main Street in Kelford;
next door to my family on Main Street in Kelford from 1932 until 1960 when she passed away. A very close friends to my family. My grandmother Katie spent many an evening gossiping with her over the years. In the summer they would sit on the front porch and spend time with those that passed on the way home after a visit to to service station to gather the latest news. Here they got it fresh off the press without joining the boys. Grandmother Lyon always carried a walking cane and a flashlight when she made her visiting rounds at night. The cane she explained was to whack the dogs and the flashlight was to bang the head of an attacker. The dogs were a problem but never an attacker. She would give a little chuckle and say that and ounce of preventions is better than a pound of cure. Around nine o’clock you would see her with her flashlight pointing its beam toward home. Mrs Shoulars was not the rambling kind of person that my grandmother was. Hattie seldom left her house to visit except to go over to see her daughter who lived just across Main Street.” Pete Austin
Mr Shoulars never owned a car. He drove a horse and buggy plus he had a wagon he used to carry his farming implements back and forth to his wife’s farm that he tended west of Kelford down Black Jack Road. He also worked the farm property directly behind his residence that was owned by J. C Cherry. Mr Shoulars grew a very long and heavy handlebar mustache that protruded way out from each side of his nose. The horse he owned was an Indian Painted Roan with white hind flanks. A beauty when hooked to the buggy. ‘Bob’ was a very reserve man that kept to his self most of the time. Never gathered and visited with the boys at the service station after supper. Whenever I saw him hitching-up his horse to the wagon or buggy I would go over and help him just to get a ride on the buckboard as he made his way out to the highway as he departed on his way to the farm. Sometime I got to handle the reins until we reached the fence gate. On some occasions he would let me drive until he headed west on the road towards the land that he farmed. Here we would stop and then let me jump down onto the ground and then start walking back home. It was very exciting because he never allowed anyone else the thrill of driving a real live horse and wagon down Main Street.” Pete Austin
d. Elizabeth Sutton Harrell 22 Aug 1868 –
Hiram P Harrell married 2 Jan 1873 Carrie Virginia Lewis 19 April 1836 – 31 Dec 1893
daughter of Watson Lewis and Frances Daniel
a. Fannie S Harrell 30 Nov 1873 –
b. Hiram Hugh Harrell 15 April 1875 – 6 Sept 1905
c. Maud Lewis Harrell 18 June 1876 – 9 March 1906
d. George Roland Harrell 10 Sept 1878 –
e. Clarence Carl Harrell 23 Jan 1882 –
Ref: Watson Lewis family Bible – transcribed by Anthony Roane Dees and posted on Historic Woodville site
Memoir by Pete Austin

Children of Perry Cotten Tyler and Celia Rice [Raby]:

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  1. I’m looking for info on Cherry Lee Tyler 1840-1901 (Wife of David Eason). She’s buried in the family cemetery.

  2. I really appreciate all of the work you’ve put into this site. It has made my genealogy search much easier.
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