Abner Jackson Holloman & Susan Catherine Askew

Sally’s family ties – 2 great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Abner Jackson Holloman 1821 – 1908 | his parents
& ca 1847 Susan Catherine Askew 1830 – 1902 | her parents
of ss of Potacasi Creek, Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Abner Jackson Holloman and Susan Catherine Askew were married in 1847 or 1848.
Abner had married first in NH Co NC on 25 Feb 1846 Elizabeth Parker, there is a Ct. record in Hertford Co of Abner handling her estate at Nov Ct. 1846

Abner Jackson Holloman was born 15 Feb 1821 the son of James Holloman and Charlotte Everett Holloman. He was a farmer and died in Hertford County, NC on 7 Dec 1908. Abner and his family lived on 450 acres on the south side of Potacasi Creek and most of them are burried there ~ James Holloman

Susan Catherine Askew was born 15 Jan 1830 and died 5 Dec 1902. Susan was dau of Seth Askew and Celia Hollomon 1803 -. Celia was dau of a George Hollomon ~ James Holloman
1830 US Census Hertford Co
Seth Askew 2 m 0/5; 1 m 30/40; 1 f 0/5; 1 f 20/30

*Children of Abner Jackson Holloman and Susan Catherine Askew:
*1. Jesse Holloman 23 Dec 1848 – 2 April 1898 farmer
married 3 Sep 1867 [Bettie] Elizabeth Virginia Bridger 29 Jun 1842 – 23 Mar 1907
2. Pleasant Holloman 22 Jul 1850 – 25 Apr 1925 farmer
married Mary Etta Vann ca 1853 –
3. Robert T Holloman 1 Apr 1852 – 5 May 1950 merchant
married Martha Vann ca 1854 – (sister of Etta)
a. Maud Holloman ca 1876 –
b. Albert Holloman 10 Sept 1877 –
c. Harriett Susan Holloman 10 Sept 1880 –
d. Nettie Holloman dy
e. Leah Mina Holloman Ahoskie, NC
f. Robert Shelley Holloman Covington, VA
married Marie Caddy
g. Richard Peyton Holloman 9 Oct 1888 – Washington DC
married Elsie Earl Kelly
h. Paul Williams Holloman 7 June 1891 -13 Sept 1931
i. Reuben Ross Holloman May 1893 –
4. Alice Minerva [Missouri A] Holloman 8 Mar 1854 – 19 Jul 1923
married Lafayette Askew
a. Willie Askew [daughter]
5. James Norfleet Holloman 27 Aug 1856 – 2 Dec 1916 Hertford Co NC
“never married” but had a long term relationship and many children
with Mary Jane Powell 1 Jan 1853 – 17 Dec 1912 Ahoskie NC
6. Eugenia Roberta Holloman 7 Jun 1859 – 18 Jan 1882
married William Veale
7. Fanny Eliza Dora Holloman 27 Aug 1861 – 28 Nov 1928
married William Everett Brett ca 1845 – merchant
a. Gertie Brett
b. Nettie Brett
c. Genie Brett
8. Estella Holloman 27 Jun 1864 – 25 Sep 1871
yellow fever
9. James A [Sonny Boy] Holloman 27 Feb 1867 – 25 Sept 1871
yellow fever
10. Estella Holloman 27 Jun 1872 – 27 Sep 1923
married John Stark Drew 6 Jun 1865 –
11. Richard Clarence Holloman 6 Jun 1875 – 12 Oct 1897
FROM UNION…It is our painful duty to chronicle the death of Mr. R. C. Holloman, which occurred in Hertford, N. C., Oct. 12, 1897. His remains were brought here and interred in the old family graveyard. Clarence was a young man, 22 years old, of exemplary habits, just entering into the prime of life. He has held several positions of honor and trust and in each he conducted himself to the satisfaction of his employers and a credit to himself. At the time of his death he was holding a position as salesman for Mess. C. T. Blanchard & Bro., of Hertford. He leaves an aged mother and father, seven brothers and sisters and a host of friends to mourn his loss. . .

“The Patron and Gleaner”, Andrew J. Conner, ed., Rich Square, Northampton County, N.C. Thursday, October 21, 1897[Vol. 6, No. 42] ][excerpt from “From Time into Eternity” CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press ¬©2004]

Will of Abner J Holloman of Hertford County, NC 2 May 1908; proved 19 Dec 1908
[lot # 1] loan to my daughter Fannie Dora Brett and at her death give to her children now living
loan to my son Pleasant Holloman and wife Etta for their lifetime then give to Plesant’s children,
in the case Pleasant has no children to Abner’s grandchildren born of Estelle Drew [lot #6]
[lot #2] loan to my son Robert Holloman and wife Martha for their lifetime then to their children
[lot #3] loan to my daughter Missouri A Askew lifetime then to her daughter Willie
[lot#4] loan to my son J N Holloman lifetime then to his children
in case he has no children then to my grandchildren Gertie Brett, Nettie Brett, and Genie Brett
[lot#5] loan to my daughter Estelle Drew and her husband John Drew lifetime then to Estelle’s children
residue of money to be divided equally between daughters Estella Drew, Missouri A Askew, and son J N Holloman.
EX: J N Holloman; WIT: J. P Freeman, John Freeman


Seth Askew 1790’s – | his parents
& Celia Holloman 1803 – | her parents
of Hertford County NC

Celia Holloman was the daughter of George Holloman.

Children of Seth Askew and Celia Holloman:
1. William J Askew 1828 –
2. Susan Catherine Askew 15 Jan 1830 – 5 Dec 1902
married 1847/48 Andrew Jackson Holloman 15 Feb 1821 – 7 Dec 1908
3. Mary Askew 1830 –

1830 US Census Hertford Co
Seth Askew 2 m 0/5; 1 m 30/40; 1 f 0/5; 1 f 20/30

Possibly this George W Askew is brother of William J Askew.

Transcribed by Lynn Macarthy ~
Division of North Carolina Archives and History
Original File 1860 – 1869 Coroners Inquests ~ CR, 010, 928.9

May 1860 State of North Carolina Bertie County

And inquisition indented and taken at Powells X Roads in the county aforesaid first day of May, 1860 before me Miles Hews Coroner of Said County upon view of the premises and of the body of George W. Askew
late of the county aforesaid then murdered or burned and upon the Oath of The Jurors Lawfuly Summons & Sworn Witnesses.
W. O., Wynns, John Hill, Wm. McD. Wynns, George H. Wynns, certify that they suppose the said George W. Askew come to his death by being Burned or Murdered and Burned at Powells X Roads in his Store on the 28th of Aprill 1860 between 12 & 2 O Clock P. M. by some malicious person or persons unknown to the Jurors
Whereas we Set our hands and Seals

A. Bass (Seal)
J. Brown (Seal)
Henry White (Seal)
J. T. Williams (Seal)
David Lee (Seal)
James D. Holomon (Seal)
Cader White (Seal)
Wm. Miller (Seal)
Godwin bird (Seal)
Briton a Harrell (Seal)
J A Green (Seal)
Howell [ *Jones?] (Seal)

Allowed $10 to the coroner
R H Smith J P

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