Rev. Amos Harrell, Charity Rutland & Elizabeth Sutton

Rev. Amos Harrell 1750 – 1805 | his parents scroll down page
& Charity Rutland 1752/8 – bef 1795 | her parents
& Elizabeth Sutton 1771 – 1836 | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Charity Rutland and Amos Harrell married ca 8 Nov 1774 in Bertie Co, NC.

Amos Harrell was a son of John Harrell who wrote his will 21 July 1767 – June Ct 1768.

“Elder Joseph Biggs II was ordained a minister of the Skewarkey Primitive Baptist Church in February 1796 by Elder Noah Tison and Amos Harrell.”

“Elder Amos Harrell – born in Bertie Co, 1750 – died 1805 age 55
He was pastor of the Concho church until his death, a period of twenty years.”
bio included in History of Chowan Baptist Assoc. by Delke 1882

“The Church on Connoho, Martin County, NC – this church was formerly a branch of Flat-Swamp church; in 1794 became a constituted body and called on Elder Amos Harrell, a member of the church at Sandy Run, to take the pastoral charge. Elder Harrell had been ordained on the itinerant plan. He became the pastor of the said church where he continues [1803] in that capacity. . . they assemble at a house called the Log Chapel, which stands on Connoho Creek about six miles from Taylor’s Ferry, on Roanoke. Their number of members is about sixty-six and hold their meetings the Saturday before the third Sunday in every month” Lemuel Burkitt in’ A Concise History of the Kehukee Baptist Assoc.’ 1803.
Burkitt also tells us that ministers raised in the church at Sandy Run before 1803 include Amos Harrell and James Rutland.
Amos Harrell of Martin Co subscribed to 22 copies of the history.

Children of Amos Harrell:
— by 1st wife Charity Rutland
1. Rinna Harrell
married 23 Aug 1794 John Peele
2. Charity Harrell 1782 – 1822
married 27 Oct 1798 Jesse Powell 1772 – 1860

— children of 2nd wife Elizabeth Sutton 1771 –
3. Elizabeth Sutton [Betsey] Harrell 1796 – 1840
[under 16 in Sept 1805]
married Perry Cotten Tyler 1788 – 1865
4. Parthenia Harrell
5. Salley Harrell
6. Nancy Harrell

1790 Census Bertie Co NC
Amos Harrill 1 1 3 0 5 10T
1800 Census Bertie Co NC
Amos Harold 0 2 1 0 1 2 0 1 1 0 1 11

Will of Amos Harrell F/11 16 Sep 1805 – Feb Bertie Co Ct 1806
– wife Elizabeth Harrell – lend all my lands and plantations for her widowhood, in order that she may raise and support and school my children.
– wife – lend Negroes Peter, Till, Old Ben, Silvah, Carey, Penny, Little Ben, Miles, Addam and Jesse, mares, cows, calves, etc. My wife may have all my crop made in Bertie County and my stock of sheep so she may maintain and support my four children Betsey Harrell, Parthenia Harrell, Salley Harrell, and Nancy B Harrell without charging any of the said children for their support.
– daughter Rinna Peele – $250, also lend her Phillis which is now in her possession.
– daughter Charity Powell – Negro Sarah already in her possession, also mare, colt, etc.
– All my lands and plantations are for my youngest daughters Charity Powell, Betsey Harrell, Parthenia Harrell, Salley Harrell and Nancy B Harrell, to be equally divided among them at my wife’s marriage or death.
– my four youngest children are to divide my Negroes Silvah, Till, Penney, Adam and Jesse, to be divided when my daughter Betsey is sixteen years of age. My remaining Negroes are to be divided among all my said children at my wife’s death. Daughters Betsey, Parthenia, Salley and Nancy B – fifty dollars each.
EX: wife, friends Joseph Horne, Jesse Powell
WIT: Joseph Horne, Elijah Daughtry, Catherine [x] Kinnehorne
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John Harrell est 1716 – 1768 | his parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Harrell was the son of Francis Harrell and wife Mary.

Children of John Harrell:
1. Moses Harrell est 1736 –
2. Balley [Belis] Harrell est 1738 –
3. Samuel [x] Harrell est 1740 – will 19 Jan 1770, prov Sept Ct 1772
Inv. by Cader Harrell, ex. Inv. 10 May 1774 by Kader Harrell
Div. May 1774 by Thos Pugh, James Moor, and Noah Hinton
married Elizabeth
a. Cader Harrell Inv. 10 Aug 1781
married Agnes [did she marry Titus Moore 2nd]
1. Delilah Harrell
b. Keziah Harrell Inv. Aug 1774 by Thomas Bond
married Hezekiah Bond
1. orphans
c. Ann Harrell
4. Lemuel Harrell est 1742 –
5. Solomon Harrell est 1744 –
6. Judah Harrell est 1746 –
married bef July 1767 [John?] Higgs
7. Lucy Harrell est 1748 –
married bef July 1767 Davenport
8. Amos Harrell 1750 – 1805/06
married 8 Nov 1774 Charity Rutland
Benjamin Harrell, Bm
a. Charity Harrell
married 27 Oct 1798 Jesse Powell
b. Rinna Harrell
married 1794 John Peele
married by 1795 Elizabeth Sutton
c. Betsy Harrell
married Perry Cotten Tyler
d. Parthenia Harrell
e. Salley Harrell
f. Nancy Harrell
9. Gideon Harrell est 1752 – 1781

Will of John [x] Harrell A/121 21 July 1767 – June Ct 1768
“..being weak..”
– son Moses Harrell – six shilling
– son Balley Harrell – my plantation where I now live and a parcel adjoining it adj. James Seay containing 35 acres. Son Balley Harrell – 50 acres on the Roanoke River adj Samuel Harrell, the patent line and the Walnut Gut.
– son Samuel [Lamuel?] Harrell – plantation where he now lives which I bought of William Andrews containing 100 acres.
– son Lemuel Harrell – 25 acres on the Roanoke River being part of the land I bought of Nicholas Skinner adj. Baley Harrell.
– son Solomon Harrell – 120 acres on the north side of Cashy Swamp adj the said swamp and the patent line.
– daughter Judah Higgs – 24 acres adj my son Solomon, Carsey Swamp, Edward Harrell and Thomas Mann’s patent line.
– daughter Lucy Devenport – six shillings.
– son Amos Harrell – 30 acres which is the remaining part of land I gave Baley.
– son Amos Harrell – 50 acres on the Roanoke River adj William Andrews, the patent line, Baley Harrell and the Walnut Gut.
– son Gideon Harrell – land lately bought of Nicholas Skinner, containing 50 acres.
– son Gideon Harrell – the remaining part of land given to Lamuel Harrell adj the River and containing 25 acres.
EX: sons Baley and Lemuel
WIT: Nicholas Skinner, Jacob Harrell, John Higgs

Francis Harrell est 1690 – 1763 | his parents
& Mary ? | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Francis [H] Harrell married Mary
He wrote will 25 Mar 1759 proved Nov 1763
Inv. 26 May 1764 by Mary Harrell, exrs.

Children of Francis Harrell and wife Mary of Bertie Co, NC:
1. Jacob Harrell est 1714 –
2. John [x] Harrell est 1716 – 1768
will 21 July 1767, proved June 1768

3. Francis Harrell est 1718 –
4. Mary Harrell est 1720 –
married bef Mar 1759 Averit
5. Sarah Harrell est 1722 –
married bef Mar 1759 Saulsbury
6. Elizabeth Harrell est 1724 –
married bef Mar 1759 Carril
7. William Harrell est 1726 –
8. Shadrick Harrell est 1728 – bef 1750
9. Martha Harrell est 1730 –

12 Feb 1733/4 Bertie Ct. Jury to lay out a road from Elias Hodges ferry to Harralls hill & thence through Sheppards Swamp to Cashy Road. viz: Rd. Allen, John Smith, James Homes, Geo. House, Jos. Harrall, Abm. Harrall, Edwd. Harrall, Fras. Harrall, Wm. Turner, John Moor, Rd. Hodges, Isaac Harrall, John Henard, Saml. Smith, John Glisson

May 1734 Bertie Ct Francis Harrell appointed overseer in the room of Capt. Needham Bryant.

E 467 William Gray of New Hanover Precinct to Pedegrove Salsbury 8 Dec 1736. 30 pds for 40 A. adj. “Snowfields” at Fallen Run, adj. William Gray, William Eason. Wit: John Gray, Francis Harrell, Thomas Harrell, jurat. May Court 1739. [Bertie Prec.]

G-98 Daniel Murphrey to Richard Harrell, Sen of Nancemond Co, VA 16 Nov 1747 30 pds for 190 A. on Cashy Swamp adj. “Roads Plantation” at Wattom Swamp. Wit: John Harrell, Francis Harrell. Feb Ct 1747.

Will of Francis [H] Harrel A-25 25 Mar 1759 – [prob. Nov. 1763]
“..weak and sick of body…”
Well beloved wife Mary Harrel – horses
Sons Jacob Harrel, John Harrel and Francis Harrel – five shillings each.
Daughters Mary Averit, Sarah Saulsbury and Eliz. Carril – five shillings each.
Two sons William Harrell and Shadrick Harrel – plantation where I now live.
Daughter Martha Harrell – bed.
Wife Mary – life estate in the plantation where I now live, but she will receive one-third part if she marries.
Remaining estate to be divided between my wife, two sons William and Shadrick and my daughter Martha Harrell, but my wife is to have the use of it during her life.
EX: wife and Elias Hodges
Wit: Wm [W] Turner, Wm. Williams, James Churchwell –
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