Richard Minshew & Hannah Blanchard

Sally’s five-great Grandparents:

Richard Minshew ca 1702 – 1778 | his parents
& ca 1725 Hannah Blanchard ca 1702/10 – 1788/92 | her parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia
& Chowan County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Richard Minshew, son of Richard [or John] son of Henry [the emig. to VA ca 1635], was born ca 1702 in Nansemond Co, VA;
His will was proved 1778 in Chowan County, NC
He married Hannah ca 1725.

Children of Richard Minshew and Hannah:
1. Maximillian Minshew ca 1726 – 1789
married 1st unknown
married 2nd Mary Bond
2. Bose [Boaz] Minshew ca 1728 –
3. Richard Minshew ca 1732 –
4. John Minshew ca 1737 –
5. Happe Minshew [daughter] ca 1738 –
married ? Taylor
6. Dionysius Minshew [son] 1739 –
married 1780 Perkum or Spinks

Grandchildren of Richard Minshew and wife Hannah:

Children of Maximillian Minshew and first wife:
1. Zachariah (Zachary) Minshew
(deeded his land to his brother Bond Nov 12, 1792)
2. Zanda Minshew died before 1789
married Absolom Blanshard
Children of Maximillian Minshew and Mary Bond:
3. Theresa Minshew
4. Chloe (Clowey) Minshew ca 1767 Chowan Co -c1825 Gates Co
married 14 Nov 1789 William Hayes Jr
5. Judah Minshew
married Mr. Williams
married Sanford Hutchensen
6. Bond Minshew
7. Sarah Minshew
married Mr. Horton
8. Mary
married Mr. Spivey
(could be Mary’s by a first husband as she is not mentioned in her father’s will but is listed by her grandfather James Bond in his will)

Children of Dionysius Minshew :
1. daughter ca 1781 –
2. daughter ca 1782 –
3. daughter ca 1784 –
4. Richard Minchey 1785 Chowan Co, NC – 1872 Jackson Co, TN
married Frances Gaines 1785 – 1850
Robert L.. Minchey website Minchey family of Tennessee

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  1. Regarding the will of Max. Minshew – he doesn’t mention Mary by name, but instead is leaving a bequest to the children of Absalom Blanchard. The wording is that all of Absalom Blanchard’s children are to share 1 part, divided between them.

    This still doesn’t mean that Mary WAS his daughter, as there’s no relationship stated (he does specifically refer to them as his grandchildren), but he did mention Mary’s children in the will.

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