James Brown Parker & Miss Brown & Priscilla Hayes of Sarem

Sally’s Great Grandparents:

James Brown Parker 1814 -1895 | parents
& ca 1841 Miss Brown died bef 1847| parents
& 1847 Priscilla Hayes 1825 -1905 | parents
of Sarem, Gates County, North Carolina

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Priscilla Hayes Parker 1825 – 1905

James B Parker, a widower, and Miss Priscilla Hayes married on 27 December 1847.
James had married first a Miss Brown, who was the mother of his daughter Roxanna on 13 Feb 1842.
James Brown Parker was born on 14th October 1814, the son of Peter Parker and wife Betsy Brown. ts
James Brown Parker was a carpenter and a farmer.
Priscilla Hayes was born 15 April 1825, the daughter of Timothy Hayes and wife Elizabeth Hayes.
In 1859, Priscilla Hayse Parker presented her letter from Cool Spring to Reynoldson Baptist Church. (Records of Reynoldson.)
In 1880, both James Brown Parker and his son Tim were baptized and received into fellowship at Reynoldson.
Edward A Parker had joined on 2 Oct 1870.
During the Civil War James Brown Parker drove a mule-drawn supply wagon. (Q.M. for 2nd Brigade, 7th Reg, Gates Co. Militia.)
My mother told us that each year Priscilla would fashion for herself two new dresses–one of linen and one of wool. She grew the flax and raised the sheep, prepared the fibers. Spun and dyed the thread, wove the cloth on a loom, and then put together the dresses.
James Brown Parker died on 12 Jan 1895. Priscilla Hayse Parker died ten years later on 27 Oct 1905. ts
Both James and Priscilla are buried at Sarem, but Priscilla Hayse Parker died at the home of her daughter Nevie Sparkman in South Norfolk, VA. and her body came back on the train driven by her son-in-law.

James Brown Parker 1814 – 1895
stone was broken by a falling tree limb

Parker Cemetery at Sarem

Child of James Brown Parker and 1st wife, Miss Brown:
1. Roxana Parker 13 Feb 1842 – 29 June 1931 ts
married 31 Jan 1878 Thomas Holland 15 Oct 1852 – 11 Sept 1927 ts
son of J.J. [James Joseph] Holland & wife Cenia Pierce

Children of James Brown Parker and Priscilla Hayes:
2. Edward A Parker 1852 – 1880
died from blood poisoning from a wound on his leg
per JB Parker, My father told me that his father had told him, Edward was buried under an Apple tree in the corner of a field on the farm. The Parker Cemetery at Sarem was established later.
Baptized at Reynoldson 2 Oct 1870

3. John Westley/Pomp Parker 20 Sept 1854 – 26 July 1935 Sarem
“operated a general merchandise store and barrel-making partnership with William Eason. Parker was a very unassuming, congenial person, known as ‘Pomp'”
– Uncle Pomp was also the agent for the RR.
married 22 Jan 1884 Emily O Brown 29 Apr 1864 – 2 Sept 1936

4. Elizabeth A. /Lizzie Parker 21 Feb 1856 – 17 May 1920
married 15 Oct 1895 Isaac Walton Crawford 27 Feb 1833 – 25 Oct 1912
he married 1st Elizabeth Sparkman 17 Mar 1825 – 23 Sept 1892

5. Sarah Antionette Parker 13 Sept 1857 – 22 May 1924 Southhampton Co, VA.
of Heart failure

Married 1st 4 Feb 1885 William Johnson ca 1858 – bef 1900
of Isle of Wight Co VA
Married 2nd 15 Jan 1903 George W Pond ca 1845 – in SH Co, VA 31 Dec 1926
they were living in Blue Button, Camden Co, NC ca 1915
my mother lived with them the year she taught at Blue Button

6. Timothy Edward Parker 2 Sept 1859 – 27 Feb 1927 Sarem
Timothy added E to his name in honor of Edward his brother who died in 1880
married 21 Mar 1894 Emily Hortense Rountree 27 Aug 1870 – 1 June 1952.

7. Lucy Lee Parker 25 Dec 1863 – Aug 1935
married 17 Jan 1886 Samuel Joseph Felton 2 July 1855 – 18 Mar 1929
son of Jethro Felton and wife Mary Lucy Clark
Sam had married 1st Nancy (Nannie) A Eure ca 1862 – bef 1886

8. William Hayes Parker 21 Feb 1866 – 18 July 1941 Sarem
married 1st 22 Jan 1892 Annie E /Susie Hofler 31 Jan 1868 – 11 May 1893
married 2nd 9 Nov 1893 Lavinia Felton 5 May 1860 – 12 June 1949 Sarem.

9. Emily Nevada /Nevie Parker 1868- ca 1938
married 21 Apr 1889 James Edward Sparkman 1864 – aft 1938
son of James A 1837-1923 and Emma Costen 1839-1912 Sparkman of Gates Co.
note: most of his family went to Texas and Miss. about 1849

US Census 1860 Gates Co NC Reynoldson Dist. page 134b
James B Parker 45 m w farmer 250 RE 628 personal property
Prissy Parker 35 f w
Roxanna Parker 18 f w
Edward Parker 8 m w
John Parker 6 m w
Elizabeth Parker 4 f w
Sarah Parker 2 f w
Timothy Parker 1 m w

US Census 1870 Gates Co NC Reynoldson Dist page 91b
Parker, James 55 m w farmer 250 RE 100 PP
— Priscilla 45 f w keeping house
— Roxanna 26 f w cook/domestic servant
— Edward 17 m w farm laborer
— John 15 m w farm laborer
— Elizabeth 13 f w domestic servant
— Sarah 12 f w at home
— Timothy 11 m w at home
— Emily 9 f w at home
— Susan 4 f w at home
[There are errors in the make-up of younger members of the family, I don’t think the census taker took his info direct from the householder]

US Census 1880 Gates Co NC Reynoldson Dist
Parker, James B 64 m w farmer
— Precilla 52 f w wife keeping house
— John W 25 m w son works on farm
— Elizabeth A 24 f w daughter lives at home
— Sarah A 23 f w daughter works at home
— Timothy 20 m w son works on farm
— Lucy Lee 15 f w daughter works at home
— William 14 m w son works on farm
— Emily 12 f w daughter lives at home

From “Selected Deeds for Parker Lands Now is Gates County, NC 1729-1908” by R. P. Fouts

#284 36-378 18 Aug 1885 James B Parker and Priscilla Parker his wife to John W Parker, 85 1/2 A . . $200. .Beg at a hollow bridge across the path near a persimmon bush corner on J B Parker, SW to a pine then SW along the path then due S then SW to corner on J J Holland, SW to a stump corner on sd Holland then SE to gum in the Mill Swamp, up the run of sd swamp to pine at a ditch then NW to 1st sta. . James B (x) Parker, Priscilla (x) Parker (W) M C Lawrence

#285 40-334 20 Aug 1885 James B Parker and Priscilla Parker, his wife to Timothy Parker, 55 A . . .$200. .Beg at a pine at the brickyard corner on John W Parker NW to a white oak then due W to a ditch or branch up sd ditch to corner on sd Parker the SW to two pines near a maple corner on J J Holland SE. . to a white oak corner on sd Holland then NE to pine at the path along the path N then NE to 1st sta. . James B (x) Parker, Priscilla (x) Parker (W) M C Lawrence

#288 40-357 28 Nov 1888 Timothy Parker to Chowan and Southern Railroad, 3 17/100 A., $30. . Timothy Parker (w) W T Cross

Grandchildren of James Brown Parker & Priscilla Hayes


1925: Grandmama Hortense, Uncle Pomp, Grandpoppa Tim, Uncle Bill Parker

Aunt Roxie

Roxana Parker 1842 – 1931 | parents
& 1878 Thomas Holland 1852 – 1927 | parents
of Roduco NC

Roxana Parker 13 Feb 1842 – 29 June 1931 ts
married 30 Jan 1878 Thomas Holland 15 Oct 1852 – 11 Sept 1927 ts
son of J.J. [James Joseph] Holland & wife Cenia Pierce

Roxana Parker 1842 – 1931 & Thomas Holland 1852 -1927

Dick Eure tells this tale on Uncle Tom in his little booklet “From Green Siding to Roduco” On one particular Communion Sunday at the Roduco Baptist Church, as the chalice passed from one worshipper to the next, the old carpenter, Tom Holland, sat waiting for the wine to make its way to him. When he finally got his big hands on the chalice, the man who had fashioned the walls of the church didn’t waste any time wetting his lips. . . . It is said many a jaw dropped as the congregation silently watched Holland down the remaining wine in one long gulp. Handing the drained chalice to the person next to him, the old codger remarked, “That’s pretty good wine there. Just not enough age on it. “This busted up the ceremony and sent even the pious home chuckling.

Child of Thomas Holland and Roxanna Parker:
1. Harriet Ann Holland 25 March 1881 – 19 June 1957
Married 15 Jan 1902 Nollie Edward D Eure July 1878 – aft 1957 Roduco, NC
a. Clyde Earl Eure 16 Jan 1904 – aft 1956
Married Ruby unknown
i. Thomas Larkin Eure ca 1920 –
ii. Lucy Mildred Eure 8 Aug 1823 – 29 Feb 1992 Portsmouth, VA
married Noah T [Dick] [Jr] Felton
b. Oretha Blanche Eure ca 1908 – 9 Jan 1920 11 yrs.
c. Mary A Eure ca 1909 dy
d. James E Eure 10 Jan 1913 – 10 Aug 1915 age 2yr 7 mo
e. Franklin Ramsdale Eure 22 Jan 1916 – 25 Feb 1951 age 35 yr 1 mo
(he never developed, stayed like a baby – cared for by his mother at home)
f. Herbert Waddell Eure 9 May 1921 – 15 Sept 1922
age one yr 4 mo 6 days

Home of Roxana & Thomas Holland and Annie & Ed Eure of Roduco, NC

Uncle Bill

William Hayes Parker 1866 – 1941 | parents
& 1892 Annie E [Susie] Hofler 1868 – 1893 | parents
& 1893 Lavinia [Venie] Felton 1860 – 1949 | parents
of Sarem, Gates Co NC

William Hayes Parker 1866 – 1941
married 1st 20 Jan 1892 Annie E (Susie) Hofler 31 Jan 1868 – 11 May 1893.

Children of William Hayes Parker and Susie Hofler:
1. Hance Parker 28 March 1893 – ca June 1898 of smallpox
2. Jimmie Parker 28 March 1893 – ca June 1898 of smallpox
Susie died about six weeks after the twins birth

William Hayes Parker
married 2nd 9 Nov 1893 Lavinia Felton 5 May 1860 – 12 June 1949.

Lavinia’s parents were
Noah B Felton 1 May 1832 – 28 March 1905
married 10 Nov 1853 Jane Figg 31 Jan 1835 – 12 May 1890

William Hayes Parker and Lavenia Felton may have had one child that died as an infant.

The twins died of smallpox which Lavenia’s sailor brother Jim brought to the home.
It was in the same epidemic that Emily Jane Rountree died of the disease after her sailor son came home sick with it.

Below:1930 Aunt Venie & Uncle Bill, Aunt Nevie, Uncle Pomp & Aunt Em.



About Uncle Bill and Aunt Venie:
William Hayes Parker and Lavinia Felton were married on 9 Nov 1893. They made their home up the road from Tim and Tennie just past the Christian Church. Both Uncle Bill & Aunt Veenie adored children. They had married after Uncle Bill’s first wife died in May six weeks after delivering twins on 28 March 1893.
One day Venie’s brother Jim who was a sailor came to visit and while there fell ill of smallpox–and to everyone’s horror both of the children caught the disease, and both died.
Venie from that time forward was always “poorly off.”
Her brother Jim brought her a parrot that Venie taught to talk and the bird sounded just like Veenie talking I am told. One day Uncle Bill loaned his horse to one of the men on the place; as the man took the bridle to catch the horse, the parrot in an apple tree (it flew loose) began loudly squawking. “Mister Parker! Mister Parker–fellow stealing your horse! Mister Parker- fellow stealing your horse!–Mister Parker!” This made that man so mad he wouldn’t take the horse.

One day in the summer of 1946 Arthur, Helen, and I was visiting Grandmama.
One morning she said, “This afternoon I want you children to visit your Aunt Venie.”
Grandmama gave us her big black umbrella to shade us as we walked the half-mile or so up the road.
As we approached we noticed two people rocking in the big chairs on the front porch.
(Venie’s brother Jim made his home with her.) When we rounded the corner and turned into the lane to the house nobody was in sight–although the two chairs were still rocking.
We pass by the most interesting squashes–we just grew yellow squash, but in Aunt Venie’s & Mr. Jim’s garden patch were white squat ones and striped ones and the hard shell ones.
Flowers abounded nearer the house; Also, there were birdhouses with the post lined with metal
so her cats couldn’t get to the little birds.
Well, we go on up to the door and knock.
This real weak voice calls to us, “Come in.”
We step into the hallway, and she calls again,
“In here.”
She’s in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin.
“Ola’s children!, How nice of you to come to see me.
But you tell your Grandmother Tennie I’ve been feeling poorly off all week.
I just haven’t been able to get up today.”
As we continued to visit Venie remembered something in her trunk she wanted to show us; so out she crawled fully clothed, shoes and all, to get the locks of hair she had clipped from her children’s heads before they were buried. “Once, I had two sweet little ones,” she softly would say.
Then since she was up, she took us out back to see the animals her brother, Mr. Jim, had nursed back to health after finding them injured in the woods on his daily roams.
Before we went back to Grandmamma’s house, Aunt Venie gave us a drink of water in her kitchen
where all kinds of herbs and peppers were hanging.

Uncle Bill was the only Granddaddy we children ever had.
My sister Julia wrote this poem based on her memories of him in 1948 when she was in college at WCUNC in Greensboro, NC.

1958 Sally at a Grist mill in the Smokey Mt Nat Park

Going to the Mill
by Julia Godwin Moore (Lawrence)

The cartwheel wobbles so does Uncle Bill.
On the floor the big bag of corn for meal
Slides around under their feet.
The dust makes him feel ill. “Is it far to the mill?”
There’s a turtle running ‘cross the road.
See, it’s set down, now. It’s going to rest a spell.
“How come he’s got a shell, Uncle Bill?”

The mill wheel wobbles so does the little boat.
He grasps the sides, something’s stuck in his throat.
The bailing can rolls under his feet.
Holding on with one hand, his eye fastened on land,
He grasps the fishing pole and sits as still as he can.
“What makes the wheel go round? Can’t you fish on the ground?
When will the corn get to be meal, Uncle Bill?”

The line wobbles, the one that’s Uncle Bill’s.
He’s excited; he can’t move, so he squeals.
The fish flops round under his feet.
Splashing the water, then growing still, weak,
It turns on one side and sternly regards with an eye.
“Do fish go to heaven when they die?
Don’t you reckon the corn’s done turned to meal?”

The cart wobbles so does his head.
The carts shafts squeak—some little birds peep.
His feet rest on the warm bag of meal.
There’s a frog in a ditch. It talks in a low tone.
“Go home, go home,” A king-crier starts its shrill.
“How much farther is it, Uncle Bill?”

The cart’s light wobbles so does those from the house.
All of a sudden the mule stops.
He looks up, down he hops.
The grass is wet under his feet.
He wants something to eat but just can’t wait to go to sleep.
They rouse him at the table; he shakes his head.
“I don’t want to go to bed. I caught a fish. He’s dead.”

Aunt Nevie

Emily Nevada /Nevie Parker 1868- ca 1938 | parents
& 1889 James Edward Sparkman 1864 – aft 1938 | parents

of Gates Co NC and South Norfolk VA

Emily Nevada/Nevie Parker 1868- ca 1938
married 21 Apr 1889 James Edward Sparkman 1864 – aft 1938
son of James A Sparkman 1837-1923 and Emma Costen 1839-1912 Sparkman of Gates Co.
most of this family went to Texas and Miss. about 1849

picture of RR engine & crew, Jim Sparkman engineer


Uncle Jim for years drove a train that passed by Grandmother’s home at Sarem. He always played a little tune on the train’s steam whistle when he passed by. “Shave and a haircut; Two bits!”
“Oh!” says Grandmother, “there’s Jim, he’s driving the train today.”

Children of James Sparkman and Emily Nevada (Nevie) Parker:
1. Maude Katherine Sparkman Jan 1890 –

Maude Katherine Sparkman

2. James Horace Sparkman Feb 1896 –


James Horace Sparkman

3. Norwood H Sparkman 18 Oct 1900 – March 1972 VA
4. Alton Parker Sparkman 25 July 1904 – Aug 1981 Lynchburg VA
married Caroline H Armistead 7 Mar 1910 – 6 Sept 1989 Lynchburg VA


Alton Parker Sparkman

Note: Parker Reunion, the last Sunday in October every year at
Reynoldson Baptist Church in Gates, NC beginning about 12:30 PM

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