T. Beaurie Parker & Lillie Waff Smith of Sarem

Sally’s Uncle:

Timothy Beaurie Parker 1896 – 1984 | parents
& Lillie Waff Smith 1896 – 1976 | parents

of Sarem, Gates Co, NC

Timothy Beaurie Parker married 5 Jan 1921 Lillie Waff Smith, who lived only a mile or so from his home in Sarem, Gates Co, NC. They were classmates at Reynoldson. They built a home 1/2 mile up the road from his parents on a plot of land adjoining the grounds of the Sarem Christian Church.

Beaurie Parker Home June 1969

Beaurie was born 18 June 1896 at Sarem, the second child of Timothy E. Parker and his wife, Emily Hortense “Tennie” Rountree. He lived his entire life on the family farm and died at his residence 2 Oct 1984. He was a rural mail carrier for 41 years. Both Beaurie and his wife Lillie were very active in the affairs of Reynoldson Baptist Church — he served as Sunday School Superintendent for 29 years besides serving on the board of deacons. The Parkers always had a great vegetable garden, and they were a legend for their hospitality and the healthy eating at their table.

Lillie Waff Smith was born 7 March 1896.
In 1916, Lillie gave a graduation speech at Reynoldson High School, “The History of Reynoldson Institute.”
After a very active life, Aunt Lillie developed rheumatoid arthritis that rendered her completely immobile during her last few years. Beaurie assisted by his daughter-in-law Blanche was her devoted nurse, caring for her at home Lillie died at her home in Sarem 20 July 1976. Beaurie died 2 Oct 1984.

Lillie and Beaurie Parker are at Reynoldson Cemetery.

bparker1 bparker2
Beaurie Parker ca 1922 Lillie and Louise

Ola, Tennie and Beaurie ca 1901

Children of T. Beaurie Parker and Lillie Waff Smith:

Parker Family 27 Aug 1950

1. Annie Louise Parker 22 Jan 1922 – 8 Nov 1986 Sarem, Gates Co, NC

Louise ca 1925

married 1942 Warren G Nebles 18 Sept 1920 – Oct 2000
a. Frances Nebles 1945 –

Four generations with Tennie 1950
Tennie, Beaurie, Louise and Frances

b. Timothy Edward Nebles 1950 –
c. Regina Nebles 1955 –

2. James Beaurie Parker 24 Jan 1926 – 16 May 2002
Sarem, Gates Co, NC – 33 years with Union Camp Corp in Franklin –
Deacon of Reynoldson Baptist Ch. – had served in the Merchant Marines

married 21 Oct 1949 Blanche Elizabeth Gray 25 June 1921 – 29 March 2008

Blanche and JB Parker

Their children

a. Sandra Faye Parker 1952 –
b. Connie Marie Parker 1953 –
Married 5 Oct 1975 Alan Jeffreys
i. Warren Jeffreys

Connie’s family

c. Mary Susan Parker 1957 – 2012 [ovarian cancer]
Married 2011 unknown
d. William Beaurie Parker 1959 –
Married Nancy
i. Will Parker.
ii. Leigh Parker.

Bill’s family

3. Lillian Riddick [Nikki] Parker Sept 1927 –
Married 18 Oct 1952 (Rev) Jack Truman of Canada
died Christmas Day 2010
a. David Mark Vanstone Truman 1954 –
Married Aug 1979 Vicki Arnott.
b. Nancy Christine Truman 1961 –
Married July 1991 Richard Archibald.
i. Julia Leigh Archibald 1996 –
ii. Delaney Parker Archibald 2001 –
c. Elizabeth Jane Truman 1965 –
Married Aug 1988 John Hunt.
i. Jesse Mikala Hunt 1999 –

Truman family 1991
front: Nancy, Elizabeth, Nikki, Vicki, Mark
back row: Rick, Jack, John

4. Ellen Marie Parker 14 May 1929 –
Married 21 Oct 1950 Richard Turner of Norfolk, VA dec.

Ellen and Richard 1950

a. Jeffery Turner 1953 –
i. Brian Turner
b. Janet Ann Turner 1957 –

Janet and Jeffrey Dec 1957

5. Ethel Hortense Parker 27 Apr 1937 Sarem, NC  – 7 Nov 2020 Gatesville, NC
Franklin, VA

Ethel 1953

married 1960 Tim Plyler ca 1937 Whaleyville, VA – Dec 1986
a. Deborah Ann Plyler 1960
b. Marion Timothy Plyler IV 1962 –
Married 2nd ca 1989 Gilbert Newsome dec.

Cousins Get Together May 2001: Julia Lawrence, Connie, J B, and Sandra

The History of Reynoldson Institute Reynoldson, North Carolina
by Lillie Waff Smith 1916

Reynoldson Institute

Reynoldson Baptist Church 1943

Sarem Christian Church

Grandmother & her grandchildren on her 60th Birthday

Grandmother & her grandchildren on her 80th Birthday

Grandmother 80th Birthday Party
Tennie Parke with her brother, Dorsey Sanderlin, all her grandchildren and Frances Neebes
her two children Ola and Beaurie and their spouses, Raynor Moore and Lillie Parker,
Blanche Parker and Warren Nebles. Richard Turner took the picture.

Feature article on T Beaurie Parker from the Gates County Index 1959

Parker Reunion July 1969


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