Christopher Foster & Frances Stevens

Sally’s 8-great Grandparents:

Christopher Foster 1603 – 1687 | his parents
& 1628 Frances Stevens 1610 -16?? | her parents
of Ewell, Surrey and London, England;
1635 Lynn, Mass;
& 1647 Hempstead & 1650 Southampton, Long Island

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Christopher Foster was born in July 1603 [Ewell, Surrey, England].
He married there 24 Dec 1628 Frances Stevens, born 1 July 1610 daughter of Alice Stevens [will 1645] of Ewell in Surrey, England.
“Frances Stevens was the daughter of Jerome (Church Warden) and Alice Stevens.” The Southhampton Historical Society


St. Mary’s Church in Ewell, Surrey, England
where Christopher Foster and Frances Stevens were married
and their children baptized. “not the church standing today, but a previous building which was pulled down in 1848. .. scan of an early 19th-century lithograph, .
.. The tower was not demolished with the rest, and remains a much-loved village landmark. ” compliments of Jeremy Harte, Bourne Hall Museum

“If Christopher Foster was born in the parish of Ewell, Surrey in 1603, I regret that there is no way of confirming this as the parish records (which we hold here), only start at 1604.
However, I have checked the transcripts to these records for the period immediately after 1604 and again from 1624 to 1635 and have found the following entries:
-1628 ‘Chrystopher ffoster and ffrancis Steven were maryed one the four and twentye daye of December 1628.’
-1630 ‘Rebecka ffoster the daughter of Christopher ffoster was baptized the vth daye of Marche.’
-1632 ‘Nathaniel ffoster the sonne of Christopher ffoster was baptized the fourthe daye of Maye.’
-1634 ‘Johanes filius Christopherij ffoster Baptizatus erat Ocatauo die Maij.’
e-mail 30 Jan 2004 from Ruth Drysdale for County Archivist – Surrey History Centre

Christopher Foster styled himself a husbandman on his shipping, embarked in London, June 17, 1635 in the “Abigail.”

“Abigail” 1635

“In the Abigail prd. P. Cert. from the minister of their conformitie and from the Justices, that they are no susidy men.
Christopher ffoster ae 32
Bxor ffrancis ffoster ae 25
Rabecca ffoster ae 5
Nathaniel ffostr ae 2
Jo. Ffoster ae 1
Alice Steevens 22
Tho Steevens 12
C. E. Banks in the book
Planter of the Commonwealth,” which traces 2,646 emigrants to America for whom there is a clear record says that Christopher Foster was a “husbandman [farmer] of Ewell, County Surrey,” and that Alice Stevens was “probably sister of Mrs. Foster.”. He adds the following about the “Abigail” on which others of the passengers were John Winthrop Jr. age 27 and his wife Elizabth and son Deane

“Abigail of London, Richard Hackwell, Master. She listed passengers for New England from Jun 4 until July 24, and sailed from Plymouth as her last port of departure, about Aug. 1, with two hundred and twenty persons aboard, and many cattle. She arrived at Boston about Oct. 8, 1635, infected with smallpox. Among those coming in this ship, but not listed, were Sir Henry Vane, son and heir to Sir Henry Vane, Comptroller of the King’s Household, traveling incognite, the Reverend Hugh Peter, pastor of the English Church at Rotterdam, and the Reverend John Wilson, who was returning to Boston, with his wife, her first appearance in New England.

They were part of the Puritan migration and Hugh Peters, later Cromwell’s chaplain, was on the same ship and helped form the church congregation to which Christopher belonged.

Brass Candlesticks 8″ tall
came on the Abigail in 1635 with Frances and Christopher Foster.
Heirlooms belong to Bill and Rody McClure, of SC
photo by their son Mark.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Christopher was made freeman at Boston [or Lynn ] April 17 1637.
In the same year he was resident of Lynn where in 1638 sixty acres were allotted to Christopher Foster. (according to Lewis History of Lynn)
At one time, the Fosters lived in Nahant St., Lynn.
notes: from Peter Carrell – from correspondence in genealogy section of Boston newspaper 4 Sept 1905/6 signed R.R.F. quoting Popes “Pioneers of Massachusets”, p. 172.
He (referring to Christopher) sold house and land at Lynn in 1645, first day, tenth month,
gave letter of attorney, 9 (1) 1645-6, to Daniel King of Lyn, woolen draper, to collect legacy due his wife , Frances, from her mother, Alice Stevens, late of Ewill (Ewell), in Surrey.”

In 1647, Christopher Foster went to Hempstead,
“… brothers? Christopher and Thomas Foster were granted a large tract of land in western Hempstead, stretching from modern-day Elmont all the way to the South Shore. They called it Foster’s Meadow and used it to raise sheep and cattle.
Before long, they sold off much of their holdings to other farmers.”
Note: I am looking for proof that they were brothers.
and Christopher moved to Southampton in 1650, both places in New York.

Christopher Foster being on Squadron 1 of the Whale alert team in Southampton,

In October of 1650, we find him as a townsman or selectman to manage the affairs of the town, being one of the 41 proprietors.
He may have been part of original Lynn group that settled Southampton LI;
Christopher Foster first appears in records of Southampton in 1651
and he was living there in 1670.
His son Nathaniel removed to Huntington LI and there resided.

Christopher Foster died 1687; he resided Lynn, Mass and Southampton, LI
information found on page 877 Foster Genealogy by Pierce 1899

The Southhampton Historical Society rep. said that Christopher was probably buried in the South Burying Ground on Little Plains Road. The oldest cemetery in Southhampton. The only record they have is of Daniel b. 1676 d. 1744 son of Jospeh Foster, son of Christoper is buried there and that his stone remains.
It is overgrown apparently.
e-mail from Anna Peters

Children of Christopher Foster and wife Frances:
1. Rebecca Foster bpt 5 Mar 1630/31 Ewell, Surrey, Eng. –
2. Nathaniel Foster bpt 4 May 1632 Ewell, Surrey, Eng. – 1713 LI
removed to Huntington, LI
married Suffolk NY ca 1655 Sarah Vail ca 1634 Suffolk NY –
3. John Foster bpt 8 May 1634 Ewell, Surrey, Eng. – 1687 Southampton LI [bef 1725]
married Esther Shaw ca 1640 – aft 1725
4. Benjamin Foster ca 1636 Lynn Mass – 28 Jun 1704 Southampton LI
married Lydia ? ca 1741 –
5. Hannah Foster 1638 Lynn Mass – bef 1707
married Daniel Sayre ca 1636 – 1708 left will
son of Thomas Sayre who was from Bedfordshire, England
was in Southampton LI 1657
Daniel Sayre married 2nd Sarah

*6. Joseph Foster 1638 Lynn, Mass 1638 – 30 Jan 1708 Southampton, LI
married 1664 Abigail Vail
7. Sarah Foster 1643 – Oct 1692
married Samuel Johnes

Grandchildren of Christopher Foster and wife Frances:

Children of Nathaniel Foster and Sarah Vail: res. Huntington, LI
1. Samuel Foster ca 1658 –
? a. Jeremiah Foster
i. Ezekiel Foster
1. Ezekiel Foster Jr
a. Isaac Foster
line of Diane
2. Nathaniel Foster ca 1660 Suffolk NY –
married ca 1691 Mary
a. Elizabeth Foster ca 1705 –
married Jonah Howell ca 1703 –
i. Joanah Howell 11 July 1727 –

Children of John Foster 1634 – & Esther Shaw: res. Southampton, LI
1. John Foster 8 Feb 1662 – 1727 12 children
[NOTE–W. S. P..–John Foster was son [I think the will is his grandson’s!] of Christopher Foster, the first settler. He was born in 1634. His home lot was on the east side of the main street of Southampton, and on the south side of the main country road, or road to Bridge Hampton, and now owned by the heirs of Capt. Isaac Sayre. The head of the Creek Close is on the north side of Hill Street, in Southampton, and is the farm of late Stephen Edward Randall, or the western part of it. The daughter, Hannah, was wife of Capt. John Cooper, who died in 1715.]
In the name of God, Amen. December 10, 1725. I, JOHN FOSTER, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, Gentleman, being well in health.
– I leave to my wife Hannah, all the west end of my now dwelling house, during her life, and the use of 1/3 of my lands and meadows, and one third of all movables, and my silver cup and all my silver spoons.
РI leave to my daughter, Hannah Cooper, œ5, she having already received her portion.
РI leave to my son, Hackaliah Foster, one half of my head of the creek close, the westward side thereof, joining to John Reeves and James Cooper. Also a œ50 right of Commonage, west of Canoe Place, except Quaquanantuck Purchase. And one third of my land in the North Side Division joining to Davis Mill pond. And œ10. Also 1/4 of a œ50 right of Commonage east of Canoe Place, and an acre of meadow at the bottom of Halseys Neck, lying on the east side of my meadow.
РI leave to my son, Thomas Foster, my now dwelling house and home lot and barn. And 1/2 of my upper close in Halseys Neck and 1/4 of a œ50 right of Commonage, east of Canoe Place. And one acre of Orchard at Long Springs, and a œ50 right in Quaquanantuck Purchase, and an acre of meadow at the bottom of Halseys Neck. Also 8 acres of my tract of land at Head of Creek, at the north east corner, and one lot of meadow on the West Beach, adjoining to his brother John, and a œ50 right of meadow and upland in Ogdens Neck.
РI leave to my son Abraham, œ18. My œ50 lot of upland and meadow in Assops Neck, in partnership with Joshua Halsey, is to be sold to the highest bidder to pay debts.
– I leave to my son John, all the rest of my lands, and he is to take care of his brother Jonathan during his life.
– And my son Thomas shall provide for his grandmother, during her life.
– I make my wife and my sons, John and Thomas, executors.
Witnesses, John Howell, Joseph Foster, Christopher Foster.
Proved, November 17, 1727.

married 5 Dec 1689 Hannah Abbott ca 1666 –
a. Thomas Foster 1691 – 1756
married ca 1715 Hannah Hildreth 1695 – 1750
i. Timothy Foster 1728 – 1819
married 1753 Bethia Howell ca 1731 – 28 July 1824
1. Gabriel Foster 1770 LI – 1846 IN
married Permelia Campbell 1772 OH – 1834 IN
b. John Foster 1695 – 30 Jan 1762
married Sibyl Howell
married Elizabeth
i. Josiah Foster 22 Jan 1737 – ca 1837
married Esther Post 10 children
1. Maj. Josiah Foster 2 Sept 1772 -19 May 1831
married 7 Aug 1805 Abigail Jessup 8 children
2. Justus Foster 1770 – line of Glenda’s husband
c. Hackaliah Foster 1700 – 15 April 1775
married Mary
d. Abraham Foster 1702 – 5 April 1784
married Elizabeth Moore
e. Hannah Foster
married Capt John Cooper died 1715
f. Jonathan Foster [unable to care for himself]
2. Sarah Foster 29 Jan 1663/64 –
3. Hannah Foster 2 Jan 1666/67 –
4. Jeremiah Foster 2 March 1670/71 – 1757 Southampton LI
a. Stephen Foster
married Sarah
b. Nathan Foster
c. Sarah Foster
d. Jerusha Foster
married Pierson
e. Abrigail Foster
f. Mehitable Foster
g. Eunice Foster
5. Patience Foster 7 March 1672/73 –
married ca 1701 Abraham Howell Jr 30 July 1683 –
6. Rachel Foster 2 Feb 1674/75 – 24 Aug 1751 Southampton LI
married 14 May 1796 John Reeves 15 July 1673 – 13 Aug 1753
–The homestead of John Reeves was on the south side of Hill street in the village of Southampton. The east part is the homestead of the late Franklin Jagger, and the west part is the homestead of the late Eli as P. Howell, now of his son Eugene Howell. These were originally lots in the “North Division of the Ox Pasture.”–W. S. P.

a. John Reeves ca 1697 SH, LI – 21 Dec 1779 SH, LI
married Springfield Mass 28 Oct 1726 Sarah Reeves ca 1699 – 23 Oct 1776
i. Dr. Stephen Reeves 11 Apr 1734 SH LI – 13 Apr 1822 East Palmyra NY
married SH LI ca 1756 Mary Howell ca 1738 SH LI – 9 children
ii. John Reeves 15 Dec 1738 SH LI – 15 Apr 1815 SH LI
married SH LI ca 1764 Mary Culver 14 June 1741 SH LI – 6 children
iii. David Reeves 4 April 1741 SH LI –
b. Abraham Reeves ca 1699 SH – 21 May 1761
married ca 1722 Damaris Sayre 9 May 1698 – 1 Dec 1771 Cumberland Co NJ
c. Stephen Reeves ca 1702 SH – ca 1789 SH LI
d. Abigail Reeves ca 1703 SH – ca 1734
married ca 1722 Samuel Cooper ca 1701 SH LI –
i. Samuel Cooper ca 1722 –
ii. Elihu Cooper ca 1723 –
iii. Stephen Cooper ca 1724 Amagansett NY – 16 May 1816 Vermont
married in East Hampton LI 15 Nov 1744 Eunice Edwards ca 1724 EH -4 Mar 1810 VT
3 children
iv. Zophar Cooper ca 1724 SH LI –
married unknown 6 children
v. Elizabeth Cooper ca 1728 SH LI –
married Joshua Sayre ca 1729 SH LI –
vi. Mary Cooper ca 1730 SH LI –
married Ayres
vii. Phebe Cooper ca 1732
married Jagger
viii. Abigail Cooper ca 1733 SH LI –
married Morristown NJ ca 1754 Eliazar Hathaway ca 1731 – 10 Feb 1777 Morristown NJ
e. Nathan Reeves ca 1708 SH –
f. Charles Reeves ca 1710 SH –
7. Jonathan Foster 2 April 1677 –
8. David Foster 15 March 1678/79 LI – Res Middletown CT
married Ann Bourne
a. David Foster 4 Oct 1706 –
married Elizabeth Markham
i. Fenner Foster
married 5 March 1766 Elizabeth Tharp
1. Erastus Foster 12 Sept 1766 – 20 Nov 1842
married 19 Feb 1789 Chloe Davis 20 Sept 1772 – 27 Nov 1869 “age 101”
b. John Foster 14 Nov 1707 –
c. Abigail Foster 30 May 1709 – 7 Nov 1709
d. Abigail Foster 8 Mar 1710/11 – 3 March 1712
e. Rachel Foster 16 April 1713 –
f. Hackaliah Foster 6 Aug 1715 –
married Hannah Markham
g. Silace Foster 7 Jan 1717/18 –
h. Sarah Foster 27 Aug 1719 –
i. Phebe Foster 20 Dec 1721 –
9. William Foster 2 April 1681 –
10. Phebe Foster 1 April 1683 –
11 Abigail Foster Feb 1684/85 –

Christopher Foster descendants in Southampton, Long Island

Children of Benjamin Foster and Lydia: res Southampton, LI
1. Mary Foster 29 July 1669 –
married — Chatfield
2. Benjamin Foster res LI
married 28 April 1691 Martha Post d. 16 June 1741 LI
a. Martha Foster 8 May 1692 –
married Cook
b. Bertha Foster 13 July 1694 –
married Burnett
c. Sarah Foster Feb 1697 –
married 2 Oct 1715 Samuel Johns
i. Hannah Johns 16 Dec 1716 –
ii. Esther Johns 12 Jan 1718 –
iii. Phebe Johns 19 Sept 1721 –
iv. Foster Johns 13 Oct 1723 –
v. Mary Johns 19 March 1726 –
vi. Elizabeth Johns 30 May 1729 –
vii. Abigail Johns 13 Feb 1731 –
viii. Samuel Johns 1 June 1733 –
d. Ephraim Foster 25 July 1609 – bef 15 Feb 1726
e. Benjamin Foster 24 Oct 1701 – married ?
f. William Foster 30 Dec 1704 –
married Irene Halsey
g. Stephen Foster 27 Jan 1708 – married ?
3. Jonathan Foster
4. Isaac Foster
5. Deborah Foster aft 1686
6. Susanna Foster aft 1686 –
7. Sarah (or Loriah) Foster aft 1686
8. David Foster 1704 Cohanzy, NJ –

Children of Hannah Foster and Daniel Sayre: res Southampton, LI
son of Thomas Sayre, one of the founders of Southampton LI

f-sthouse2 f-sthouse1
house built 1648 in Southampton LI for Thomas Sayre
still standing in 1901 pictures from Banata’s “Sayre Family”

  1. Joseph Sayre
    married Priscilla
    2. Capt. Daniel Sayre 1666 –
    married Sarah
    a. Daniel Sayre
    married Phebe Raynor
    b. Isaac Sayre
    married Elizabeth Smith
    c. Hannah Sayre
    married Capt. John Cooper
    married 2nd Maj. Wm. H Smith
    d. Mary Sayre
    married Samuel Ludlum prob. 13 Feb 1767 NY
    i. Mary Ludlum
    ii. Sarah Ludlum
    iii. Phebe Ludlum
    e. Anne Sayre 1709 –
    married Daniel Moore
    f. Ethan Sayre m. —-
    g. Silas Sayre m. —
    3. Samuel Sayre had died before Aug 1707
    a. Samuel Sayre
    married Hannah Lyon ca 1704 –
    will of Joseph Lyon
    b. Daniel Sayre
    married Rebecca Bond
    4. David Sayre will prob 8 Dec 1744 NJ
    a. David Sayre
    married Ruth
    b. Job Sayre
    c. Dorothea Sayre 1698 –
    married Thomas Paget
    d. Hannah Sayre
    married Plummer
    e. Christiana Sayre
    married Mulford
    f. Rebecca Sayre
    married Gelaspe
    g. Anne Sayre
    5. Ephraim Sayre will prob 24 Jan 1715/16 NJ
    married Sarah Barnes
    a. Ephraim Sayre
    b. Patience Sayre
    c. Sarah Sayre
    d. Temperance Sayre
    6. Nathan Sayre died CT
    [some of his desc. spell their name Sears]
    married Mary
    a. Nathan LI –
    married 12 Feb 1736 Deborah Prout ca 1704 – 9 Nov 1736 age 32
    dau of Dr. Eben Prout
    i. son born and died 29 Oct 1736
    b. Elisha ca 1711 LI –
    married Tabitha Miller
    c. Matthew ca 1717 LI –
    married Martha Warner
    d. Mary ca 1720 LI – 11 May 1747
    married 28 Feb 1740 William Roberts Jr
    e. Daniel 1723 CT –
    f. Stephen 28 Feb 1725 CT –
    married Mary Chapman
    g. John 4 Oct 1726 CT –
    married Lydia Hubbard
    h. Charles 8 Feb 1730 CT –
    married 1st Sarah Clark
    married 2nd Frances Kellogg
    i. Hannah 8 July 1733 CT –
    j. Sarah 17 Feb 1735 CT –
    7. Hannah Sayre
    married Capt. Josiah Topping 1663 – 1726
    a. Josiah Topping
    b. John Topping 1706

Query from James Kochan —
Daniel Sayre was a resident of Morris County (previously part of Hunterton County until split off in 1740), New Jersey and died sometime before 27 march 1777, at which time an inventory of his goods and chattels was registered with the county by his executors, David Sayre and Ephraim Sayre, who I presume were either his sons or brothers (or both?). In this inventory, he was listed as “Captain Daniel Sayre” and amongst the items were two uniforms. However, he seems to have been a leather breeches maker by trade, as a large quantity of dressed deer and sheepskins, as well as leather breeches partially cut out or made up, are listed. Any help or suggestions that you may have would be most appreciated. There is a building in Madison, NJ (then known as Bottle Hill) that was said to have been built by Daniel Sayre in 1745.

f-s-ch-pobed f-s-ch-lebuz
left: St Mary’s Church at Poddington, Bedfordshire, England
home of the Sayre family at least from the 13th century
right: All Saints Church at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England
where Thomas Sayre was Baptized in 1597
picture in T M Banta’s 1901 “Sayre Family
many more images at

Children of Joseph Foster: res Southampton, LI
1. Joseph Foster ca 1665 – 1704
married Abigail Jackson
2. Christopher Foster 1668 – 7 Feb 1748 Southampton, LI
married 1st 26 Nov 1691 Hannah Pierson 1671 – bef 1697
married 2nd 19 Aug 1697 Mrs Abigail (Lupton) Topping ca 1673 –
3. Daniel Foster 1676
married Lydia Wood
4. Nathan Foster ca 1680 -died 1737 Elizabeth NJ
married Mary Lyon
5. Jeremiah Foster
6. Peter Foster
7. Damaris Foster
married Dec 9 1714 Jeremiah Culver
8. Penelope Foster

Children of Sarah Foster and Samuel Johns: res Southampton, LI
1. Samuel Johns
married 2 Oct 1715 Sarah Foster dau of Benjamin

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Some folks say that this George was son of Christopher.
? George Foster ca 1629? England – [George emigrated 1630.]
married ?
— something does not add up here . . . Perhaps George belonged to another Foster.
We have no record of Christopher and family in Lynn before 1635 arrival in fact we have record of them yet in Ewell England at that time having their children Christened — and yet Samuel Fuller says in July 1633 that George’s mother is living yet in Sagos which has been identified as Saugus a early name for Lynn [Mass.].
I think Pierce may have erred here and that this is another family. Sally

more notes: from Peter Carrell –
Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, p.2, James
Savage – Foster, Christopher, Lynn who came in the Abigail 1635 aged 32 with wife Frances 25 and children Rebecca 5, Nathaniel 2, and John 1 but may have been some years before possibly father of George who had been , says Samuel Fuller of Plymouth in his will of July 1633, entrusted to him by his parents and freed 17 April 1637, removed to Long Island probably in 1670.

Pierce, p. 23 A George Foster lived with Samuel Fuller in Plymouth and is mentioned in his will dated 30 july 1633 which says “and as for George Foster, being placed with me by his parents still living at Sagos, my will is that he be restored to his mother (Saugus is the old name for Lynn, MA)
p. 878 Christopher was the father of George who came to America before his parents. Samuel Fuller’s will was proved April 1637

1. Samuel [Fuller] was one of the original members of the Pilgrims church, and fled England for the Netherlands in 1609. Samuel Fuller became a surgeon and physician, making him an important member of the Plymouth Colony (and other colonies as well once emigration to Massachusetts picked up). Samuel Fuller also played a prominent role in the congregation, becoming a deacon of the church in Plymouth.
Samuel Fuller died in the 1633 epidemic at Plymouth.
William Bradford wrote:” . . . and in the end, after he had much helped others, Samuel Fuller who was their surgeon and physician and had been a great help and comfort unto them. As in his faculty, so otherwise being a deacon of the church, a man godly and forward to do good, being much missed after his death. And he and the rest of their brethren much lamented by them and caused much sadness and mourning amongst them, which caused them to humble themselves and seek the Lord; and towards winter it pleased the Lord the sickness ceased.”

2. Will of Samuel Fuller 30 July 1633 – probate 28 Oct 1633 — proved again April 1637
I Samuel ffuller the elder being sick & weake but by the mercie of God in prfect memory ordaine this my last will & Testmt.
And first of all I bequeath my soule to God & my body to the earth untill the resureccon.
Item I doe bequeath the educacon of my children to my Brother Will Wright & his wife, onely that my daughter Mercy be & remaine wth good wife Wallen so long as she will keepe her at a reasonable charge. But if it shall please God to recover my wife out of her weake estate of sicknes then my children to be wth her or disposed by her. Also whereas there is a childe comitted to my charge called Sarah Converse, my wife dying as afore I desire my Brother Wright may have the bringing up of her. And if he refuse then I comend her to my loving neighbour & brother in Christ Thomas Prence desiring that whosoever of them receive her pforme the duty of a step ffather unto her & bring her up in the ffeare of God as their owne wch was a charge laid upon me pr her sick ffather when he freely bestowed her upon me & wch I require of them.
Item whereas Eliz. Cowles was comitted to my educacon by her ffather& Mother still living at Charles Towne, my will is that she be conveniently apprelled & returne to her ffather or mother or either of them.
And for George ffoster being placed wth me upon the same termes by his prents still living at Sagos my will is that he be restored to his Mother likewise.
Item I give unto Samuell my son my howse & lands at the Smelt river to him & his heires for ever. etc for entire will see

Mayflower Increasings, p. 61 Fuller Probate Appendix
Will of Dr. Samuel fuller: [MD 1:23-8,2:8-10] 30 July 1633,.
..3 children in his care, viz…..George Foster…..Pr. 28 Oct 1633.
[found by Pete]

Mayflower Births and Deaths, Vol I p. 466
[1] p. 455 Samuel Fuller was bpt. 20 Jan 1580, Redenhall, Norfolk Co., Eng,
son of Robert Fuller [NEHGR 55:411]
His first two marriages produced no known surviving children.
found by Pete]

But the point is that Samuel Fuller was native to Norfolk. Pete

Child of George Foster: Plymouth and Lynn, MA
1. George Foster ca 1675 – res Newport, East Greenwich RI
married Hannah
married 2nd Mary
a. Hannah Foster 29 Nov 1700 – 30 March 1701
b. Thomas Foster 10 March 1710 –
married Martha Hazelton
c. Josiah Foster
married 22 March 1747 Deborah Spencer dau of Thomas
d. William Foster
married 13 Feb 1723 Ann Hazelton
e. Elizabeth Foster
married 12 June 1737 John Greene
f. Mercy Foster
married 1 March 1740 Benjamin Gorton

Further research for the origins of our Christopher Foster and his siblings
by Peter Carrell, Roy Foster and Sally Koestler
The name of the passengers of the Hercules of London, John Kiddey mar. for New England.
These six passengers took their Oath of Alleigeance on the 23 Mar 1633/34 and were left behind the Mary & John as they intended to pass in the Hercules. John Anthoney, Robert Earley, William Latcome, Thomas Foster, William Foster, Matthew Hewlett. Copied from an old order book belonging to the Port of Southampton Dec 1735 by Thomas Whitehouse; pub by H G Somerby in the Oct 1848 issue of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
Note: this is probably a different Thomas Foster

“In 1637, Thomas Foster sailed into Little Neck Bay on a Dutch frigate, and became the first settler in Bayside.”

By Joan Brown Wettingfeld (from Times/Ledger, April 10, 1997 – “Our History”
Thomas Foster: First to Settle Little Neck
“A recent viewing of Queens Village artist Henry Miller’s painting “Old Settler” at the Queens Museum of Art’s opening of its 25th anniversary exhibition, reminded me that Miller was depicting the home of Thomas Foster, the first settler in what has been known as “the Alley” since colonial times.
Thomas Foster in 1637 erected the first home in this area of the north shore on land received in a grant of 600 acres from the infamous Dutch governor Wilhelm Kieft. . .[It] was a one-story stone structure with one window and wooden shutters. In 1663, Thomas Foster built a larger residence adjoining the old stone house. Seven generations of Fosters occupied this home and farmed the many acres surrounding the pond and the navigable creek which flowed into Little Neck Bay. .”

Star Journal March 1955: Alley Pond in Douglaston, once the crossroads for northeast Queens, suffers the fate as most historical landmarks in our borough: it’s wantonly destroyed. The pond where Thomas Foster built his stone fort in 1637 will be partly filled to provide a firm base of the $1.9 million dollar bridge on the Horace Harding Expressway. The result will be a kidney shipped pool much in the modern style, ‘a suitable adornment for the ultra modern $30 million depressed eight-lane super highway.’

Thomas Foster Settled at Hempstead LI and Jamaica LI – died at Jamaica LI in 1663.

Long Island Wills and Death Noters: “Whereas Thomas Foster, heretofore of Rustdorp, alias Jamaica, upon Long Island, did in his will appoint his widow executrix, and she having married Joseph Thurston,” they are confirmed as executors, August 5, 1671. Widow’s name not given.

Thomas Foster’s widow married Joseph Thurston.

Children of Thomas Foster and unknown wife:
1. Thomas Foster
2. ?daughter
married Henry Whitson
a. Thomas Whitson
Roy; Sally


Some added info on this group.


Topographical Index of New England, Banks
William Foster Middlesex Stepney parish no ship noted Cbharlestown, MA Waters 82
genealogical gleanings in England
William Foster Hampshire Romsey Parish no ship noted Charlestown, MA NEGR 251
New England Genealogical Register


I haven’t checked the cited references to see whether the noted immigrant could be the William of Hempstead.


Does this following represent what we know of this group?


Thomas arriving 1637, perhaps by Dutch frigate, to Little Neck, Bayside. Later obtaining Dutch patent to “Fosters Meadow” along with Christopher in 1644. Christopher showing residence both in Foster’s Meadow and Southampton. John Sr. temporarily in New Haven, going to East Hampton and later to Jamaica. Christopher’s son John would have ben too young to have been listed in the Dongon grants. Thomas and Christopher, brothers. John an uncle. This gives a verifying family arrangement if we can ever locate it. William appears to be independent of that family – or they are not aware of any relationship – if we are to take at face the statement in Thomas’ will of a bequest to “friend” William.


Sally, the family you found in Newcastle-on-Tyne is yet the best we have, but we do need the death ages if those are recorded in that parish register. However, the John there, brother of Christopher and Thomas, is not the one of

Hempstead, but there should be may candidates in the close area in Northumberland.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

FORSTER, Cristofer Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 13 Dec 1607 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FORSTER
Source: FHL Film 1068937 Dates: 1600 – 1623

in Dec 1635 a Christopher Forster, was the curate at St. Nicholas’ church in Newcastle

in 1582 Will of Christopher Forster, Killeaugh, co Cork, gent.
in 1550 the estate of Christopher Forster, Adisham was adm.

From CD:
Marriage allegations in the registry of the Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canturbury
24 Nov 1679 William Forster of St. martin in the Fields, Middx., locksmith, widr. abt. 48 and Alice Stephens of the same, widow abt. 50 at St. Clement Danes, Middx.

Wills proved in the prerogative court of Canturbury and now preserved in the principal probate registry.
1604 Sevens, Alice, spinster, par. Ringwood, Southants, 77 Harte.

Coat of Arms of New Jersey Branch of Fosters
page 878 – “Foster Genealogy” by Pierce 1899

Pierce, p. 21; ” In 1847 hired a Harold Ridge of Phillmore Company, Genealogical Research, 120 Chancery Lane, London WC 2. to do this. He found ancestry of Frances Stevens, wife of Christopher Foster in Ewell, Surrey, England and the birth of their children in the Ewell parish records. Rebecca mar.5 1630-1, Nathaniel 4 May 1632, John 8 May 1634. They were married there 24 Dec 1628. He also found the will of Frances Stevens’ mother Alice, proved 1645. The chief clue is the coat of arms now in the Southampton, Long Island museum “argent on a bend, wavy sable, three bucks heads embossed or” These are the arms of the Fosters of Iden, Sussex recorded in 1612 and 1623 at Surrey and Hunsden both. (Foster Genealogy being the record of the posterity of Reginald Foster, Frederick Clifton Pierce, W. B. Conkey, Chicago, 1899)

Sally, Roy from Peter Carrell:

The attached are names from All Saints Burial Index Newcastle-on-Tyne corresponding to the christenings Sally found. No ages were given so it is not possible to know whether they correspond. It does seem as if there mey have been early deaths to account for the second Robert and a second Christopher. With a John listed as dead in 1636, Thomas 1610, we have only Christopher as candidate from this group to account for the supposed family of Thomas, Christopher and John of Hempstead, LI.

Of course one might make the assumption these names represent various other relatives. We need a roster of Forsters of All Saints who were alive in the interesting period. Pete

William FORSTER anywhere between 1632 and 1694 in National Burial Index (Northumberland and Durham FHS). 11 results found.
– Place Newcastle upon Tyne Description All Saints Denomination Anglican County code NBL
William FORSTER Date 12 Dec 1640
William FORSTER Date 1 Jul 1632
Willm FORSTER Date 9 Nov 1614
Xpofer FORSTER Date 15 Sep 1602
Thomas FORSTER Date 19 Apr 1610
Robart FORSTER Date 11 Dec 1610
John FORSTER Date 19 Feb 1636

FOSTER, Roberte Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 29 May 1603 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FOSTER

FORSTER, Thomas Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 31 Dec 1604 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FORSTER

FORSTER, Cristofer Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 13 Dec 1607 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FORSTER

FORSTER, John Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 17 Dec 1609 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FORSTER

FORSTER, Isack Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 19 Jul 1612 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FORSTER
FOSTER, Robert Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 19 Sep 1619 Recorded in: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Collection: All Saints
Father: William FOSTER

Source: FHL Film 1068937 Dates: 1600 – 1623


FOSTER, Thomas Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 9 Jan 1612 Recorded in: Barnoldby le Beck, Lincolnshire, England
Father: William FOSTER
Source: FHL Film 1541931 Dates: 1603 – 1634

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  1. Was there a Christopher Foster that married a Mary Jordan and had a son named Christopher Foster Jr. ——So far I have my first Foster was Elizabeth Harris Foster 1802-1859=Daughter of Elizabeth Savage and John Foster 1761-1821—his parents were Arthur Foster 1732-1814–his father John Foster 1695-1724–his father Christopher Foster 1649—I am sure having a hard time with my Foster family

    1. Carol Binkley ,
      When Reseaching Christopher Foster who married Mary Jordan have you looked at the Forsters / Fosters of Hunsdon Hertfordshire England whose sons immigrated to Colonial Virginia and Maryland during the 1600s ? Reseearch shows Phillip Foster of Hunsdon Hertfordshire b: 1593 immigrated to Hampton Roads Virginia He died 1536 Su ry Colonial Virginia . He had a son Christopher whose wife is reported as Mary Jordon —

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