“The name Riddick is believed to have been of common origin with Ruddock or Ruddick, which was a nickname used for the Robin Redbreast. It was given as a nickname to its first bearers, being later taken as the patronymic of the sons of those so called. In ancient British and Early American records the name is found in the various forms of Ruddock, Ruddick, Rudoc, Rudok, Ruddoc, Ruddocke, Redock, Reddock, Rudduck, Redike, Redik, Reddicke, Redick, Reddick, Ridok, Riddock, Ridick, Ridicke, Riddicke, Riddick and many others . ..”

1637 – Richard Redock came to Virginia and settled in Isle of Wight County.
ca 1640 – John Reddock settled at Sudbury, Mass.
1643 – John Redicke – settled in Warwick Co VA
1645 – Henry Reddock was living at Providence RI – later settled at Warwick, RI
1650 – John Reddock settled in Virginia
1653 – an Alexander Riddick came and made his home in Virginia.

Our first “known” ancestor generation

James Reddick/Riddick 1630 – 1695 | his parents
& ca 1650 unknown
and 1669 Alice [Shepherd]
of England & Nansemond Co VA & Surry Co

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Riddick served on a coroner’s jury in Surry County in 1664.

“John Shepherd, dated 20 April 1669, dying intestate, administration requested by James Riddick, who later married the relict of said Shepherd”

The will of Newman Williams dated Oct 9 1680 was proven by James Riddick.

In 1680 – – proving a person’s bankruptcy — stated that he James Riddick was 50 years old.

James Riddick witnessed the will of Richard Bread, dated 1691.

on 21 April 1695, a document grants Alice relict of James Riddick, administration rights to his estate.

Nansemond Co Quit Rents Rolls of 1704:
Abraham Reddick – 400 ac
Capt. James Reddick – 943 ac
John Reddick – 300 ac [550ac?]
Robert Reddick – 200 ac

?Children of James Riddick and wife Alice:
1. Capt. James Riddick ca 1675 –
2. Abraham Reddick ca 1678 –
married Elizabeth Pleasant
a. John Riddick – ca 1708 – bef 1752
married Jean Riddick will 29 Jan 1752 Nansemond Co VA
b. Abraham Riddick d 1780
married 1758 Ann Thatch ca 1740
dau of John Thatch and unknown 1st wife
c. Solomon Riddick
married Mary
d. Jesse Riddick
e. Elizabeth Riddick 5 April 1710 – 9 May 1781 Gates Co NC
married John Norfleet 21 July 1699 – 1754 Chowan Co NC [area later Gates Co]
3. John Reddick ca 1681 –
“of the White marsh” 350 ac Quit Rent 1704 Nansemond Co
married Ann
a. Jean Riddick will 29 Jan 1752 Nansemond Co VA
married John [son of Abraham] ca 1708 – bef 1752
b. Samuel Riddick ca 1705 – aft 1752
bought 112 ac land in Nansemond Co 1750
married Ruth Giles
c. Moses Riddick 1715 – 13 Sept 1790 of “Green Hill” Nansemond Co
4. Robert Reddick ca 1655 –
a. Joan Riddick ca 1675 –
married 1689 Edward Belson
Chuckatuck MH
b. Robert Riddick est 1700 – 1775

married dau of Thomas Docton
i. Jobe Riddick
ii. Seth Riddick
iii. Docton Riddick
iv. Jacob Riddick
v. Robert Riddick
c. Joseph Riddick ca 1708 – 1759
he was married twice:
i. James Riddick ca 1728 – 1786
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers John and William
married Sarah
ii. William Riddick
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers John and James
iii. John Riddick
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers William and James
iv. Kader Riddick ca 1738 – 1784
married 1771 Elizabeth Garrett
v. Sarah [Sallie] Riddick ca 1740 –
married Christopher Riddick – 1798

married est 1748 Hannah Hunter est 1732 – 1791
i. Gen. Joseph Riddick [militia] est 1749 – 1818
ii. Isaac Riddick ca 1752 –
appears on 1775 tax list with brother Joseph

iii. Mary Riddick est 1755 –
married Gordon

?5. Joseph Reddick

Chowan Prect. records.
1716 – Wm Reddict appears on tax list of Albemarle Co with no land and one tax
15 Oct 1716 – Wm Reddict to Wm Skayles
17 July 1721 – Wm Redite & Sarah his wife to Richard Pickering
18 Apr 1720 – Samuel Woodward to Robert Riddick – assignment of this within mentioned writing.
17 Apr 1722 – Robert Riddick of Chowan Prect Planter to Samuel Woodward of the aforesaid prect, Planter 50 pound for 125 a on the N shore of Chowan River, joining George White & the river.
land patents NC
1716 -Robert Reddon? 34 a on the Cypress Swamp near Sarum
1 Aug 1726 -William Reddit – 438 a on the easterly side of the Cashy River in Bertie prect joining Laurence Searson, Samuel Herring, and Richard Roase.

2nd generation

Capt James Reddick/Riddick II ca 1675 – | his parents
and 1700/10 Laura Mills | her parents
of England & Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This is speculative as of this time

“One story about early Nansemond Co. Riddicks say that the original grant “White Marsh” also called the ‘old Place’ was made to Henry Mills in 1685. This land was about one mile from Suffolk, VA near Cypress Chapel. Mills’ daughter was being tutored by a man named Riddick. Laura and her tutor fell in love and eloped. While pursuing them through the woods in a storm, Mr. Mills was killed by a falling tree. Laura inherited the plantation. The part of the estate owned by Mills Jarrett Riddick is all that is left of the grant that has never had a deed to it, being willed from father to son until now.
Laura and James had a son Lemuel who married a Miss Willis.” from DAR Library”
“Riddick Family” by Ruth Armstrong Ross 1988

A James Riddick or Reddick was the burgess from Nansemond County in 1715, 1718, and 1720-1722.
Thought to be the father of Lemuel Riddick.

Children of James Riddick II and Laura Mills:
or ?Anne Polke -Burgess
1. Lemuel Riddick 23 Aug 1711 – aft 20 Mar 1775
   married 1729 Ann Sumner 1715 – 1760
a. James Riddick 17 Nov 1731 – 15 Dec 1760
b. Lemuel Riddick II 1733/34 – April 1756 at sea of smallpox
c. Edward Riddick 29 Jan 1735/6 – Sept 1783
married 1761 Esther Robinson [Pugh] 1722 – 1775
d. Lemuel Riddick 1 Jan 1763 – 19 Feb 1811
2. Mills Riddick ca 1715 – 1765
married Mary Corbitt Barradell
a. Henry Riddick 1731 – 1785
b. Mills Riddick
3. Josiah Riddick ca 1720 – 1772 of Suffolk town
? married Priscilla Parker ca 1720 –
4. Willis Riddick 1725 – 1782
married Mary Faulk 1723 – ?
Abraham RIDDICK/REDDICK 26 Jun 1731 VPB 14:161 150a Nansemond

Mills RIDDICK 15 May 1755 VPB 32:538 402a Nansemond in the Desart or great Swamp and in that
Willis Riddick 19 May 1757 VPB 33:365 96a of Swamp Land in the county of Nansemond on the Des
JESSE RIDDICK 7 Aug 1761 VPB 33:1069 100a in the of Nansemond
LEMUEL RIDDICK 30 Aug 1763 VPB 35:401 432a Nansemond
WILLIS RIDDICK 15 Aug 1764 VPB 36:591 353a Nansemond at a place called the white Marsh
HENRY RIDDICK 5 Jun 1765 VPB 36:722 647a Nansemond at a place called the white Marsh

Col. Lemuel Reddick/Riddick 1711 – 1775 | his parents
& 1729 Ann Sumner 1715 – 1760 | her parents
& 1761 Esther Robins [Pugh] 1722 – 1775 | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Lemuel Riddick was a Burgess from Nansemond Co from 1736 to 1773.
He was also a delegate to the state convention of 1775.
He also served on the Vestry of the Upper Parish of Nansemond Co for 40 years resigning in 1773.
He was clerk of Nansemond County Court 1736-40; 1742-68; 1769-76.

“John Constant built a home and warehouse there in 1720. [Suffolk]”

“In 1742 a new town was chartered by the Assembly to be erected at Constance’s warehouse in Nansemond Co. — called Suffolk. Trustees of the new town were Lemuel Riddick, William Baker, and Edward Norfleet.”

“…legend states that Suffolk derived its name from Lemuel Riddick’s action as representative in the Virginia House of Delegates. Riddick reasoned that naming his community after Governor William Gooch’s home county of Suffolk would result in approval of its proposed charter. In May 1742 the Royal Governor signed a bill recognizing the new Town of Suffolk.” [Tao faxed this to me]

Pat- Lemuel Riddick, 167 a. Nansemond Co, on the W side of black Water R, bounded by a c of Thomas Lawrence’s L in or near the Co line, John Daughtrey’s L, James Williams’, James Garner’s L, p353 3 Nov 1750.

Copied from an Old Bible of Lemuel Riddick [transcript by James Dinkins 1908 + Debbie Hanson transcript 2002]
the Bible was printed by John Baskett, printer to the university, MDCCVII

Lemuel Riddick was born August 23, in the year 1711.
Anna Riddick, wife of Lemuel, was born April 1715.
Lemuel and Anna were married Dec. 17th 1729.
James Riddick son of Lemuel and Ann born 17 Nov 1731.
Lemuel Riddick son of Lemuel and Ann born 5 Jan 1733.
Edward Riddick son of Lemuel and Ann was born Jan 29th 1735.
Anna Riddick daughter of Lemuel and Ann was born Sept 17 1738.

James Riddick married Mildred daughter of Col Wm Baker/Burke 28 Aug 1753
[Had two daughters but both dead by 17 Nov 1760.

Lemuel died at sea with the smallpox on his passage home from [unreadable] and buried at sea April 1756.
Ann married Mr. Stephen Wright in July 1756 and died Nov 11 1759 in child bed having bought a dead female child, both buried at the White Marsh in one coffin.

Edward Riddick married Margaret, the daughter of Captain Henry Trimble January last, and she was delivered of a female child on the third day of this inst., Nov 3rd 1760, and the mother departed this life Saturday morning last the 15th inst, and is this day buried at her father’s plantation, Nansemond County Virginia. [signed] Lemuel Riddick.

My dearly beloved wife Ann departed this date this morning five of the clock after a violent sickness of 9 weeks leaving me a disconsolate widower with few of my posterity to be of comfort what more may happen if I live, I perhaps may write down here for the satisfaction of those I leave behind this is the 17th of November 1760.

James Riddick son of Lemuel Riddick departed this life at his own house at Stackpole the 15th day of Dec 1760 leaving his widow with child.

Lemuel Riddick married second time unto Esther Pugh the widow of Theopholius Pugh Esquire the 5th day of May 1761 she was born in North Hampton county the 10th day of November 1722 being the daughter of Col John Robbins and Katherine his wife.

The widow of my son James was delivered of a female child on the 3rd day of June 1761 baptized by the — day of July by —- of Ann and at the same time my son Edwards daughter was baptized and named Margaret.

Lemuel Riddick son of Lemuel Riddick and Esther his wife was born on the 1st day of July 1763 at four of the clock in the morning and baptized the Monday after.

Col. Lemuel Riddick departed this life December 2, 1775.
Esther his wife departed this life 23 Sept 1775.
Col. Edward Riddick departed this life September 1783.
Lemuel Riddick son of Lemuel Riddick and Esther his wife departed this life the 19th day of Feb 1811 about 4.

taken from the hand written Bible pages of Lemuel Riddick.

From newspaper account:
Col Lemuel Riddick died 15th Dec 1775. He was the representative from Nansemond County.

Children of Lemuel Riddick and Anna Willis:
1. James Riddick 17 Nov 1731 – 15 Dec 1760 at Stackpole
married 28 Aug 1753 Mildred Baker [widow] of Col William
a. daughter died before 1760
b. daughter died before 1760
c. Ann Riddick 3 June 1761 –
2. Lemuel Riddick 5 Jan 1733/34 – April 1756 at sea of smallpox
3. Edward Riddick 29 Jan 1735/36 – Sept 1783
married Jan 1760 Margaret Trimble ? – 15 Nov 1760
dau of Capt. Henry
a. Margaret Riddick 3 Nov 1760 – 1793
married Sam Baron Cunningham 1757 – 1796
i. Ann Cunningham 1781 – 1816
married 1799 Washington Smith 1777 – 1835 of Somerton
4. Anna Riddick 17 Sept 1738 – 11 Nov 1759
she died giving birth to stillborn daughter
married 1756 Stephen Wright

Child of Lemuel Riddick and Esther Robins:
1. Lemuel Riddick 1 July 1763 – 19 Feb 1811 dsp

e-mail from Walter G Riddick III —
“… family legend of the “It’s all true, or ought to be, and more and better besides” variety,
Lemuel Riddick (the one d. 1775) is said to have been a firebrand revolutionary who wrote, and was to have delivered a speech, to some sort of rally when he became fatally ill or injured. As a result, a political ally named Henry delivered Lemuel’s address in his stead, which included the line “Give me liberty or give me death.”
Who knows, but it makes for a good story.”

Mills Riddick 1721 – 1765 | his parents
& Margaret Corbitt Barradall ? – 1764 | her parents
of “Old Place,” Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This Mills Riddick appears in the Vestry Book of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County.
p11 – 23 Nov 1743 – Ord’s that Mills Riddick & James Booth in presence of the Inhabitants procession all the Bounds of Land on the East Side The Beaverdam up to the pocossen. . .
p14 – 29 Dec 1744 -This day the Vestry Mett and Whereas Capt Wm Wright, Capt Jno Gregorie and Mr Jno Milner late men in this parish are by Act of Assembly taken into Suffolk parish wherefore this Vestry have thought fitt to elect in their rooms Mills Riddick, Dr. Hening Tembte now sworne & take their places accordingly likewise Christo Norfleet to be quallified next Vestry.
p15 – 16 Apr 1745 – Capt Jethro Sumner & Mr Mills Riddick are elected & sworn Church Wardens Until Easter next.
p20 – 24 Jan 1746 – Mills Riddick Gent one of the Church wardens rendered his account . . .
p19 – 1 Apr 1746 – Ord the Church Wardens make a present to the Revd Mr Beckett in Gratuation to him for his Trouble in Coming into this parish and preaching one Sermon three pistoles . . .
[a pistole was a gold coin of Spain or any of these European coins]
p26 – 31 Aug 1747 – Ord that Willis Riddick & Jotham Lacitor procession all the lands in the bounds of No 27.
p27 – 19 Dec 1747 – Ord that Mills Riddick Gent collect from every Tithable in this parish the Sum of thirty nine pounds of Tobacco & there with discharge the above Debts due from the parish.
p28 – 12 Apr 1748 – John Winbourn and Lemuel Riddick are appointed & sworn Church wardens until Easter next.
Mills Riddick rendered an Acct of fines by him Reced since Easter last
Mills Riddick [sr] last appears attending a Vestry meeting the 16th Nov 1764.
Present: James Gibson, ch warder; Lemuel Riddick; Mills Riddick; Hening Tembtey; Willis Riddick; Jacob Sumner, Wm Moore; Thos Winbourn; Josiah Riddick
At a Vestry Meeting 28 Nov 1765 Present: Willis Riddick; Thos Winbourn: Ch wardens; Lemuel Riddick; Josiah Riddick; Jacob Sumner; Wm More; James Gibson & Jeremyah Godwin.
– Capt Henry Riddick is appointed a Vestry man in the room of his father deceasd.


Children of Mills Riddick and Margaret Corbitt Barradall:
1. Col. Henry Riddick est 1742 – 1785
appt 28 Nov 1765 a vestry man in room of his father deceased. On 11 Oct 1785 Henry is deceased.
married Cynthia Sumner d 1803 dau of James

a. James Riddick ca 1757 -1805
i. James L Riddick 1794 Portsmouth – 1812
ii. Dr. William Sumner Riddick 16 Aug 1796 – 3 Mar 1848 Portsmouth
buried at “Soldier’s Hope” –
grad Wm & Mary – practiced medicine in Suffolk ca 1821
moved to Portsmouth after 1843.

married Anna Maria Riddick 1802 Gates Co – 1878 Gates Co 10 children
2. Col. Josiah Riddick 5 Sept 1748 – 1795 of “Soldier’s Hope on the White Marsh”
married 1st Elizabeth Godwin ca 1750 – ca 1773
a. Reuben Riddick
b. Nathaniel Riddick 2 Feb 1768 – 1794
c. Elizabeth Riddick 5 Feb 1770 –
married Henry Eason
d. Josiah Henry Riddick 6 Oct 1772 – May 1839 of “Soldier’s Hope on the White Marsh”
married 1st Gates Co 22 Aug 1809 Jane Millicent Sumner 1790 – 21 Dec 1812
daughter of Luke Sumner
i. Richard Henry Riddick 1810 – dy
ii. Josiah Henry Riddick 1812 – 1849
married 1836 Lavinia Matthews 1810 -3 Feb 1880 Gates Co
1. Josiah Henry Harrison Riddick Dec 1841 – 9 Jan 1906 “Pleasant Hill” Gates Co NC
married Gates Co 16 Mar 1865 Virginia Adeline Wright 1841 VA – had issue
married 2nd Elizabeth ?
married 3rd Norfolk VA 31 Jan 1822 Mary Louisa Riddick 1801 – 20 Oct 1822
married 2nd Anne Riddick 28 Aug 1752 –
e. Christiana Riddick 24 Jan 1775 – 1821
married 1807 Thomas Parker Smith 1784 – 1824 Innkeeper
f. Anne Riddick 14 Sept 1777 – dy
g. Capt. Mills Riddick 5 April 1780 – 5 Sept 1844 of “old Place” & Suffolk
in 1801 listed in Norfolk directory as sea captain
married 27 Oct 1803 Mary Taylor 20 Mar 1788 – 8 Aug 1875
dau of Capt Richard Taylor and wife Diana Allen Tabb

Riddick's Folly
Riddick’s Folly

“Riddick’s Folly” 21 room mansion built by Mills Riddick ca 1837
He needed to build it big. He and his wife had 14 children, 10 of whom survived infancy. Nonetheless, folks called it
Riddick’s Folly because they thought Mills was a little touched for building such a gigantic house in a style so unusual for the time. Riddick was in the lumber trade, shipping cedar and cypress to New York. In the door frames you can still see trim and embellishments made out of cypress wood from the Great Dismal Swamp.

I. Richard H Riddick 27 May 1806 – 14 Jan 1868
married Martha M Jordan 1808 – 18 Sept 1834 in her 26th yr of age
ii. Margaret Ann Riddick 7 Mar 1808 – 29 July 1809 dy
iii. Mary Allen Riddick 3 Aug 1809 – 1873
married Richard Daniel Webb 2 Sept 1797 – 20 July 1836 39th yr of age
member of VA House of Delegates
1. Mary Diana Webb 28 Oct 1837 – 15 Oct 1841 aged 16 yrs ?
iv. Ann Elizabeth Riddick 31 Jan 1814 – 2 Feb 1815 dy
v. [Judge] Nathaniel Riddick
married Missouri Ann Jones
1. Mills Riddick 1844 – 7 Aug 1877 9th Va Reg
married Clara A
2. Mary Whitehead Riddick 22 May 1851 – 13 July 1856
vi. Robert William Riddick 16 Mar 1822 – 29 Oct 1833 dy
vii. Infant son Riddick 26 Oct 1826 – 27 Sept 1827 dy
viii. Josiah Riddick of “Soldier’s Hope on the White Marsh”
ix. Mills E Riddick
x. Washington Lafayette Riddick
xi. Dianna Tabb Riddick
married Gabriel P. Disosway
xii. Juliana Riddick
xiii. Marin Riddick
xiv. Cornelia Riddick
h. Anne Riddick 16 Oct 1783 –
married Gates Co 1798 Henry Pugh ca 1775 – 1832 son of Will
i. Henry Riddick 15 Dec 1786 – dy
j. Henry Riddick 6 April 1789 –


Josiah Riddick ca 1720 – 1772 | his parents
?& Priscilla Parker – 17xx | her parents
of Suffolk Town, Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

On 21 April 1747 [on Easter Tuesday] The Vestry of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County meets in the home of Mr. Josiah Riddick in Suffolk town. Josiah Riddick is then elected to the Vestry and installed.
In Oct 1748 Josiah Riddick is appointed a member of the building committee for a new church for the parish along with the Rev. William Webb, David Mead, Jethro Sumner, and Daniel Pugh.
On 16 May 1757 Josiah Riddeck is identified as a “Majestrate for this County” and heard the Oath of Willis Reddick to become a Church Warden
14 Oct 1752 – Josiah Riddick given contract to build the poorhouse on his main street lot which he had bought of Charles Smith. completed by Nov. 1754.
4 Aug 1770 Mr Josiah Riddick resigns his office.

17 Jan 1778 Josiah Riddick appt to the Vestry. [I think this Josiah is Mill’s son]
16 Jan 1783 Maj Josiah Riddick attends Vestry meeting
11 Nov 1786 To Col Josiah Riddick for a Ballance Henry Riddick’s a/c as Church Warden

Did his son go to Warren County NC with Jethro Sumner?

abstract from newspaper:
Riddick, Josiah of Nansemond Co., dec’d, his ex. Wills Cowper and Josiah Granberry, will sell his crops and livestock as well as land in Suffolk Co. [VG 19 Nov 72]

??Children of Josiah Riddick and Priscilla Parker:
1. Isaac Riddick
married Hannah Perry
2. Josiah Riddick d 30 Jan 1821
married Cowper?
a. David Riddick
b. Benjamin Riddick
c. Mary Louisa Riddick 1801 – 20 Oct 1822
married 31 Jan 1822 Josiah Henry Riddick 6 Oct 1772 – May 1839
3. Mills Riddick d. 1806 Will Norfolk VA
married Elizabeth Keele d. 14 April 1873
buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Norfolk, VA
she then married 1808 Dr. Jonathan Cowdery 22 April 1767 Sandisfield Mass. – 20 Nov 1852 Norfolk, VA
Note from Frances Callaghan: She [Elizabeth Keele] was married to Mills Riddick of Norfolk VA until he died in 1806. In 1808 She married Dr. Jonathan Cowdery. She died April 14, 1873 as Elizabeth Cowdery. The children listed on find a grave are all Cowderys. She is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Norfolk VA.

4. David Riddick of NC
were there others? namely
?5. Christopher Riddick ? – ca 1798 Gates Co NC
married Sarah [Sallie] Riddick ca 1753 –
?6. dau
married Wills Cowper
?7. dau
married Josiah Granberry


Col. Willis Riddick 1725 – 1782 | his parents
& 1744 Mary Faulk/Folk 1723 – ? | her parents
of “Sweet Retreat” Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Col Willis Riddick 1725-1781
a minature on ivory

Willis Riddick was born either 23 [25] June 1725, the youngest son of James Riddick II and wife Laura Mills. He married 1744 Mary Faulk [or Folk] who was born ca 1723.
In 1755 he was made a vestry man of the upper parish in Nansemond Co.
From 1756 to 1775 Willis Riddick/Reddick was burgess of Nansemond County
Willis Riddick was a delagate to State convention 1775-1776.
Willis Riddick was county lieutenant of the Nansemond Militia from 1776 through 1780
Willis is the youngest brother of the Lemuel Riddick who was burgess 1736 – 1775.
Willis Riddick wrote his will 10 April 1781 and it was proved Nansemond Co Ct 8 April 1782.

The Burning of Suffolk 13 May 1779
“As soon as it was learned that the British had arrived in Hampton Roads the militia of Nansemond were called out, and Suffolk was the place of rendezvous. Only about 200 men were marshaled for the occasion, armed with such weapons as they could procure from their own homes. This little army, headed by Colonel Willis Riddick, proceeded about eight miles on the Norfolk road, and camped in front of Captain James Murdaugh’s house. During this expedition three well-mounted young Virginians — Josiah Riddick, Thos. Granbury, and Thos. Brittle — had been dispatched to reconnoitre the enemy. They were surprised and made prisoners just below Hall’s mill, in Norfolk county, and conveyed to New York, where they remained as prisoners of war for eighteen months. On this account the forces under Colonel Riddick were kept in ignorance of the numbers and movements of the enemy. Being surprised by the approach of the British, they retreated in haste to Suffolk, and every man was admonished to take care of himself. History says: The most of the inhabitants had secured their valuables and fled from their homes, while ruthless devastation attended the match of the British. They set fire to the town, and nearly the whole of it was consumed. Several hundred barrels of tar, pitch, turpentine, and rum had been left on lots contiguous to the wharf. The heads being knocked out, and their contents catching the blaze, ran down to the river like torrents of burning lava. As the wind blew with great violence from the wharf, these inflammable substances rapidly floated to the other shore in a splendid state of conflagration, which they communicated to the thick and decaying herbage of an extensive marsh, the growth of the preceding year.
This immense sheet of fire added to the undulating flames which ascended from the burning houses in the town, the explosion at intervals of the gunpowder in the magazines and the projection through the air of large pieces of ignited timber, flying like meteors in every direction, conspired to form a collective scene of horror and sublimity, such as could not be viewed without indescribable emotions.”
The British soldiers tramped out the White Marsh Road to the residence of the colonel-commandant of the militia and set fire “to his dwelling, barn, and outhouses, in which said public property was stored, and destroyed not only the public property and the buildings but his furniture, corn, bacon, etc,”

Children of Col. Willis Riddick and Mary Faulk:
1. Capt James Riddick 14 Sept 1745 – 1786 “Salem” Gates Co NC
married 1766 Martha Sarah Sumner 1741 – 1778 NC –
daughter of Dempsey Sumner and Martha Baker
a. James Riddick 1767 – 1810
married Charity [Cherry] Godwin [Baker] 1771 – 1835
i. Caroline Riddick 1800 – 1868
married Bray Baker Walters 1797 – 1855
b. Edward Riddick 1769 – of Salem, Gates Co
c. Elizabeth Riddick 1772 – 1836 Gates NC
married 1791 Micajah Riddick Jr 1768 – 1822 Gates Co NC
d. Martha Riddick 1774 Nansemond Co VA –
2. Elizabeth Riddick 22 Nov 1747 – 1793
married 1st 1768 Capt Samuel Carr 1746 – 1777
of “Dunlora” Albemarle Co and “Bear Castle” Louisa Co
married 1787 2nd Robert Moore Riddick 1744 – 4 Dec 1804 as his second wife

of “Jericho”
a. Susan Caroline Riddick 1791 Suffolk VA – 1862
married Joseph Prentis II
Robert Moore Riddick married 3rd Mary 1779 – 1805
3. Priscilla Riddick 15 Feb 1749/50 – ca 1776
married ca 1775 Robert Parker of Gates Co
a. Priscilla Parker ca 1776 – bef 1830
married Benjamin Hayes (my supposition)
4. Anne Riddick 28 Aug 1752 – 1792 [about 1800]
married ca 1771 Col Josiah Henry Riddick 5 Sept 1748 Nanse. – 1795 Nanse.
son of Mills A Riddick and Margaret Corbitt Barradill
5. Theresa Riddick 25 Mar 1754 – 1784/87
married as his 1st wife Rev. Robert Moore Riddick 1744 – 4 Dec 1804 Suffolk VA
“of Jericho”
a. Mary [Polly] Riddick 1781 – 1860
b. Ann Riddick 1784 – 1846
married Thomas Swepson
6. Capt. Willis Riddick 21 April 1757 – 10 Oct 1800 at his seat near Suffolk
“The Retreat” later called “Old Place” appt Vestry man 17 Dec 1781
married Anna Maria Syme 1761 Hanover Co VA – 1804
a. Lemuel Hoops Riddick 1783 Nansemond VA – 1825 dsp
sold “Retreat” 1821 to Josiah Riddick Jr
b. Willis Riddick III 1785 Nansemond VA – dsp
7. Christian Riddick 10 Nov 1759 – 22 Mar 1821 age 62 4 mo 12 days
married 1780 Archibald Richardson 1756 – 1804 of Suffolk

“Venerable and most amiable Mother departed this life Jany 26th 1801 age about 60” – this cannot be ref to Mary Faulk if she started having children in 1745 – I think the Bible entry may refer to Archibald Richardson’s mother.

Ref: “Suffolk in Virginia c 1795 – 1840” by Fillmore Norfleet

Sweet Retreat” Dec 2004
photo compliments of Ben Case

e-mail from Ben Case – Here’s a pic of our house in the snow last year.
Here’s another from the road. I’ve got an aerial too that I’ll try to find.

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    Thank you, Louisa

  4. Mr. Case,
    I am trying to help a friend with her Riddick/Reddick line. The earliest Riddick (various spellings as you know but her mother’s family’s spelling has come down as Riddick) that she knows of is listed on a cousin’s DAR application as Josiah (nmi) Reddick, Jr., born Nansemond Cty, VA, in 1796/7, died Madison County, AL 1853. He married Penelope Sumner, daughter of Thomas E. Sumner, son of Cpt Jethro Sumner of NC, patriotic service during American Revolutionary War. Basically, hoping that there is an extensive Reddick/Riddick family group sheet listing Josiah Reddick, Jr.’s, children.
    My friend has no experience doing genealogical research and my experience is limited. Though I do know my way around our library’s Heritage Room.
    I am hoping you can give me some direction to follow on this Josiah Reddick, Jr. We do not know his father’s name.
    My friend’s 89 yr. old mother would like to join the DAR using cousin’s papers; however when I checked that approved line noticed that info is mainly on the Sumner family. Have a Reddick generation that is lacking tying these cousin’s together.
    Thank you

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