Rev Dorsey Asa Sanderlin

Sally’s great-great Grandparents:

Dorsey Asa Sanderlin 1811 – 1881 | his parents
& ca 1830 Lydia Walkup ca 1809 – ca 1841 | her parents
& ca 1842 Jane Gregory [Upton] ? – ca 1846 | her parents
& ca 1847 Chrylsa/Christian Owens ca 1823 – bef 1857 | her parents
& ca 1856 Gracey ? ca 1822 – ca 1862 | her parents
& ca 1862 Lucretia/Crissy Walker 1822 – 1886 | her parents
Of Camden & Pasquotank Counties, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Dorsey Asa Sanderlin, son of Joseph Sanderlin and his wife Charity Sawyer, was born in the Gumberry section of Camden Co., NC [now Belcross] in 1811.
His father died in 1815.
Dorsey was a farmer.
He was licensed to preach at the Sawyers Creek Baptist Church in 1841

He was a founder of Rehoboth Church near the Currituck Ct. House.
Rehoboth Baptist Church, Maple, Currituck Co NC – 1871 services two time’s monthly – brush arbor – [Delk’s History of the Chowan Assoc}

The Rev. Dorsey Sanderlin, a traveling preacher, conducted the services.
Bro. Sanderlin traveled spreading the gospel, paving the way for others to follow. He was called one of the greatest “Pioneer” Preachers of his time.
9 Aug 1872 – Augustus Walker appt. Commission to wait on absentees.

The Charter members were Jasper Walker, his wife Medy; their two sons, Augustus & Haywood Walker; Joseph Taylor, Jackson Ballance, Bethuel B., Uriah B. and Joseph Simmons.
“Brother Sanderlin walked many times through the Great Swamp to hold services at Rehoboth. Known as a great “hellfire and brimstone” preacher, he preached against the devil so strongly that the people began to say, “Let’s go down and hear Bro. Dorsey’s BATTLE WITH THE DEVIL, TODAY.” and so Rehoboth acquired the name “Dorsey’s Battleground,” deriving the name from the place where Dorsey Sanderlin fought the Devil.”
“Rev. Sanderlin did not receive a regular salary from the church, but rather it took a collection at each service for him. Some of the church members would give him hams from their smokehouse, corned herrings, hay for his horses, and other commodities. Bro. Sanderlin moved to Pasquotank County before his death and is buried there near Woodville. He married the former Chrissa Walker.”
from a “History of Rehoboth Baptist Church.

Lydia Walkup, daughter of Samuel Walkup and his wife, was born ca 1809 in Camden Co., NC.
Dorsey Asa Sanderlin died 10 Sept 1881 in Pasquotank Co., NC.

In Nov 1836 in Camden County, North Carolina, Lydia and Dorsey sell property (that they had inherited on the death of her father, I think.)
From the census I learned that Dorsey had at least five wives: He married first Lydia Walkup about the year 1830. But there are some documents that speak of his now wife, Jane, executed in 1846. From her son Dorsey Jr death certificate we learn that his mother’s maiden name was Jane Gregory. [compliments of Marty Markham]
In 1850, the census St. Brides Parrish, Norfolk Co., Virginia, shows his wife as Chrylsa. Christian Owens was born ca 1823 in Tyrell City NC, the daughter of Isaac Owens [1768-1849] and Ann Foster [1784-]. One tree in FHC gives this person as the mother of Rebecca.

in 1860 back in Camden Co, NC his wife’s name is Gracey;
And on the 1870 and 1880 in Pasquotank Co., NC his wife is Crissy Walker (1822-1886). Crissy Walker was born in Camden Co NC

Children of Dorsey Asa Sanderlin and Lydia Walkup:
1. William Sanderlin 1831 – 22 Sept 1862 “yellow fever” CSA
NCGSJ Aug 98; Civil War: Fort Fisher, NC Wilmington Record 109, N.A. Wash. DC. Wm Sanderlin Co C 1st Bn NC Hvy Art. Died 22 Sept 1862
2. Emily Jane Sanderlin 11 Dec 1834 – 16 June 1898 Gates Co of Small Pox
married ca 1849 1st Stephen Dudley ca 1820 – bef 1854
married ca 1854 2nd Thomas Walker 13 Dec 1807 – 3 July 1865
as his third wife
married 15 Sept 1867 3rd John Abner Rountree 1833 – 1899

Children of Jane Gregory and Mr. Upton: [step-children of Dorsey]
1. Fanny Upton ca 1832 –
married Jesse Linton ca 1820 –
a. John Linton ca 1849 –
2. Haywood B Upton ca 1835 –

Children of Dorsey Sandelin and Jane Gregory [Upton]:
apparently Jane had eight heirs.
1. Dorsey Asa Sanderlin 24 Nov 1843 – 11 July 1916 Richmond VA CSA
Dorsey was among the troops captured at Cape Hatteras on 29 Aug 1861
sent to Ft Warren, Mass 1 Nov 1861 and released 8 Feb 1862 in a prisoner exchange.

married 1 Nov 1866 Claryine Overman ca 1842 – Aft 3 Sept 1922
– in 1910, he was 66 and wife Clara 67 in Henrico, VA – both born in NC
On 3 Sept. 1922 filed for a widow of Conf Vet pension – living with dau. Mrs. L. H. Allen

– (listed as newsdealer in 1889, 90 Richmond Directory)
Civil War: Sanderlin, Dorsey, Corporal, Camden Co Res Enlisted in Currituck Co 18 April 1862 for the war. Mustered in as Private & appointed Corp. Dec 31, 1863. Present or accounted through Oct 1864. Paroled at PMO Dist of East VA 30 April 1865.
2. Lemuel Sanderlin 1845 – 23 April 1863 CSA
Civil War: Sanderlin, Lemuel, Private. Enlisted in Hertford Co at age 18 July 18, 1862, for the war. Died in hospital 23 April 1863. Co H 19th Reg NCT (2nd Reg NC Calvary)

Children of Dorsey Asa Sandelin and Chrylsa/Christian Owens:
1. ?Rebecca Sanderlin 25 March 1848 – 11 March 1901
(raised outside of the family?) Family History Center record
2. Mary Ann Sanderlin 1851– (helpless child-Will of Dorsey S.)

Children of Dorsey Asa Sanderlin and Gracey ______:
1. Sarah Sanderlin born 1858 – ca 1895
married ca 1874 William W Dudley 1852 – ca 1895
[both were killed when boat capsized during a hurracaine]
2. Elizabeth Sanderlin born 1859 – NFI aft 1870 Fed Census

Child of Dorsey Asa Sanderlin and Crissy Walker:
1. Martha Susan Sanderlin 4 May 1864 – 21 Apr. 1926 [blood clot from broken femer]
married 3 April 1883 Exum Chappel 22 Feb 1852 – 3 Aug 1917 Perq., NC

1800 Joseph Sanderlin 1 0-10 1 16-26 1 26-45 1 0-10 1 16-26 3 S

1810 ” J Sanderlin 3 0-10 1 10-16 1 16-26 1 26-45 1 10-16 1 16-26 1 26-45 5 S

1820 ” Maxey ” 1 10-16 1 16-26 1 0-10 1 16-26

1830 Maxey ” 1 0-5, 1 5-10, 1 15-20, 1 30-40, f: 1 0-5. 1 10-15, 2 20-30

1840 ” Dawsy Sanderlin 4 6-10 1 10-15 2 16-20 1 20-30 f 1 6-10 2 10-15 1 30-40

290 294 Dosey Sanderlin 39 m farmer 3000 NC
Chrylsa ” 27 f
William ” 19 m farmer
Dorsey ” 7 m
Lemuel ” 5 m
1850 Camden Co NC
22-22 Jesse Linton 50 m farmer
Fanny ” 17 f
John ” 5/12 m
Haywood Upton 15 m

355 355 Dorsey Sanderlin 49 m 12000 4000 Cam a man of many occupations
Gracey ” 38 f
Dorsey ” 16 m
Lemuel ” 14 m
Mary An ” 9 f
Sarah ” 2 f
Alledin ” 10/12 f

121 121 Sanderlin, Dorsey 59 m farming 3100 475
” Crissy 49 f keeeping house
” Mary Ann 19 f housekeeper
” SBLB 13 f at home
” Elizabeth 11 f
” Martha S 6 f

279 279 Sanderlin Dorsey w m 69 minister
” Chrisiah w f 58 wife Keeping house
” Mary A w f 29 child at home idiotic
” Sallie w f 22 wife at home
” Martha S w f 15 ” ‘
280 280 Dudley, William w m 29 farmer
” Joseph J w m 5 at home
” Walter w m 3
” Warren O w m 1
Hollowell, Rose b f 75

Camden Co, NC Deed Books:
10 May, 1832–Dorsey Sanderlin to Maxey Sanderlin–a negro man named Rubin Rilf for $299
1 Nov, 1832– Wm. Phillips to Dorsey Sanderlin –34 A with structures.
Nov term 1833–Cornelius Sawyer to Dorsey Sanderlin–5 A.
23 June 1834–Edmund Sawyer to Dorsey Sanderlin–place called Scotland–lot for $50.
Nov term 1836– Dorsey and Lydia Sanderlin — deed 10 A. of land lying next to Lovey Walkup to Enoch Daily.
Nov term 1837– Dorsey Sanderlin to Joshua Gray.

State of North Carolina, Pasquotank County: This Indenture made and entered into this 2nd day of June A D 1846 BetweenDorsey Sanderlin of the County of Camden and James Morgan of the County of Camden both of the State of North Carolina. Witneseth that whereas the said Dorsey Sanderlin & wife Jane have this day joined in a deed in fee for the Sale of a Tract of Land to Malachi Flethcher of the County of Pasquotank at the sum of Three hundred dollars Which Land was the property of the said feme Jane, and whereas the said Dorsey Sanderlin has received the said three hundred dollars, the price paid for the said Land & And whereas further the said Dorsey Sanderlin as an inducement to the said Jane to join in the conveyance of her lands has promised to Settle the Sum of two hundred dollars to wit of the price of the Lands upon the said Jane and her heirs after the death of the said Dorsey. Now therefore Know ye that for and in consideration of the promise and the sum of Twenty Shillings to the said Dorsey Sanderlin in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. he hath barganined and sold by these presents doth bargain and sale unto the said James Morgan One Negro girl Esther – To have and to hold the said girl unto him the said James Morgan, his executors admrs and heirs for ever — In trust nevertheless, that the said James Morgan his executors or admds shall permit the said Dorsey Sanderlin to retain the posession of the said Negro girl Esther so long as he the said Sanderlin may live and after the death of the said Sanderlin — Then the said James Morgan or his Executors and admds shall demand posession of the Executors and admds of the said Dorsey Sanderlin to pay the said sum of two hundred dollars with interest on the same from the death of the said Dorsey and upon the refusal of the said Exacutors or admr. to pay the said Sum of two hundred dollars with interest as aforesaid then the said James Morgan his Executors admrs shall and then are hereby authorized to Expose at public sale at the court house door in the County of Camden to the highest bidder for cash the said negro girl Esther and out of the proceeds of said sale to pay over to the said Jane Sanderlin if she be living the said sum of two hundred dollars with interest from the death of the said Dorsey Sanderlin, and if the said Jane be dead at the date of the said sale then the said James Morgan his Executors admr shall pay the said two hundred dollars & interest over to the heirs at Law of the said Jane Share & share alike & the said James Morgan covenants that he his Executors & admr will well & truly discharge the trusts herein imposed and after deducting the sum of two hundred dollars & interest and the expenses of the said sale; pay over to the Executor admr & heirs of the said Dorsey Sanderlin the ballance of the proceeds of Sale of the said negro Esther. In testimony whereof the said parties have here unto set their hands & seals the day & date above written . Dorsey Sanderlin [seal] Jas. M Morgan [seal]
In presence of Maxey Sanderlin
Camden County Court December Term 1846. This deed of Trust from Dorsey Sanderlin to James M Morgan for the benefit of Jane, wife of the said Dorsey Sanderlin was Exhibited in Open Court and the Execution thereof acka.- accepted by the aforesaid Sanderlin and on Motion in open Court Let he clark be Registered. Test W Harrison Clk. Came to hand Jany 15th 1847, Registered Jany.16th 1847

Book AA page 386
North Carolina, Camden County: Know all men by these presents that we Jesse Linton & wife Fanny & Haywood B Upton of this county & state aforesaid have for & in consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars to us in hand paid by Dorsey Sanderlin of the county of Currituck the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath demised, released, and forever do quit claim all manner of Right interest claim or demand sum or sums of money due to us or which may hereafter become due to us by reason or virtue of a covenant in writing executed by the said Dorsey Sanderlin to James M Morgan in trust for the benefit of Jane Sanderlin then wife of said Dorsey Sanderlin if should survive him & in case the said fem should not survive him then for the benefit of his heirs at law of whom we the said Fanny & Haywood are two, said covenant ordered in trust bearing date the 2nd day of Jan 1846 & Registered Office of Camden County Book Y pages 166 & 167 and we do for the consideration Aforesaid release all manner of Rights Claims or demands growing out of or accruing to us in anyway involved with the said trust contract or covenant In Testimony to hereof we the said Jesse Linton & his wife Fannie & Haywood B Upton have here unto set our hands and seals This the 9th June 1857. Executed in the presence of G W Brooks
Jesse [x] Linton [seal] Fanny [x] Linton [seal] Haywood B Upton [seal]

North Carolina, Camden County, Court of Pleas & Quarter June Term 1857. The foregoing deed of release from Jesse Linton & wife Fanny & Haywood B Upton to Dorsey Sanderlin was exhibited in open court and the execution thereof was acknowledged by the said Jesse Linton & his wife Fanny & Haywood B Upton who appeared in open court in their own proper persons. Whereupon & on motion the court doth appoint Archibald Cherry Esq an acting Justice of the Peace in / for the county of Camden & a member of the court now sitting to take the private examination of the said Feme Covert bargained to this deed & make report to this Term of the Court. Wm A Duke C Clk
“..the said Fanny declared acknowledged & said that she executed the said deed fairly…”

Will of Dorsey Sanderlin, Pasquotank Co, NC,
(transcribed by Sally Koestler microfilm copy LDS);
In the Name of God Amen! I Dorsey Sanderlin of Pasquotank County in the State of North Carolina being at this time of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make publish and declare the following to be my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and annulling all former wills made by me.
I give and bequest to my wife Chrissa for and during the term of her natural life all my estate of every kind real personal and mixed, but I charge her out of the said estate so given to her with she support and maintinance of my afflicted daughter Mary Ann during her life, It is my desire that if at any time after my death and during the life of my wife it should be deemed necessary by my wife to dispose of any portion of my personal estate for the purpose of obtaining comfortable support of herself and my said daughter she my dispose of any of the personal property for that purpose but no part of the same shall be disposed of for any other purpose and in no case shall my wife sell or dispose of any of my real estate — I further empower my wife to give off to any of my children by her any portion of my personal property that she in her best judgement shall conclude may be spared after holding back a sufficiency for the comfortable support and maintenance of herself and my said daughter.
I give and devise to my daughter Martha Susan Sanderlin after the death of my wife and to her heirs One full half in acreage of all my lands as follows 1st that slice of my home tract called the homestead supposed to contain twenty-six acres 2ndly enough in acres to be ascertained by actual survey of the larger slice of my home tract to be laid off from that end of the same adjoining the lands of EW & M Sanderlin the same being new ground, The whole of the home tract, both slices, including the homestead slice is supposed to contain One hundred and eight acres but one full half of the same be that fifty four acres more or less as above designated is the portion that I give to my said daughter Martha Susan, I also give to my daughter Martha Susan Sanderlin one full half in a acerage of that tract of land supposed to contain twenty six acres that I recently purchased by deed from Charles Lewis the same to be laid off from the Southern end the said Lewis tract. This gift and devise to my said daughter Martha Susan and her heirs but should there be default of children or issue of her, then the above deeds to her shall service and pass to my daughter Sallie Dudley and her heirs.—–
I give and devise to my daughter Sallie wife of W W Dudley all the rest and remainder of my hometract the acreage of which half is supposed to by fifty four acres but whether the same be 54 acres more or less it is my intentions that she shall take and have one full half of said home tract. I also give and devise to my said daughter Sallie the rest and remainder of my other tract of land purchased from Lewis after my daughter Martha Susan half of the same as above devised shall be laid off. And if my daughter Sallie shall die childless and with out issue the lands so given to her shall pass to her Sister Martha Susan and her heirs in fee. All the above devises to begin and take effect at the death of my wife and not before and they are charged equally with the support and maintenance of my daughter Mary Ann during her life if so be that she survive my wife Chrissa. I have purposed to give to my son Dorsey A Sanderlin the sum of Three hundred dollars in money payable fifty dollars a year beginning with January 1881. My intention is to make these yearly payments myself, but if I should die before all or any of them shall be paid then I charge by estate with any balance of the said Sum of Three hundred dollars to be continued to be paid in fifty dollars yearly installments. that may remain unpaid at my death to the said Dorsey A Sanderlin.
I charge my personal estate in the hands of my wife by virtue of the above bequests to her with the payment of all my Just debts, the chargeof executors this will and my burial expenses. I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Chrissa to be the sole Executor of this my last will and testament Witness my hand this 1st day of September 1880
Dorsey Sanderlin
Signed, published & declared by Dorsey Sanderlin as his last Will and Testament in our presence and attested by use by his request and in his presence, date above written
Frank Vaughan John H Perry
Probated 10 Sept 1881 Chrissa Sanderlin Executrix by Frank Vaughan John H Perry
Miles Commander Judge of Probate

Grandchildren of Rev. Dorsey Asa Sanderlin:

Child of Stephen Dudley and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
1. William W Dudley 1852 – ca 1895
married ca 1874 Sally Sanderlin 1858 – ca 1895
Children of Thomas Walker and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
1. Adolphus Sanderlin Walker 2 Nov 1855 –
married Donnie Brown
2. Jefferson O’Jennings Beauregard Walker 4 Dec 1862 –
Children of John Abner Rountree and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
1. Warner Jackson Rountree 18 September 1868 -17 September 1883
2. Emily Hortense Rountree 17 August 1870 – 1952
married 1894 Tim Parker 1859 – 1927
3. Dorsey Sanderlin Rountree 13 March 1873 – 9 Jan 1959
married 1897 Nettie Corbette 1872 – 1942
4. John James Rountree 11 May 1875 – 1936
married Frances Hinton 1879 – 1948
5. George Alphonso Rountree 11 February 1878-20 June 1878 age 6 mos.

Children of Dorsey Asa Sanderlin Jr & Clarying [Kate] Overman:
1. William George Sanderlin 1865 –
2. Axie Jane [Wuanita] Sanderlin 1868 –
married ca 1885 Mr. May
a. Susanna May 1886 –
married ca 1891 William Peacock 1860 –
a. Howard Peacock June 1894 VA –
3. Mary E Sanderlin 1869 –
4. Jessie Sanderlin f 1872 –
5. Joseph Sanderlin 1873 –
6. Irena Sanderlin 1874 –
7. Clary Sanderlin 1877 –
8. Cora Sanderlin 1878 –

– Dorsey Sanderlin listed as newsdealer in 1889, 90 Richmond Directory)

1900 census Richmond VA
Peacock, William Sept 1860 m 9 Maryland Painter
Wuanita Jan 1869 m 9 2 ch 1 living NC
Susanna May 1886 [step-daughter]
Howard June 1894 son
Sanderlin, Dorsey A Oct 1843 father in law m 34 NC Laundryman
Kate Nov 1845 mother in law m 34 NC 8 ch 5 living

– in 1910 Dorsey is 66 and wife Clara 67 m44yrs 8ch 5 living in Henrico, VA – both born in NC
in 1919 Clara Sanderlin wd of Dorsey A listed in the Newport News Directory at 847 25th
in same house Thomas J Sanderlin inspr; Joseph Sanderlin lab at 710 1/2 at 22d

Children of William W Dudley and Sally Sanderlin:
1. Joseph J Dudley 1875 –
2. Walter Dudley 1877 –
3. Warren O Dudley 1879 –
4. Steve Dudley ca 1881 –
5. Charlie Dudley Sept 1883 –
married Mary Worrell several children
6. Kate Dudley 28 Sept 1886 – 6 March 1945
married Luther Mills Eure 8 Mar 1886 – 23 Dec 1939 no issue
both buried at Eure Christian Church, Eure, NC
7. Alice Dudley 6 May 1889-23 Dec 1905 age 16
8. William Wallace Dudley Sept 1892 –
married & had several children
9. Emma Dudley 12 Oct 1893 – 16 July 1954
married Tom Brown Parker 1886 – 1958

Children of Exum C Chappell & Martha Susan Sanderlin:
(All born Pasquotank County NC)
1. George Chappell 20 Feb 1884 – 21 Feb 1948
married Sara Byrum ca 1884
2. Elizabeth Chappell 3 Aug 1886 Pasq. – 30 Aug 1952
married 29 Nov 1902 Benjamin Jedson Wood (Perq) 1883 – 7 May 1928
a. Joseph Lloyd Wood 30 Oct 1903 Belcross – 1 Mar 1966
b. John Theodore Wood 9 Apr 1906 – 17 Apr 1906
c. Nora E Wood ca 1908 –
d. Nathan Wood ca 1910 –
e. Benjamin Wood ca 1913 –
f. James Boyd Wood 21 Nov 1914 –
g. William Wood ca 1917 –
h. Ruth Elizabeth Wood ca 1920 –
i. Flora Mae Wood 29 May 1923 Sandhills NC –
married 25 Dec 1941 Fulford Leigh Munden 16 Aug 1919 – 11 July 1979
j. Dorsey Exum Wood 14 Apr 1928 – 14 Jan 1980
married 8 June 1929 James Robert Hare 1885 – 1 Aug 1980
3. Della Chappell ca 1888 – 1891
4. Francis Chappell ca 1890 –
5. Axle Chappell ca 1893 –
6. Robert Sanford Chappell 15 Oct 1896 – 25 Feb 1971
married Ebbie M Byrum 24 Sept 1900 – 9 June 1990 Perq. Co
a. Wilma M Chappell ca 1918 –
married Gray Hardy of Fairfax, VA
b. Mildred E Chappell 17 Aug 1920 – 23 Feb 1993 Pasq.
married W.O. (Junior) Winslow in Pasquotank County
c. Robert Sanford Chappell Jr 31 July 1922 –
born in his home near Pasquotank Station of Norfolk-Southern railway
married Marie Goodwin of Perquimans County 21 April 1926 –
daughter of Wallace J. Goodwin and Blanche Dale

Robert and Marie-June ’02
Marie and Kathy- Dec 02

i. Katherine Lee [Kathy] Chappell 7 Nov 1947 – Lakeland FL
ii. Robert Sanford [Sandy] Chappell III 15 March 1952 e-mail Web site
born in Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, NC res. Wake Forest NC
married Deborah Lynn Smithson of Currituck
daughter of Alvin L. Smithson originally from Pasquotank County near Possum Quarters
and Nina Mayo Staples near Shawboro, NC.

Sandy and Debbie with Missy ’72
Missy, Cam and Amy

  1. Melissa Dawn Chappell 13 Apr 72 –
    married Christopher Parker of Rocky Mount NC
    a. Cody 13 Apr 93
    b. Jared 6 June 96
    c. Anna Brooke 19 March 99 – 24 Jan 2001 Pneumomia

2000- Chris Parker and his children

  1. Amy Danelle Chappell 11 Mar 76 –
    married 1st Greg Lovegrove of Enfield NC
    a. Amber 27 Dec 1994 –
    b. Kristine 10 Jan 1997 –
    c. Kaitlyn 10 Jan 1997 –
    married Ronald Turner of Durham, NC
    a. Gracelyn Brooke Turner 19 Feb 2002 –

Feb 2002 – The Ron Turner family

  1. Cameron Smithson Chappell 29 Nov 1982 –

Debbie, Sandy and Cameron

Grand young’ums

d. Calvin Marshall Chappell ca 1925 –
married Mary Louise Spence
7. Rufus Francis Chappell 1 Mar 1901 – 28 July 1965 FL
married Ida Lenora Byrum
a. Rufus Francis Chappell 13 Dec 1927 – 31 March 1983
married Muriel Gertrude Thomas
i. Rufus Francis [Frank] Chappell
ii. Joseph Benjamin [Joe] Chappell
iii. Bruce Kirby Chappell
iv. Linora Valentine Chappell
b. Laura Inez Chappell
c. Mytle Jean Chappell
8. Exum Chappell 15 Oct 1903 – 27 May 1953
married Mary E.
9. Martha Chappell ca 1907 –
married ———-

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