John Edwards, Dorcas & Mary

Sally’s 7-great Grandparents:

John Edwards ca 1674 – ca 1741 | his parents
& ca 1695 Dorcas —- ca 1678 – ca 1735 | her parents
& by 1730 Mary —- | her parents
of Bertie Precinct, North Carolina

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Edwards, son of John Edwards ca 1640 – ca 1676 and Ann Wright (Griffens) of Isle of Wight VA was born ca 1674.
He married Dorcas _____ around 1695.
He married 2nd by 1730 Mary ___.

John Edwards ?described as of Isle of Wight in 1714 bought land on the Cashie River in Bertie Precinct.

He was appointed in 1717 to help lay out a road from New Market over the head of “Kasiah” to Sandy Point at ye mouth of Salmon Creek.

On 9 Jan 1719 list of freeholders living between Salmon Creek & the “Cachy” River included John Edwards & John Edwards Jr.

He was Justice of the Peace in Bertie in 1732, 1734 & 1739.

23 Oct 1736 Bertie Co–John Edwards & wife Mary to John Edwards Jr all plantations, slaves and personal possessions,

A deed in 1742 referred to him as John Edwards deceased.
1742. Bertie Deed Book F, Page 385. John Moor, blacksmith, to John Edwards. August 5, 1742. 100 Pounds for 100 Acres on Eastermost part of a plantation formerly belonging to John Edwards dec. “which contained 200 Acres “‚which was equally divided betwisch the said Edwards dec‚ “and the said Moor” Witnesses are Thomas Whitmell, Joh Hill. November Court 1742. Henry Delon C/C. (Sell the 100 acres which was the easternmost part of a plantation formerly belonging to John Edwards, deceased, which contained 200 acres.)

Children of John Edwards and Dorcas ______:
1. John Edwards ca 1696 – 1765
married 1st ca 1720 Zilpah Blount
married 2nd ca 1723 Elizabeth [Rice]
married 3rd ca 1749 Mary [Madock]
2. Cordelia Edwards c1698
married by 1718 James Roberts
3. Mary Edwards ca 1700

Hofmann–Chowas Precinct NC 1696-1723 Deed Abstracts:
#277 p134 Jacob Hardy of Chowan Prect. to Thomas Ball –140 acres joining a small branch and Captain Robert West on Kesack river.
wit: John Edwards, Isaac Hill Reg Jan Ct 1713.

#346 p164 Thomas Jones of Chowan Prect with ye consent of Elizabeth my wife to John Edwards of ye same Prect this –Nov 1712 for a competent sum 200 acres surveyed and Patented on the north side of Turkey swamp joining Charles Barber near a place called Horse Springs bind myself in the penall sum of 16 pounds
Wit: __Gardner, William Jones Reg ng

#356 p169 John Edwards of Chowan Prect and Dorcas his wife to Solomon Jordine of ye Prect aforesd 19 Apr 1714 40 pounds 300 acres more or less in Cushoke joining Robert West and ye Miery Branch all houses, orchards, gardens etc bind myself in ye penall sum of 80 pounds
Wit: Charles Barber, Daniel Smith Reg 8 Feb 1714/15

#1709 p38-40 15 & 16 July 1718–John Edwards attorney for John Edwards and Dorcas his wife ack land to Richard Fryer and another conveyance to James Roberts.

#515 p104 James Castellow of Chowan Prect, Planter to John Edwards, Jr. 17 Apr 1721 power of attorney to receive acknowledgement of 2 tracts of land for me; one from William and Mary Jones of this Prect for 150 acres and one from John Williams Jr for 640 acres
Wit: John Price, Beriamon Foreman reg Chowan Ct 3rd Tuesday in Apr 1721 Test Thomas Henman Cl

#518 p108 John Williams of the Province of NC, Planter to John Edwards of Albemarle Co, Planter 17 Apr 1721 power of attorney to acknowledge a deed of gift to my son Theophilus Williams
Wit: Benjamin Foreman, John Williams reg Chowan Ct 3rd Tuesday in Apr 1721 Test: Thomas Henman, Clerk.

#610 Edmund Pierce Bath Co to John Walker Albemarle Co 6 Apr 1719
Wit: John Edwards

#753 p 174 William Jones of Chowan Prect and Mary my wife to Martin Gardner of Chowan Prect. 18 July 1715 for a valuable consideration 310 acres upon the west side of Casiah river joining John Edwards the river Pocosin and the river all Housing, gardens, orchards etc
Wit: John Edwards, Arnold Hopkins reg 10 Sept 1715.

#928 p391 John Edwards Sr of Chowan Prect and Dorcas his wife to Edward Moore of Chowan Prect 28 Apr 1716 10 pounds good and lawfull money 150 acres on the west side of Kesiah River joining John Hardy and the river
Wit: William Jones, John Nairn Reg 27 Nov 1716
#929 p393 Dorcas Edwards of Chowan Prect to Samuel Edmunds 15 8ber 1716 letter of attorney to acknowledge a parcel of land to Edward Moore
Wit: Thomas Brown, John Williams Reg 27 Nov 1716

#1101 p571 John Edwards of Chowan Prect and Dorcas my wife to James Roberts our son-in-law and Cordelia his wife 8 July 1718 (we make over) 320 acres joining John Byrd, and the swamp all houses Gardains etc
Wit: Matthew Edwards, William Jones reg 2 8ber 1718

#1560 p367 John Edwards Sr and Dorcas my wife to John Edwards Jr our Dear and well-beloved son ye 28 May 1722 Assignment of land purchased of Samuel Edmonds 16 Apr 1716 Wit: Edward Moore, James Roberts Ack Att Chowan Prect Ct at Edenton 17 July 1722 by Edward Moore and James Roberts
Test: William Badham D C C Reg 31 May 1723

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  1. HI Sally,
    Dorcas is my 8th Great Grandmother. I don’t know if you still monitor this site, but I wonder if you ever found anything on her parents?
    My family tree is on Ancestry, let me know if you are interested in looking at it, we only add people we can veryify.

    Riley McDaniel

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