Jonas Wood & Mary Edwards

Sally’s five-great-Grandparents:

Jonas Wood ca 1730 – 1790 | his parents
& Mary Edwards ca 1730 – bef 1790 | her parents
of Northampton County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jonas Wood and Mary Edwards were married ca 1749 in Northampton Co, NC.
Jonas Wood, son of James Wood (died 1752 NHampton Co, NC) and Sarah [Ford] was born ca 1730. Ext. of father’s will 1752. Signed his will 17 Aug, 1790–
it was proved Sept Ct 1790. His wife is not mentioned in his will which probably means she is already dead.
Mary Edwards, daughter of John Edwards (died 1765 NHamp.) and Elizabeth Rice, was born ca 1730.

Either Jonas Wood or more probably his son Jonas is shown married to Jaminna Hare dau of Thomas in 1785 will Bertie Co.

Children of Jonas Wood and Mary Edwards:
1. James Wood 7 Jan 1749/50 – Aug/Sept 1797
married ca 1777 Christian Freeman 1760-1816
a. Mary Wood ca 1778-1841
married William Mebane (Orange Co)
b. Elizabeth Wood ca 1780-bef 1834
married 27 Sept 1804 Thomas Howe 1775 – bef 1813
married 2nd bef 1813 William Sutton died ca 1814
c. Freeman Wood ca 1782- d by Sept 1805 NH Co
d. Dr. John Edwards Wood ca 1785-1834 Bertie Co NC without issue
married 1st Elisa Foort dau of Sugars Foort NH Co
married 2nd Mary Sutton (his Cousin)
e. Sarah Ford Wood 4 Oct 1788-19 Oct 1814
married 11 Apr 1811 John Wheeler of Murfreesboro 1771-1832
f. Celia F. Wood ca 1790- died bef 1834 without issue
married NH 19 Nov 1812 Baldy Ashburn John E Wood Bdm.
g. Cullen Wood ca 1797- died bef 1834 without issue
listed in 1811 div. of James Wood estate NH-(Gammon)
she married 2nd ca 1798 William Mooring
a. William Moring ca 1800 – 1862 ts (no issue)
married Christian Freeman
(d of William Freeman & Fruzy Leary)

2. Mary Wood ca 1755 – bef 1784
married Lemuel Lawrence 1744 – 1811
Jonas Lawrence son of Lemuel Lawrence and Mary his wife was born January the 9th in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and seventy six — or thus 1776.
ancestors of Karen
a. Jonas Lawrence 9 Jan 1776 – 19 Oct 1813
married Charlotte Holland
dau of Joseph Holland
Lemuel Lawrence married 2nd 1781-84 Mary Battle [Norfleet]
b. Mary Lawrence 27 Oct 1785 – 25 March 1825
married 31 Dec 1801 Jessie R Cross 7 May 1780 – 4 Nov 1823 NH Co, NC
son of Cyprian Cross and Christian Riddick

3. Jonas Wood ca 1757 – 1804
married before Dec 1785 1st Jaminna Hare dau of Thomas
married 2nd Rebecca —– will 1822
she married 2nd Willie Carter died 1806 NH (Jonas Wood estate folder NH)
a. Edward Wood died before 21 July 1829
married Elizabeth ?
i. Mary Frances Wood died July 1829
she married 2nd in Dec 1830 Henry Gilliam of Gates co.
b. Benjamin H Wood (underage 1818)- bet 12 Feb/March Ct 1823
NH Co Will Bk 3 -279 bro Jonas Wood interest in property
which fell to my mother in SC
Ex: Stephen Brown Wit: Henry A Wood, Wm Bryan, Wm Lunne, S Graham

c. David Wood
d. Martha Wood
married 5 June 1815 (NH) Dixon Stanback
e. Nancy Wood (underage in 1818)
married NH co NC 19 Sept 1817 William Rascow
i . William Martha Rascoe bef 1822 –

f. Jonas Wood 1804-
4. Elizabeth Wood ca 1759 – ca 1816
married 1st ca 1785 James Dickinson died ca 1787
a. Cullen Dickinson died bef Nov 17, 1789
married 2nd aft 17 Aug 1790 William Bridgers died 1796
he was married 1st to Pharaby Forte
b. Willis Bridgers died 1813
married 3rd ca 1798 Lazeros Carter died 1803
c. Martha B. Carter ca 1798 –
d. Willie B. Carter ca 1801 – 1850
married 4th ca 1805 Cornelius Moore died 1823
e. Mary E. Moore 1806 NC –
married NH Co NC 22 June 1821 Abner Stith 1792 VA –
youngest child of Maj. Thomas Stith 29 Dec 1729/31 – 1801 Brunswich Co VA
& (5 Aug 1780) Holly Baily
i. Cornelia Stith 1831 TN –
Mary Eliza Stith 1833 TN –
iii. Maria Louisa Stith 1835 TN –

5. Martha Wood ca 1765 –
married ca 1787 Benjamin Clifton died 1797
a. Cordale Clifton (under 21 in 97)
b. Jonas Clifton ca 1790-1814
he served in the War of 1812

married Elizabeth Maria Wheeler 1797-1813
Hornet’s Nest – July 18, 1813 – A.D.
Dissolution of partnership between J. Clifton and Ed Wood.

c. Polly Clifton
married —– Person
d. Sarah Clifton 1795-1833
married 1816 John Wheeler 1771 – 1832
married 2nd by Dec 21 1797 William B Cheatham
Hornet’s Nest-June 24, 1813 A.D. Mill wright wanted. William B. Cheatham, Murfreesboro. A.D. Excellent Mill – The subscriber’s mill situated on Kirby’s Creek, the place formerly belonging to Dickinson & Lawrence, is now in complete operation. A good miller is employed who will pay every attention to Customers. On hand, corn and meal, with which people can be supplied on the most reasonable terms. By the last of August next, the bolling works of said mill will be completed, after which, the publick can be furnished with the best of flour. William B. Cheatham, June 10th, 1813
e. William Cheatham of AL
6. Cullen Wood ca 1770 – 1792
married 12 Aug 1791 Sally Freeman
she married 2nd ca 1793 Thomas Sutton dec by 1816
7. Lawrence Wood ca 1772 – alive 1798 nfi
Sept Ct 1792 Division of Negroes & Household furnishings
evenly between Lawrence & Cullen Wood

Abstract of Northampton Co NC Wills 285 p 397
Jonas Wood 17 Aug 1790 Sept Ct 1790
to my son James Wood 4 negroes and likewise 300 acres in Bertie Co joining sd. James, Moses Pervis, and Arthur Harrell.
to son Jonas Wood 6 negroes and my plantation in Bertie Co, which I purchased of James Howard.
to daughter Elizabeth Dickinson 7 negroes bay horse all the cattle in her mark etc.
to daughter Martha Clifton 6 negroes
to my son Cullen Wood 1 horse named fear not and 400 acres called Mall’s Ridge joining head of Hog pen branch, Joseph Wood, Robertson’s branch, Lemuel Burkett and Godwin Cotton
to son Lawrence Wood 500 acres whereon I now live should Cullen or Lawrence die without issue (their property) to go to Jonas and James
to grandson Jonas Lawrence 1 negro
to Cullen and Lawrence remainder of my negroes when sd Cullen and sd Lawrence are 21.
Extrsa: sons James and Benjamin Clifton.
Wit. Joseph Wood, Benjamin Hare, Sion Rutland.

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  1. A Jonas Wood married Caroline Dancy, daughter of Francis W Dancy & wife Elizabeth Mason apparently in the 1830s. All were in Morgan Co AL at the time. But the Dancys were from Northampton Co NC. Presumably Wood was as well. The Dancy house stands today – a handsome local landmark. Later the Dancys moved on to the sugar plantation country of St Mary Parish LA. The daughter of Jonas & Caroline – Lavinia –
    married Thos Polk and as a widow after the Civil War lived on in the house her Dancy grandparents had built in AL until the late 1880s. No doubt Lavinia’s father, Jonas Wood, is of your NC Wood family. But who was his father & grandfather?

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