Ward – Hill grandchildren: 2nd page

Sally’s great-great-great Grandparents:
second page: grandchildren continued;

Grandchildren of Thomas Ward and Pheraby Hill:

Mary Ward ca 1765 – 1823 | parents
& ca 1780 Capt. William Sparkman ca 1715 – 1785 | parents
& 1785 David Garrett d. 1803 | parents
of Bertie Co NC

Mary Ward & Capt William Sparkman had:
1. William Sparkman 13 June 1783 Bertie Co. NC- 24 Feb 1843 Lowndes County, MS
buried Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Lowndes Co, MS [Find a Grave]
Capt William Sparkman (1783 – 1843) – Find A Grave Memorial


In memory of Capt. William Sparkman who was born June 13th 1783 in Bertie County, North Carolina and departed this life February 24th 1843 in Lowndes County, Mississippi

[his grandfather, Thomas Ward was guardian of William Sparkman’s estate until his death, at that time Nov 1796 his uncle Joshua Ward was appointed his guardian and in Nov 1800 his father-in-law William Leary became his guardian.]
[Rep. Bertie Co in 1811, 1812 1814 in the house and as Senator 1815 & 1816]

married 21 Nov 1800 Sarah Leary ca – died 7 Sept 1818 RR 25 Sept 1818
[Wm. R. Sparkman, Bm-Bertie Co] [dau of William died 1822]
married 6 Jan 1820 Sarah Brownrigg 8 Aug 1798 Edenton, Chowan Co – 8 July 1889 Cave Spring GA.
[“The Raleigh Minerva” 21 January 1820]
Her grave is in the Cave Spring Cemetery, Cave Spring Find a Grave.


Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Brownrigg and Ruth Baker of Wingfield

[died age 91 without issue, Gammon]

Gen. Richard T Brownrigg sent (Oct 1835) his sister and brother-in-law Sarah and William Sparkman, his brother Thomas T Brownrigg, and brother-in-law R T Hoskins as an advance team to set up his plantation in Mississippi. They traveled as a caravan including the four whites and 91 Negroes, who walked 15 to 20 miles each day. Also, two Jerseys (cows), and four wagons, 13 horses and 14 mules including the Jack and Jenny.
On 20 Oct 1835, at their encampment three miles from Enfield, NC, Sarah wrote a letter to her Sister-in-law. “We are thus far on our journey to the far West. I find camping out much better than I expected. We sleep very comfortably in our tents. Our repast is very good, we have toast, coffee, ham, eggs for breakfast and we eat our dinner along the road as we can get it…..The roads are very rough so that it is impossible to read or work.” She road in a wagon. She commented on the Negroes, “Last night they were fiddling, tonight singing hymns, we travel from 15 to 20 miles a day and they sit up as late as if they were at home.”
On 9 Dec 1835 the caravan arrived in Columbus MS.

Mary Ward’s Step-Children: children of William Sparkman and first wife.

Mary Ward ca 1765 & David Garrett died 1803, son of Jesse (died 1797)
1. Winnifred Garrett ca 1786
married 15 Nov 1804 John Leary
a. Mary Leary bef 1820
2. Eleanor [Elona] [Clary] [Elony] [Eloney] Garrett ca 1788
married prior March 1807 Moses Baker 1779 –
a. David G. Baker bef 1820
b. William Sparkman Baker 1810 – 25 Dec 1861 Edgecombe Co
married Julia Shirley 6 Oct 1811 – dau. of Henry Shirley Edgecombe Co
married 2nd Sallie Rebecca Powell dau of Jesse Harrison Powell Edgecombe Co
c. Martha Baker
3. Everett Garrett ca 1790 – ca 1846
married 7 Nov 1808 Elizabeth Freeman
a. Martha Garrett bef 1820
4. Elizabeth Garrett 27 Feb 1794 – 4 Aug 1883 Haywood Co, TN
married 1810/11 Edward C Outlaw 1786 – 1819
son of Lewis Outlaw
a. Sally Outlaw

b. Christian C Outlaw 22 Aug 1813 – 11 Jan 1892
married 4 Feb 1830 John E Rooks 1809 – 1859
moved to Madison Co, TN 1832 & Haywood Co, TN 1834
c. Mary Outlaw

5. Mary Garrett 8 April 1797 – 10 June 1843 [probably GA]
married John Bateman 12 April 1789 – ca 1867 Ark.
[Pine Bluff, Ark. 1850]
list of children transcribed from very old papers by Rich Borges
a. Rebecca Bateman 6 Dec 1812 –
b. Martha Bateman 3 Feb 1815 –
c. Evelina Bateman 14 Dec 1817 –
d. Nansey Carolina Bateman 20 Dec 1820 –
e. Lewis Sparkman Bateman 29 April 1824 GA –
f. Deborah Bateman 6 Dec 1828 –
g. Elizabeth Bateman 5 Feb 1830 –
h. John Garrett Bateman 11 Aug 1832 GA-
i. Daniel Holley Bateman 25 Nov 1834 –
he married 2nd Nancy ?
j. Benjamin Franklin Bateman 14 Sept 1846
6. Martin Garrett ca 1796-
7. Martha [Patsey] Garrett ca 1799-
married bef 1820 Edward Fleetwood

Colerain NC Free April 13th 1850

“Pine Bluff”

Colerain, Apl 12, 1850

Dear Sir:

Your letter dated Nov. 10th last was duly received, and in compliance with your request I availed myself of the first opportunity to give attention to is contents. Accordingly I wrote immediately the Clerk of Chowan Cty. Court, & sent the letter by a man going there, with a request for the Clerk to answer it forthwith. He sent me word that he would write me which kept me in suspence for sometime, and at last did not write to me. I then wrote a lawyer; & not hearing from him, I concluded I would go the next court myself, & try to acertain all about the matter. Accordingly I went over there this week and learned that your sister Rebecca BLOUNT is still living, but quite infirm & in bad health.

I will now say something of your other relatives & friends so far as my memory serves me.

I presume you have heard of the deaths of cousin Everitte (?) GARRETT as he has been dead 3 or 4 years. Aunt Cellia HOLLEY, Aunt Elizabth MCDOWELL & James HOLLEY son of Thomas are dead.

Indeed, all of the old stock, except Henry WARD, is dead. He is now living here engaged in Mercantile business. David O. ASKEW my brother-in-law is also dead. He died in Miss. last August. His family now lives there. There has been a great deal of sickness in this section of the country & and a great many deaths. Four of which has occurred in this place in about a month, one of whom was my little son 2 years old. I have a little daughter about 10 mos. old–a very fine healthy child. Hinderson WILSON of this place, son of James died last Feby.

There have been so many changes since you left this county that the present order of things & race of beings are so nearly (?) new to you that a history of them would not be very interesting I imagine. Suffice it to say that I think we are improving much as (?) & building. You would hardly recognize old Colerain now. So much in the place improved.

I am now engaged in fishing–but catching very few–I am so much hurried that I have not time to write more at present.

I hope to hear from you again soon, and then I will try to give you a letter of more interest.

In the mean time I remain
Very truly your fr’d

(?) contemplation (?) going South next summer or fall, & if I do, I will try to give you a call.

Do you know where cousin Martha GARRETT, or MILLER lives?
She married MILLER you know & moved away west.

Notes: I believe the parents of John BATEMAN of Pine Bluff, Arkansas were John BATEMAN and Miriam PERISHO of Perquimans County. In July 1830, Rebecca BATEMAN of Hertford, Perquimans County, sister of John BATEMAN of Pine Bluff, married John BLOUNT Esq. of Edenton, Chowan County. Parents of Mary Garrett, first wife of John Bateman of Pine Bluff, were David and Mary Garrett of Bertie. Rich Borges


Pheraby [Jane] Ward ca 1768 – | parents
& ca 1784 William Reed Sparkman 1762/3 – | parents
of Bertie Co NC
& Stewart Co TN & Trigg Co KY

1800 25 Jan – Wm Reed Sparkman was bondsman for marriage license of Absolum Pritchard & Sarah Brown.
1800 21 Nov – Wm. R. Sparkman was bondsman for marriage license of William Sparkman & Sarah Lurry/Leary
1809, 1810, and 1812 William R Sparkman is listed as a free poll in Stewart Co.

Children of Pheraby Ward and William Reed Sparkman:
1. William R Sparkman ca 1785 Bertie Co –
a. Elizabeth Sparkman ca 1834 –
b. James Sparkman ca 1843 –
c. Lucinda Sparkman ca 1844 –
married 2nd 1 Sept 1847Gibson Co TN Ann M Selph
2. Ward Sparkman ca 1790 –
3. Henry W. Sparkman 1794 – 1822 Stewart Co TN
Friday, 10 May 1822 Court– Court appoints Thomas Ward adm. of the estate of Henry Sparkman
4. Hugh H Sparkman 1794/97 –
5. Martha [Patsey] Sparkman ca 1812 –
married 13 Dec 1830 Gibson Co TN Edwin Mathis ca 1811 –
a. Mary Mathis ca 1832 –
b. Martha Mathis ca 1834 –
c. Phuriby Mathis ca 1836 –
d. John Mathis ca 1838 –
e. Sydia Mathis [f]ca 1840 –
f. Henry Mathis ca 1842 –
h. Elisha Mathis [m] ca 1844 –
i. Elmible ? Mathis [f] ca 1847 –
j. Parale Mathis [f] ca 1849 –

based of e-mail from Kendall Sparkman Jan 2001 and June 2002

Stewart County, Tennessee, records found recently are perhaps finally shedding some more definitive evidence on the real William Reed Sparkman, son of Jesse Sparkman and Rebecca Reed and grandson of Capt. William Sparkman. William R. Sparkman relocated to Stewart Co. ca. 1808-09, just in time to be very close to the epicenters of the New Madrid earthquake of 1812. http://asms.k12.ar.us/armem/richards/index.htm

When he initially situated himself along the banks of Saline Creek across the Trigg Co., KY/Stewart Co., TN state line, he was not, as later Trigg Co. tax rolls indicate, the prior owner of hundreds of Bertie acres reduced to a 100 acre farm. Rather, he acquired at least 640 acres in Stewart (vesting deed could not be located among Stewart deed books) as well as his KY holdings. It appears, in fact, that it was the New Madrid earthquake itself that was actually an economic undoing for William R., as the 640 acres were sold in 1814 for unpaid taxes for the year 1812 (for less money in the years just after the quakes than the taxes and interest owed). It is also interesting to note that Stewart County court records for 1812 do not appear to have been maintained, and equally interesting to speculate how much the earthquake may have disrupted William R.’s life.

Unfortunately, the Stewart Co. records found do nothing to link William R. Sparkman to what certainly appears to be his son in neighboring Caldwell County, KY, William Sparkman, but, although we already guessed it due to his proximity on Saline Creek, do establish links to son Hugh H. Sparkman, who appears to be the ancestor of the Randolph Co., AR, Sparkmans. The records also make clear that Henry Sparkman and Hugh H. Sparkman are not the same person, but brothers (Henry being the eldest), which leaves me to again speculate that Hugh H. Sparkman may actually be Hugh Hyman Sparkman, named for William R.’s Bertie Co. uncle.

Taking account of census records, if we have properly identified William Reed Sparkman, we appear to be looking at the following sons, among others:

1. William Sparkman of Caldwell Co., KY, b. ca. 1785, Bertie Co., NC.
This son is reflected in the 1790 census, but would be listed as under 10 in the 1800 census.

2. Ward Sparkman, b. ca. 1790, Bertie Co., NC. Ward, bearing his mother Pheraby Ward’s surname, appears likely to be William Reed’s son, but I suspect Ward never migrated west with his family. We need more Bertie deed and other records to confirm. The only record I have found on him is the 1830 census where he is reflected as being between 40-50. Ward does not appear to have had any children or surviving children. Ward would be reflected as under 10 in the 1800 census.

3. Henry Sparkman, b. 1794 or after (?), Bertie Co., NC. In 1811, Henry is designated to work on a road. If he is in William R.’s household in 1820, his age is designated 20-26.

4. Hugh H. Sparkman, b. 1794-1797, Bertie Co., NC. Hugh is designated
to work on a road in 1817. His census age in 1820 is 20-26, and he has
a baffling assortment of individuals in his household.

Stewart County Tax Rolls:

1809 Capt. Ross’es Company
William R. Sparkman (no acres denoted) 1 white poll

1810 Capt. Ross’es Company
William R. Sparkman (no acres denoted) 1 white poll.

Stewart Co. Court Minutes: ___ – 1811 Vol 3.

pg. 2. 1/8/1811. Isaac Brunson v. William Cooley. Came the palintiffs
and entered into bond the sume of $500 with William R. Sparkman, John
Jones and Josiah Outland [Outlaw] his Securities conditioned for aithful
proveing his said appeal and files his Reason.

pg. 59. 5/7/1811. The Road overseers appointed last Term to View and
mark a Road from Allen old mill on the Saline to Dover Returned that
they had Viewed the Road and think the old way striking Cumberland River
Below the mouth of Dyer’s Crk, the nearest and Best Way, whereupon it is
ordered of the Court that Nathan Moss be Appointed overseer of the said
Road and the following hands work for him: John G. Fletcher, John
Stancill, Thoederick Wallace, Robert McKinney, Allen Scruggs, Elisha
Scruggs, Bryant Gyrd, George Bruton, William R. Sparkman, Henry
Sparkman, Samuel Moss, Edward W. Pearce, Prescott Crisp, Jesse Rascow,
John Lyndsay and William Lyndsey.

pg. 76. 9 May, 1811. Alexander Richardson surviving partner of King
and Richardson v.s William Outlaw In Debt. This day the Parties by
their Attornies and thereupon came a Jury (to wit) George Petty James
Mallory Abner Pearce, William M. Cooley, Henry Pugh, Nathan Skinner,
William Pearce, John Atkins, Ephriam B. Davidson, Samuel Luton, William
R. Sparkman and William Denson, who being Elected tryed and Sworn the
truth to speak upon the Issue Joined upon their oath do say they find
for the plaintiff the sum of $102.08 the Debt in the Declaration
mentioned and their Damages by Reason of the Ditention of the same to
$8.76 besides his Costs.

1813-1815 Vol. IV

pg. 12. 2/2/1813. John Allen Esqrs. Sheriff and Collector of the
State and County taxes for the year 1812 Reports to the Court that the
taxes Remain due and unpaid on the following tracts of land and Lotts
for said year and the Overseer there of have no Goods and Chattles in
his County on which he can Distrain for the same (to wit):

Wm. R. Sparkman 640 [acres] on Saline Creek.

pg. 101. 2/8/1814. On petition of the John Jones it is ordered by the
Court that writs of certiorari and sia posedias Issued in his favor in a
case before Nathan Ross Esqr. where is Henry Sparkman had said Summoned
Garnishy on an attachment vs. James Perry.

pg. 106. 2/8/1814. On motion of John Allen it is ordered by the court
that he have a credit for the State and County taxes on the following
tracts of land and Town Lotts for the year 1812 which would not sell for
the taxes costs and charges for said year viz:

William R. Sparkman 640 acres.

pg. 150. 5/4/1814. State of TN vs. James Ford Indct. for A. and B.
Pleads not guilty. Willlaim R. Sparkman on jury. Found guilty, fined
$10 and emprisoned Clarkville jail 15 days.

pg. 154. Same date. State vs. Stephen Kirksey Indct. for A. and B.
William R. Sparkman on jury. Found guilty and fined $10.50.

pg. 157. Same date. Henry Sparkman vs. John Jones Certiorai. Present
Joshua Williams, Ephriam B. Davidson and James Miller, Esqs. This day
came the parties By their Attornies and on motion of the Defendant
Consent to quash the Execution Issued by the Justice of the Peace on
this case after argument of Counsel it is considered by the Court that
the Execution be quashed and that the Defendant Recover agnst. the said
Plaintiff his Costs by him about his Defence in this behalf Extended.

pg. 221. 11/9/1814. William R. Sparkman summoned as Grand Juror.

pg. 277. May term, 1814. Sparkman v. Jones. Able Olives proves Three
Days and 2 Ferriages Thomas Stagner proves 2 Days and 2 ferriages.
George Brandon proves Three Days.

1815-1819. Vol. V.

pg. 187. 8/4/ 1817. Ordered by the Court that John Stancell be
appointd overseer of the Road from Allens old mill up the Dry fork of
the Saline on a Direction to the Meeting House and that Alexander
Waller, John Cooper, John G. Fletcher, Richard Fletcher, Charles Kelly,
Henry Powell, David Grant, William Grant, Isaac McKinney, Joseph
McKinny, Even McKinney, William R. Sparkman, Henry Sparkman and Hugh
Sparkman work under him.

pg. 163. 5/6/1817. Ordered that John Stancell, Alexander Walker, John
Cooper, Isaac McKinney, William R. Sparkman, David Grant be appointed to
lay off a Road from Allen’s old mill up the Dry Fork of Saline Crk. on a
Direction to Dry Creek Meeting House.

pg. 344. 11/14/1818. Levi Wimberly vs. Hugh Sparkman. This day came
the Plaintiff by his Attorney and on motion a De. Po. Issued awarded him
to take the Deposition of Dury Barker, William Wallace and Jacob
Wallace, of the Illinois Territory Giving the appointed Party 15 Days

pg. 383. 2/2/1819. Levi Wimberly vs. Hugh Sparkman. Upon motion it
is ordered by the Court with the consent of the parties that a De Po
issue to take the deposition of Alexander Walker for Plaintiff by giving
Harry [Henry?] Sparkman Ten Day Notice.

Stewart County Deeds:

Sparkman, H.H. to Caleb Williams Bk. 6, pg. 331
Sparkman, Henry to John Williams Bk. 6, pg. 389.

[We need copies or abstracts!]

Christian Co., KY (parent of Trigg) Wills and Estates 1815-1823

Will Book C, pg. 182. Wm. R. Sparkman reflected twice as a purchaser
at the sale of the personal estate of Shadrack Futrell Jan. 22, 1818.
George Hargrove, brother of Elizabeth Hargrove Harrell, deceased wife of
Lewis Sparkman of Gates Co., NC, is also reflected as a purchaser.
research by Kendall Sparkman

James Ward 1770 – 1843 | parents
& 1790 Deliah Freeman 1771 – 1821 | parents
& 1823 Silvia Ward 1780 – 1829 | parents
& 1829 Penelope Hunter est 1785 – 1832 | parents
& 1832 Elizabeth Jones 1791 – 1876 | parents
of near present-day Powellsville,
Bertie County, North Carolina

James Ward 1770 and Deliah Freeman had: [Bible of James Ward].
1. Christian Ward born 12 Dec 1790 -15 April 1853
married 21 March 1807 Isaac Norfleet 1780 – 11 Oct 1844
2. Dr. John Freeman Ward 13 Sep 1792 – 22 Feb 1834
married 1st 11 Dec 1817 Mary E Phillips of Orange Co
married 2nd 25 May 1828 Silva Spivey died 6 June 1832
3. Thomas Ward 12 June 1794 – 12 Dec 1794

James Ward and Silvia Ward widow of brother Joshua — no issue:

James Ward and Penelope Hunter daughter of Timothy — no issue:

James Ward and Elizabeth Jones dau. of James, widow of J. Howell Jones had:
1. Ann James Ward 30 Jun 1834 – 16 March 1901
married 28 Sept 1853 John Wheeler Moore 23 Oct 1833 – 6 Dec 1906

Elizabeth Ward 1773 – bef 1854 | her parents
& John Hardy 1773 – 1854 | his parents
of Russell Co, AL

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Child of Elizabeth Ward and John Hardy:
1. Alfred Ward Hardy 6 Dec 1809 Lincoln Co, GA – 1850 Macon Co, AL
married bef 1832 Sarah Heath Chappell 1810 Monroe Co, GA-aft 1870 Cass Co, TX
a. John C Hardy ca 1832 GA –
b. George C Hardy ca 1837 AL –

Joshua Ward ca 1774 – bef 1823 | parents
& 1797 Silvia Ward 1780 – 1829 | parents
of Bertie Co NC

Bertie Marriage Bonds: Joshua Ward & Seloey? Ward 19 May 1797: William P Hardy Bm.

Children of Joshua Ward and Silvia Ward: [Bible of James Ward].
NCGSJ Feb 98 p57—Ward, Silvia (Ward) and husband Joshua. Petition of Silvia Ward of Bertie County sheweth she intermarried with Joshua Ward some years ago, but from his profigacy and imprudence, she has been reduced to extreme poverty with a large family of children to support. Her small earnings are often seized by his merciless creditors. Prays for a law to secure to her such property as she may hereafter acquire. Dated 1 Nov 1814. (on reverse) “Allowed”

1. Martha F. Ward 6 March 1798 –
married William Etheridge – d ca Jan 1837 [2nd wife]
a. James Ward Etheridge ca 1822 Colerain NC – 1885/90 Noxubee Co MS
was visiting when typhoid broke out- buried there due to quarantine
married 23 Dec 1858 Nancy Caroline Smith May 1840 – 17 Oct 1926
i. Mary Henrietta Etheridge 28 May 1860 MS –
married Winston Co MS 21 Jan 1881 A Nathan Murff
ii. William H [Will] Etheridge 1 July 1862 MS – 10 Apr 1938 Winston MS
married Callie M Kitchen
iii. James Elizabeth Etheridge 4 Apr 1868 MS – 11 Jun 1955 ?
married 17 Dec 1890 James Clinton Eaves
iv. George Thomas Etheridge 25 Mar 1870 MS – 28 Mar 1960 Winston MS
married Winston MS 22 Dec 1892 Willie Estella Arledge
ancestors of Carol E MacDonald
v. Horatio Randolph [Dock] Etheridge 3 Mar 1875 MS –
married 28 Jan 1897 Sallie Farror
vi. Philman B [Pete] Etheridge 9 Mar 1879 Winston MS –
b. Horatio Daniel Etheridge 1825/30 Colerain NC –
c. Benjamin Randolph Etheridge Feb 1828 Colerain, NC – aft 1900 Hill Co TX
married in MS ca 1852 Lucretia Ann Boyd Aug 1836 Choctaw Co MS – aft 1900
i. Ida Etheridge Feb 1854 MS – single in 1900
ii. John B Etheridge Mar 1858 MS –
iii. William J Etheridge ca Oct 1861 Mont Co TX –
married Mont. Co TX 25 Feb 1888 Mary Frances Honea ca Jan 1871 TX –
1. John Banks Ethridge June 1891 Mont Co TX –
2. Fannie K Ethridge Mar 1895 Mont Co TX –
3. Leon Bernard Ethridge 13 April 1898 Mont Co TX –
4. Mamie Ethridge ca 1902 Mont Co TX –
5. William Harrison Ethridge 20 Oct 1910 Mont Co Tx –
6. daughter living
7. daughter living
iv. Ben R Etheridge Sept 1865 TX –
married McLennan Co TX 14 June 1897 Lula Morgan May 1870 TX –
lost her husband and all five of her children to TB
1. John M Ethridge Dec 1899 TX –
v. Elizabeth [Lizzie] Etheridge 28 Sept 1867 Montgomery Co TX –
married 12 Jan 1888 Lee Smith McClellan 26 April 1863 Erath Co TX –
1. son McClellan
a. Roy L McClellan
vi. Mamie Etheridge 28 April 1869 Mont Co TX – 1 March 1912 Abbott, Hill Co TX
her sister Ida helped raise her children
married Hill Co TX 12 May 1893 Eugene Alvin Menefee 18 May 1860 – 2 Jan 1927 TX
School teacher all over central Texas and Professor at Tarleton
1. Lola Menefee 1895 Hill Co TX – 1895
2. Cora Menefee 23 Feb 1900 Hill Co TX – 19 Feb 1941 Ft Worth TX Auto accident
3. Etheridge [Eth or Ed] Menefee 10 Mar 1902 Clifton TX – 28 Aug 1971 Ft Worth TX
4. William Orville [W O] Menefee 2 Nov 1904 Hood Co TX – 2 July 1978 Ft Worth TX
5. Robert Earl Menefee 19 Jan 1912 Hill Co TX – Dec 2000 Dallas TX
married TX 9 June 1956 Olia Harell 9 Jan 1907 – 27 Nov 1998 Dallas TX
Eugene Menefee married 2nd aft 1917 Mary Nora Virginia Howell
1. Nora Menefee died day after birth
2. Mary Lorena Menefee 1921 – 2002
[mother in law of Sue Genes]
3. Clardy Eugene [Gene] Menefee

vii. Ella Etheridge 1873 TX –
viii. Theodore Etheridge Oct 1875 TX –
ix. Daniel Etheridge Oct 1877 TX –
d. Elizabeth Etheridge 1825/30 –
married Dr. Fent of Texas
e. Thomas Etheridge 1830/35 –
f. Isabella Etheridge 1830/35
married —- Pressly of Ala.
2. James Ward 5 Feb 1800 – 9 Jan 1823
?married Mary Russell [dau of Mary Freeman & James V. Russell
granddaughter of Hardy Freeman & Senith Hunter (Carl Freeman)
3. Thomas Ward 3 Dec 1803 – 9 Oct 1806 dy
4. Thomas Jefferson Ward 4 March 1807 –
5. Benjamin Ward 27 July 1811 –
6. Mary Pharaby Ward 27 May 1813 Bertie Co NC – 24 July 1850 Union Parish LA
married in NC 27 Aug 1835 Iredell S Jordan 22 Jan 1806 Bertie – 23 Apr 1844 Dallas Co AL
son of James and Mary Jordan
a. James Iredell [Jim] Jordan 16 Apr 1837 Bertie Co NC – 29 Jan 1909 Navarro Co TX

married 1st Martha P Godley 1836 – 1880
married 2nd Annie Laurie Sturdavent 1855 – 1928
b. Ellen Rebecca Jordan 17 Jan 1839 Bertie Co NC –
married G W Everett [a son of her stepfather]
c. Henrietta Benjamin [Ben] Jordan 2 Dec 1840 Bertie Co NC – 28 Jan 1925 Collin Co TX
married Dr. Samuel L Robinson
d. Susan Ann Elizabeth [Sue Bet] Jordan 6 Apr 1843 Dallas Co AL – ca 1870
married Union Co AR 15 July 1858 Jesse J Stallings 1832 GA –
gg-grandparents of Elizabeth W Etheridge
married 2nd Union Par LA 13 Feb 1849 George Everett 1797 – 1855
e. Charles Ward Everett 21 Mar 1850 Union Par LA – 25 May 1865
7. Susanna Ward 29 March 1816 –
married Dallas Co AL 1 Dec 1844 Edmond D King

4 Jan 1832 from T.J.C. Ward, Sumner Co, TN to James Ward, Pitch Landing, Hertford Co, NC “Dear Father . . . I rec’d your letter some few days passed and perrused the contents with astonishment to learn that Brother had gone to New York to learn the talers trade. . .if he wants to be a macanick come to this country and go with me to the South and be a machinen maker. . .he can learn that as quick again as the talering business. . .”
Abstract by Ransom McBride in the NCGSJ – Feb. 85. p.37

Martha Ward ca 1775 – 1813 | parents
& ca 1793 Samuel Luten bef 1766 – 1831 | parents
& ca 1815 Elizabeth Brown ca 1795 – aft 1850 | parents
of Bertie Co NC
& Stewart Co TN

from the minutes of Saline Creek Baptist Church:
Martha Luten joined on 18 July 1812 from the Wiccacon church in Bertie co NC. She died on 7 Feb 1813.
[John Ferrill’s 2nd wife was Penelope Luton Yarbrough; their only child was Mary, and she married Eli Morgan]

Children of Martha Ward and Samuel Luten:
1. Reed Luten ca 1794 Bertie Co, NC – ca 1837 Stewart Co, TN
married ca 1818 Agnes Manning ca 1793-aft 1850
a. Andrew Jackson Luten ca 1814- aft 1880
married 25 Sept 1838 Eliza H Elliot
married 2nd Annie Kingins
b. Martha “Patsy” Luten ca 1819-
c. Clement Reed Luten ca 1821-
married ca 1843 Susan
d. Mary E. Luten
married 17 Nov 1862 G W Shelton
e. Elisa Luten ca 1829 –
f. Madison Luten ca 1832 –
g. Nancy J.[Nannie] Luten ca 1837 –
married 30 Jan 1861 Thomas Shelton
married Dr. Wesley Brandon
2. Dr. Samuel B. Luten 11 Aug 1804 – 24 Mar 1860 Moscow, Fulton Co, KY of typhoid fever
ancestor of Dora Luten Ball , and Richard Griffey
married 20 Dec 1836 Maryann Hood Ashburn 11 April 1810 – 15 Sept 1875
a. William Henry Luten 30 Sept 1837 – 22 Aprl 1878 KY
married 30 Oct 1862 Louisa Davis
b. Martha Vilender C Luten 22 May 1840 – Aug 1894 KY
married 17 Dec 1857 Wiley P Griffey
c. Samuel Ward Luten MD 30 Aug 1841 -24 June 1920 KY
married 5 Oct 1870 Inez Stephens
i. Drew W Luten MD 188x –
d. Joseph Reed Luten MD 16 Mar 1843 – 11 Sept 1921 KY
married 24 Sept 1868 Catherine Browder
e. Mary Ann Luten 8 Dec 1847 – 31 Oct 1897 KY
married 14 May 1867 Edward E Browder
f. Susannah A Vincent Luten 6 Oct 1850 – 21 Dec 1917 KY
married 3 Jan 1869 Henry Harrison Davis
g. Nancy Wilder Luten 5 Mar 1852 – 22 Feb 1930 dsp
h. Drew Augustus Luten 6 Jan 1855 – 13 Feb 1925 TN
married 12 Feb 1884 Cantie Jones
i. John L Luten died in infancy
j. Solomon J Luten died in infancy
3. John B Luten ca 1812 – ca 1849 Terrebonne Parish, LA
married 28 Jan 1845 Mary Knight 5 Mar 1816 – 7 May 1910 New Orleans
a. Emily V Luten 15 Aug 1844 LA -28 Mar 1917 New Orleans
married 16 Jun 1859 J M W Summers
married 24 July 1870 Louis Wilson

I”ve signed your guestbook. But I wanted to thank you for putting this info on the Web for everyone to find and use. You are quite a researcher! Imagine my delight when I googled “Caroline Luten” and found your web page. She is my gr-grandmother through her son William Oscar Woolley. I have a good deal of info on Caroline (Carrie) and her mother Mary. But I knew very little about her father’s family since he died so early. You have filled in a large gap for me.FYI – Mary Knight Luten died on 7 May 1910 in New Orleans, a resident of St. Mary Asylum, a benevolent institution for destitute widows and orphans. Although the death certificate lists her as Mary Martin Luten, I’m sure it is the correct person because she and her daughter Emily Luten Wilson are listed together as residents of St. Mary’s in the 1910 Census.Thanks for being so generous with your terrific research!Suzy (Suzanne Woolley) Smith

b. Mary Caroline [Carrie] Luten ca 1848 LA – 30 May 1876
i. William Oscar Woolley
c. Elizabeth Luten ca 1849 – aft 1860
4. Clement Henderson Luten 1805 – bef 7 May 1827
married Elizabeth Manning ca 1802 – aft 1830
a. Polly M Luten 1824 – 1825
b. Sally C Luten 23 Dec 1825 –
c. Clement Madison Luten 12 Mar 1827 – 25 Jan 1866
married 10 Jan 1851 Nancy Ellen Claud
d. A H Luten
e. D W Luten
f. Nahew? Luten
5. Penelope [Polly] Luten
married 1st Davis? Yarbrough
married 2nd John Ferrill
6. Elizabeth Luten

Elizabeth Brown ca 1795 – aft 1850 and Samuel Luten had:
7. Benjamin Franklin Luton 1816 – 1892
married Martha Ryan
8. Temperance Luton ca 1818 –
married 1st Drew Cobb
married 2nd Christopher Brandon
9. Henry Erwin Luton 1822 – 1890 Trigg Co KY 7 children
married America Jane Brandon
10. Quincy A Luton ca 1824 – 1896 Trigg Co KY 8 children
married Adaline Colson
11. Lucy Ann Luton d. Trigg Co KY 8 children
married Obithel G Cobb
12. Dudley W Luten 14 July 1827 – 8 July 1903 Stewart Co TN
married Elizabeth Vick
13. Rebecca Luton ca 1831 – aft 1880
married aft 1870 Peyton Ross


Ann Ward ca 1779 – bef 1814 | parents
& ca 1793 William Outlaw 1766 – 1814 | parents
of Bertie Co NC
& Stewart Co, TN

Child of Ann Ward and William Outlaw:
1. Alexander B Outlaw aft 1794 –
Alexander B. Outlaw gets 274 acres on Cane Creek, one mile from Dover, called the Childress place, plus 60 acres on the tract where Travis Moore lives, plus town lots #77, #78, #79 in Dover, plus 10 acres adjoining Bells’ plantation on Sycamore Creek, plus 40 acres on Leatherwood Creek where John Nicholas lives;
2. Harriet Outlaw aft 1794 –
Harriet Wynn gets 135 acres from the same 320-acre tract;
married Henry Wynns 30 March 1789 – 1854 Stewart Co, TN
3. George D Outlaw
George D. Outlaw gets all the land (160 acres) on the north side of Cane Creek that was part of a 320-acre tract granted to Robert Nelson, where Henry Wynn lives, plus 20 acres near the head of Leatherwood Creek, plus 10 acres at the Beech Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 25 acres on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek at a Standing Rock, plus 25 acres below the rock, plus 20 acres above Elliott’s place near the Hurricane Meeting House, plus Dover town lot #76;
4. Dr. Drew Augustus Outlaw
Drew A. Outlaw gets the balance of the 320-acre tract on Cane Creek granted to Robert Nelson, plus 20 acres at the Ash Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres at the Gum Spring on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres above William Taylor’s place on Leatherwood Creek, plus 15 acres at the Grassy Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres adjoining Widow Rawls on Tennessee River, plus 12.5 acres adjoining Nicholas’ plantation, plus Dover town lot #75
5. Jefferson B Outlaw
Jefferson B. Outlaw gets 135 acres of a 320-acre tract on south side of Cumberland River adjoining Joseph Smith;
6. Nancy Outlaw
Nancy Wilson gets 137 acres on Cane Creek where David C. Wilson lives, adjoining the above-mentioned 274-acre tract, plus 15 acres adjoining the 137-acre tract, plus 160 acres on Cane Creek adjoining Vinson Wyatt, which was granted to James Scarborough;
7. William W Outlaw
William W. Outlaw gets 50 acres from the same 320-acre tract, plus 150 acres of an adjoining 320-acre tract;
8. John N Outlaw
John N. Outlaw gets 137 acres adjoining that of Nancy Wilson, plus 20 acres adjoining the above tract where Sherrid Stallings lives, plus 80 acres on Hurricane Creek called Elliott’s Mill place;
9. Lucian D Outlaw
Lucian D. Outlaw gets 228 acres on Tennessee River below the mouth of Cane Creek, called the Smith place, plus 10 acres at James Rawls’ old place, plus 61.5 acres called the Brown place on Cane Creek, plus 80 acres adjoining the tract where Henry Wynn lives, plus 50 acres, the balance of the 90-acre Nicholas place, plus Dover town lot #73
10. Indiana Outlaw
Indiana Outlaw gets the 170-acre balance of the second 320-acre tract, plus 15 acres on the south side of Sugar Camp Hollow, near where Travis Moore lives;
11. Patsy Levoy Earl Outlaw
Patsey Levoy Erl Outlaw gets 390 acres at the mouth of Cane Creek on Tennessee River, called the Burnt Cabbin place, plus 110 acres by the Big Pond on Tennessee River near the head of Leatherwood Creek, plus 50 acres on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek called the Ball place, plus 50 acres called the Gabsey? place, plus Dover town lot #74

Eleanor Ward 1780 – 1852 | parents
& Benjamin Hardy 1779 – 1821 | parents
of Bertie Co NC

Eleanor Ward and Benjamin Hardy, Bertie Co, NC had:
1. Edward Bruce Hardy 28 Dec 1800 –
a. Joseph H Hardy 1824 – 1897
married 2 Oct 1860 Louisa Camilla Bishop Feb 1833 – Feb 1862 no issue
married by 1869 Lucy E Bishop 1839 – 1919
all three children bapt Grace Church Woodville 2 May 1886
i. Edward Bruce Hardy 13 March 1870 – 21 Dec 1918
Burial: Edward Bruce Hardy Dec. 21, 1918 Methodist Churchyard, Colerain, NC
ii. Pearl Mary Hardy 1873 – 1930
married Luther Yeates Holloman 1 July 1877 – 28 Jan 1949
son of George Dorsey Holloman and Mary Ann Boyce
1. Joseph H Hardy Holloman 16 Nov 1912 – 19 Nov 1912
2. Winifred Holloman
married Gilbert Hall of Jacksonville Bch FL
iii. Joseph Bishop Hardy 1875 – 1902

2. Humphrey Hill Hardy 30 April 1802 – 20 Jan 1861
married Mary Bond ca 1806 – bef 1857
a. Eleanor Hardy ca 1820 – 1848
she is shown between 5 and 10 yr of age in 1830 census
married [Col.] Starkey Sharpe III 1809 – 1867 as his 2nd wife
i. Cornelia Sharp 1844 –
ii. Celia Sharp 1846 –
iii. Mary B Sharp 1847 –
Major J W Moore’s “Hertford County”, p. 77: Year 1848:
“Alas! amid these gayeties died Eleanor, the young and beautiful wife of Col. Starkey Sharpe. She was the oldest daughter of Humphrey Hardy of Bertie, and was as much beloved for her gentle virtues as admired for her personal charms.”

b. Mary E Hardy 1822 – 1857
married William J Holley ca 1820 – 1890
c. Henry Benjamin Hardy, Esq. 1826 – Jackson NC
married Josephine E ? ca 1828 –
i. Mary M Hardy ca 1848 –
ii. Joseph Waters Hardy ca 1850 – bapt 23 June 1850
iii. David Barnes Hardy bapt 23 June 1850
iv. Julia Waters Hardy bapt 9 May 1852 – burial 28 Nov 1923
v. Henry Benjamin Hardy ca 1854 –
[index says age 53 at marriage?]
married NH Co NC 11 April 1907 Mabel Picard ca 1871 –

Dear Aunt Sally: Do you recall the attorney Henry Benjamin Hardy, son of Humphrey Hill Hardy? He’s mentioned by Major Moore in discussing members of the local bar in the 1850s. Also, he and his wife Josephine and infant children show up in the records for St. Thomas Church, Windsor at the same time. Well, I discovered on my last afternoon in Jackson that they are buried at the Church of the Saviour. Directly behind the Calvert plot is a large magnolia grave with six tombstones under it. They are extremely weathered. I could make out H. B. Hardy, Josephine Hardy and Julia W. Hardy. There were two children’s stones that I could not make out. The one legible stone was another H. B. Hardy, who is plainly their son who married Miss Mabel Picard. She’s buried all the way across the cemetery with her folks. I looked in Henry Lewis’ transcription of the parish register this morning. NONE of them them are in there except Miss Mabel. This doesn’t surprise me as I’ve found other instances of folks we know are definately buried there but not in the book. Love, James

d. Dr. William Agustus Hardy 1829 – single in 1880
his half sisters Ida and Maggie were living with him in 1880 Lamourie, Rapides, LA
e. Thomas E Hardy 1831 – 10 Jan 1889 obit
suddenly in Lewiston while on a visit
married 1st 8 Mar 1853 Rebecca Jane Miles – died 5 July 1855?
i. William H Hardy Feb 1854 – aft 1930 Portsmouth VA merchant
married NH Co NC 20 Dec 1876 Josephine A Joyner Sept 1854 – aft 1930
1. Alta Hardy ca 1877 –
2. Daisy Hardy Mar 1882 –
married 2nd 3 Aug 1856 Hortense Bowden ca 1839 –
ii. Charles L Hardy Dec 1859 –
iii. Hortense Hardy 1861 –
married NH Co NC 9 Feb 1882 Kindred Baugham ca 1855 –
married 3rd 8 July 1863 Sarah Elizabeth Drew Jan 1831 –
iv. Margaret [Maggie] Hardy ca 1871 – 16 April 1940
married NH Co NC 12 May 1920 R J Baker 7 Oct 1859 – 11 April 1921
f. Lucy A. Hardy 1834 –
g. Leanora Celia Hardy ca 1836 –
married 20 Aug 1854 John W Saunders of Edgecombe Co
by Benjamin S Bronson, Rector of St. Thomas Church, Windsor, at the house of Humphrey Hardy;
witness Humphrey Hardy – Grace Episcopal Register – & Bertie Co Marriages

h. Sarah [Sallie] Edith Hardy 10 Sept 1837 – 24 Dec 1908
sister of J W Hardy of Lewiston according to Benjamin Gilliam’s obit
married 6 Aug 1857 David Benjamin Gillam 4 Mar 1831 – 26 May 1888 Bertie Co
son of Wiley Jones Gilliam and Elizabeth Rascoe Bond
left wife and six children according to his obit.

i. Lewis Gillam 1858 – 9 May 1859

ii. Thomas Gillam 27 Nov 1859 – 29 Oct 1925
married bef. 1883 Alice Brimage Outlaw
married 18 Apr 1883 Cora Scott Rascoe
iii. William Gillam 1 June 1861 – 1863
iv. Mary B. [Mollie] Gillam 30 Nov 1862 – 4 July 1937 Littleton NC
v. Ruth Gillam 22 Jun 1865 – 24 Oct 1950 Norfolk VA
married 25 Sep 1882 David Benjamin Ballance 6 Mar 1840 – 27 June 1904
vi. Sarah [Sallie] Gillam 12 Nov 1874 –
vii. John Bond Gillam 9 Aug 1876 – 13 Aug 1939 Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
married 10 April 1900 Sallie Hasseltine Bond
viii. Benjamin Gillam 10 June 1878 – 1894
i. John Hardy ca 1840 –
j. Lydia Hardy ca 1842 –
k. James Ward Hardy ca 1844 – Pitt Co 1880 cem.
married Rebecca Simmons ca 1846 –
his step-sister
i. Mary A. Hardy 1866 –
ii. James Hardy 1868 –
iii. Emma Hardy 1870 –
iv. Charles R Hardy 1872 –
v. H B Hardy 1876 –
vi. Adalade Hardy 1877 –
vii. William O Hardy 1879 –
l. Julia Hardy ca 1848 –
m. Martha Hardy 1849 –
married 2nd 1857 Martha Bynum [Simmons] ca 1823 – bef 1870?
a. Frank Hardy ca 1858 – dy
b. Ida Hardy ca 1860 – 1942 Forsythe Co NC
married Pegram
c. Maggie Hardy ca 1861 –
married George S West of Norfolk VA
3. Alfred Hardy 16 Feb 1804 –
4. Elizabeth Hardy 9 Mar 1805 –
5. Sarah Sowell Hardy 15 Oct 1806 –
6. John Hardy 4 Nov 1809 –
7. Charles Hardy 28 Nov 1811 –
8. William James Hardy 9 Sept 1812 –
9. Andrew Jackson Hardy 12 June 1815 –
10. Munroe Ruffin Hardy 10 Oct 1818 –
11. Thomas Benjamin Hardy [merchant] ca 1821 – 23 April 1860
married NH Co NC 17 Nov 1847 Caroline [Carrie] Elizabeth Miles ca 1825 – bef 1880?
a. Mary E. Hardy ca 1848 –
b. George Hardy ca 1850 –
c. Lucy A Hardy 1853 –
married NH Co NC 6 Mar 1878 James B Boyce ca 1853 –
d. Eliza [Lizzie] Hardy 1855 –
married NH Co NC 30 April 1879 C C Mathias ca 1851 –
e. Jeanne Hardy 1857 –
Notes from James:
Josephine E. Hardy is listed as a communicant in 1849.

Leonora C. Hardy to John W. Saunders 1854

Julia Hardy Nov. 28, 1853

I also discovered that Miss Mabel Picard of the Church
of the Saviour in Jackson married Henry Benjamin
Hardy. I think this was in the 1870s or 1880s.
Consequently this Mr. Hardy must be a son or nephew of
the one who was the attorney in Windsor in the 1850s.

e-mail from Becky Dozier

Sally, he (Thomas Benjamin Hardy) married Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth MILES on 17 Nov 1847 in Northampton Co., NC . I have the Miles Bible which has this date in it.


I found them on the census in Bertie Co., NC, but I didn’t find Caroline in 1880. I also located one children’s marriage in Northampton, but none of the other children’s records. Do you know anything about their children and who they married or what happened to them?


Caroline married Thomas B. Hardy on 17 Nov 1847 in Northampton Co, NC
Her brother Samuel Miles was a witness to this marriage


Caroline was called “Carrie” and in a deed dated 28 Sept 1873, CARRIE sold to her brother William E. Miles a certain parcel of land known as “the residence of the late William Miles, dec’d.”


Caroline and her family were living in BERTIE CO, NC in 1850, 1860 & 1870


Thomas B. Hardy—age 28—merchant—born in NC
Caroline—age 25—born in NC
Mary E. —- age 1
Eleanor—age 70
John Gilliam—age 18 —– Student
William Sutton—age 14—student
George Reid—Clerk
Thomas C. —-age 19 —- Student
1860 Bertie, NC
Caroline Hardy –age 39
Mary E Hardy –age 12 1847 Female
George Hardy –age 10 1849 Male
Lucy Hardy –age 6 1853 Female
Eliza Hardy –age 4 1855 Female
Jane Hardy –age 2 1857 Female
Amanda Bunch –age 40 1819 Female
Adaline Pexly –age 30, b. 1829 New York, Female, Teacher
Ucaga Whitehead –age 25 1834 North Carolina Male, Clerk
Hill Boon –age 35 1824, Mulato,
Caroline –age 45 –born in NC
Mary–age 21
George age 20
Lucy–age 17
Lizzie –age 15
Jeanne — 12
Peter Rooks —-age 17

2nd e-mail from Becky re Thomas E Hardy

She died 5 July 1858 (Miles Bible Records)


Thomas E. Hardy married 2nd Hortense Bowden on 3 August 1856, Northampton Co., NC


Hortense Bowden died prior to 1863, when Thomas married Sarah Elizabeth Drew on 8 July 1863, Northampton Co., NC. They were recorded on the NORTHAMPTON CO., NC 1870 CENSUS & 1880 NORTHAMPTON CO. CENSUS.–SEE BELOW


Children of the Hardy/Miles marriage—William who was age 6 on Bertie Co., NC 1860 census


1860 BERTIE CO, NC CENSUS, p 135
Thomas E. Hardy—age 28
Hortense —20
William H.–age 6—–Rebecca Jane Miles & Thomas E. Hardy’s son??
Charles L. —age 5/12 months




Thomas E. HARDY—age 38
Sarah E. ———-age 35
William H.———–age 15
Charley————–age 10
Hortense ———–age 9
Marvin HOLLAND–age 26—-domastic
Jason —–age 11–farm labor
Margaret CURRY—age 40—-domestic
Robert —15
Thomas 2—


No relationship was given for the other families living with Thomas E. Hardy.


1880 Census Place: Rich Square, Northampton, North Carolina
Source: FHL Film 1254975 National Archives Film T9-0975 Page 370D
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Thomas E. HARDY Self M M W 48 NC
Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Elizabeth V. HARDY Wife F M W 48 NC
Occ: Keeping House Fa: NC Mo: NC
Charles HARDY Son M S W 19 NC
Occ: Works On Farm Fa: NC Mo: NC
Hortense HARDY Dau F S W 17 NC
Occ: At Home Fa: NC Mo: NC
Maggie HARDY Dau F S W 8 NC
Fa: NC Mo: NC
Elizabeth HASSEL Other F S W 30 NC
Occ: Servant Fa: NC Mo: NC



Here is what I found on William Augustus Hardy and his family.
1870 US Federal Census, Lamourie, Rapides, LA
1880 US Federal Census, Lamourie, Rapides, LA
In both census records he is listed as single but in the 1880 record there are two young women living with him and are named “sister”. They are
Ida Hardy
Margaret (Maggie) Hardy.

Ida and Maggie are supposedly the children of Humphrey H. Hardy and his second wife Martha Bynum Simmons which would make Ida and Maggie half-sister to William Augustus Hardy. when Ida Hardy Pegram died in Forsyth County, NC in 1942 her death certificate names Humphrey Hardy and Martha Bynum as her parents.
Maggie Hardy married George S. West and they lived their lives out in Norfolk, VA.

In the 1870 census record (Bertie Co., NC) I find Ida and Maggie Hardy living with another half sibling: James Ward Hardy and M. Rebecca (Simmons) Hardy. Rebecca, wife of James Ward Hardy, was the dau. of Martha Bynum Simmons. So James married his step-sister.
Faye Jarvis Moran

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  1. Have you done a DNA test through and of these companies? I am ISO information to my 3X g grandfather Charlie Ward abt 1800- abt 1890. Only true documentation I have on him and family is his wife was Jane; they lived in Sweetwater, Monroe County, Tennessee. My grandfather, Charles S Ward who passed away in 2005 from Monroe County, Tennessee told me he never knew him but family says Jane was Cherokee. I can’t seem to find who his father was. Wondered if you or someone may have knowledge of that family it would be greatly appreciated? I have done the DNA both through Ancestry and 23andme.

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