Isaac Hill will 1710

Sally’s 6-great Grandparents:

Isack [Isaac] Hill ca 1660 – ca 1714 | parents
& Unknown | parents
of West of Chowan River, Chowan Prec., North Carolina

1683 Isaac Hill appears in the records of the North Carolina higher court records bringing suit in June.
He also served as a juror in Sept of 1683.

1697 Isaac Hill was appointed to appraise an estate in October 1697.
Witness in Ct (Chowan) Oct 8.

1699 Patented land Deed Book F page 157 Isaac Hill to James Constant of Chowan County. 28 Jan 1739. 200¬£ for 640 A. on west side Chowan River, which land was surveyed for Isaac Hill, Grandfather of Isaac Hill by a draught of patent bearing Date the twenty-first day of March (or May) which was in the year of Our Lord Christ Sixteen Hundred and Ninety nine (which) Descending to him the said Isaac Hill from his Grandfather
Wit: William Wesson, jurat, William Wesson, Jun. Nov Ct 1740.

1708 Isaac Hill mentioned as land owner.

Isack Hill’s Will

In the Name of God Amen. The Third Day of March, in ye year of our Lord God, One thousand, Seven hundred & Ten,
I, Isack Hill, of Chowan prcindt, in ye province of North Carolina, planter, being sick of Body, but of Good & perfect Memory (God be praised), Doe Make & ordaine this my last will & Testam’t (& I utterly revoke & Disannull Every other former Testaments, Wills, legaces, & bequeiths, Executor & overseer by me in any wise before this time, made, named, willed & bequeathed) in manner & forme following:
First, I Commend my Soul into ye Hands of God my maker, hopeing assuredly through ye onely merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour, to be made partaker of life Everlasting; & I Commend my Body to ye Earth where It is made, to be Decently buried by my Executors hereafter named; & what Estate God Allmighty has been pleased to bless me with in this world I will Give & bequeith in manner following, Vizt:

My Tract of land I now live upon, Containing Six hundred & forty Acres; to Be Equally Devided between three of my Sons, Vizt: Michal, John & Isack,
that is two hundred & Thirteen Acres & one third part of one Acre to My Son Michal (which he now lives upon)
& ye same quantity of land Adjoyning to my Son Michals (which he now lives upon his land) I give to my Second Son Isack,
& ye other Devidend of ye tract I Give to my Third Son John
& to my Youngest Son, Nathaniel, I give three hundred & twenty acres of land I bought from Thomas Pollock adjoyning to that part of ye foresd Tract I have Given to my Son Michal.
Ye above quanity of land I have Given to Each of my Sons by this my last will & Testam’t, I intale on them, their heirs & assigns for Ever, & when it shall please God to Call one or any of them, haveing no Issue, makes then their land to be equally Devided among their Surveying Brothers, & having Given my Eldest Son, Michal, his Share of ye Cattle & hoggs,
ye remaining part, that is those that Shall be found properly belonging to me at my Death, I Give unto my three Sons, Isack, John & Nathaniel,
& my Dear Daughter Martha, shall have her choice of ye Cattle & Hoggs for her share, not Exceeding ye Same Number her Brother has & their Shares I leave to be given them by my Executor
& I further will that ye hand mill shall remaine for ever where she now is
& that all my children shall have equal previledge to use her where she now stands
& this Dwelling house
& all ye other houses on this plantation to me,
I Give to him whose land they happen to be upon & Commit ye Emediate Care of my hand Mill to him.
I will that all my household furniture to be Equally Devided between my three Sons Isac, John & Nathaniel & my Daughter Martha always letting her Chose for her Share & theirs to be Given them according to ye pleasure of my Executors.

I will that my horse & mare remaine at ye Plantation where they now are for ye use of ye Same till they Increase to four, & then to be Devided to my three Sons last named & my Daughter Martha.

& I appoint Capt Robt West, Executor of this my last will & Testam’t, likewise, I leave to his Care my youngest Son, Nathaniel till he be Capable to provide himself a livelihood, or till he be Majour, & Desire he may Endeavour to keep my two sons, Isack & John, on ye plantation where their Sister Martha, till they Can better provide for themselves.

In witness whereof I have hereunto Subscribed my name & Seal, to this my last will and Testament, before these wittnesses: Edward Bryan, William Maule, & John Hale. Isack Hill X Seal

William Maule, Edward Bryan, John Hale
Recorded in Will Book 2, page 33 (Grimes)

Jan Ct 1713/14 Isaac Hill was witness to two deeds signing with his mark.
Perhaps was this one still alive.

Children of Isaac Hill of 1710 will:
1. Michael Hill ca 1688 – ca 1712
married Elinor Bush
dau of William Bush and Martha Hill
2. Isaac Hill ca 1690 – inventory 1734 Bertie Co
married ?
3. John Hill ca 1692
“apparently died without issue”
4. Nathaniel Hill ca 1695
married Elizabeth Hardy
dau of John Hardy
5. Martha Hill nfi

Grandchildren of Isack Hill of 1710 will:

Child of Michael Hill died ca 1712 and wife Elinor:
1. Isaac Hill ca 1712 – 1772 died Hertford Co, NC
married Mary? Stallings
daughter of Lot Stallings died 1749 Bertie Co

Child of Isaac Hill Jr. died 1734 :
1. John Hill bef 1721 – 1763 Bertie Co will
married ca 1742 Martha Whitmell (Bate) 20 Feb 1722/23 –
she married 2nd Charles Blount
a. Whitmel Hill 12 Feb 1743 – 1797 Martin Co
married 1761 Winifred Blount d. 1799 Martin Co
i. Joseph Blount Hill 5 Oct 1762 – 26 Nov 1795 dsp
ii. John Hill d. 29 Dec 1801 Bertie Co left no issue
married Mary Whitmell Bryan
she married 2nd 11 Mar 1806 Whitmel Hill Pugh
iii. Thomas Blount Hill 26 Feb 1775 – 15 Oct 1815 Bertie Co 6 children
married 26 Nov 1799 Rebecca Norfleet 28 Jan 1787 – 19 May 1845
daughter of Reuben Norfleet
iv. Elizabeth Hill 7 children
married John Anthony d 1812 Halifax Co
b. Henry Hill d 1793
married Martha Whitmell Williams 1771 – 1827 ts
dau of Joseph John Williams
Martha married 2nd Dr. Samuel Thorne of Halifax Co
i. Joseph John Hill d. 13 Aug 1808 dsp
result of fall from his horse
c. Elizabeth Hill d. 22 Aug 1785
married 15 Mar 1764 Jonathan Jacocks d. 24 May 1787 Bertie Co
i. Charles Worth Jacocks 16 Nov 1767 – 10 Dec 1803 2 children
married 18 Sept 1791 Janet Young
ii. Jonathan Jacocks 28 Dec 1769 – 2 Dec 1810 Bertie Co 5 children
married 17 March 1791 Elizabeth Hill his cousin
1. Jonathan H Jacocks
2. Ann Eliza Jacocks
married 1st William Speller Rhodes
married 2nd James Rascoe ca 1797 – 1834 Bertie Co
3. Charles W Jacocks
4. Richard N Jacocks
5. Mary Caroline Jacocks
married James Van Pelt Reed
iii. John Hill Jacocks 19 Dec 1765 – 17 Mar 1777
iv. Anne W Jacocks 5 Feb 1775 – 18 March 1810 5 children
married 24 May 1793 Richard Nixon
v. Thomas Jacocks 23 July 1783 – 27 Sept 1784
vi. John Hill Jacocks 24 Feb 1778 – 4 Aug 1848 8 children
married 1st Eunice Burritt
married 2nd Sarah Burritt
married 3rd Mrs. Grace [Thompson] Munson
d. Mary Hill
married Thomas Ballard d by 1794 Bertie Co
i. Martha Ballard 2 children
married Thomas Fitt
ii. Levin Ballard living in 1818
iii. Mary Ballard 5 children
married Henry Wright
e. Winifred Hill
married William Scott Pugh 1745 – 1808 Bertie Co
f. Sarah Hill
married Francis Pugh 1757 – of Franklin Co

Children of Nathaniel Hill & Elizabeth Hardy:
1. Michael Hill 26 Oct 1726 – bef 1760
married Elizabeth Collins
a. Hardy Hill 21 Feb 1756 – 5 Sept 1777 Bertie Co
married Jeanette [Janet] Bryan
she married 2nd Thomas Whitmel Pugh
i. Elizabeth Hill 18 Feb 1776 –
married 17 Mar 1791 Jonathan Jacocks
b. Mary Hill still had guardian in 1772
she m 2nd Alexander How
2. Nathaniel Hill died bef 1764 without issue


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