Jesse Cotten & Martha Whitehead

Descendants of Sally’s 5-great- grandparents
Arthur Cotten & Mary Elizabeth Rutland of Mulberry Grove

Jesse Cotten 1754 – 1802 | his parents
& 1777 Martha Whitehead 1758 – 1838 | her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
looking for male line Cotten/on desc. to take part

Jesse Cotten, son of Arthur and Elizabeth Rutland Cotten, was born 30 Oct 1754.
He married Martha Whitehead 25 June 1777.
Martha was the daughter of William Whitehead and wife Abby of Halifax Co., NC.
She was born 13 Sept 1758. She died 22 Dec 1838.

Jesse Cotten is on the list of The Third Division of the Militia Draughted in the Regiment of Hertford County (1778-1780)

Jesse Cotten wrote his will on the 25th of Nov 1802.
Jesse Cotten died 12 Dec. 1802. He was buried in the garden of his home.

The Jesse Cotten Family Cemetery – Lewiston, NC – is 2 1/4 miles from Lewiston on left side of Lewiston-Kelford Road about 600 yards from the road. It is on the land of Mrs. J.J. Parker.

“And I hereby make and ordain my beloved wife and my son Lewis Cotten and my brother Godwin Cotten Executors of this my last will and testament”

Will of Jesse Cotten Bertie Co NC Bk E pp167,168, 169 or Bk E pp 191, 192, 193

In the Name of God, Amen I Jesse Cotten of Bertie County being of sound mind and memory blessed be God do this the 25th day of November in the year of our Lord 1802 make and publish this my last will and testament that is to say I Give my body to the earth to be buryed in a deacent manner and my soul to God who gave it and shall dispose of my worldly goods in the following manner &c

Item I lend unto my well beloved wife the land and plantation whereon I now live dureing her natural life and the plantation Utensials such as is now on the plantation also I give unto my wife six cows & calfs four sows that belong to the plantation also I give unto my wife my gray horse and bay horse also I give unto my wife all my household and kitchen furniture also three feather beds and furniture I also lend unto my well beloved wife dureing her natural life the following negroes Jacob Truce and Patt and there increase

Item I give unto my son Lewis Cotten one negro man named Dannel one feather bed & furniture two sows and pigs to him and his heirs forever

Item I give unto my son Cullen Cotten one negro boy named Peter one bed and furniture to him and his heirs forever

Item I lend unto my daughter Elizabeth Cotten one negro Girl named Nance but in case she should have an heir lawfully begotton of her body then it is my will to give the said negro Nance to her and her heirs forever I give unto my daughter Elizabeth one feather bed & furniture

Item I Give unto my daughter Caroline in case she has an heir lawfully begotton of her body one negro named Darcas to her and her heirs forever

Item I give unto my daughter Polley in case she has an heir lawfully begotton of her body one negro named Beck to her and her heirs forever

Item I give unto my daughter Dolley in case she has as heir lawfully begptten of her body one negro named Joan to her and her heirs forever

Item I give unto my son Jessee Cotten one negro named Mark to him and his heirs forever

Item I give unto my son Godwin Cotten one negro named Tom to him and his heirs forever

Item I give unto my son Lewis Cotten one negro named Lonnon to him and his heirs forever

Item it is my will and desire that all my negros that I have given away and lent should be Kept together on my lands and put under the care and direction of my son Lewis Cotten for which service & trouble it is my desire to give him the one fourth on every thing he can raise & make untill he marries also the negroes which I have not given away to be included among them and in case any accidence should befall my son Lewis it is my desire that my son Cullen should take place if my Executors thinks he is compitent to manage the estate and turn it to the same advantage that my son Lewis has done and that my son Lewis shall have the use of the estate untill my son Cullen come of the age of twenty-one and as my children shall come of the age of twenty-one years or marries it is my desire that they shall have there legacies already given away

Item I Give unto my beloved wife my wriding chair & geer &c

It is my will and desire that if any of the childrens legacies or negros shoud dye before the residue of my estate is equally divided among them that it shoud be made good out of the property that is still remaining not given away

Item It is my will and desire that my wife & children shall have the use of my land & plantation lying on Roanoak river for six years or untill the year eighteen hundred and eight and if my wife shoud dye before that time it is my desire that an equal division of all my estate that is not given away should take place and be equally divided among my children then living at my wifes death or the time above stated after paying my just debts that is lands negros &c And I hereby make and ordain my beloved wife and my son Lewis Cotten and my brother Godwin Cotten Executors of this my last will and testament In witness whereof I Jessee Cotten have to this my will and testament set my hand & seal the day & date above written Sign’d Sealed published & declar’d Jessee (x) Cotten
in presence of us
Joseph Benthall Catherine (x) Hayse Nancy (x) Kinnchan

Bertie County February Court 1803: proved by Joseph Benthall George Gray CCC

After the death of Martha Whitehead Cotten in 1838 there was the distribution and division of Jesse Cotten Sen’s estate.viz
1. to H H Hardy adm. of Jessee Cotten, jun
2. to Godwin Cotten
3. to Mary Higgs
4. to Iredell S Jordon adm. of Caroline Raby
5. to William Britton adm of Lewis Cotten
6. to Asa Biggs adm of Elizabeth Andrews
7. to Joseph B Cherry adm of Cullen Cotten of TN
8. to Dorothy Carter

Children of Jesse Cotten and Martha Whitehead:

1. Lewis Cotten 24 July 1778 – 8 Feb 1817 NH co, NC  his adm. William Britton
[Lewis Cotton filed gdn. accts for William, Langley, and Josiah Granberry orphans of William Granberry at Mar Ct 1814 and Mar Ct. 1815.
1810 Bertie Co 1 0/10, 2 10/15, 2 26/45; 2 f 10/15, 1 f 45+; 21 sl
married before 28 Dec 1813 Letita Bishop [Grandbury] ca 1765 – aft 31 May 1841
[pet. NH co Ct for her year’s provision Mar Ct 1817]
1840 Franklin Co AL
L. Cotten 1 male 15/20, 1 f 60/70 sls 3 under 10, 1 10/24, 1 f under 10, 2 10/24, 1 36/55 10 t 1 in agriculture

Letita had married 1st William Grandbury d. ca 1808
a. William Grandberry
b. Langley Grandberry d. bef 31 May 1841
i. Mary L Granberry
ii. Frances E Granberry
iii. William G Grandberry
c. Josiah Grandberry

NCGSJ-VI-52 Cotten, Letitia of Franklin Co., AL, 31 May 1841, “for the consideration especially of the love and affection I have for my grandchildren Mary L Granbery, Frances E Granbery and William G Granbery. . children of my decd. son Langley Granbery..” have this day appointed William Britton, Esq of Bertie Co, NC attorney to receive from all persons – the proceeds “of my lands in the Counties of Northampton and Bertie, NC..” and apply the profits of the said lands to the benefit of my said grandchildren. Wit: James G Mhoon?, WJ Mhoon?

2. Cullen Cotten 25 Dec 1785 – dec by 12 Aug 1839 TN
this would be the Cullen Cotten found in Washington Co, TN 1819
and in the 1820 census in Humphrey Co, TN
1m 0/10, 1m 26/45, 3f 0/10, 1f 26/45
when in Bertie Co NC Joseph B Cherry was appointed adm.
of Cullen Cotten dec’d of Tennessee

3. Elizabeth Coffield Cotten 18 Mar 1788 – 14 Apr 1817
married 20 May 1806 Henry Andrews 10 Mar 1785 – 16 June 1817
of Bertie Co info from the Bible of Asa Biggs and wife Martha
her administrator Asa Biggs

a. Thomas Andrews 6 Jan 1808 – 4 Feb 1836 Alexandria LA
b. Joseph Andrews 11 Feb 1810 – Sept 1842 MS aged 32 yrs
c. Amanda M. C. Andrews 11 Dec 1811 – 21 July 1823
d. Martha Elizabeth Andrews 19 May 1814 – 13 Oct 1885 Williamston, NC
married 26 June 1832 Judge Asa Biggs 4 Feb 1811 – 6 Mar 1878
both buried Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA 10 children

asabiggs1 asabiggsh

Judge Asa Biggs, US Senator 1855-1858 and Congressman,
member of State Conventions 1835 and 1861, Federal and Confederate Judge
his home in Williamston NC built ca 1833 with later additions
Asa was the son of Joseph Biggs ca 1766 – 1844, a Baptist minister,
and his 3rd wife Chloe Daniel ca 1775 -1845
Asa’s siblings were Joseph D, William, Kader, and Louisa F all living in 1862 in Williamston when they were driven as refugees from their homes by the “public enemy.”
found in a History of Martin County by the Martin County Historical Society

i.Theodore Henry Biggs 27 Aug 1833 – 24 Oct 1833
ii. Lucy Elizabeth Biggs 2 Apr 1835 – 11 Oct 1867 Tarboro, NC dsp
per Biggs Book — buried Primitive Baptist Church yard, Tarboro
left diary in Martin Memorial Library

iii. Junius Biggs 17 Oct 1837 – 29 Jul 1839 Warrenton, NC

iv. Martha Cotten [Cottie] Biggs 17 Oct 1839 – 6 May 1913 Williamston NC
married 20 Dec 1865 William Thomas Crawford 29 Jun 1833 – 22 Feb 1904
both buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Williamston, NC 8 children [2 died young?]
1. Henry Crawford
2. Asa Thomas Crawford
3. Kader Biggs Crawford
4. Benjamin Coffield Crawford
a. Marie Crawford
married Jordan
b. Benjamin Coffield Crawford Jr ca 1921 – of Lewisville NC
married to Sybilla Conrad
i.Cheryl Conrad Crawford
married Michael Dennis Cassel
1. Stephen Michael Cassel
2. Benjamin Scott Cassel
ii. Cindra Crawford 1955 –
married David Alan Caldwell 1955 –
1. Kendall Marie Caldwell 1985 –
2. Seth Crawford Caldwell 1989 –
iii. Christina Crawford
married David Kub
1 James Benjamin Kub
2. Kelsey NIcole Kub
c. Chloe Crawford [twin of Josephine]
married Underwood
d. Josephine Crawford [twin of Chloe]
married Collins
e. William Thomas Crawford
5. Martha Cotten [Pattie] Crawford dsp
6. Anna Biggs Crawford dsp
v. William Biggs 9 Feb 1843 – 30 Sept 1883 Oxford NC 4 children
married 29 Apr 1869 Elizabeth Arrington “Lizzie” Cooper
8 Feb 1849 – 27 Nov 1927
dau of James Crawford Cooper and Lucy Mann Williams, Oxford NC
1. William Cooper Biggs 20 Jun 1870 – 1901 Raleigh, NC
buried Elmwood Cemetery, Oxford, NC
2. James Crawford Biggs 29 Aug 1872 – 30 Jan 1960 Raleigh, NC
married 7 Feb 1906 Marjorie Campbell Jordan 23 Mar 1882 – 15 May 1977
both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC 1 child
a. Marjorie Jordan Biggs 17 Feb 1910 – 10 Jun 1985
3. Lulie Williams Biggs 10 Mar 1879 – 22 Mar 1967 Fayetteville, NC 3 ch.
married 14 Feb 1906 Edwin Robeson MacKethan 7 Sep 1869 – 16 Dec 1951
died Augusta GA, both buried Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC
ancestors of Edwin R MacKethan
4. Jeannette Elliott Biggs 12 Jul 1882 – 15 Oct 1968 Fayetteville, NC
buried Elmwood Cemetery, Oxford, NC
“Lizzie” married 2nd 2 Mar 1886 William H White
vi. Chloe Francis Biggs 3 Feb 1845 – 28 Feb 1924 1 child
married Cornelius Whiting Kellinger of Elizabeth City NC
1. Frank Kellinger

vii. Henry Andrews Biggs 24 Feb 1847 – 12 Apr 1865
killed in Civil War wounded 8 Apr 1865 at Appomattox VA

viii. Asa Thomas Biggs 10 July 1849 – 10 Nov 1883 SH Co, VA 2 ch
married Apr 1879 Lucy M Massenburg 6 Jan 1855 – 27 May 1933
of SH Co VA – died Norfolk, VA buried Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk
1. William Asa Biggs 1 Jun 1883 – 18 Jun 1939 Baltimore, MD
journalist in Baltimore, MD
married Virginia Rawls 13 Oct 1887 – 11 Oct 1967 MD
both buried Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
2. Bessie Massenburg Biggs 28 Jan 1880 – 11 Jun 1880
ix. Mary Delha Biggs 2 Aug 1851 – 4 Apr 1879 Baltimore, MD
buried Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA

married 17 Jan 1871 George Adolphus Cotten
1841 – 1920 Baltimore MD
1. John Cotten 4 Jul 1872 – 6 Jul 1872
2. Joseph Cotten Jul 1873 – Jul 1873
3. Matilda Gregory Cotten Jul 1874 – Jul 1874
4. Henry Andrews Cotten M.D. 18 May 1876 Norfolk VA – 8 May 1933 Trenton, NJ
in 1912 was the Medical Director of New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton
married 26 Sept 1903 Alice Della Keys 15 Dec 1876 – 1951 2 ch.
5. Lucy Biggs Cotten 17 May 1877 – Sept 1958 4 children
married 2 Aug 1902 Paul Howard Loizeaux 1874 – 1928
6. Delha Cotten 4 Apr 1879 – Oct 1879
x. Anna Eugenia Biggs 2 Mar 1854 – 31 Mar 1922 2 children
married 22 Nov 1882 Samuel H VanCleve 17 Jun 1851 – 3 Oct 1926
of Princeton NJ both buried Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville, NJ
1. Eugene Biggs VanCleve 11 Oct 1886 – 4 Mar 1920 Rosedale, NJ
2. George Arthur VanCleve 5 Jun 1892 – 3 Mar 1967 Princeton, NJ
married 10 Feb 1923 Helen Henrickson Hunt 13 Aug 1898 – Nov 1985
a. John Cotten VanCleve
e. Henry Andrews 20 Sept 1816 – 1847 MS

4. Carolina Cotten 10 June 1792 – bef 1842
her adm Iredel S Jordon
married Luke Raby Jr. 1789/90 – bef 1842 [his 2nd wife]
born after 13 Oct 1789 – date of father’s will
son of Luke Raby and wife Hester Butler 1842 – his adm Stark B Smith

5. Mary [Polly] Cotten 7 Mar 1793 -15 Dec 1861 no issue (Jess Cotten Cemetery)
married 18 March 1813 Johnston Higgs 15 Sept 1795 – 23 Jan 1839
(Jess Cotten Cemetery)

6. Dorothy [Dolly] Cotten 8 Dec 1795 [58 on 1850 census]
married James Carter of Bertie Co
a. Eliza Jane Carter 2 Aug 1814- 15 Nov 1824 (Jess Cotten Cemetery)
b. James Carter ca 1822 [28 on 1850 census]
c. Willie Carter ca 1827- [23 on 1850 census]
d. William Carter ca 1832 [18 on 1850 census]
e. Robert Carter ca 1835 [15 on 1850 census]

7. Jesse Cotten II 13 Feb 1797 – 27 Nov 1838
his adm was H H Hardy
married Jane Levinia Young dau of John & Sarah

a. Jane Cotten 15 Apr 1826 – 18 Jun 1845
(Jess Cotten Cemetery)
married Kader Biggs 23 July 1815 – 22 Feb 1884 Norfolk VA
born in Williamston NC
(brother of Judge Asa Biggs)

i. Mary Jane Cotten Biggs 7 Feb 1845 – 30 July 1916 ts
Mary Jane and John Wood buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
married 20 Jan 1876 John Early Wood 19 Sept 1843 VA – 29 Dec 1919 MD
CSA son of Henry Washington Wood and Phoebe Ann Walton
1. Loula Myrick Wood 23 Dec 1876 Norfolk VA – 12 Aug 1972
buried Scarsdale, NY
married 15 Mar 1902 Oscar Ford Williams 18 Jan 1878 Baltimore, MD – 18 Oct 1975
a. Mary Myrick Williams 11 Nov 1903 -12 Jul 1982 Boise ID
married 1927 Claude DeLancey Edgerton d 1957 Chappaqua NY 2 ch
b. Margaret Henry Williams 1905 –
married 1931 Charles Armistead Bayne 2 ch
c. Anne Walton Williams 1916 –
married 1936 Roger Wellington Tubby 1910 – 4 ch
2. Kader Biggs Wood 5 Aug 1878 – 21 Feb 1879 ts
3. Dr. Henry Walton Wood 27 Aug 1879 VA – 12 Jan 1915 Phila. PA
married 28 June 1905 Grace Elizabeth White 22 Aug 1881 – 6 Aug 1968
of Baltimore
a. Grace Walton Wood
b. Henry Edward Wood
4. Jane Cotten Wood 29 Aug 1881 MD – 14 Jun 1974 Petersburg VA
married Denver CO 1923 Joseph H Richard
a. Mary Jane Richard
5. John Early Wood 2 Nov 1882 MD – 1971 Galenda MD
married 1st Josephine MacKenna
married 2nd Mary White
a. John Walton Early Wood
6. Kader Biggs Wood 4 June 1887 – 21 Feb 1888 ts
Kader married 2nd Nov 1849 Lucy Ann Myrick 1 June 1830 – 7 Oct 1909 ts
Kader and Lucy buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
i. Walter Joseph Biggs 29 Sep 1850 – 5 Dec 1905 ts
married Annie Rebecca Southall 29 Sept 1851 –
1. Kader Biggs 18 Oct 1875 – 16 Sep 1876 ts d infant
2. James Southall Biggs 18 Oct 1875 – 4 Aug 1876 ts d infant
3. Loula Myrick Biggs 3 Mar 1877 – 23 Aug 1879 ts d infant
4. Lucy Clifton Biggs 9 Feb 1880 –
married 30 Apr 1907 Lewis Ward Langhorne
5. Julia Southall Biggs 4 Jan 1883 – 5 Jan 1883
6. Walter Joseph Biggs 4 Jan 1883 – 7 Jan 1883
7. Walter Joseph Biggs 4 June 1886 –
ii. Loula M Biggs 8 Jan 1854 – 17 May 1874 ts

8. Godwin Cotten 6 Sept 1800 – 24 Dec 1843
(Jess Cotten Cemetery)
married 1819 Cynthia Raby 1798 – 27 May 1821

(Jess Cotten Cemetery)
married 1826 Mariah A Rhodes 1808 –

Documents found in the estate packets of Jesse Cotten and Lewis Cotten, Bertie Co NC
transcribed by Sally M Koestler

This paper has judgement in big letters written across the middle.
To all whoam it may concern be it known
That I Lewis Cotten Executor of Jessee Cotten decst & Luke Raby
are held & firmly bonded to Benjamin Jones Guardian of Marina Jernigain
in the sum of Seventeen hundred and fifty eight Dollars Twenty Eight Cents to be paid one day after
the date hereof.
The Condition of the above obligation of Debt. whereas the above bounders Lewis Cotten as Executor of Jesse Cotten desct. has become liable as Executor as afsd. to pay the sum of Eight hundred & Eighty four Dollars fourteen cents within one day after the date here of then this obligation to be void & of no effect otherwise to remain in full force & virtue —– as witness our hands & seals this 20th day of January Ano Domini 1815 —– Lewis Cotten [seal] L. Raby [seal]
Witness. Jno. ACaudle [I am not certain SMK]

State of North Carolina Bertie County } Court of Equity
To Cullen Cotten, Greeting:
For certain cases attend before our court of Equity. we command and enjoin you the said Cullen Cotten, that laying all other maters aside and no withstanding any excuse, you personally appear before the honorable the Judge of the Court of Equity, to be held for the County of Bertie at the Court house in Windsor on the fourth Monday of March next to answer concerning those things which shall then & there be objected to you in and by the Bile of Compliant of Luke Raby & wife Carolina, James Carter & wife Dorotha, Henry Andrews & wife Elizabeth and Mary Cotten, and of Jesse Cotten and Godwin Cotten by their next friend & against Lewis Cotten, exer. & yourself, and further to do & receive what unpaid court shall consider in this behalf — and this you shall in no wise omit under the penalty of one hundred pounds: have you then and then this writ. Witness Benjah Nichols, Clerk and master of our said Court at Windsor the 23rd day of October anno Domini 1815 and in the 40th year of our Independence.
Issued 4th day of April 1816} Benjah Nichols C&M

Luke Raby vs Lettica Cotten
This Suit is bought to recover money which Mr. Raby says he paid for Security for Lewis Cotten.
Thare was a marriage Contract between Lewis Cotten & the defendeant, but the Contract was not registered until abt. 13 mos after the mariage — on this ground I expect Raby brings his suit, but Mr. Wm. Britton the wrightfull amdrs. brought a Suit against Mrs. Cotten a Little While after Cotten’s death & the Jury found in her favour. Cotten died in Febry 1817 therefore the Statute of Limitation against a barr of that does not & the fact is Raby has not paid the debt. — all these pleas Mrs. Cotten wants to be enterd & any other you think will be to her advantage — This writ is returned by this Sup. Court March 1823.

State of North Carolina,
To the Sheriff of Bertie County Greeting

Whereas heretofore to wit, at the Spring term 1821 of the Superior Court Law of Bertie County by Luke Raby brought unto the said Court his writ action as the Case, damages against William Britton as administrator of Lewis Cotten, when and where the defendent pleads to the said action as follows,”Equl issue payment and sat off slat tims fully adminst. in all its forms,” debts of higher dignity retainer, va assets ultra.?” To whit the plantiff took Repl and Issae,” and the was continued to the next term, when it was also continued to the next term, [viz Spring term 1822,] when and where the said cause coming on to be tried the following jurors being sworn and charged viz: Sampson Wilder, Will Steel, Richard Boswell, Martin White, Joshua Minton, John Mizles, David White, Dempsey Peale, Joshua Rayner, Elisha Holder, William Capehart and Robert Peterson, say the defendants’ intestate did assume, that he did assume within three years, statute limitations in no but, that there is no payment or set off and assess the plaintiff’s damages at Four hundred and eighty six dollars and sixty-one cents and costs, of which three hundred and Seven dollars and fifty three cents is principal: they further ? “trator has assets to the amount of sixty seven dollars and ninety four cents and that he has no assets to satisfy the balance of the plaintiffs demand.”
And whereas it has been suggested to us that since the dates of the said judgement Luke Raby the plaintiff therein hath departed this life and that letters of administration on his estate have been granted to and taken by Stark B Smith, who complains in his right of administration of Luke Raby to us that the said judgment is yet unpaid and is still due, except the sum of sixty seven dollars ninty four cents for which assets were found as aforesaid in the hands of the said Wm Britton administrator of Lewis Cotten; and the said Stark B Smith administrator of Luke Raby having suggested to us that assets of the said Lewis Cotten sufficient to satisfy the remainder of the said judgment have come to the hands of his administrator, William Britton, since the date of the said judgement and having prayed for remedy in that behalf and we being willing that justice shall be done.
Do therefore command you the said Sheriff of Bertie County to summon the said William Britton administator of Lewis Cotten personally to our Superior Court of Law & be held for Bertie County on the third Monday of September next then and there to show causes if any he have, why the said Stark B Smith administrator of Luke Raby shall not have judgement against the assets of Lewis Cotten that have come to the hands of his administrator William Britton since the rendetion of the said Judgement, for the said sum of Four hundred eighty six dollars sixty one cents of which three hundred and seven dollars fifty three cents is principal crediting the said $486.61 with the said $67.94 what has been paid, the said $307.53 principal bearing interest from the rendition of the said judgement and why he shall not have execution against the said assets for the satisfaction of the said judgement so remaining unpaid and still due. Herein fail not and have you then and there this writ. Witness Solomon Cherry Clerk of the said Court the third Monday of March 1842 in the sixty sixth year of our Independence.
Sol. Cherry, C/C

Administrator’s bond $5000 State of North Carolina, Bertie County
Know all men by these presents that we Jos. B Cherry, William W Cherry, David Outlaw, and Solomon Cherry – – – – -12 day of Aug 1839 – – – – Jos B Cherry Adm. of all goods and chatels – – – of Cullen Cotten of Tennessee.

By authority of the annexed order we the commisioners have this day met and devided the negroes belonging to the Estate of Jesse Cotten Sen. decd in the following manner [viz]
we assigen to H H Hardy, Adm. of Jesse Cotten Junr for the negro specifically bequest to said Jesse which died. Dick. Treasy, Sylvia & Frances valued at one Thousand and seventeen dollars and the balance of the negroes we have devided into eight parts as nearly equal as practable
#1 we allot to H H Hardy Adm. – Winny and Dinah as one Eight valued at nine hundred Dollars and to receive from Godwin Cotten thirteen dollars and seventy five cents,
#2 we allot to said H H Hardy Adm. – Clarry, Becky, Nan, Mitilda and Sunnan as one eighth valued at nine hundred & twenty five dollars and he is to pay to Asa Biggs Adms. of Elizabeth Andrews eleven Dollars and ninty five cents
#3 we allot to Godwin Cotten Joan, Lydia & Emma as one eighth valued at nine hundred & fifty dollars and he is to pay to William Britton, Adm. of Lewis Cotten twenty dollars, to H H Hardy Adm. thirteen and .75 dollars and to Asa Biggs, Adm. $2.50.
#4 we allot to Mary Higgs Harvey & Martha as one eighth valued at nine hundred dollars & to receive of Iredel S Jordan, Adm of Carolina Raby $11. 25.; of Joseph B Cherry, Adm. of Cullen Cotten $2.50
#5 we allot to Iredell S Jordan, Adm. – Simon, Jacob & Patty as one eighth, the value at nine hundred and twenty five dollars and he is to pay to Mary Higgs $11.25.
#6 we allot to Joseph B Cherry, Adm – Felip and Johann as one eighth valued at $925 and he is to pay Mary Higgs $2.50 and to Wm Britton Adm $8.75
#7 we allot to William Britton Adm – Moses and Asa as one eighth valued at $885 and he is to receive from Godwin Cotten $20 and from Joseph B Cherry Adm $8.75
#8 we allot to Asa Biggs, Adm — Suban, Arthur, Louisa & Mary as one eighth valued at $900 and he is to receive of H H Hardy, Adm. $11.25 and of Godwin Cotten $2.50
– nine hundred and thirteen dollars and twenty five cents being each one distributive share. Given —

After the death of Martha Whitehead Cotten in 1838 there was the distribution and division of Jesse Cotten Sen’s estate.viz
1. to H H Hardy adm. of Jessee Cotten, jun
2. to Godwin Cotten
3. to Mary Higgs
4. to Iredell S Jordon adm. of Caroline Raby
5. to William Britton adm of Lewis Cotten
6. to Asa Biggs adm of Elizabeth Andrews
7. to Joseph B Cherry adm of Cullen Cotten of TN
8. to Dorothy Carter

[this link has no documented proof as of yet to connect him to Lewis]
– – NOTE!! — folks DNA evidence says this line is not kin to our Cottens
Zachariah’s line is a separate Virginia line. Perhaps his father is a Lewis! not ours tho.
(desc. as reported by his descendants)
a. Zachariah Cotton ca 1809 – 1857 Crawford Co, Il
married ca 1826 Mary Ann Stroup 1797 – 1855
i. Jesse Ray Cotton 27 May 1826/27 Va – 27 Dec 1912 Coos Co, Or.
Jesse Ray Cotton was born in Virginia, but left and for a time lived in Owen Co., Indiana. Jesse then transferred to Sullivan Co, Missouri. While in Missouri he married Malinda Benham and had four sons. Around 1865, Jesse and his four sons came west in a covered wagon. They settled for a time in Siskiyou Co., CA, as he appears on the voters registry in 1871 as living in Adin. By 1876, Jesse had moved to Jackson Co., Oregon where he filed for water rights on Galls Creek where he was mining. Jesse was a preacher for several years. By 1880, Jesse was living in Coos Co., Oregon with two of his sons, Jesse Pete and James A. By 1910, Jesse was living with his son William. He remained there until his death, December 27, 1912. Jesse Ray was about 86 years old when he died.
married 9 March 1856 Mo Malinda Benham ca 1829 Tn – ?
1. John Lewis Cotton 1858 Mo – 27 Jan 1931 Jackson Co, Or
with Adelia Evelyn Eads 20 Oct 1865 – 20 Dec 1934 [7 children]
a. Jesse L. Cotton 1883 – ?
b. Eva Cotton 1889 – 1934
married Ira Childers 1890 – 1970
c. Martha Jane Cotton 1891 – ?
married Mr. Kinkle
d. Charles James Cotton 11 April 1893 -July 1961 Phoenix, Or
married Ethel Estelle Messenger 1911 -1996
line of Laurie Cotton-Johnson
with Mary [Molly] [“Indian Mary”] Horn

a. Reatha Cotton 1905 –
married Mr. Shaw
2. William Z Cotton Jan 1859 Mo – 30 July 1918 Cooc Co, Oregon
mar. 20 Nov 1889 Margarette V Crosby June 1873 –
a. Minnie M Cotton Oct 1890 –
b. Lora E Cotton Nov 1892 –
c. Alma M Cotton March 1894 –
3. James Andrew Cotton 4 April 1863 Sullivan Co, Mo – 20 Mar 1956 Oregon
mar. 14 Aug 1893 Coos Co, Or Marilda Clementine Hatcher Jan 1864 Iowa
a. James Ruben Cotton June 1894 –
b. Jesse Ray Cotton 15 Sept 1895 –
c. Andrew C Cotton ca 1898 –
d. Bertha Cotton 14 May 1904 –
4. Jesse Pete Cotton 1864 Mo – 15 Mar 1902 Ashland, Jackson Co, Or
mar. Martha Kirby nfi
ii. John Cotton 1831 Va – ?
married 1850 Emily ?
iii. Zachariah Cotton 1835 [37]Owen, In – ?
married 1st unknown
married 6 June 1856 Lydia A Jennings
1. Jane Cotton 1859 –
iv. Lewis Cotton 1836 Indiana – ?
married 25 June 1855 Rebecca Stogsdill ca 1837 In –
v. Andrew Cotton 14 May 1838 Owen Co, In – 15 Feb 1903
Pollock, Sulliavan Co, MO
married 24 Feb 1861 Crawford Co, Il Sarah Wasson
1. Caroline [Carrie] Cotton 4 April 1864 -13 Nov 1921 Robinson, Il
married 23 Oct 1879 Clark Co, Il Thomas Jefferson Pleasant
2. Ella Cotton 1869 –
married 3 Jan 1892 Crawford Co, Il Archie C Keller
met 1866/68 Lucy Anna Davis (Civil War vet.)
6 Oct 1843 OH – 20 Feb 1915 Mt Vernon, Skragit, WA
buried Pollock, Sullivan, MO
1. Leonard Lewis Cotton ca 1869 IL –
[he worked for Lucy’s brother, E D Davis, in the family Hardware store in Mt Vernon
– business didn’t survive the depression]
a. Jenne Cotton ca 1892 Iowa –
b. Effie Cotton ca 1894 Iowa –
c. Earl Cotton ca 1897 Iowa –
2. Laura Cotton ca 1871 MO –
3. Eli Cotton ca 1875 IL –
4. Charles Cotten ca 1879 IL –
vi. Lydia Cotton 1840 Indiana –
vii. Mary Jane Cotton 1848 Illinois-


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