Blacks of ML – Henry Jones Delke & Mary

Henry Jones Delke 1810/14 –
& Mary 1820/24 –
of Maple Lawn


MAPLE LAWN is also the ancestral home of the many descendants of Luke Ward 1802-1878 and those of Henry Jones. The mutual devotion and respect between their families and ours continue to this day. In 1870, these two “Afro-American” families were “living on the place.” The heads of the two families were Luke Ward and Henry Jones both listed as age 60. These men are in James Ward’s 1843 will. They share our heritage of Maple Lawn. “We are like family.”

ca 1918 “the big oak” to the right is a tobacco barn
to the left are the old slave quarters on the farm,
more tobacco barns later took their place.
There were lots of volunteer peaches near this spot when I was little.

Peter Moore’s family lived at the high gate where Uncle Jack later built himself a house. Uncle Cotten lived there for awhile when he first married, Afterward, the Ben Riddick family made it their home. I think that is where Henry and Mary lived also.

Henry Jones (Delke)

Henry Jones (Delke) ca 1810 (1814) –
Married Mary ca 1820 (1824) –
I. Peter Moore ca 1845 – 17 Oct 1920 age 74
a. Sally A [Sadie] Moore 1874 –
Married John Henry Moore ca 1874 –
b. Lucretia Moore 1875 –
Married ca 1900 Irene ca 1869 –
a. Lenora Carter ca 1893 – [Irene’s child by 1st husband]
married Herbert Moore ca 1892
II. Ellen Moore ca 1852 –
III. Nelson Moore ca 1852 –
a. Sallie Moore ca 1890 –
b. Maggie Moore ca 1891 –
c. Essie Moore ca 1893 –
married 1898 Mary Jenkins ca 1874 –
d. Minnie Moore ca 1900 –
e. Jane Moore ca 1902 –
f. Agnes Moore ca 1904 –
g. Nelson Moore ca 1906 –
h. Everette Paul Moore ca 1909 – 1962
married ca 1936 Fannie Drake ca 1922 – dec
i. Walter Lee Moore 1937 – dec
ii. Thomas Earl [Bud] Moore ca 1938 – dec
iii. Junior Moore ca 1939- dec
iv. Mary Moore ca 1941 –
v. Shelley Moore ca 1942 –

Paul Moore’s daughters: Shelley and Mary

vi. Eugene [BaBa] Moore ca 1944 –
vii. Herman Willoughby Moore 3 April 1946 –
viii. Lynwood Moore ca 1948 –

Lynwood Moore

2000 photo by Cathy Spruill

ix. William McCoy Moore ca 1950 –
x. Fannie Moore ca 1952 –
xi. Mildred Moore 1955 –
xii. Patricia Moore ca 1957 –
i. Pauline Moore 1910 –
j. Dave Moore 1914 –
IV. Mary Moore ca 1855 –

email from James
“The received wisdom from the people on the place was that there were two sets of black Moores: the Ward Moores and the real Moores.  The Ward Moores had come from Ann Ward & were all descended from Luke & Mariah.  The real Moores were descended from Nelson, who had come from Mulberry Grove with Major Moore.

Your father told me once that Peter and his brother Anthony were at Anniesdale.  When the Yankees came to Murfreesboro, they took the horses & hid them in the woods.   Was Peter Nelson’s brother?


? Hunter Moore ca 1880 –
married Mattie ca 1883 –
a. William Moore ca 1906 –
b. Erma Jane Moore ca 1908 –
c. Maggie M Moore ca 1911 –
d. Mollie M Moore ca 1913 –
e. Godwin M Moore ca 1915 –
f. Lizzie M Moore ca 1916 –
g. Samuel Moore ca 1918 –
h. Ada B Moore ca 1920 –
i. Lota Moore ca 1921 –
married 2nd Jannie ca 1901 –
a. Lez H Moore ca 1926 –
b. Louise Moore ca 1927 –
c. Benjamin Moore ca 1928 –
d. John W Moore ca 1930 –

? Issy Moore ca 1886 –
Peter Moore ca 1890 –

? WWI reg
Paul Moore 10 March 1880 –
“med high, med, black, black” WWI reg
employed by W&P Railroad
Yancey Moore 5 Oct 1887 –
“tall, med, dark brown, black” WWI reg

Lewis Ward

Lewis Ward ca 1830 (1832) –
married Harriet ca 1830 –
cook at the D V Sessoms
1. Calvin Ward ca 1858 –
2. Cherry Ward ca 1862 –
married Moriah ca 1845 –
3. Joseph Ward ca 1866 –
4. George Ward ca 1872 –

Cotton Harvest


“Gathering cotton in the late nineteenth century South.”
From Benjamin Butterworth’s The Growth of Industrial Arts (1888) (NC Div of Arch. and His.) & Forgotten Gates

The Ben Riddick family
[Uncle Jack’s tenants]

Ben J Riddick 14 Nov 1889 –
Married Margarette A White ca 1893 –
dau. of Charles G. White, the colored educator (44 in 1910)
raised their large educated family living at “the high gate” of Maple Lawn
there was BJ, Ethel Mae, Calandra, Hattie, Ed, and Juliet
( I may have missed one or two. The Riddick family were exemplary neighbors.)


View from “the high gate.”

2001 photo by Cathy Spruill

From the Will of “Anne Ward Moore” signed 6 Nov 1900.
“I wish the same tenants namely Webster Moore, Luke Moore, and Noah Moore to continue tenants on the farm. And under the same conditions as long as they act according to the same regulations until now required and fulfill the contract agreeable to all parties. I give to Ellen Moore, a servant $25.

From the Will of James Ward signed Feb 21, 1843: to my beloved wife Elizabeth Ward the
following Negroes; Joe Pipkin and his wife Mily, Dove and his wife Bridget; Peter
and his wife Celia, Joe Berry and Andrew to her and her heirs forever.
I Lend unto my wife Elizabeth Ward negroes Luke, Drew, Lewis, Simpson, Ruffin and Margaret during her natural life.
I give to my beloved Daughter Ann James Ward the following Negroes viz Tony, Alston, Clem, John, Jacob, Sumner, Whitmel, Ephraim, Simon. Mary and her Children Sarah Hannah Nicy Anthony and Lucretia, Margaret, and her Children viz Mariah, Stephen & Jane.
Also Milly Mariah and Henry. Also after the death of my wife Elizabeth Ward I give unto my daughter Ann James Ward Negroes Luke, Drew, Lewis. I give to my daughter Ann James Ward Negro William. Should any of the negroes given to my daughter Ann James misbehave.
Or cause my executors to think it best to sell them or should the guardian of my said daughter Ann James so believe they should do so. And I at this moment give them full power to make conveyance by a bill of sale to that effect. Should the seven old negroes given to my wife become an expense through age or infirmity. I at this moment authorize my executors to pay the same to my wife annually for that purpose.

1850 Slave Schedule of James Delke
(3rd husband of Elizabeth Jones Jones Ward)
80m 70m 70f 59m 59m 35m 35m 30m35m 35m 34f 34f 34f 30m 28f
18m 16f 14f 13m 7f 5m 3f 7f 5f 4m 3f 5/122f 1f (Bradley)

In 1870 Census#1 D. V. Sessoms household
Ward, Lewis 40 m B laborer and farmer
” Harriate 40 f B cook
” Calvin? 12 m B laborer
” Cherry 8 f B
Sessoms, Gregory 40 f B laborer
Moore, Peter 18 m B laborer
#2 Sessoms, Newborne 45 m B laborer
” Mary 25 f B housekeeper
” Emma 15 f B laborer
” Elina 13 f B laborer
” Catherine 9 f B
” Alfred 6 m B
” Nancy 4 f B
” Linda 2 f B
# 6 John W Moore’s household
Sessoms, Jane 22 f B Domestic Servant
Pierce, Maria W 16 f B Domestic Servant
Pierce, Arthur 14 m B Domestic Servant
Bass, Andrew 22 m B Laborer and farmer
#7 Ward, Luke 60 m B Tenant Laborer and farmer
” Mariah 40 f B Housekeeper
” Webster 20 m B laborer on farm
” Noah 18 m B laborer on farm
” Calvin 16 m B laborer on farm
” Luke 10 m B at home
” Norman 6 m B at home
” Lilly 2 f B at home
#9 Jones, Henry 60 m B Tenant
” Mary 40 f B housekeeper
” Ellen 18 f B laborer on farm
” Nelson 16 m B laborer on farm
” Mary 15 f B laborer on farm

1880 Hertford County
Ward, Moriah B F 53 Head W Keeping House
Moor, Calvin B M 24 Son S Work on Farm
Luke B M 20 Son S Work on Farm
Will B M 17 Son S Work on Farm
Lillie B F 12 Daughter S
Hester B F 10 Daughter S
Noah Moore B m 25 head
Emma Moore B f 24 wife
Augustus Moore B m 3
Lydorah Moore B m 1

Lewis Ward B m 48
Moriah Ward B f 35
Joseph Ward B m 14
George Ward B m 8

Web Moor B m 29
Rachel Moor B f 29
Mandy Moor B f 11 d
William Moor B m 9 s
John H Moor B m 3 s

Henry Delke B m 66
Mary Delke B m 56
Peter Moore B m 30 son
Ellen Moore B m 28 dau
Sally A Moore B f 6 d
Lucretia Moore B f 5 d

1880 Census
# 73 Sessoms, Vuborn? B m 50 head works on farm
Mary B f 45 wife Keeping house
Catherine B F 18 B F 18
Alford B m 17
Nancy? B f 14
Linda B f 11 Jacqui’s great grandmother
Koemah? B 8
Mary B f 6
Dellis B 4
Vuborn B m 1

1900 Census Harrellsville Twsp Hertford Co, NC
House # 160 Name Relation Birth date Occupation
Moore, William Sr Head B M June 1862 37 m 6 Farming
” , Malinda Wife B F May 1869 31 m 6
” , Laura daughter B F Feb 1894 6 S
” , Magre? daughter B F Feb 1895 4 S
” , McClerion Son B M Apr 1897 3 S
” , McKinly Son B M May 1900 S

1910 Census Ahoskie Twsp House #292
Moore, William Sr. head m b 44 m 16 farmer
” Malinda wife f b 40 m 16 8 7
” Laura dau f b 15
” Missouri dau f b 13
” Maclenan dau f b 11
” Charles son m b 9
” Gertie dau f b 7
” Rida dau f b 5
” Annie dau f b 3
House # 293
Moore, Luke head m mu 51 m 8 farmer
” Rene? wife f mu 35 m 8 5 5
” Lizzie dau f mu 27 s
” Hattie dau f mu 25 s
” Edward son m mu 21 s
” Pearl dau f mu 15 s
” Elsie dau f mu 7 s
” Ramie dau f mu 6 s [that was a boy!!]
” Robert son m mu 5 s
” Beatrice dau f mu 10/12 s
” Minnie dau f mu 3 s

Carrying cotton to the gin appeared in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (Mar 1854)


” The Old Plantation: How We Lived in Great House and Cabin Before the War”

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