Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms, Eliza Tayloe, Elisa Elizabeth Sessoms, & Josiah Freeman

“Our next-door neighbors at Maple Lawn”

Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms 1809 – 1888 | his parents
& ca 1834 Elizabeth Tayloe 1814 – 1839 | her parents
& 1839 Elisa Elizabeth Sessoms 1819 – 1904 | her parents
& ca 1837 Josiah Freeman ? – ca 1838 | his parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

(Squire Pelt) Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 9 May 1809 – 4 Oct 1888 ts
IN MEMORIAM. Of Daniel V. Sessoms, who died Oct. 4th 1888 of valvular affection of the heart, in the 79th year of his age.
In respecting the virtues of my departed friend I could not say less, than that he was one of Gods noblest works, an honest man.
Square Pelt was born on the 9th of May 1809, and was reared on the farm.
While a boy, before reaching his majority, he clerked for Watson Lewis Sr. at White Plains near Pitch Landing in Hertford, the county of his nativity
This confining life not being conducive to his health, he returned again to the farm, and in early manhood married Miss Elizabeth Tayloe, who lived but a short while.
Her stone in the Sessoms’ Cemetery reads “Eliza Tayloe Sessoms, Consort of Daniel Sessoms, who died Jan 25th, 1839, Aged 25 years.”
In 1839, he married the second time to Mrs. Eliza Freeman who survives to mourn his loss.
He was elected and served in the Senate of N.C. the sessions of 1850 and ’51;
and for many years anterior to the war, held the position of magistrate,
when that position was an honor.
Square Pelt was always an uncompromising Henry Clay whig,
but since the war allied himself with the Democratic party and was earnest in his zeal for the principles enunciated by that party, for good government.
He had no church affiliations,
but his predilections followed the teachings of John Wesley.
He was a close and earnest student of the Bible; drawing his own deductions,
and entirely discarding the infallible essential ordinance of water baptism
as taught by many, and construed this ordinance
as being the manifestation of the Holy Ghost unto us. . . .
He was a true friend and an enemy to no man;
he was free and open, and while he condemned wrong in every guise,
there pulsated in his breast a heart filled with the noblest charity to all mankind.
For the last few years, his feeble health has prevented his mixing into society,
except around his own fireside where hospitality has always been lavished with free and open hands. He was a Stoic to the ills incident to flesh and by his consistent life,
left an example that will live through years to come. . . .S. M. A. .

“Murfreesboro Index”, John W. Hicks, ed., Murfreesboro, [Hertford County], N.C. Friday, October 12, 1888 [Vol. IV, No. 10]
[excerpt from “From Time into Eternity” CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press ¬©2004]


In 1849 Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms of Pitch Landing was chosen to represent Hertford County in the Senate. Mr. Sessoms was a thorough Whig, but entirely amicable and much admired as a neighbor. ……. In the Pitch Landing neighborhood, D V Sessoms was ever active and useful in his magisterial functions. He is still noted [1877] for his public spirit and extreme kindness to his neighbors. J. W. Moore in his Sketches of Hertford County

married ca 1834 Eliza Tayloe 1814 – 25 Jan 1839 age 25 yrs ts
married 17 Dec 1839 Elisa Elizabeth Sessoms 7 Jan 1819 – 16 Feb 1904 ts
(his 1st cousin) dau of Samuel H Sessoms and Mary Outlaw; young widow of Josiah Freeman

Children of Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms & Elisa Elizabeth Sessoms [Freeman]:
1. [Betty V. Bryan 22 Oct 1840 – 29 June 1923 ts]
Elizabeth VanPelt Sessoms 25 Oct 1840 Bws
she was living 1910 with her wd. sister Ada
and niece Helen S Weaver and family

married 14 Sept 1880 Wiley Bryan 20 Nov 1825 – 15 Dec 1895
lived at Rich Square no issue
2. Harriet F. Sessoms 25 Dec 1843 – 5 Oct 1861 ts
3. Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 4 Mar 1844 – 20 June 1915
married 24 Nov 1869 [Bws] Martha Perry 17 July 1851 – 16 June 1912
[both buried in Perry Cemetery]
Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms, son of D. V. and Eliza Sessoms, born in Hertford County, N. C., March 4, 1844, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Weaver, Rich Square, N. C. on June 20, 1915 after an illness of four months.
He was a patient sufferer, age seventy-one.
Late in life he joined the Rich Square M. E. Church, South, became a member of the John Wesley Bible Class and was a consistent member of both,
attending regularly until sickness prevented.
He leaves four children,, Mrs. J. W. Weaver, Rich Square; Mrs. D. R. McGerbor, Winton, N. C; Oscar and D. V. Sessoms, of Norfolk, Va., and seven grandchildren. We miss you grandpa -His grandson, Robert –
“Windsor Ledger”, Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. Thursday, September 23, 1915 [Vol. 31 no. 15]

a. Oscar VanPelt Sessoms 18 Dec 1871Bws – 26 Aug 1932 Bws
married 4 Oct 1904 Norfolk, VA Bws Minnie Amelia Curdts
b. Helen F Sessoms 4 June 1873 Bws – 19 Jan 1919 Bws Rich Square
of influenza
married NH Co NC 15 Nov 1893 Joseph Warren Weaver
14 Feb 1857 Jackson NC – 31 Jan 1930 Rich Square
(Joe Weaver ‘s brother Will was raised at Mulberry Grove)
1. Helen L Weaver 1895 –
2. John B Weaver 1901 –
3. Robert S Weaver 1904 –
4. Mildred S Weaver 1908 –
5. Minnie Weaver 1913 –
c. William (Billie) Perry Sessoms 1 Dec 1874 Bws – 26 Aug 1893
accidental gun shot wound he died several months later
d. Laura P. Sessoms 4 April 1877 Bws Hertford Co – 19 June 1961 Winton NC
married 19 April 1905 Daniel Rufus McGlohon
21 April 1879 Pitt Co – 19 Aug 1969 Roanoke Rapids
both buried Episcopal Churchyard, Winton
[owned W W Sessoms place – lost it during the depression]
“The Ahoskie Era of Hertford County” re D.R. McGlohon, who married Laura Sessoms.
“The Bank of Ahoskie opened in 1905 and McGlohon became the second cashier the following year. In 1915 H.P. Basnight bought the Hub tobacco warehouse in Ahoskie from the Dixie Land & Investment Company.
McGlohon was then living in Winton and active in the management of this real estate company.
He was elected Clerk of the Superior Court and served until defeated in the 1930 election by Alvah Early.
1. Daniel Richard [Dick] McGlohan 2 Mar 1907 – 25 Jan 1933 Winton NC
grad UNC 1930 buried in the Perry Cemetery
2. Lois VanPelt McGlohon 9 Sept 1916 – 12 Sept 1916 Winton NC
e. Mary E. Sessoms 11 Aug 1879 – 10 Sept 1879 Bws
f. Lewis Clarence Sessoms 28 May 1884 Bws – 6 Sept 1913 Bws
g. Daniel VanPelt Sessoms 15 Jan 1886 Bws – 18 Nov 1924 Bws
4. Charles Clarence Sessoms 17 Aug 1852 – 10 Nov 1929
married 14 June 1893 Anna Marie Freeman 26 Oct 1866 – 4 May 1947
dau of James Calhoun Freeman 1837-1903 & Margaret E Redditt
a. Bettie VanPelt Sessoms 1894 – 1975


married 1922 Robert R. Copeland 1886 – 1972 druggist Ahoskie
b. Margaret S Sessoms 31 July 1896 – 19 June 1950 Aberdeen NC
married Clifton Monroe Wilson 27 Oct 1892 – 26 May 1951 Aberdeen
c. James Calhoun Sessoms 17 Oct 1898 – 19 Mar 1983
automobile dealer, Ahoskie


married 16 Nov 1920 Ellen Susan Parker Boyette 31 Oct 1899 – 14 Mar 1985
1. Lois Dale Sessoms 12 Dec 1923 – 15 Sept 2001
married 1943 John Wesley [Jack] Young Jr 27 Jan 1918 – 22 July 1991
2. James Calhoun “Chick” Sessoms
married Jean Pittman 16 March 1926 – 20 Dec 1993
d. John Bunyan Sessoms 17 Oct 1898 – 10 Feb 1964
rem. to Casper, Wyoming
married 1936 Geraldine J. Proud 5 Jun 1909 – 27 Apr 1988
living Cheyenne, WY at her death
1. Sally Jo Sessoms
e. Annie Laurie Sessoms 24 July 1901 – 1 July 1965

5th-grade teacher in Ahoskie for years

f. Charlie Clarance Sessoms 16 April 1904 – 11 Dec 1988
automobile dealer, Ahoskie
married Gertrude Snipes 20 Oct 1903 – 24 Jan 1988
g. Ada Belle Sessoms 1907 – Norfolk VA
married Dr. Maynard Dennis West
[this family always called my grandparents “Cousin Arthur” and “Cousin Johnny”]
5. William H. Sessoms 1849 – 29 June 1854 age 5 yrs 6 mo ts
6. Mollie D. [E ts] Sessoms 28 March 1855 – 30 Aug 1879 ts
married Frank P Wilson ca 1854 – 22 Mar 1896
a. Clifton H Wilson 14 Dec 1878 – 20 Oct 1882 ts
7. Pattie C Sessoms ca 1858 –

married John Franklin Wilson 13 Aug 1849 – 28 Nov 1896 ts
son of Col. E. Wilson lived at Colerain
i. Bessie Wilson 19 Aug 1884 – 28 Nov 1895 ts
ii. Edgar Wilson bef 1888 –
iii. Mollie Wilson
8. Ada B Sessoms ca 1861 – no issue.
married 8 Sept 1883 Jno. W Britton of NH co ca 1852 – bef 1910
record at Hertford County Court House
married 2nd aft 1910 John Wilson Buxton ca 1860 – 3 June 1941 Rich Square NC
Elisa Elizabeth Sessoms had married first Josiah Freeman ? – ca 1838
1. John Bunyan Freeman 18 Aug 1838 – 7 June 1913 ts
[Josiah John Bunion Freeman 18 Aug 1838] Bws
[deaf mute]

“Mr. Josiah Mizell, aged about sixty-five, died at Colerain on the 13th. One week later to the minute last Friday, his wife died. On Sunday last Mr. Frank Wilson a merchant of the same place aged about 40 died. Messrs. Wilson and Mizzell were proprietors of the Colerain fishery.
Mr. John Wilson, of the same place, who was struck on the head recently by a negro is still in critical condition.”

“Murfreesboro Index”, John W. Hicks, ed., Murfreesboro, NC Friday, March 27, 1896 (Vol. XI, No. 30)

“At the residence of D.V. Sessoms Esq. in Hertford County, Mrs. Mollie E. Wilson, cosort of F.P. Wilson of Chowan County.”
“Albemarle Enquirer”, E.L.C. Ward, ed., Murfreesboro, NC Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1879 (Vol. IV, No. 46)

Col. William Jones-Daniel VanPelt Sessoms Home
coljones-5 coljones-2 coljones-3 coljones-4 coljones1

photos by James Moore ca 1970
Billy Raynor of Ahoskie says the house is “Tydewater Construction.”
Col William Jones’s widow and children sold the house and farm to VanPelt Sessoms in 1828 and removed to Haywood County, TN. The large marble monument on Col. William Jones’s grave placed there by his widow and children has vanished sometime since 1960.

Some stories about the Sessoms:

“Squire” Pelt Sessoms was referred to in the neighborhood as an ‘infidel’ because he never joined any church. His wife Miss Eliza was a devout Methodist. She was always having the circuit-riding preachers over to eat in hopes that would convert her husband. One evening she had a preacher coming on whom she had set high hopes. As she was scurrying around making preparations for the meal, she ran into her husband in the darkened passageway. She told him “Now don’t go taking all of the butter. Leave that for HIM!”
Well, the dinner was a great success. The preacher ate heartily and praised the quality of the cooking. However, it was odd how he declined to take any of the carefully-molded butter each time it was offered to him. And, Mr. Sessoms took a generous helping each time it passed him!
After the guest had left, Miss Eliza took her husband to task. “Why did you take all of that butter after I specifically asked you not to? And the preacher didn’t take any at all!”
Her husband replied “What are you talking about? You never said anything to me about the butter. And I can’t help it if that preacher was a fool and didn’t want to butter his biscuits.”
It was then that Miss Eliza realized she had mistaken the clergyman for her husband in the dark and she had told HIM not to take any of the butter!

that tale was remembered by Julia Moore Lawrence

James Moore says Paul Calvert used to tell:
After the War things were sad at Mulberry Grove. Dr. Moore wanted a more cheerful environment for Aunt Sallie and would send her to Maple Lawn to spend time with Aunt Bessie and Aunt Julia. Bessie was a year younger than Sallie and Julia just six years younger.
Aunt Sallie remembered that they could hear the Sessoms boys’ buggy when it came over a little bridge on their way to Maple Lawn. This would give themselves just enough time to get dressed and be downstairs ready to receive their callers when the young gentlemen arrived.

Pinetree Community

Some of the Sources: Interviews with Harold Sessoms ca 1970 by James Moore and notes from other documents in his possession. Conversations with other members of the family including Mrs. Lucie Carter. Various census records. Press Sessoms’s biographical sketch of the family ca 1925. The Sessoms cemetery, and the Perry cemetery and other. The Bible[1802] records of William Sessoms handed down to D.V. Sessoms. Various wills of Bertie Co., particularly those of Millecent Perry, Wm Freeman and his wife Celia Freeman.

Sessoms Family of Hertford and Bertie Counties, NC

William Sessoms 1771 -1884 John Sessoms ca 1735 – 1785

Culmer Sessoms ca 1710 – 1772 Thomas Sessoms ca 1677 – 1711


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