John Hare

Hare family

John Hare
of Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Probable Children of this John Hare:
1. Joseph Hare
2. John Hare
3. William Hare
4. Edward Hare 1705/10 – 1757
married Mary Scott
5. Moses Hare 1705/10 – 1769 Chowan
married Mary Speight
a. Moses Hare
i. Jesse Hare
married Susannah Skinner
1. Benjamin Hare
b. Jemima Hare d. 1791
married John Whitfield
married John Speight
married Starkey Sharpe 1743 – bef 1790 census
c. Charity Hare
married Col William Haywood 1730 – 1779 of Dunbar Plantation, Edgecombe Co NC
d. Mary Hare
married 2 July 1750 John Streeter
e. Elizabeth Hare
married John Maule son of Patrick Maule
f. Jesse Hare ca 1739 – 1774
married Elizabeth Haywood


Edward Hare 1705/10 – 1757
& Mary Scott d 1787
of Chowan Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

some say Mary was a Bryan…. I need to look into this further

Children of Edward Hare and wife Mary:
1. Edward Hare Jr. d 1777 Hertford Co
married Rachel Houghton
2. Ann Hare
married Scott
3. Thomas Hare ca 1730 – 1786 Bertie Co NC
married Penelope Moore
dau of Epaphroditus Moore and Elizabeth
a. Penelope Hare
married Francis Speight
b. Elizabeth Hare
married Philip Lewis
c. Jamina Hare
married Jonas Wood
d. Thomas Edward Hare 1767- 17 May 1814
married 1st ca 1795 Sarah Sharp (d. 20 Oct 1810)
i. Thomas Edward Hare Jr.
ii. Rev Jacob Sharp Hare
iii. Starkey Sharp Hare 12 Oct 1810 Bertie Co NC – 29 Sept 1850 Fayette Co TN


Descendants of the Hares have a family tradition that Starkey’s family originally occupied a log cabin here. Indeed, there is a log structure behind the main house. Although a small corn crib now, the logs clearly came from an earlier, larger structure and were reassembled into the current form. The joinery in this building is similar to those from the area of North Carolina that all these folks came from. Left: old log structure later reassembled into corn crib. Right: Starkey S. Hare grave After Starkey S. Hare’s death in 1850, some of his family remained in this area,
but others moved on to Arkansas.
Mr. Hare, his wife, and several family members are buried here.

Brick cottages 1,2_01

from web site of Ronnie and Bonnie Weaver Mebane-Nuckolls House
“It is now our assumption that the earliest brick building is probably from the 1830’s, twenty years before the Mebanes ever lived in West Tennessee.”
married 1st Mary A Askew [sister of John O Askew]
married 2nd Mary E Askew [sister of Dr. A J. Askew of Bertie}
1. Starkey S Hare Jr
married Susan Brown
2. Thomas E Hare
married 2nd ca 1811 Mrs Rachel Askew Hunter
(daughter of David Askew Sr. and Millicent Outlaw)
iv. John Augustus Hare Sr.(Gary Murray’s ancestor)
v. David Askew Hare
all five sons of Thomas E Hare moved to Fayette Co and Shelby Co TN in the 1830’s
e. Jennett Hare
married aft 1785 John Pipkin 1757 – [1815/6]
f. Anthony Hare
g. Armistead Hare
h. William Hare
4. John S Hare 24 Mar 1720 -1790
married Priscilla Benton 14 Dec 1723 – 16 May 1765
a. Mary Hare 6 Sept 1742 –
b. Luke Hare 20 June 1745 –
c. Sarah Hare 14 Dec 1748 – 27 Feb 1778
married 25 Sept 1764 David Dickinson 2 June 1737 – 25 Nov 1783
d. Elizabeth Hare 24 Oct 1750 –
e. John Lawrence Hare 18 Mar 1754 –
f. Moses Hare 28 Aug 1757 –
g. Benjamin Hare 3 Oct 1760 – bef Dec 1803
h. Penelope Hare 11 Feb 1764 –
married 2nd Grace Moore [Stevenson]
dau of Epaphroditus Moore and Elizabeth
i. Lucresey Hare 5 Sept 1766 –
j. Jesse Hare 14 May 1769 –
k. Bryan Hare 17 Dec 1783 –
Grace Moore married 1st William Stevenson
a. Charity Stevenson 1758/9 –
b. Mary Stevenson 1759/60 –
c. William Stevenson 12 Dec 1761 –
d. Moore Stevenson 12 Dec 1761 –
married 1779 Sarah Perry ca 1763 –
dau of Josiah Perry & Elizabeth Freeman dau of William
5. Bryan Hare d 1762
married Mary
a. Edward Bryan Hare died aft 1818
married Sarah Shephard sister of Solomon Shephard of Nansemond Co
i. Mary Hare
married 8 Jan 1818 Joseph Pretlow ca 1795 –
b. Lucretia Hare
6. Christian Hare d 1762
married Peter West
a. Wynne West
7. Mary Hare
married Burgess

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  1. Do you know if any of these Hare’s migrated into Marion Country Kentucky late 1790’s Early 1800’s either for religious or farming reasons. I have William Hare that does 1850 with his wife I believe Helen Helm Hare. They had 5 sons Perry was the youngest and shoes placed with a Joseph and Sarah Clark on the 1850 Census

  2. My 4th GGF was William Hare. He died 1850’s in Kentucky, Marion or Casey County. We think he was married to a Helen Helm possibly. he had at least 5 sons, David, Thomas, John, William and My 3rd GGF Perry

    I cannot find any real evidence of where he cqame from but I surmise North Carolina, as all my other family traces back to Virginia and North Carolina. I also have my grandpa and Great Grandpa were named Benjamin, I believe we are Scottish as that is where my DNA leads. if you have anyway to tie him to NC it would solve a mystery for sure

  3. I am looking for information on a Milly Hare who was born 1824 and died 1875. She was married to a Haley W. Russell. I also need to know who her daddy is?????

  4. I am a descent of John Robert hare Sr. he is my grandfather his father was John Elmer Hare who married Alice Lee Iser.

    John Father is John W. Hare is father is Thomas R. Hare is father is Hineman Hare is father is Benjamin Hare. Here is where I am stuck at I am looking for more info on my grand fathers.


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