Edward Browne, Elizabeth Sampson, & Thomas Clarke II

Sally’s 8-great Grandparents:

Edward Browne ca 1640 – ca bef 1675 | his parents
& ca 1665 Elizabeth Sampson ca 1648 – xxxx | her parents
& 2nd Thomas Clarke II ca 1650 – 1700 | his parents
of Isle of Wight County, VA

This is a working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Edward Browne II ca 1640-1670/5 was probably the son of Edward Browne I who left his will 1669 in Isle of Wight Co and his wife Ellinor.
He married ca 1665 Elizabeth Sampson.
He died young and his wife remarried.
His children were evidently raised on the plantation of their step-father Thomas Clarke II ca 1650-1700. (see works of Lucy Elliott Hollowell & Dr. Barry Hayes.)

Children of Edward Browne & Elizabeth Sampson:
1. John Browne 1669 – 1714
married Elizabeth ?
2. Dr. Samuel Browne ca 1670 – 1740
married Mary Jones
3. Edward Browne III ca 1666/7 – 1732
married Mary ?
4. James Browne ca 1666/7 – aft 1725

brother of Dr. Samuel Browne

John Browne 1669 – 1714 | his parents
& Elizabeth ? | her parents
of Isle of Wight Co VA & Chowan [later Bertie] Co NC

Children of John Browne 1669 – 1714 & Elizabeth ? had:
1. Elizabeth Browne ca 1690/1700
married John [rather than Nehemiah] Joyner
2. Hester Browne ca 1690/1700 – 1727
married John Brantley
3. Grace Browne
married John Warren
4. Sylvester Browne bef 1706/07 – nfi aft 1729 (Hertford Co)
5. Susannah Brown bef 1706/07 –

Sally, I believe that I have the proof that John Joyner married Elizabeth Brown, daughter of John Brown, born 1669, and Elizabeth Sampson. B.C. Holtzclaw thought that Nehemiah Joyner had married this Elizabeth Brown, but he was in error.

The following records offer my proof:

Bertie Co., NC, Deed Book C, p. 168, Feb. 12, 1727/28..Susannah Brown, John Warren and Grace Warren, his wife, and Sylvester Brown, ” all children of John Brown, ” convey to Elizabeth Joyner, ” their sister ” 256 acres land formerly belonging to our father John Brown Dec’d….July 28, 1713 patent to John Brown on W. side of Chowan River, Adj. J. Curlee, J. Smith, Wit: Fincher Hayne, Charles Brown ( Court Record ).

I did find John Brown’s patent . It was in Margaret M. Hoffman’s book PROVINCE OF NORTH CAROLINA ABSTRACTS OF LAND PATENTS 1663-1729, Copyrt. 1979, Patent Book 8, # 3313, p. 285….( Date not given ) John Brown 256 acres on W. side of Chowan river joining bank of river, James Courlee and John Smith, Wit: ( Not given ).

Then, in Bertie Co., NC DB-F, p. 344…Solomon Joyner of Edgecombe Co., NC, and John Joyner and wife Elizabeth of Isle of Wight Co., VA, to Joseph Witherington of Surry Co., VA 1741…A patent granted John Brown for 256 acres, 28 July, 1713.

Bertie Co., NC, DB-F, p. 344…Solomon Joyner of Edgecombe Co., NC, John Joyner and Elizabeth Joyner of Isle of Wight Co., VA, convey land to William Brown 1713 patent in Bertie Precinct, 1740.

I shall look forward to hearing from you. Arlina

should have sent you other references used which would have cleared some points for you. JOYNER OF SOUTHAMPTON by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr. is my basis for for the John Joyner family. My ancestor, John Lott, married their daughter Elizabeth and she had brothers Solomon and Absalom. The book also says that Elizabeth, wife of John Joyner, was a Brown, daughter of John Brown. However WHICH John Brown is not named. It also says that his brother Nehemiah Joyner married an Elizabeth Brown.

There is a huge group of Lott families of the south which have carried the Lott line on down. Dr. John Barron, the webmaster, agrees with my premise of John Brown, born 1669, being her father.

As to Susannah Brown…not only is she named in the Bertie records as a child of John Brown, but the same information is included in B.C. Holtzclaw’s article in Bodie, Vol. 1, pp. 20- 33, named ” Clark of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties, Virginia “, p. 23. As Hester’s will was probated in 1727, Surry Co., VA., I expect this gift to Elizabeth in 1727/28, did not include her name.

I did not include the following deed when I wrote you, but perhaps this would help in some way. Bertie Co., NC, DB C, p. 171..Susannah Brown and Silvester Brown to William Evans Nov. 22, 1729, 5 pounds for 100 acres on Horse Swamp adj. John Thomas, Lazarus Thomas Wit: Richard Williford, Mary Luden? ( Feb. Court 1729. )

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