Leopold Weiss & Barbara Gans

Bob’s Great Great Grandparents:

Leopold/Lobl WEISS 1810 -aft 1880 | his parents
& 1849 Barbara/Babette/Babet GANS ca 1818 – aft 1880 | her parents
of Steingrub, Bohemia
& 1853 Newark, NJ
& by 1880 Manhattan NY

July 1849 Leopold Weiss was permitted to marry Barbara/Babet Gans 31 years old single.

10 September 1849 in Steingrub, dominion Wallhof, region Elbogen [Cheb]
Leopold Weiss’s occupation is listed as Standhandler [salesman, sales in ?]
…for farming, handicraft or military service …. means he was not the eldest son.

“In 1726, due the order of the Habsburg ruler Charles VI, the number of Jewish families was limited by quota to 8,541 in Bohemia and 5,106 in Moravia. To enforce this quota (or “numerus clausus”), a so-called “Familianten” order was issued. According to this order, only the first-born son of each Jewish family was given permission to marry (called a “copulatio consensus”). The permits could also be sold if there were no son to inherit them. The Familianten order was in force until 1848.” Getting started with Czech-Jewish Geneaology

Leopold Weiss was born 16 May 1810 in Steingrub 64, Bohemia legitimate son of Joachim Weiss and Mina Hofner of Konigswarth. [or Konigsberg in another place]??
Steingrub is now known as Lomnicka.
winter 2005 Lomnicka to the north and to the south
photos by Hana

Lomnicka-north Lomnicka-south

a very small village Lomni?ka /Steingrub/. In fact, Lomni?ka is part of small town Plesn?, which is situated on the west border with Germany. e-mail from Hana

Barbara/Babette Gans was born in Neustadtl, dominion Hayd [Bor] the legitimate daughter of Hermann/Herschamann Gans and Sabina/Sprinsel Schwarz of Neustadtl [dominion Hayd]

and Leopold Weiss probably died in Manhattan NY sometime after 1880 census.

Children of Leopold Weiss and Barbara Gans:
1. Mina Weiss ca 1841 –
married ca 1861 Jacob Eckstein ca 1836 Breman –
a. Nathan Eckstein ca 1862 NJ –
b. Henry Eckstein ca 1864 NJ –
c. Effie Eckstein ca 1866 NJ –
d. Willie Eckstein ca 1868 NJ –
2. Katharina/Lori Weiss 3 April 1846 Steingrub 31- died young?
she did not emigrate with family in 1853 and not mentioned in later records
*3. Joachim/ Jacob Weiss 5 May 1847 Steingrub 31 – 1939 NY

married ca 1872 Anna Hartman 1850 Austria – 1920
4. Hermann Weiss 27 Oct 1849 Steingrub 36 – 3 Feb 1853 Steingrub
5. female child Weiss 23 Jan 1851 Steingrub 36 – 29 Jan 1851 [not named]
6. Nanny/Annie Weiss 20 Feb 1852 Steingrub 36 –
married aft 1880 Solo Walter (or Wolders)
7. Rose Weiss ca 1856 NJ –
married aft 1880 Ben Beaver
8. Julia Weiss ca 1858 NJ –
married aft 1880 John Baucli
9. Phillip Weiss Jan 1860 NJ –
married ca 1885 Jenny Abrams July 1863 –
a. Fannie Weiss Sept 1887 –
b. William Weiss Feb 1889 –
c. Eva Weiss Nov 1899 –
d. Albert Weiss ca 1900 –

birth data from reg. HBMa 1426 Neukirchen [geburtsmatrik 1839-1868

1853 Family emigrated. arrived NY October 12 1853 on the Copernicus
left from Hamburg Germany
L Weis 43 yrs 4 m male Germany USA
B Weis 33 11 female
M Weis 12 6 female
J Weis 7 11 female ?
N Weis 7 female
D Ganz 25 3 female
J Weis 20 8 male

In 1860 Essex Co NJ Ward 6 is found this family #1752
Leopold Weiss 45 m pedlar 200 Austria
Barbette ” 40 f ”
Mina ” 18 f tailoress ”
Jacob ” 13 m ”
Nanny ” 8 f ”
Rose ” 4 f NJ
Julie ” 2 f NJ
Phillip ” 5/12 NJ

also # 1705 [this one is not ours]
Leopold Weiss 45 m sadler Baden
Elisabeth ” 40
Leopold 14
Regina 12
Carl 9

1870 NJ Newark ward 13 #1975
Weis, Leopold 60 m w seller of drygoods Austria citizen of US
Babette 50 f w keeping house Austria
Anna 16 f w Tayloring Austria
Rose 12 f w at school New Jersey
Julia 10 f w at school New Jersey
Phillip 9 m w at school New Jersey

1870 NJ Newark ward 6
Jacob Ecstein 34 w m peddlar 200 Breman
Mina Eckstein 28 w f keeps house
Nathan 8 w m at school
Henry 6 w m at school
Effie 4 w f
Willie 2 w m

1880 Census Manhattan
Weis, Leopold w m 71 Retired Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia
Bella w f 61 wife Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia
Annie w f 20 works at Tayloring US Bohemia Bohemia
Rose w f 18 works at Tayloring US ” ”
Julia w f 16 works at Tayloring US ” ”
Phillip w m 15 works in store US ” ”

1880 Census Manhattan:
Jacob Weiss w m 32 liquor dealer Austria Austria Austria
Annie w f 30 wife keeping house Austria Austria Austria
Henry ” w m 7 son New York Austria Austria
Theresa w f 6 dau New York Austria Austria
Moses w m 4 son New York Austria Austria
David w m 2 son New York Austria Austria

Bob’s Great Great Great grandparents:

Jacob/Joachim Hirschl Weis 17xx – 1831 | his parents
& 1783 Johanna ? | her parents
& Mina Hofner | her parents
of Wallhof

Joachim Weis is son of Isak/also called Herschl Weis and Sara.
1783 Joachim received a marriage allowance [konsens] and also a familiant position in Wallhof [it’s familienstelle in German]
Joachim Weiss’s occupation is listed as Hausirers. [house to house salesman]
Joachim died 1 Sept 1831.

Children of Joachim Weiss and wife Johanna:
1. Salomon Weis 1786 – 4 April 1835 Steingrub
received a familiant position after his father Joachim
married 25 Nov 1820 Theresia [Resy] Pfeffer
dau of Isack Pfeffer, dec. and his wife Sara
a. Johanna [Nanny]Weiss 15 Sept 1821 Steingrub 64 –
married 3 Feb 1851 Samuel Weis 1821 –
a salesman son of Joachim [of Regina Weiss] from Steingrub
i. Lora Weiss 24 Aug 1849 Steingrub 40 –
ii. Ludwig/Leeb Weiss 7 June 1851 Steingrub 64 –
iii. Theresia Weiss 24 July 1852 Steingrub 58 – 21 Feb 1858 –
iv. Rettl Weiss Steingrub 17 –
v. Salomon Weiss 4 July 1857 Steingrub 17 –
vi. Zille/ Liebert 13 April 1860 Steingrub 57 –
b. Isack Lobl Weis 1 July 1823 Steingrub 17 –
married Mar 1856 Barbara / Belle Low
i. Salomon Weiss 28 Dec 1857 –
ii. Pauline Weiss 2 Mar 1860 St 77 –
c. Moses Weis 8 Aug 1825 Steingrub –
d. Hirsch Weis 23 Aug 1827 Steingrub –
e. Abraham [Emanuel] Weis 12 Mar 1829 Steingrub 30 –
married 17 Mar 1850 Maria Low 1825 Amitzgrun 14 –
i. Sigmund Weiss 13 Sept 1857 Steingrub 17 –
ii. Paierl /Pauline Weiss 16 Sept 1859 Steingrub 77 – 10 Feb 1863
iii. Moritz Weiss 1 Sept 1861 St 77 –
f. Joachim Weis 1831 – 6 June 1845
2. Wolfgang Weis 1789 –
received a familiant postition and allowed to marry for farm work
married Charlotte Baumgartel
a. Johanna Weis 21 Jan 1824 St 64 –
b. Barbara Weis 28 Dec 1826 St 64 –
c. Abraham/ Albert Weis 14 Feb 1828 St 64 –
d. Joachim/ Jacob Weis 28 Mar 1832 St 64 –
e. Jetta Weis 9 Mar 1834 St 64 –
f. Fanni/ Franziska Weis 24/29 April 1836 St
g. Salomon Weis 3 March 1838 St 64 –
h. Isidor/ Hermann Weis 15 Mar 1843 St 64 –
3. Abraham Weis 1793/5 – 1798
4. Israel Weis 1797 – 7 Dec 1846
Children of Joachim Weiss & Mina Hofner:
5. Lobl/Leopold Weiss 16 May 1810 – aft 1880 Manhattan NY
married Barbara/Babette Gans ca 1818 – aft 1880 Manhattan NY
6. Amalia Weis
and Nathan Eckstein
a. Joachim 13 Jan 1832 St 13 –
b. Theresia 16 July 1836 St –
7. Rebecka Weis
a. Lippmann 1 Dec 1833 St 13 –

from Book of familiants no. HBF 103, includes also a dominium Wallhof [in Czech it is Lesna]
from the Jewish Census year 1793 [HBS] dominium Neukirchen [in Czech Novy Kostel]
Horschel Weiss, a widower, living of handling, under protection in Wallhof [Lesna in the past also called Valdov]
sons 1. Wolf – in the year 1793 he was married – wife Sara for being blind he lived of begging had a son Isak.
2. Isak – in the year 1793 he was married – wife Hanna; he lived of handling and in 1793 had sons: Salomon, single; Wolf, single; Abraham, single.


Bob’s 4-great grandparents:

Horschel Weiss | his parents
& Sara/Ester died bef 1793 | her parents
of Wallhof


Children of Horschel Weiss & wife Sara:
1. Wolf Weiss [blind] lived of begging
married bef 1793 Sara
a. Isak Weiss
2. Isaak Weiss
married Schumma Isak
a. Samuel Weiss 1782 – 10 Feb 1848 single
b. Abraham Weiss 1787 –
married 21 Mar 1821 Anna Steiniger from Falkenaw/Sokolov
i. Isak Weiss 1824 –
ii. David Weiss 1826 –
iii. Markus Hirsch Weiss 1829 –
c. Israel Weiss
married 22 July 1831 Bella Steiniger from Steinbach/Stampach
3. Joachim Weiss died 1831
lived of handling
married 1783 Johanna

from the Jewish Census year 1793 [HBS] dominium Neukirchen [in Czech Novy Kostel]
Horschel Weiss, a widower, living of handling, under protection in Wallhof [Lesna in the past also called Valdov]
sons 1. Wolf – in the year 1793 he was married – wife Sara for being blind he lived of begging had a son Isak.
2. Isak – in the year 1793 he was married – wife Hanna; he lived of handling and in 1793 had sons: Salomon, single; Wolf, single; Abraham, single.


Bob’s Great Great Great grandparents:

Hermann/Herschamann Gans 1784 – 1848/49 | his parents
& 1812 Sabina/Sprinsel/Franzl Schwarz 1787 – 18xx | her parents
of Neustadtl, Hayd


15 September 1812 Neustadtl by tachau Herrschmann Gans son of Davis Gans in Neustadtl 94 single 28 years old married Franzl daughter of David Schwarz from Neustadtl single 25 years old.
register HBMa 1949 for Neustadtl [Straz.] On the folio 15/33

Herrmann Gans occupation was handelsmann [salesman]

Children of Hermann Gans and Sabina/Sprinsel/Franzl Schwarz::
1. Barbara/Babette Gans 1820 – aft 1880 Manhattan NY
married Leopold Weiss 16 May 1810 – aft 1880 Manhattan NY

It is said that our Leopold Weiss was a close kinsman of Isaac Mayer Wise who was born 29 March 1819 in Steingrub Bohemia, the oldest son of Regina and Leo Weiss.
He changed his name to Wise after arriving in New York on 23 July 1846.
Isaac M Wise died 26 March 1900.

Isaac Mayer Wise 1819 – 1900


Isaac Mayer Wise 29 March 1819 – 26 March 1900 [oldest living son of second wife]
started school under his father at age 4, age 9 – 12 lived with his grandfather in Drmoul.
was son of Leo Weiss d ca 1840 and 2nd wife Regina Weiss ca 1799 – 1880 she had 13 children/7 died y.
was educated by his father and became a teacher moved from Drmoul to Steingrub
was grandson of Dr. Isaiah Weiss of Drmoul. ca 1740 – ca 1831 Drmoul aged over 90 yrs.
studied medicine at Padua
was great grandson of Dr. Leo [Chakam] Weiss of Drmoul
studied medicine at Padua, practised at Marienbad and lived in village of Drmoul.

from e-mail from Hana — Drmoul is correct name of village near to Marienbad – Mari?nsk? L?zn?, world known spa. The Czech name of Mies is St??bro /english=Silver/.

1880 census Peori IL taken 2 June 1880 on sixth St
John Korsoski w m 42 retail Hat furs dealer Prussia Prussia Prussia
Caroline ” w f 41 wife Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia
Leo ” w m 16 son clerk hat furs Illinois Prussia Bohemia
Henry ” w m 14 at home Illinois Prussia Bohemia
Emma ” w f 12 at home Illinois Prussia Bohemia
Joseph ” w m 10 at home Illinois Prussia Bohemia
Able ” w m 2 at home Illinois Prussia Bohemia
Ragina Wise w f 83 mother-in-law Bohemia Prussia Bohemia

from the bio of Isaac Mayer Wise by his grandson Benjamin B May.

“VERY little is known of the ancestry of Isaac Mayer Wise. He could not be induced to talk about his early years, and often said they were too terrible to contemplate. No authentic data are to be found in Wise s writings; and, unlike many another great man who rose from humble beginnings to a position of influence and prominence, he never referred to his early years. While nothing is known of his maternal ancestors, there are a few meagre facts concerning his paternal great grandfather, grandfather, and father.
“His great grandfather was a physician named Leo, who had studied medicine at Padua , practised at Marienbad, and lived in the neighbourhood, in the village of Durmaul. This physician was known as Dr. Leo, and spoken of by his co-religionists as Leo “Chakam,” the Hebrew for Wise.
“The son of this Dr. Leo, or Leo Weis, was Isaiah, who also studied medicine at Padua and likewise settled at Durmaul. This Doctor Isaiah lived to be over ninety years of age. Besides learned in his profession he was well versed in Talmudical and rabbinical literature, and became the teacher of his son, whom he named for his father, Leo.
“This Leo, grandson of the Doctor Leo who had studied at Padua , was educated by his father and became a teacher. Leo Weis was never a vigorous man, and died shortly after the birth of his youngest child, a daughter. Nothing certain is known of his early life. Shortly after receiving his education he removed from Durmaul to Steingrub, a small village of a few hundred inhabitants near the town of Eger, in Bohemia, overlooking Saxonyand Bavaria. In this village of Steingrub, in which there dwelt a large number of Catholics, Leo Weis was married twice.
“His second wife was Regina Weis. The families were distantly related. As already stated, nothing is known of the ancestry of Regina Weis. She was, however, a handsome woman, bright, cheerful, lovable, and devoted. She emigrated to America in 1867 with her son Samuel and later lived in Peoria, Illinois, with her daughter, Caroline Korsosky, where she died in 1880 at a ripe old age.”
“In July, 1877, Dr. Wise, en route to the Coast, stopped at Peoria to visit his mother, and he writes delightfully of her as follows “You need not laugh, we must stop to see the ladies. Here is one of them, a wonderful woman. She is eighty- six years old, speaks, hears, and sees like a young woman, and goes every Sabbath to the temple even if it rains or is right hot. She tells beautiful stories of sixty to seventy-five years ago, and She is never cross, never displeased, and has a kind word for everyone. She speaks, thinks, and feels as I do, and like me she laughs over the world s numerous follies. She looks like me, and is as incurable an optimist as I am. She is my mother. God bless her. I stopped over to see her and my baby sister.”
“Of this marriage there were born thirteen children, seven of whom died in infancy. Isaac Mayer was the oldest surviving son. He was born on March 29, 1819 . The Hebrew date, which in later years was always observed as his birthday, was the third day of Nissan, 5579. The family was very poor and barely eked out an existence. The father was the typical Jewish school teacher of the Bohemian village. Besides conducting a small school he performed all the necessary duties as functionary of the Jewish community, such as reading the prayers morning 1 Israelite, vol. xxix., No. 2. and evening, slaughtering the cattle and fowl, and officiating at times as minister. Young Wise began at the age of four to attend his father’s school; when he was six years old he received his first instruction in Talmud, and within three years thereafter he showed such precocity that his father was unable to give him individual attention. It was then decided that he should live with his grandfather, Dr. Isaiah, at Durmaul. Here he attended the Jewish day school, where most of the time was taken up in the study of the Talmud, and once a week the Pentateuch with Aramaic translation and Rashi commentary was studied. The young boy, however, had the advantage of receiving in the evening personal instruction from his learned grandfather, Dr. Isaiah. The following anecdote is told of his stay with the learned physician: “At ten the boy was invariably sent to bed, but the grandfather sat up till midnight poring over huge tomes. These midnight vigils excited the boy’s curiosity, especially as he had noted a large wooden box which was never opened in his presence, but from which the child, who was supposed to have been asleep, saw his grandfather take books; the mysterious box was meddled with, and one day yielded to manipulation, when it was found to be filled with cabalistic works, with the mysticism of which the physician busied himself in the still hours of the night. ”
When the lad was twelve years old his learned grandfather died. Inasmuch as his parents in Steingrub were in no position to care for him, and as he had already determined to become a rabbi, he set out for Prague, the capital ofBohemia, and at that time the centre of Jewish learning of Bohemia. He started on his journey afoot, with a small bundle of clothes and twenty-seven kreutzer in his pocket. En route he stopped at Mies where a cousin gave him five florins, and at Pilsen an uncle, an officer in the artillery, bestowed upon him ten more. When he arrived atPrague he at once attended the Jewish school called the Beth Hammidrash, which adjoined the Alt-Neu-Schul, the famous Synagogue of Prague. In his “Recollections of Bohemia ,” quoted in the first chapter of this book, Dr. Wise tells of the custom of the well- to-do Jews to give to poor and deserving students “day-board,” so that they could pursue their studies. Had it not been for this custom and charity it is doubtful whether the young student could have reached the goal of his ambition. In later life he never forgot this great boon shown him in youth, and no young man who wished to study ever left him unassisted. In his home there were always to be found young men who lived with him, and when more than forty years later the Hebrew Union College at Cincinnati was opened he became the guardian angel of many a young student. In Prague he was assisted first by the widow of Rabbi Bezalel Ronsperg, an uncle of his mother. ..

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  1. 9. Phillip Weiss Jan 1860 NJ –
    married ca 1885 Jenny Abrams July 1863 –
    a. Fannie Weiss Sept 1887 –
    b. William Weiss Feb 1889 –
    c. Eva Weiss Nov 1899 –
    d. –vent Weiss ca 1902 Рaccording to 1900 census his mane was Albert

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